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Makadi travel guide


The resort of Makadi is located in the famous bay of Makadi Bay, which is located in a secluded spot on the Red Sea coast about 30 kilometers from Hurghada. However, not all tourists are aware that for 14 years this area has been called Madinat Makadi. However, our tour operators by habit and continue to call it the old way. In fact, it is quite a small area, which is fully built up hotels, and before 1997, it actually was not even of any interest to tourists, because there was nothing but wild beaches with clear water, which surrounded a small mountain hills.

Well, this area has become a resort after the Egyptian authorities decided to create in the bay right in the middle of another piece of desert completely new modern resort with gardens and hotels. So today Makadi can be called a fully Europeanized part of the resort of Hurghada, where there are four to five-star comfortable hotels with excellent infrastructure. It is noteworthy that almost all of them are built in Arabian style, but at the same time offer their guests a European-quality service.

To get to Makadi is very simple – first you have to fly to Hurghada, and then take the shuttle to the desired hotel Makadi Bay. By the way, the transfer is usually included in the price of the tour along with other services. In principle the bay of Makadi is located a few kilometers from the central… read completely

Where to stay in Makadi?


In a small Egyptian resort town Makadi Bay in total can be counted only about two dozen hotels, most of which are 4 and 5 star. But the quality of service in almost all hotels are at a very decent level.

In principle, the city was built up so compactly that it does not matter which area of Macadi Bay is better to stay and where the hotel is located. It is also easy to choose a hotel for recreation with children, because the resort was originally focused on family holidays. This can be seen at once, because in many hotels, children under 12 years of age with their parents live in rooms for free.

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Also, virtually all hotels are holidaymakers with small children are provided with cribs, baby-sitting services, and in the restaurants are high chairs for feeding and a special children’s menu.

Basically, almost all the hotels in Makadi Bay have children’s pools, mini-clubs, entertainment programs for children and playgrounds. If you come with small children, it is certainly desirable to stay in the hotel on the first line, and that the beach was protected by special screens from the winds.

Before the trip you should also ask – how spacious at the hotel area, are there landscaping and some shady corners. Well, if you are planning to rest at a resort in the winter time, is there a heated pool on the hotel.

For those tourists who are planning to rest on their own.

Going on vacation with children


The popularity of the resort of Makadi Bay in Egypt in recent years is growing rapidly. In principle, this resort is considered a kind of remote areas of Hurghada, but tourists have already managed to love Makadi Bay its nice features – that is perfectly planned territory, the concept of “All Inclusive”, the high level of service present in the hotels, luxurious lush greenery in their territories even in the hottest heat and as if peculiarly spilled in the air absolute peace.

So we can say that the resort with children come Makadi Bay exactly to rest, enjoy doing nothing, walking constantly on the beach and swimming in the stunningly warm sea. Well, and all the necessary concerns are fully undertaken by the hotels, and the quality of service in many is considered high, even by European standards.

And what is interesting – in order to fully relax with your child at this resort, you can choose almost any hotel, because most of them are oriented on recreation with children. Even if you come with infants, then you will definitely be waiting in the room installed crib, well, for older children there are all kinds of entertainment.

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Meals in the resort of Makadi Bay is also organized with the fact that here will be resting a lot of children. Almost everywhere there is a children’s menu, then there are specially equipped corners in restaurants.

How to get there?


Egyptian resort of Makadi Bay is located south of Hurghada airport – about 30 kilometers away. You can say that administratively it belongs to this region, and to get to the resort you have to fly to Hurghada, and then you either take a transfer or a cab to the hotel you want.

Travel time to the resort from the airport is about 30-40 minutes. There is no public transport in Makadi, and the resort is separated from neighboring noisy Hurghada. For now this area is still under development and of course with time there will be buses coming here from all the neighboring towns and villages. In addition to cabs you can also get to Hurghada by shuttles. They leave from some hotels, and you can check their schedule at reception.

How to entertain yourself?


Since the Egyptian resort Makadi Bay was built on a desert coast, respectively, it can not boast of some particularly significant attractions. So you should not count on any rich cultural leisure directly on the resort.

You can basically buy a day trip and visit Luxor or Cairo, the cost of such excursions usually starts at about $ 80 for one day. It is also quite possible to go to Giza to admire the pyramids.

Of the main entertainment at this resort can of course be called windsurfing and diving. So if you are a fan of outdoor activities on the water, then undoubtedly you will appreciate this resort. If you want you can go water-skiing, or make an extreme parachute flight directly over the water surface.

If you prefer to go sailing you should know that the best time for this is in the morning, that is, the time when the sea is calmer, the air is very fresh and the beach is not so many visitors.

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The bay near the resort has very little current and many coral reefs, so even beginners can go scuba diving here. Many of the hotel complexes offer training services, and the resort itself has four sports clubs.

In the coastal reefs you can admire to plenty not only the bizarre forms of corals, but also to meet representatives.

Makadi Bay – a magical town near Hurghada

Rest in Makadi Bay

Just 25 km from Hurghada is a young and modern resort, built specifically for visitors to Egypt. Read reviews of holidays in Makadi Bay and learn about the best hotels, popular excursions and prices.


The look of the resort and tourists’ impressions

Secluded quiet bay on the Red Sea began to be developed in the 1990s, and the new resort was built exclusively for tourists. Since 2005, Makadi Bay is officially called Madinat Makadi.

The main advantages of Makadi Bay – the beautiful sandy beaches, clear sea and picturesque coral reefs, which are easy to reach from the shore. Unlike bustling Hurghada, there is a relaxed atmosphere. Some tourists complain about the dust from the construction sites.

tatyanadm: “I liked everything. Spacious rooms, pool, service, from reception and down to the beach, cleanliness, cozy atmosphere of complete tenderness and relaxation. The food is fine, varied. Red Sea, clear water, fish and corals near the coast. Contingent vacationers mostly Germans.

Rest in Makadi Bay

Secluded calm bay on the Red Sea. Photo: atlant927 /

Best Hotels

Now most hotels in Makadi Bay are 4-5*. Luxury hotels have spacious green areas. They offer excellent service and work on an “all inclusive” system. It is nice that the staff here understands Russian. Look for hotels in Makadi Bay on Hotelluk, and tours – on Travelate.

The best hotels in Makadi Bay, according to tourist reviews:

Steigenberger Makadi 4*, an excellent boutique hotel on the shore of Madinat Bay. A double room with breakfast costs from $98.

Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa & Villas 4* is an excellent spa hotel for beach vacation and water sports. A room for two with breakfast costs from $65.

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Jaz Makadi Oasis Resort 5* is a resort hotel in luxurious Nubian style. An all inclusive double room costs from $105.

Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa 5* is a fashionable hotel with swimming pools and a private beach. Tourists love the spa with a seasonal indoor pool. An all-inclusive room for two costs from $63.

Hotel reviews in Makadi Bay

Now most hotels in Makadi Bay are 4-5*. They offer excellent service and are all-inclusive. Photo: donogl /


According to reviews, Makadi Bay is ideal for beach holidays. The shore is covered with light, fine sand. The resort has two coral reefs, thanks to which there are no strong waves near the shore.

There are no fences and partitions between the hotels. The beach strip is divided between the hotels, and the promenade is common. Everywhere you can see the stands with the safety rules.

Entering the water is gentle, so Makadi Bay is liked by parents with children. Despite the fact that the beaches are sandy, they can meet sharp corals. Swim more comfortably in aqua suits!

Nutka: “I was surprised by the beauty of the beaches, the green and well-kept promenade, the number of flowers and palm trees. Walking along Makadi Bay promenade is a pleasure, it’s heaven on earth! Very-very clean, at every step trash bins, and that they do not spoil the look of well-groomed embankment, they are painted in different colors or the color of earthen pitchers.

Best Beaches in Makadi Bay

The shore is covered with light fine sand. The resort has two coral reefs, thanks to which there are no strong waves near the shore. Photo: RVC5Pogod /


There are no sights at the Makadi Bay resort, so tourists eagerly go on excursions, diving and snorkeling near the picturesque reefs. A boat trip with diving on coral reefs costs $50-70, sea fishing is $60, a tour to Luxor is $70-110, Utopia Island is $55, Orange Bay is $70.

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When best to go

The climate in Makadi Bay is the same as in Hurghada. Recreation is possible all year round. According to feedback from tourists, the most comfortable to rest in Makadi Bay in the spring and autumn.

Summer in Egypt is hot. From May to September the temperature rises to +35. +38 ° C, so the resort is visited only by those who are not afraid of the heat. During the winter months it is not cold. In January, the daytime temperature is +20. +22 ° C, the water temperature in the Red Sea +21 ° C, but it is quite windy.

When to vacation in Makadi Bay

The climate in Makadi Bay is the same as in Hurghada. You can vacation all year round. Photo: donogl /

Is it worth the trip

The Egyptian resort is aimed at fans of a quiet holiday by the sea, divers, fans of snorkeling and parents with children. Young people are bored here – bars, discos and restaurants are only on the territory of hotels, and there are only two nightclubs.

The red sea, clean sandy beaches and a large water park Makadi Water World deserve all praise. Shuttle service is also convenient – the road from Hurghada airport takes 30-40 minutes.

The main minus of Makadi Bay – the lack of infrastructure. The resort still few stores, restaurants and tour bureaus, so for shopping, souvenirs and entertainment tourists go to Hurghada. Hotel prices are 10-20% higher than in Hurghada.

The reef in this area is very interesting, though you have to swim away from the buoys, so fans of the underwater world, I also advise flippers, they are much easier to use. Another plus here is an aquapark with slides and pools for all ages.

I have not been able to swim very well and the water park is the best choice for me. I do not swim well, and here the reef with a bunch of varieties of fish almost beside the shore. It’s insanely beautiful, and what sand. This is the best vacation for kids and adults.

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