Holidays in Maldives with children – 2022. Best hotels and beaches

Tips for vacations with children in the Maldives

Holidays in the Maldives with a small child

Plan a vacation with children in the Maldives in 2022! All the features of vacation with a child, the best resorts, beaches and suitable hotels. Tips for those who go on vacation with a small child in the Maldives.

It seems that the paradise islands are created exclusively for recreation of romantic couples. In fact, this is not true – the Maldives is something to occupy a child. On the nuances of rest with children in the islands and we will tell in this article.

See: How to go to the Maldives now – there you will find fresh reviews of tourists, conditions of entry in the pandemic and prices for tours. See also the list of open countries. Below we talk about holidays in the Maldives before the pandemic.


Peculiarities of holidays in the Maldives with children

If you decide to go on vacation in the Maldives with children, keep in mind that this destination is extremely popular with honeymooners and romantics. And in order not to ruin the idyll, you should take care about finding a family hotel. However, there are enough of such hotels in the Maldives. Many are located on islands close to Male’ so you do not tire the kids after hours long transfers.

Inexpensive and comfortable accommodation can be found in 3* hotels on Maafushi and Hulhumale. The cost of living in these rooms starts at $ 70 a night – against the average price tag of $ 400 in the hotels-resorts. By comparison, a holiday in a villa with a private beach in the Maldives will cost several thousand dollars a night.

In reviews, some tourists write that the Maldives is boring. Not quite true statement – the rest in the Maldives is relaxing. The quiet turquoise waters, white sand and gentle swaying of palm trees contribute to this. And the children here are free rein, because island resorts – as one big sandbox, and swimming in the shallows is safe even for one-year old babies.

In luxury five-star resorts family type tourists rest in the most comfortable conditions. In these hotels there is a children’s club with a pool and playground, children’s menus in restaurants, crèche for toddlers. Operate restaurants of European, Indian and Japanese cuisine.

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What to occupy the children during the holidays in the Maldives? During the day they can sunbathe, swim, run barefoot on the warm sand and chase crabs, at night – wander in the shallows in the glowing plankton. They can play games, ride a boat or banana, admire dolphins, stingrays and turtles. And in general, do not worry – a child will always find something to do.

For the kids in family hotels provide children’s clubs or rooms with a babysitter. Adults go scuba diving, parasailing, go to the sauna or spa.

Excursions in the Maldives a little and they are all the same. If you want to relax on the beach to dilute the cultural program, you can go to see the presidential palace in Male’ or the ruins of a Buddhist temple in Arie.

Beaches for vacations with children in Maldives

In such clear water, you can see not only the bottom beneath your feet, but also at the beach of the neighboring island (Photo: / @sotti)

When it’s best to go

The climate in the Maldives is humid and warm, the air temperature is almost always the same: +30 ° C during the day, +26 ° C at night, the water is never colder than +26 ° C. The high season starts in November close to the calendar winter, in May the flow of tourists gets noticeably thinner – the sky is often covered with clouds and the rainfall is more frequent. The greatest amount of rain falls in summer, and at this time hotel prices are markedly reduced.

Check the weather in the Maldives by month and choose the best time to stay.

Holidays in Maldives with children

(Photo: Ben & Gab / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Best resorts and beaches for kids

The Maldives has the best beaches in the world – this is an acknowledged fact. Most vacationers with children choose family hotels with children’s clubs closer to Male, so as not to waste precious (literally) time on the transfer. But even the extra time to fly to the atoll is a kind of adventure.

How much does it cost to vacation in the Maldives - 2022

Some of the best, according to reviews of tourists, recognized the beaches atoll Baa, North and South Male, North and South Ari. Everywhere there are palm trees with coconuts, which are trimmed by caring employees and cut off the heavy fruit, the whitest sand and turquoise clear water.

Hotel for recreation with children in Maldives

(Photo: / Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa 5*)

Best hotels in Maldives for holidays with children – 2022

Until recently the Maldives was associated only with luxury – only people with a good income could afford to rest on the islands. However, now the resort islands have budget alternative – three-star hotels and hostels – and the circle of admirers of the Maldives has expanded. Nevertheless, tourists still prefer to stay in expensive hotels with an all-inclusive.

We have studied tourist reviews and hotel ratings and have chosen the best 4* and 5* hotels in different resorts in the Maldives. Tourists believe that they are good for families: they have children’s clubs, babysitting services and entertainment for the child. The hotels are all-inclusive.

Here are the best hotels for family vacations in the Maldives in 2022:

  • Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa 5* , Island. Feranafushi. Search tour →
  • Kurumba Maldives 5* , atoll North Male. Search tour →
  • Bandos Island Resort & Spa 4 * , atoll North Male. Search tour →
  • Gunbaru Inn 3 *, island. Ukulhas atoll Ari. Search tour →

We advise independent travelers to search hotels on the service It will help you find the lowest price. Do not know how to use it? Read our tips on how to book a hotel cheap.

Look for the last minute offers at Level.Travel and Travellata – they will find the lowest price among all tour operators. Want to save money? Learn our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Best Maldives hotels for vacations with children

(Photo: Mac Qin / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Tourist reviews of vacations in the Maldives with children

There are no dangerous predators and poisonous insects in the Maldives, small sharks can do little harm. Stingrays are not so harmless, there is a need for caution. Can bother mosquitoes, and some children are hypersensitive to bites, so the cream and antihistamines do not hurt.

Local islands in the Maldives: pros and cons

As for food, the restaurants in the hotels perfectly cook fish and seafood, serve delicious ice cream and juices. The Maldives have no luck with fruits – almost all of them are imported, except bananas and coconuts. For small children, it’s better to take canned food from home.

Is the rest in the Maldives good? Read the tips and reviews of tourists.

Otherwise, vacations in the islands are great. It is the best beach vacation in the full sense of the word. However, going on holiday in the Maldives with children, you should remember about the prohibitions: can not collect shells and coral, litter on the beach and fish on their own. There are no pharmacies on the islands, so sunscreen, diapers for children and medicine is better to take with you. Get all this on the island-resort will be a problem.

Have not decided where you will go on vacation? Consider the Caribbean and holidays with children in the Dominican Republic. For you, we have prepared a comparison of the Maldives and the Dominican Republic with similar resorts. Find out where it’s best!

Top 5 Hotels in Maldives for vacations with children


A family vacation strengthens the relationship between parents and children. How to provide complete relaxation for adults and fill with emotions the rest of children knows the staff of hotels in Maldives for holidays with children. Eternal summer, comfortable rooms, exciting activities for children – the best offer from the organizers of recreation in the Maldives. Discover a fabulous world, looking at it through the eyes of children!

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Maldives hotels for vacations with children

The best 5-star family hotels in Maldives 2022 operate on an ultra all-inclusive system, some located on private islands. They are united by comfort, coziness and unity with nature. Comfortable rooms in bungalows and modern cottages are equipped according to all requirements. Families with children are offered rooms with spacious bedrooms with separate beds and extra beds for children. There is children’s furniture and bathroom facilities for children.

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Hotels for children in the Maldives with children’s clubs, select trained professionals, animators, trainers. Children can spend the whole day in the club, choosing activities of interest. Parents, meanwhile, enjoy moments of relaxation, going for a walk by the sea, to the SPA-salon or a water bar near the pool.


LUX* North Male Atoll

So that children can recover and enjoy the tropical sun and swimming, families with children are better to settle in the beach cottages. There is access to a sandy beach with a gentle descent into the water, placed children’s pools for safe bathing babies. Settlement in the above-water villas is allowed for children from 12 years, only after registration of permits with the parents.

What to do with children under 3 years? After all, parents want so much to do themselves and spend a romantic evening on the terrace of a local restaurant, go on a boat trip along the coast of the island, to do scuba diving. The hotel administration offers for a small fee additional services of a babysitter. While the child is told a story and put to bed, you can rest quietly, admiring tropical sunsets.

Best hotels in Maldives for holidays with children

Most 5-star hotels in the Maldives equip a recreation area for children with shallow pools and a water park with water slides to enhance the family vacation. In all-inclusive hotels, the price of the trip includes accommodation with children in comfortable rooms, meals, a children’s club and a range of activities for kids and teens. There is an opportunity for a small fee to expand the entertainment activities and use the services of Russian-speaking educators and trainers.

Holidays with children at Dreamland Maldives Resort 4*

This comfortable hotel is located in the coastal zone of Baa Atoll on the first beach line just 7 km from Milaidu town. The picturesque corner in the Maldives welcomes guests all year round.

A special playground with slides and other attractions has been built for the younger tourists. In the children’s playroom, interesting board games and entertainment await them.

Ukulhas Island in Maldives. Our review, photos and tips

Rooms for children over 12 years old have separate beds and extra hygiene items. All inclusive holidays with children are designed for a nutritious breakfast with a variety of sandwiches, vegetables and fruits.

Cheval Blanc Randheli – a hotel for families with children

The hotel has comfortable villas with spacious rooms, polite staff and a 12-meter pool near each villa. The hotel is located in the beach area on five small islands collectively named Randheli. It can be reached by a 40-minute luxury seaplane transfer from Hulule International Airport, located in the capital Male.

Children’s hotels in the Maldives create a comfort zone for the youngest, providing care of a professional nanny for an additional fee. For ages 3-12, the Kids Club offers entertainment programs ranging from treasure hunts to professional dance lessons. Children have fun on the water slides under the supervision of an instructor. Take them on a boat ride with their parents to see the coral islands, home to giant turtles and many unique birds.

Saii Lagoon Maldives 4* – a unique project by architect Bill Bensley

Overwater and beach bungalows are located on the private island of Embudhu in South Male Atoll, just 8 kilometers from the international airport of Velana (Male). Each room has plenty of space. Families with children have plenty of room to spread out.

Children from 4 to 14 years old will have a fabulous holiday on the island. Hotels in Maldives with a Kids Club provide unique opportunities for entertainment and educational activities. The Koimala & Maalimi Beach Club and Junior Campsite keeps kids and teens entertained and enthralled as they play with characters from Maldivian folklore. All club activities are included in the package price.

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