Holidays in March 2022 in Russia: Where to go

Where to go in Russia in March

Russia in March - in Sochi magnolia blooms

Where to go in Russia in March: on vacation or for medical treatment? Weather, prices, things to do and see? Top tourist destinations in Russia, where you can have a boring and useful vacation at the beginning of spring – in the rating

Every Russian knows that winter is a severe time. Not accustomed to the grace of nature and learn not to wait for them since early childhood. Depression and sensitive collapse of energy by the end of February is felt even by residents of the most southern regions of one seventh of the world. What to say about the northerners, who during the dark months almost forget how the sun looks like.

That is why with the advent of spring Russians experience a palpable rise in interest in leisure travel. Demanded not only because of the strong desire to dilute the monotonous drabness of everyday life.

But also as an effective way to improve their health, at least – mental. In 2022 topical cause again will be the recovery of the organism after a coronavirus infection – in this sense March Kislovodsk seems almost ideal place …

We emphasize at once that our rating of the best places in Russia, where it is worth to go in early and late March, is slightly different from the same one made for December. And of course, there is a reason for this – with the advent of cold weather, people long for warmth almost as much as migratory birds. But we can not always fly away, alas…

Where to go in Russia in the spring

Not necessarily right on March 8 – many people time their vacations to coincide with school vacations. Traditionally, it is the next one after the end of the third quarter and allows students to recharge their energy before the final rush to the annual certification.

Russian pensioners also do not have a stable tendency to go on health-improving voyages. Although, it would seem, the new cycle of nature renewal is a favorable period to restore health.

The resilient power of forests awakening from hibernation, melting snows everywhere, with the exception of the far north and Siberia, the thoroughly warming but not scalding sun – it is literally unwise not to take advantage of such natural source of vital forces.

And we are taking advantage of it. Readers who have seen “Ural Dumplings” will say. And we are among them)))

Crimea is one of the best places in Russia, where it is worth to relax in March.

The main resort of Russia is also the best place in the country, where you can go in March. For he is the first to meet the spring!

Already in February here at times timidly blooms mimosa – a month later nothing at all resembles the existence of winter. Among the fresh greenery of parks begins to foam with tender pink magnolia blossoms!

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The feeling is exotic. But pleasant – even at the beginning of the month the temperature easily jumps over +15. At least it did so last year, 2020.

There are enough cloudy periods, and the rains don’t forget to water the blooming coast. However, the probability of a day of weather is not too low – about 40%. So you’ll want to do a lot of walking and looking around.

There are usually not too many tourists at this time. But March 2022 in Sochi promises to be quite lively. After all, “abroad” our tourists are not particularly eager to visit, and Western Europe, with the exception of Hungary, is not open at all.

Of course, the weather in Egypt in March is noticeably better than in Sochi. But the prices for such a vacation are obviously higher. As for Turkey, it does not have a substantial advantage in climatic and even price terms.

Prices for a trip to Sochi in early spring will suit almost anyone. A round-trip from Moscow on the budget “Pobeda” will cost 7 thousand rubles per person. A room at a decent hotel will require an investment of 1,500-2,000 rubles per night. But for two!

Entertainment is completely normal, except that the water parks do not work – except for that in Loo. Everything else is in order and earns money:

Do not forget about the desirability of visiting Krasnaya Polyana. And, perhaps, skiing there. On the agenda you can put a visit to Abkhazia – for example, with a tour – vse-simvolyi-abhazii-za-odin-den.

The second after the first will give you an interesting experience! After all, from the kingdom of snow you will be magically transported into a real and not even very early spring!

It’s hardly fair that we put it in second place. After all, if it is inferior to Sochi in terms of heat, it is just a drop behind. But the rainfall is much more modest here. And if, for example, Yalta prefers to be covered with a foggy haze, letting on that kind of mystery, then Sudak and Sevastopol – “shirt-parks”. Open, sunny, windy.

You can safely expect the temperature of the order of +11-+15… in the daytime. At the end of March even more! But at nights it can be chilly to the point of shivering. So the clothes calculated on 0-5 and piercing wind – for sure you will come in it – will appear at least not superfluous.

Prices are slightly lower than in Sochi. A round trip air ticket will be cheaper for “Yaroslavl”. And with inexpensive lodging (from 1-1.2 thousand a night) problems in the Crimea off-season usually is not observed. That is, in May they may be. But in the first third of spring – definitely not!

Note that the pronounced thermal resorts in the Crimea is not available. But in Evpatoria it is accepted to drink local artesian water – disgusting to taste, but awfully useful. And in neighboring Saki they treat with mud from the local lake. And the effect of such therapy is evidently perceptible!

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As for leisure, its variety depends heavily on the chosen dislocation and the presence (absence) of a vehicle. Will you come to the Crimea by car and stay on the South Coast – will get a non-tiring opportunity to visit and explore a lot of interesting places.

Having chosen Feodosiya, Koktebel, even Evpatoria and arriving by plane (train) faces hardly more boring pastime. Although … everything is relative, you can always take part in excursions, their abundance affects –

Caucasian Mineral Waters.

If even in winter many people go to this resort region of Russia, then in early March its popularity grows by times. This is due to both the rise in air temperatures and the ongoing ski season in the mountains. Various balneal procedures and wraps are all year round, of course.

The period in Kislovodsk looks soothingly quiet: people stroll along the paths of the resort park, absorbing the scents of blooming nature and getting warm under the rays of the cool spring sun. And somewhere in Dombay, on the slopes of Mount Elbrus, skiers are trying to make the most of the winter season.

It is worth to see Pyatigorsk in this season. Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk will please fans of health and spa resorts.


Since October 7, 2020, a mandatory two-week quarantine has been in effect in Stavropol Krai for visitors from other regions. It did not apply to citizens working in Stavropol Territory, those undergoing treatment in sanatoriums here, or carriers.

But as of January 29, 2021, this restriction was lifted. And the newcomers will no longer be handed a signed demand for a 14-day isolation period.

It should be noted that Kav-Minvody sees much less sun than the Black Sea coast. Overcast days prevail, it rains or even snows 6-8 days per month. And sometimes seriously!

At the desirability of a trip at a designated time hinted at and prices. Tickets for a plane from Moscow and back, for example, you can buy for less than 5 thousand rubles. For a direct flight and with luggage.

The airport, however, is in Mineralnye Vody. And from there, that to Kislovodsk that to Pyatigorsk you still have to get there. Hotel and boarding house prices together with reviews are studied on Buking – Hotels-KavMinVody.

St. Petersburg

It is far away from the white nights in all senses but it is noticeable that the light manifests itself in the “Northern Capital” which is noted for its cloudy character. The sun is visiting the sky more often, giving residents and visitors of the city the first noticeable portion of vitamin D since October.

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The snow, however, is not melting everywhere. On International Women’s Day mimosa and tulips are often sold with snowdrifts in the background. Recently, however, winter has tempered its ardor. And 2020 was completely snowless. So the transition between seasons passed in a mundane atmosphere…

The Fontanka River in St. Petersburg in spring

There will be a lot of overcast days and air temperature will not hurry to leave the +4-7 range, except for the end of the month. Precipitation is statistically insignificant. But this is if you are lucky not to get on the “snowfall of the century”. The moment that makes car owners regret about premature replacement of winter rubber.

Keep in mind this aspect, if you plan to go to St. Petersburg by car. Not only from Moscow, but also from more southern regions.

Prices in St. Petersburg hotels during this period are relatively low. You can rent a room in the center of the city for a modest by local standards, 2.5-3 thousand rubles per day: SmartDeals-St_Petersburg.

Do not concentrate solely on the sights of St. Petersburg. After all, “North Palmyra” is a great starting point for visiting other interesting cities.

For example, go to Vyborg – the only surviving Swedish city in Russia. Go to the citadels of ancient Russian democracy: Veliky Novgorod and Pskov. Take an exploratory trip and see Karelia, a marvelous region that has largely preserved its pristine charm.


The westernmost region of Russia during the pandemic has shown incredible growth in terms of tourists received. Because, as it turned out, you can go to Kaliningrad at any time of year. And at the same time to become completely satisfied and happy.

The weather of the Kaliningrad region in early spring, however, is not inclined to pamper travelers. Therefore, going on a trip you should stock up on a decent amount of warm clothes – Especially if you plan – and without this you can’t – to visit seaside resorts and the Curonian Spit.

The cost of tickets for Moscow citizens is not high – for 4.5 kilobels the same UTair will take you there and back. But to find an inexpensive and comfortable hotel is not always easy. Especially if you decide to travel literally on the eve of departure…

Still have a bad idea of what you can see in Kaliningrad? And where it would be nice to go from there? Not to worry – our material has covered this topic in detail –

What else.

We have not mentioned, although, perhaps, and were supposed to such an undoubtedly magnetic tourist destination, which is, for example, Moscow. Subjectively judged that a visit to the “Golden City” is better to postpone for the warmer months.

When the mud squelching under the wheels and feet does not interfere with the perception and create a negative impression of the “Third Rome”. It is a miracle how good it is in the mild May decoration.

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It seems that it is worth to postpone a visit to Vladimir and Suzdal, the other cities of the Golden Ring. Nizhny Novgorod is worth to be added to the list, but a bit later, when spring comes and the Volga “spreads its shoulders”. We definitely need to see Kazan, the capital city of Tatarstan, which has been greatly improved in the last two decades!

Where to go in March

Why go in March: New Year’s cheerfulness is over and there are not too many visitors in the city.

What about the weather: The first spring month in the capital is not quite spring yet. There are snowstorms and frosts, but not often. By the end of March, the thermometer is already a steady plus.

Where to go: To answer this question, you would have to write a separate book. So it is better to read our guide to the most interesting places in Moscow. Any route around Moscow is not without the recognized classics: Red Square, Arbat, VDNH, Vorobyovy Gory, Bolshoi Theatre, Tretyakov Gallery. After that you can go to one of the many bars, restaurants and clubs – we will not recommend specific institutions. We won’t recommend specific places. When they advertise with us, we will.

St. Petersburg

Why go: St. Petersburg in March has already moved away from the Christmas festivities, and the summer tourist influx is not yet. Seize the moment while the Northern Capital is relatively free.

Like the weather: at the beginning of the month the temperature stays around zero, but in the middle and end of March it is usually much warmer. Rain alternates with snow, but there are more and more sunny days.

What to do: Visit the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum and other places of extreme culture. The cozy cafes and restaurants on Nevsky Prospekt and other streets will keep you warm. History buffs will enjoy the Peter and Paul Fortress, fans of fine architecture – St. Isaac’s and Kazan Cathedral, and fans of all things dark and mysterious – a walk through the most mysterious places in St. Petersburg.

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Ski resorts.

Why go: to have time to enjoy skiing, not waiting for the next winter. After all, then the snow melts everywhere, even in the mountains.

Where to go in March: Krasnaya Polyana, Sheregesh, Kirovsk.

When the skiing season ends: in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi), you can skate until mid-April, and in Sheregesh (Kemerovo region) and Kirovsk (Murmansk region), thanks to a good winter, skiing season ends in May.

What resort to choose: all places are prepared for beginners, amateur, and professional skiers. Learn about all the ski resorts in detail here.

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Why go: to appreciate the unique flavour of the Tatar capital, which has already been written about so much, but until you see it with your own eyes, you won’t be convinced.

Weather: the temperature is around zero, there are more sunny days than cloudy ones. The capital of Tatarstan has a typical spring for the European territory of Russia, and it is one of the best places where you can rest in March inexpensively.

What to do: walk around the city center and realize that in terms of concentration of attractions Kazan is not inferior to the best Russian and even European examples. This is the white stone Kremlin, and the unparalleled Kul-Sharif Mosque, and the sloping Suyumbike Tower, and the stunning Palace of Farmers, and the atmospheric pedestrian Bauman Street.

Of course, you should also try the national Tatar dishes, which are prepared here with love and, importantly, in very large and hearty portions.

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What makes it attractive: the status of the best Ural city

What about the weather: March in Yekaterinburg is more like a winter month. The temperature often remains around zero degrees Celsius, sometimes you may experience cold spells and snowfalls. But sunny days are more than cloudy and this is one of the reasons to have a rest in March.

How to have fun: first of all, walk along Weiner Street – to the delight of tourists, it is pedestrian. Nearby there are parks and squares, including the Historical Square. Its name was given to it, because the construction of the city began here.

Visitors are also attracted by the “Vysotsky” skyscraper, primarily because of its height. At the top of the building is an observation deck, from which you can see the best city of the Urals like in the palm of your hand. If you want some other entertainment, you will find it here – but not on the platform, but several floors below.


Why go: See a beautiful city that welcomes spring before any other Russian city.

Weather: spring takes over here as early as February and gets even warmer to +6°C from the beginning of March. The snow melts quickly and the sunny and cloudy days are about equal.

What to do: Go to the Fish Village, the photo of which probably saw by all of us. Here you can sit in a cafe, buy souvenirs, climb inside the lighthouse and look out the window to see the surrounding area.

Waiting for you and the Cathedral – one of the most famous and beautiful Kaliningrad sights. Near the cathedral is Kant’s tomb and inside is his museum. There is also an unusual museum of amber. What it is dedicated to, it is not difficult to guess.

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