Holidays in Marsa Alam: reviews, tips and prices

Marsa Alam hotel reviews

Good hotel kind and cheerful animation team many pools good beach, beautiful fish and corals, cocktails delicious (invigorating and refreshing), food very good, rooms comfortable. A huge number. Read more

The hotel was wonderful room, nice areas, clean rooms, cleanliness every day, very clean and comfortable. Read more

We stayed in Marsa Alam for the first time in early August. We chose our hotel based on the reviews to have a big area, nice and alive reef, and close to Marsa Mubarak Bay, there are two times a day (morning and afternoon). Read more

I did not have any questions or comments from anyone else. There is a bar on the beach. Read more

We had a wonderful holiday! I was alone and did not get bored! I had a lot of fun with the bar on the beach and the beach was really neat. Read more

We were at this hotel for 13 days and we enjoyed it so much. everything was very cool especially the animators. there were different shows every day and the sea was very nice. The food is different and tasty very, would like. Read more

Very nice hotel. The hotel was very well organised and the staff was very friendly and very helpful. My wife was very happy that we had a room with drinkable water in it. Read more

It is a place that you fall in love with. We have been coming here for years and we don’t want to go anywhere else. Everything is perfect for all ages. Children’s. Read more

We had a sunny stay at the hotel at the end of July and the weather was +45) Our favourite part was the sea and the coral reef. Different kind of fish , turtles , dolphins ) sometimes you can see little sharks . Read more

I stayed in a very nice and clean hotel , service is good , lovely view , food choice is quite good. The animation is great. The only downsides are no direct access to the sea and the internet is not very good. Read more

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To be honest, we went to this hotel and Marsa Alam by accident and for the first time. The hotel is small, for a family vacation…. Everything in it is clean and very modest…nothing to say high level…but cherry. Read more

Vacationed as a family, we all liked it. The staff are polite, helpful. Quality cleaning in the rooms every day. Large, well kept area, lots of greenery. Children had things to do – water slides, swimming pool. Read more

We stayed at the Royal Brayka Resort from 9th to 16th July. Our room was huge and beautiful with lots of things to do, lots of things to do and lots of things to see. Read more

Thank you to the hotel for this vacation. Great staff. The room is always clean and well maintained. Tasty,varied food,not boring. Rooms are always clean, the food is good, varied and not boring. The food is good, the room is clean and the atmosphere is good. Read more

Had a great time, too bad it didn’t last long. Great staff. Cleanliness. Tasty cuisine, gained a couple of kilos during the vacation:). Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and dinner at the bar. Read more at

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Marsa Alam: dugongs, diving and ecotourism

Holidays in Marsa Alam

A young and growing resort, 290 km south of Hurghada is a mecca for diving enthusiasts. Find out what reviews tourists leave about holidays in Marsa Alam.


The look of the resort and tourists’ impressions

Marsa Alam is growing like a fairy tale. Until recently it was a small village on the Red Sea, but in 2003, after the construction of an international airport, it began a tourist boom. A small resort is actively being built. The choice of hotels is still small, but everything is new and expensive. Prices are 1.5-2 times higher than in Hurghada.

Marsa Alam is appreciated by those who like sparsely populated beaches, clean turquoise sea and comfortable service, when there is no need to go out of the hotel. Coral reefs are little disturbed by man, so during the holidays in Marsa Alam, you can see the beautiful fish, giant mantas, dolphins and sea cows – dugongs. Fans of eco-tourism, snorkeling, snorkeling and kiting are just in love with these places!

Appa: “Beautiful reef, wall-depth of 30m. When coming in from the shore you can meet stingrays, surgeon fish, butterfly fish and many others. At low tide – crabs, stars. At the time when we vacationed, the tides were daily and very pronounced, but it did not stop us from swimming.

What to see in Egypt

Julia K: “To see with my own eyes a sea cow and a turtle, as I grew up – unforgettable! The azure sea and the beautiful reef.”

Marsa Alam reviews

Marsa Alam is appreciated by those who like small beaches, clear turquoise sea and comfortable service. Photo: maudanros /

Best hotels

There are about 50 hotels in the resort, and among them many “five”. Almost all hotels are all-inclusive. The staff does not speak Russian. Look for hotels in Marsa Alam on Hotelluk, and tours – on Travelate.

The best hotels in Marsa Alam, according to tourist reviews:

Aurora Bay Resort Marsa Alam 4* is a comfortable Mediterranean-style resort with four pools and two restaurants. For a room for two with breakfast you will pay from $74.

Elphistone Resort Marsa Alam 4* is a wonderful hotel for anyone who likes en-suite rooms. The hotel has a good spa and tennis courts. An all-inclusive double room costs from $56.

Brayka Bay Reef Resort 4* is a luxurious first-line hotel with a private beach on the shores of Brayka Bay. An all-inclusive double room costs from $68.

Fantazia Resort Marsa Alam 4* is a great choice for anyone who wants to rejuvenate. Large well-groomed area and a great sandy beach awaits guests. A room for two with breakfast costs from $ 245.

Best Hotels in Marsa Alam

Almost all hotels are all inclusive. The hotel staff speaks no Russian. Photo: maudanros /


The beaches of Egyptian resort stretch for 50 km, most of them are deserted. Marsa Alam has high environmental requirements, so there are no artificial sandy beaches like in Hurghada. The coast is covered with fine clean sand. In some places, the reef is only 20 meters from the shore. At the entrance to the sea there are stones, and in the sand – pieces of coral. Be sure to take beach shoes!

Marsa Alam has a lot of shallow water, where it is good to swim with small children. Compared to more northern resorts, the sea water is 1-2 ° warmer.

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Hope: “I can’t swim, so a gradual, smooth entrance to the sea is very important to me. A lot of marine life, even standing knee-deep in water, you can see colorful fish and other animals! There are many different crabs on the shore. The sand is fine, white and clean. Garbage is removed in time. There is a diving center. If you want to see all the beauty of the Red Sea, you can take a training course and dive.”

Beaches Marsa Alam

The beaches of Marsa Alama stretch for 50 km, most of them are deserted. Photo: catalby /


Water sports and diving thrive at the Egyptian resort. A one-day training with diving costs $70 to $100, and a 4-day diving course costs $350 to $400. The most famous attraction is the picturesque Samadai Reef. According to reviews, from Marsa Alam, sea excursions to dugongs and dolphins are popular – $50, to Hamata Island – $45 and sea fishing – $45.

Fans of ornithology love excursions from Marsa Alam to Gebel Elba National Park, where you can look at rare desert birds. Just a half-hour drive from the resort is Wadi el-Gemal National Park, which is home to wild gazelles and offers camel rides. Vacationers willingly go on safari to the desert – $50, to Cairo – $50 and Luxor – $45.

Marina: “We booked a tour “Coral Garden, Turtle House”. Emotions and impressions were overflowing as we managed to see 2 turtles and a dugong. These are memories to last a lifetime. Everything was very well organized, the service was top notch. We took the Faster boat.

What to see in Marsa Alam

The most famous attraction is the picturesque Samadai Reef. Photo: hotspur1705 /

When best to go

Like most resorts in Egypt, Marsa Alam can be visited all year round. The water temperature in the Red Sea does not drop below +21 ° C. There are fewer people in winter and early spring, when the coast is relatively cool and windy. According to feedback from tourists, not too pleasant in Marsa Alam in the summer when there is a lot of heat. For a comfortable holiday is better to come in April, May or autumn.

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Travelers Reviews for Marsa Alam

The Al Nayzak rock pool. Photo: bellaskova /

Is it worth the trip

The young and expensive resort of Marsa Alam is ideal for fans of diving, a quiet holiday by the beautiful sea, older tourists and parents with children. Lovers of nightclubs and partying will be bored here.

The main minus of rest in Marsa Alam is a remote part of Egypt. Charter flights from Russia to Marsa Alam have never flown, so packers get from Hurghada International Airport by tourist buses. The trip takes 3.5-4 hours.

kakatros: “Picturesque place, fascinating! Very beautifully arranged for recreation, relaxation and meditation, reconnection with nature. The sea is beautiful, which can only be seen in expensive resorts. White sand, clear turquoise water.

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