Holidays in Phuket with children – 2022. Best hotels and beaches

The best beaches in Phuket for holidays with children.

This publication presents the rating of the best beaches in Phuket for holidays with children. You will also learn about where to settle near the beach, what to see and where to go with a child in Phuket, when to go, and most importantly whether you should go with a child in Phuket at all. Looking ahead, it should be noted that the advantages of traveling to Phuket with a child a lot.

Determine your choice will help reviews have returned from the resort and shared their impressions, pros and cons of rest on the island of tourists. The current situation on the beaches can be assessed with the help of webcams in Phuket.

Holidays in Phuket with children

Russia and Phuket connect direct flights, which is a distinct advantage when choosing a holiday destination with a child. Transfer from the airport to the hotel is also an important part of a holiday with children, in Phuket it is not long.

The level of ecology in Phuket is high, and the mild and pleasant climate from December to April allows you not to worry about the quality of rest and give your child a summer in the cold.

On the quality of recreation will have a direct impact on the cleanliness of the beach. We can safely say that compared to Pattaya, in this regard, Phuket wins, if only to choose the right coast.

Phuket's Beaches for Kids

Choose a hotel in Phuket for a holiday with a child is not a problem. Hotels of all classes are trying to offer the best conditions not only for a comfortable stay, but also for entertainment.

The choice of hotels, and especially its location should also be taken seriously. Living with a child in the area of Patong Beach – not the best decision, as there is no end to the noisy entertainment during the day and night.

Choosing to rest in Phuket, you can not worry that the child has time to get bored with the beach rest. The number and variety of entertainment impresses even the adults.

The infrastructure on the island is developed as well as possible. Here you can easily find baby food, toys and everything you need for the daily needs of the little traveler.

Holidays in Phuket - 2022. Travel information, prices and reviews.

Even the most fussy holidaymakers can be fed. Children are happy to try exotic sweet fruits, freshies and smoothies. According to feedback from parents, exotic fruits should be introduced into the baby’s diet gradually.

Phuket beaches for children

For tourists who arrive on the island with children, several factors are important: the cleanliness of the beach and water, shallow bottom, shallow, easy entrance to the water. In Phuket, there are several beaches that meet the requirements of parents. The best beaches in Phuket for holidays with children:

Phuket's Beaches for Kids

Kata Beach.

Kata Beach is one of the top three beaches in Phuket for holidays with children.

Here there are no nightclubs and bars, but it has everything you need for a relaxing vacation. The beach is located in the bay.

The coast is flat, there are few stones and vegetation, almost no noise. Children frolic in the shallow water, while parents sunbathe on the shore.

For sun and water bathing is worth choosing the central part of the beach and the one that is in the distance from the river.

You can stay right on the beach, as there are large hotel complexes. You shouldn’t have any problem finding something to eat and where to feed your child on Kata Beach.

Kata Noi Beach

Like Kata Beach, Kata Noi has good opportunities for children’s recreation. Snow-white sand, silence, privacy and clean coast are increasingly attracting families with young children to the beach. In the street along the coast there are fruit stalls, cafes and supermarkets, where you can buy everything you need for a child.

Kids will not be bored on the beach either. Despite the solitude and lack of noisy entertainment, your child can be taken for a ride on a “banana”.

On the beach with a child should go in the “dry season”. At this time, the risk of strong underwater currents is minimized.

Phuket's Beaches for Kids

Nai Harn Beach

Another family-friendly option is Nai Harn Beach, a favorite place of the Thais themselves, who come here for picnics. There are few bars, which means it’s quiet in the evenings.

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The descent into the water is flat, in the southern part of the beach is under the water is a warm current, there are almost no waves, so there is always a lot of children.

Important and the fact that the beach is a natural shade of palm trees and casuarina plantations. In their shade, the baby can rest and have a picnic.

A bird’s eye view of Nye Harn’s distinctive feature is the small lake within walking distance, which is also excellent for swimming with kids. There is a playground next to the lake, so kids won’t get bored.

Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach, which stretches for several kilometers, has a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. The entry into the water is smooth, after 10 meters it becomes deep. The bottom is relatively flat, there are no stones, so children can safely let go. At low tide in shallow water splash kids.

Many vacationers note the absence of noisy entertainment, nightclubs and go-go bars. For parents with small children, this, in turn, an undeniable advantage.

Karon Beach

Long beach Karon offers vacationers with children wonderful conditions for a beach holiday: white soft sand, azure water, tropical greenery. Along the coast there are cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and more. Near Karon beach is “Dino Park”.

On the beach length of about 5 kilometers it is not difficult to find areas of shallow water. For recreation with small children it is preferable to choose the “dry season”, as during the calendar spring and summer, the coast is characterized by rip currents.

Surin Beach

Phuket's Beaches for Kids

Surin Beach in recent times, although not well developed infrastructure, wonderful conditions for the rest of the smallest travelers it can not be taken away.

The shallow water and sandy entry to the water will help children feel at ease and learn to float and swim faster.

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach is set in a small sandy cove. It is noteworthy that here love to relax not only visitors, but also local residents with small children, as the conditions for bathing are very good.

Entrance to the water is not complicated, the shallow water is pronounced bright, natural shade on the shoreline are palm trees.

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For holidaymakers with children is convenient that the beach is not noisy entertainment for young people and at the same time has a place to stay. Hotels with a wide range of services are right on the first line.

Nai Yang Beach

The neighboring beaches of Nai Yang and Mai Khao are part of the National Park. For a classic beach holiday with the kids should still choose Nai Young.

A very long and gentle entrance to the water is at the southern end of the secluded Nai Yang beach, which is close to the airport. At high tide, you may not even reach the depths. All infrastructure is concentrated in the central part of the beach.

Also, the whole family comes to Nai Yang to show the child an unforgettable and exciting spectacle – the planes coming in for landing. It is not advisable to do this with infants: they may simply be frightened by the noise, but children of school age usually come to see it in delight.

If you understand the rest with children in Phuket a little wider, then suitable Mai Khao: not the beach itself, because the entrance to the water is sharp, and located on a large water park “Splash Jungle”. It has a play area for kids and a dozen slides and rides.

Knighton Beach

Knighton Beach is located between Bang Tao and Nai Yang in the National Park. The environmental conditions here are some of the best. If you want an unpretentious, secluded holiday, Knighton Beach is your answer – there are no resort facilities on the beach, but a cafe and fruit trays are available.

Holidays with children in Phuket

Hotels Phuket for recreation with children

Why is Phuket one of the best places in Thailand to vacation with children? Beautiful beaches, nice hotels, and a pleasant climate are not all the advantages. We tell you about the best beaches and hotels, as well as the nuances of rest with a small child. Reviews and tips for tourists in 2022.

Picturesque Phuket is very loved by families with children. According to our observations, over the past few years, the number of romantic couples decreased and vacationers with children – increased. Maybe it’s those same couples who have already got kids? Some beaches are even occupied by family tourists. What is the appeal of the island for tourists with a child? Let’s take a look.

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Features vacation in Phuket with children

Why is Phuket preferred by tourists with children? There are several reasons for this:

    Transport accessibility . There are direct flights to Russia, which is very convenient, given the many hours flight. From the airport to the place of rest you can take a cab or minibus, the road will take from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the resort. The furthest beach is Nai Harn, which is over an hour away. Check out: What are the food prices in Phuket?

Phuket beaches for children

  • Attractions & Entertainment . In Phuket, holidays with children are rich and varied: there is an amusement park, where the whole family can go, an aquarium, a zoo, a water park. Water sports and marine excursions prefer older children, and with small children you can watch an animal show or visit the Butterfly Garden. Tourists go on excursions or rent a bike. We’ve seen tourists put a child in the front and fearlessly race the bikes through the serpentine island. Learn about the best excursions in Phuket.
  • The communicative nature of Thais . Even if your English is only a high school level, you needn’t worry. Thais are very communicative and friendly people. And about their touching attitude towards children not written only lazy. This number of signs of attention you will not have anywhere else.
  • Well-developed infrastructure. In Phuket there are hotels, pharmacies, cafes and stores. If you want you can rent a house with a pool. For recreation with small children suitable hotels on the beach and Kamala Bang Tao, with children older interesting at Karon Beach and Kata. Do not want to live in Patong – this is the main party resort of Phuket, where all the entertainment facilities operate in a non-stop mode.

holiday with children on phuket

When to go

The island can be visited all year round, the blessing of the trip Russians do not need visas. However, in Phuket, the best time for a beach holiday with children – the high season from December to April, when it is warm and dry. From May to November it rains, and the sea rises high waves.

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In winter, Phuket is the best place with children, and many people meet the New Year there.

Read about holidays in Thailand at different times:

The best beaches in Phuket for holidays with children.

Патонг — самый популярный пляж на острове. Он широкий, вода спокойная, а вход в море пологий. Здесь много отдыхающих с детьми. Рядом с пляжем расположены магазины, большой торговый центр “Джангцейлон” и развлекательные заведения. На курорте всегда шумно и людно. Многие туристы почему-то считают Патонг еще и самым грязным местом на острове, поэтому с детьми обычно выбирают более спокойные пляжи по соседству — Карон и Ката. Все о пляже Патонг >>

Пляж Карон лучше всех на Пхукете приспособлен для отдыха с детьми. Он большой, ровный, вход в море пологий. Вдоль пляжа есть детские площадки. Рядом расположен детский развлекательный парк “Дино-парк”, и до Патонга близко. Все о пляже Карон >>

На пляже Ката цены выше, чем на Кароне. Чуть меньше туристов на пляже Камала . Его главная достопримечательность — тематический парк и развлекательные шоу. Все о пляже Ката >>

Nai Harn is a quiet and peaceful beach in Phuket, where families with children like to vacation. Benches and cafes are a 5-10 minute walk from the beach, and the center of Phuket can be reached by shuttle bus.

Bang Tao Beach is one of the largest on the island. There is a water park with a children’s town and attractions near Mai Khao Beach, but the nearest large store will have to be reached by cab or bus.

Best beaches in phuket for recreation with children

Best Hotels in Phuket for vacations with children – 2022

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