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Safaga relatively recently was an ordinary Egyptian city, absolutely unremarkable. However, now it is difficult to find a tourist who has not heard about Safaga. Resort itself is not very big, but its popularity is growing. Perhaps over time, he will be able to compete with Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Few people know that Safaga is an amazing healing black sand. He perfectly helps to fight diseases of the musculoskeletal system and skin disease – psoriasis. The locals themselves say that their area is unique and the average life expectancy, in this place is the highest in Egypt. And guides compare Safaga with the resorts of the Dead Sea. So the prospects for development are very great.

Therefore, to come here is worthwhile, to combine business with pleasure. And to be treated and have a rest at the sea. By the way, against the background of other resorts in Egypt, Safaga is very democratic in price. The most budgetary tourist will be able to pick a tour of their pockets.

In addition to beach recreation and medical, diving and windsurfing are flourishing here. Once there was even a world championship windsurfing, after which this sport and became mega popular in Safaga.

Divers too will not be bored here. A lot of coral reefs, especially interesting for diving will be a place: Panorama Reef, it is considered one of the best in Egypt.

Tourists who like shopping and nightclubs will be bored in Safaga. Such entertainment here.

When best to relax in Safaga?


Safaga as in principle, and all other resorts located on the shores of the Red Sea, is in the power of subtropical climate zone. It is therefore safe to say that the weather conditions in the region are ideal for the successful development of tourism here.

In fact, hot weather in Safaga is established in early March to April months. During this period, the average air temperature is at around 27 + 30 degrees, but the water in the sea after the winter is still cool.

With the arrival of the month of May the air heats up to a decent plus 32 degrees and due to this the water in the sea is much warmer. The month of May is a good time to vacation in Safaga, if you just want to get some sun, but not to overheat.

The real heat in the resort begins with the advent of June and, in fact, up to the end of August, the temperature never drops below 36 degrees, and occasionally the thermometer goes over the mark of +40 degrees.

Even in principle at night and the air is the same hot, so it is natural that holidays in Safaga in the summer time is not very favorable for older people and for recreation with children.

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In September the heat during the daytime is something like summer, but at night here finally appears freshness and the thermometer columns with the onset of darkness may even fall below +24 … 26 degrees.

Where to stay in Safaga?


Safaga is a great place to stay if you’ve decided to dive, windsurf or just want to relax on the beach.

Tourists are accommodated here in hotels of different stars from 3* to 5*. But outright luxury options you will not find. Safaga Resort is a small port town, very democratic in comparison to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Many hotels are located on the first coastline, they have large well-groomed area. Tourists in Safaga are those who need a quiet, measured rest, without shouting and noise.

Where to stay in Safaga?

There are not many hotels in this area, and popular hotels can be counted on the fingers.

1- Hotel Shams Safaga 4 * – a favorite hotel among Russian tourists because of the democracy and the wonderful sandy beach with a good entrance to the water. Talking staff understand a little bit of Russian – which is a plus. The hotel itself is small but very comfortable. I want to pay attention to the fact that the rooms here a little old, repairs were not for a long time. This is the only minus in my opinion. The children in Shams Safaga 4* will be lovely, there is a children’s playground, mini club, children’s pool, and in the evening there is a mini disco. This option boldly advise not spoilt tourists who have a limited budget for a trip to the sea.

Entrance to the hotel Shams Safaga 4 *.

Going on holiday with children.


It should be noted that tourists do not often come to Safaga on holiday with children, as, for example, in Makadi Bay or Hurghada. The main reasons for this can be called in the first place remoteness from the airport and poor infrastructure, well, and of course the lack of a variety of children’s entertainment. In this, in principle, there is a certain amount of truth, but fans of recreation in Safaga have a lot of arguments.

First of all the distance from the airport, which is located in Hurghada, not so great, only some 55 kilometers. If we compare with Turkey, there popular resorts are often distant from airports at least 100-150 km. In addition, from Hurghada almost every hour off the bus to Safaga, and the other resorts of the province can not even get a bus.

Then accommodation in Safaga is not as expensive as, for example, in Makadi Bay or El Gouna, but not so respectable. These days the resort can not yet boast of some solid hotels, but service let’s say a four-star hotel complexes are already at a very good level.

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So if you are looking for a comfortable place to stay with your child, then you should pay attention to the resort of Soma Bay, which is literally just a few kilometers from Safaga. There are a lot of family hotels and created the perfect conditions for a comfortable stay with infants and preschoolers.

How to get there?


To get to the Egyptian resort of Safaga, of course it is necessary first to fly to the nearest airport, which is located in Hurghada. Well then take the transfer, which after overcoming about 60 kilometers will take you to the resort.

A cab will cost you from 5 to 15 euros depending on time of day, and the bus is only 7 Egyptian pounds, but it will depend on the amount of your luggage. The bus station is in Hurghada’s Old Town, so you will have to get there somehow.

Food and Drink


If a tourist plans to eat in restaurants, located at the hotels in Safaga, then he certainly can try there the dishes of the national Egyptian cuisine. A distinctive feature of them is that the cooks are trying to add absolutely all dishes as much as possible different spices and spices, sometimes even well in very large quantities. One of the most popular dishes here is “Machvi”, which is prepared from pigeon.

There will be no problems for those tourists who adhere to the vegetarian way of life, because there is a huge selection of interesting dishes from vegetables. For example, you can try the burger out of beans is such a bean cutlet and as a seasoning there are added a lot of coriander and a lot of garlic.

Tourists are often surprised by the fact that the locals tend to use “baladi” bread instead of a spoon. And you should know another thing about the local cuisine – you are unlikely to find among the ingredients in any dish in Safaga pork, because here it simply is not eaten.

In the bars and restaurants of Safaga you should definitely try two types of wine, “Pharaoh” and “Nefertiti. Both wines taste incredibly delicious. Well, if you are used to drinking beer, you should try the very popular “Stella”.

All children, of course, love desserts, and parents should be happy that only natural products – nuts, butter and honey – are used to make them. And the locals themselves… read completely.

What tours are worth visiting in Safaga?


Safaga is a small Egyptian town, which is located on the shores of the Red Sea and has become famous throughout the country and beyond its borders for its beautiful beaches. The fact that the black sands of Safaga beaches have gained popularity due to their healing properties.

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But besides this resort is a beautiful dry and very clean air, and almost all along the coast stretched beautiful coral reefs. All this together with a wide range of hotels, restaurants and some other tourist infrastructure and makes Safaga one of the most beautiful resorts in Egypt.

In addition to the so-called traditional beach resort Safaga attracts many fans of the most diverse water sports. Almost by the nature itself here created all the necessary conditions for being engaged in windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Well, numerous diving centers constantly organize dives in Safaga for everyone who wants to admire the beauty of the underwater world. Also here often come couples in love, who love the exotic, and tend to underwater wedding ceremonies.

Then from Safaga, if desired, you can go on excursions to the same famous Luxor, Cairo, as well as visiting nearby city Harbor Pharaohs.

Relatively close to the resort is the oasis of Dakhla. Geographically it is located in the valley of the Nile, almost next door to such places as… read more

How to entertain?


There is no doubt that one of the most remarkable attractions in the resort of Safaga is windsurfing. Local authorities are even very proud of the fact that here was held the world championship in this sport. Of course, more experienced experts believe that avid surfers should not count on Safaga very much, because there is simply elementary no wind.

The most guaranteed wind in Egypt, of course, can only be found in Dahab. Well, and ordinary tourists to ride a few hours for fun on the board is in principle a very fine pleasure.

Also very popular in Safaga diving and snorkeling. Of course, the most famous dive sites are the Panorama reef wall, the Tobia Arbaa reef chain and the Abu Kifan tower reefs.

As a rule, the main dive centers boats and instructors tend to serve the groups, although in principle can take and independent travelers, if they have room for it. A four-day open sea course costs about 260 euros, and for 50 euros you can get 2 boat dives.

If you have your own equipment, the resort organizes day snorkeling excursions to the island of Tobia for such tourists. Such a treat costs £30 per person, but it definitely includes lunch. The main dive sites in the resort are about 6 to 8 kilometers off the coast between Safaga Island and the other.

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Safaga hotel reviews

We enjoyed it very much. It was a very nice trip. The people there are very nice, especially the animation. The food is good, the service is great, the rooms were very nice, and so was the sea. the best of them were Cent. Read more

I have spent my vacations in this hotel for many years in a row. I was never disappointed in my choice and every time I come to Menaville with joy in my heart. The area is very well maintained with many palm trees. Read more

Great hotel, helpful staff, always friendly. Rooms are clean, cleaned every day. The bar is great, the food is delicious and varied. The bar is great, the food is great and varied. The guys are great – Tuna, Lisa and Vika. The guys are great – Tuna, Lisa and Vika. Evening movie – Vika and Tuna were there in the evening – Read more

The hotel is great. This is our second stay. The service is excellent. The food is great. The beach is great, the beach is great. I would definitely come back here again. Read more

Pros: 1. I stayed on the sandy beach. 2. Tasty and varied food! I liked the fish, a lot of vegetables and sweets, tasty grilled dishes.3. Huge green area! All the plants are carefully looked after. Read more

We had a holiday from September-October 2021. The hotel has a large building by the road and two story bungalows by the sea. All the life of the hotel is on the coast. There is a restaurant, bar, lobby, spa, pool, children’s room. Read more

I stayed in the hotel on the 12th and 26th of February. We were extremely welcoming and the Hotel, staff, service, good food, and everyone was wonderful to stay with. – Everything was as we expected ! Everyone worked tirelessly for us guests – Thank you Menavilla. Read more

I liked it very much , everything was very good . I liked the communication of the Animators most of all. Good for families , there is a pool , good beach for relaxing and diving , you can . Read more

I liked the place very much! Good beach, good food, staff! Hotel is not new, one and two story rooms. The pool is not heated, so we did not swim. The sea is beautiful, despite the fact that February-. Read more

Great hotel, good value for money.Pros: 1. Large beautiful walking area with palm trees, bushes and flowers2. Great clean beach, shallow approach, there are a couple of corals with a variety of Read more

Hi. First time visiting Egypt and the Paradise Hotel. Beautiful place, I recommend it to everyone. The hotel is quiet, beautiful, on the first coastline. The beach is great, the water is clean. The animators deserve a separate. Read more

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This hotel is good, the food is good, drinks are good, the animators are great, especially Katasha. The hotel is imbued with a sense of well-being and its proximity to the beach. The staff are caring and friendly. The staff are very helpful and friendly, with a huge variety of helpful comments and suggestions for what to do. Read more

We stayed with children in January 2022 for 2 weeks on an all inclusive basis. Firstly a barrel of honey: The hotel was built long time ago and was VERY BEAUTIFUL. This says it all: massive wooden furniture in the rooms, worktops from the kitchen. Read more

Simple and Decent. A simple Egyptian hotel, no fancy features. The hotel was very well located, the food was good quality, simple service was unobtrusive, the sea was beautiful with coral. Read more

Writing a review for the first time. Very long waited for the opening of the borders with Egypt. Bought my tour a week before my arrival. We arrived at the hotel at around 16.00. Checked in quickly. We asked for a room with a balcony, as my husband smokes. We were offered. Read more

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