Holidays in Spain in the winter of 2021-2022. Weather. Reviews of the tourists.

Spain in winter

Winter in Spain – what is it like? How many degrees is the air and water temperature and is it possible to swim? How to dress and what to take with you? Weather in Spain in winter: temperature, humidity and rainfall, climate by region. Where to go and what to see? When does the winter season start and end? Is it worth to go with children and where can I rest on a budget? Photos of cities, nature and attractions, price comparison in hotels by region. Reviews of tourists about beach and outdoor activities, ski resorts, excursions, entertainment and sales, as well as personal experience not only vacations or vacations in Spain, but also life in the country in winter.

Weather forecast in Spain by observations and reviews

Average daily air temperature
Air temperature at night
Air temperature during day
Number of rainy days
Relative humidity
Daylight duration
Dec. Jan. Feb.
7.7 C° 6.9 C° 8.0 C°
4.2 C° 2.9 C° 3.7 C°
12.1 C° 11.4 C° 13.0 C°
73.6 mm 61.9 mm 54.9 mm
8.4 days 7.3 days 8.1 days
77.6 % 76.3 % 72.2 %
9.8 hours 10.2 hours 11.2 hours

Weather by month and resort

The map shows the average water and air temperatures for Spain’s cities and resorts for three months. To select a specific month, click on the tab above. If you click on an area of interest, it will take you to a page detailing the weather in that region.

Cities/regions Air temperature Water temperature
Mallorca 11.1 C° 14.1 C°
Salou 10.7 C° 13.2 C°
Barcelona 10.6 C° 13.2 C°
Valencia 12.8 C° 13.8 C°
Alicante 13.1 C° 14.2 C°
Málaga 13.4 C° 15.6 C°
Madrid 6.6 C°
Marbella 13.3 C° 15.8 C°
Costa Brava 9.0 C° 13.0 C°
Tenerife 14.9 C° 19.3 C°

Is it cold in Spain during winter?

During the winter, daytime temperatures in Spain are usually around 14°C, but can range from 11°C in January to 12°C in February with nighttime temperatures dropping to 3°C. Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a demi-seasonal jacket or coat would be the right thing to do.

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Can I swim in Spain in the winter?

In winter, the temperature of the sea is usually kept at 14 degrees. Winter is not the best choice for swimming in the sea.

Can I get a tan?

Winter is not a good choice for a beach holiday in Spain. If you certainly want to get a tan, we advise to pay attention to or .

Where is warmer in Spain in winter?

The warmest resort in Spain in winter is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The average daily temperature in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ranges from 17 to 18 degrees, daytime temperatures from 20 to 21, and nighttime temperatures from 14 to 16.

Rainfall in Spain in winter

On average, Spain receives 53 mm of rainfall during the winter. The number of sunny days is 83 and the number of rainy days is 8. This leads to the conclusion that the probability of rain in Spain during winter is 9%.

Holidays with children

In winter in Spain with a child is better to go only if you are focused on excursions, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

Where to go and what to see?

Winter in Spain is not the best time for a walk in nature. We recommend that you pay attention to museums, theaters and other cultural sites. Also, do not forget that the cold season is a season of sales and a great time for shopping. You can also find the latest information about the best shopping centers and outlets in our catalog.

Spain in December: water temperature, weather, tourists’ reviews

Winter is coming. Every day there are more and more frosts, more and more snow falls on the city streets. And seeing all this, you really miss the hot summer days. If in December 2022 you want to vacation in Spain, we advise you not to. Weather at this time in the country is not the most suitable for a beach holiday, and the water temperature in the sea is unlikely to please you with warmth. However if you like skiing it’s worth looking at some of the resorts in the country – there is already snow and you can conquer the slopes of the best mountains.

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Weather in Spain in December 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Spain has always been a priority destination for tourists from Russia. Even in the crisis years, when people had little money, still many people made money to fly to the beautiful beaches, to bask in the hot Spanish sun. At the beginning of winter wanting to go to the land of bullfighting not a lot, but they are. Someone is flying on tours, some just for a walk, and others rush to the mountains, to ride on the snow on their skis.

Weather in Spain in December 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Barcelona is no doubt the most popular resort in the country. Tourists come here not so much to the sea, as to see the city itself, its beauty and just to walk around one of the best squares in the world. In December, it is not very sunny and it can rain. The daytime temperature reaches a mark of +14 degrees, at nights it gets colder, and about +7 +9 heat. The sea off the coast of Barcelona has cooled to +16 degrees. It is impossible to swim, but it does not disappoint. Since most people prefer to go sightseeing and walks on tourist liners.

Weather in Spain in December 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Approximately the same weather conditions are in Costa Brava resort. The air during the day warms up to +14, cooling at night to +8 degrees. The sea has cooled to a minimum and it is no higher than +14 degrees. There is not much rain this month, literally 1-2 days. The amount of precipitation is about 22 millimeters. The sun shines for a smaller part of the month: 12-13 days. The rest of the days the weather is cloudy, often with variable cloudiness.

Especially for tourists we have prepared a new detailed map of Spain with all cities and resorts. Look and choose the best place for your rest.

It is a little warmer and without precipitation in Málaga. During the day there are up to +17 +19 degrees, and at night the thermometers fall to +11 degrees. Because of the warmer winter and the sea near Málaga has a temperature of +16 degrees, although you can not swim anyway. The resort is perfect for basking in the sun, walking around the city and wait out the cold in Russia.

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Weather in Spain in December 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

December Mallorca is also not a bad place to wait out the Russian winter. Only on the island it rains, though not intense and not frequent. According to statistics, they will be 3-4 days per month, and during this time falling about 40 millimeters of rain. Cloudiness in Mallorca is more than 33% for the whole month. This means that every third day there will be no sun. So it is not a good place to shelter in the winter.

Much better is the resort of Salou. It’s +14 degrees during the day, and at night it’s around +9 degrees. The sea is cool, not higher than 15 degrees. It is raining one day, and the precipitation is not more than 13 millimeters. Of course, you can not swim in the sea, but the sun is much more.

Where to rest in Spain in December

Check out the table below to find out where best to go in Spain in December for a vacation.

Weather in Spain in December 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Tourist reviews of the weather and vacations in Spain in December

“Spain is a beautiful country. I try to come here once a year and I like Madrid very much. In December here everything is like in autumn: trees without leaves, sometimes it rains, walks in the city are so bad. But the prices are high, because it’s Christmas and the new year. Although some stores have sales, and it’s great. If you’re going to Madrid for the first time, come here in the spring, it will be more beautiful.

Weather in Spain in December 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

“We met the New Year in Ibiza. The weather is variable, then rain, then sun. There was no desire to go near the sea, it was too cool. Covered swimming pools and nightclubs saved us. In general, normal rest, therefore here it is better in a high season.

Be sure to find out what the weather in Spain in January. You may want to spend the first month of the year is here.

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