Holidays in the Canary Islands. Tenerife. Prices – 2022

Prices for holidays in Tenerife 2022: food, food, all-inclusive tours

What prices for holidays in Tenerife await tourists in 2022? Which hotels by the sea to book first of the huge number of decent, where to eat in the evening in a restaurant, how much will the food basket at the store. Let’s find out how much money to take with you for food, how much are all-inclusive tours and not only where to find them cheaper.

Seven unique islands, called the Canary Islands and belonging to the Kingdom of Spain, have recently become more and more popular among Russian tourists. Who wouldn’t want to visit the land of legendary Atlantis? This archipelago, located in the north-west of the African continent, is called the eternal spring islands or paradise islands because of the year-round spring climate. If you still think that the beach vacation in the Canaries is reserved wealthy, we dispel your doubts and tell you how to plan a real and inexpensive vacation in the popular Canary Island of Tenerife, located in the center of the archipelago.

So, let’s take one week or 7 nights, we need a small star hotel with good conditions and reviews, information about the prices for the rest.

Prices in Tenerife in 2022

Beach holidays in Tenerife and its prices depend on the level of the hotel, its location, the season in which you intend to be there, as well as the type of food. For example, in hotels with breakfast and dinner for 2 people tour will cost from 1428 euros. Many hotels on the island offer “all inclusive”, with a decent meal. Such tours cost from 1580 euros with a flight from Moscow. The price for a holiday is acceptable if you take care of it in advance.

Many tour operators are doing a decent discount for early booking, but you can also stumble on a burning offer, if you sit in your suitcase every day and wait, the decision is yours.

The cost of tours to the Canary Islands from Moscow

Almost all travel agencies offer tours for 2 people with a flight, airport transfers, insurance and services according to the selected hotel. It is pleasant to note that all hotels in Tenerife, regardless of the number of stars, offer a high level of service. The correspondence of price and quality is present in each hotel, so a tourist with any budget will find an acceptable accommodation. The average price for 7 days of vacation is from 95 thousand rubles.

Here are great offers with prices for holidays in Tenerife with a flight and a service “all inclusive”:

  • Hotel Laguna Park II in Costa Adeja offers rooms for two with all amenities, 500 meters from the beach Troviscas. Several restaurants with international cuisine, special menus, and children’s cuisine. The hotel has a medical service, car, bicycle and motorcycle rental. The price of the tour for two people for 7 days with a flight from Moscow – from 99.7 thousand rubles. Information about the tour.
  • Ponderosa Aparthotel in Costa Adeja is an inexpensive hotel in the central part of the resort, located 2 lines from the sea, on the sandy beach Playa del Bobo. In the room all the amenities, free internet. The hotel has a golf course, special rooms for people with limited mobility. The beach is sandy and sun loungers are chargeable. A tour for two people for 7 days with a flight from Moscow will cost from 120 thousand rubles. Information on the tour.

For those who want to improve their health, health tours are offered at a cost of 160 to 320 thousand rubles. The program – sports and preventive activities that help restore and improve the body, visiting massage rooms, gyms, swimming pools, stadiums. In general, any desire for your taste and wallet can be selected by yourself.

Air tickets prices to Yuzhny

Direct flights from Moscow to Southern International Airport in Tenerife are operated on Fridays from Domodedovo airport “Transaero” and “Vim-Avia. Two more flights are operated from “Vnukovo” and “Sheremetyevo. In winter the number of flights is reduced, and in summer and on New Year and May holidays additional flights are put on.

Food Prices in Barcelona - 2022

Usual ticket prices for flights from Moscow to the Canary Islands are from 500 to 550 euros, in the summer months – 650-700 euros. But the cost of tickets to Tenerife during the New Year rises to 1000 euros. There are possible flights with one or two planes. Such tickets will cost much cheaper – from 385 euros, but there is a noticeable loss of time.

The cost of housing in Tenerife

Prices per night in hotels

Prices for hotels in Tenerife are lower than in Spain itself due to their year-round operation. If you are persistent, you can find specials on booking, which will reduce your accommodation costs by 20-30%. So, roughly, a double room per night costs 50-70 euros in a 3* hotel for two, 100-130 euros in a 4* hotel and from 200 to 250 euros in a 5* hotel.

First of all, when planning an independent trip, we recommend to pay attention to options by the sea Villa De Adeje Beach 3* in Costa Adeja, Catalonia Punta Del Rey 4* in Las Caletillas, hotel GF Gran Costa Adeje 5* in Costa Adeje. The last option is recommended to all its readers, there is delicious food and staff at a decent level.

How much does it cost to rent a private accommodation?

Traveling to Tenerife on your own for a long period will require renting a private accommodation. This option is also not a problem. At the resort, many proposals for renting private homes and hostels. For example, a private hotel Hotel Marte in the center of Puerto de la Cruz. Rooms cost from 30 to 45 euros . Pool on the roof of the hotel, massage services, free internet, buffet and other services attract tourists to this cozy place.

Countryside private complex Haciendas del Valle – Las Kentias is one of the 20 best hotels in the Canaries for holidays with children. It is located 10 km from La Laguna in the village of Valle de Guerra. There are all conditions for a comfortable stay, nice air, shady garden, spa. Moreover, according to reviews on many forums, it occupies a leading position.

The most expensive private accommodation (60 euros) in the fashionable resort of Playa de las Americas, in the northern part of the island a stay in a hostel will cost 19 euros, and a hotel room costs 22 euros. In the western part, apartments will cost 25 euros per day per person. Reviews of vacation in Tenerife Russian tourists indicate that the minimum price for private accommodation in May and June, the highest – during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Best hotels in Tenerife 5 stars all inclusive

GF Gran Costa Adeje 5 stars

Prices and things to do

The Canaries offer a beautiful landscape, dramatic dunes, inviting beaches, and a host of other costly activities. The most visited places by tourists are the must-see:

  • Teide National Reserve,
  • Betancuria Museum,
  • Timanfaya Volcano Park,
  • fiery mountains.

The ticket for a group tour for 1 person costs from 30 to 40 euros, for children half as much. If you visit Tenerife in the period from February to March you will become a spectator of a colorful carnival, not inferior to the famous Brazilian.

Excursions to Tenerife in Russian can be selected with the help of Tripster, many of our readers use the service constantly. Here you can choose programs with experienced guides and exciting routes without losing time in the stores, as many tour operators like to do.

Prices in cafes and restaurants.

Reviews about holidays in Tenerife and the prices of food confirm that the cost of food in cafes or restaurants on the island are quite democratic. For example, a meal at an expensive restaurant for 1 person costs from 6 to 8 euros, at a mid-level restaurant 7 euros costs a whole dinner of 3 dishes. Each restaurant has a so-called “menu of the day” for tourists at a price of 6 euros. If you go to a budget cafe for breakfast, cook for about 2.5 euros. Dinner at such a café will cost 5.5 euros. For beer lovers a bottle of 0,5 l will cost from 1,5 to 2 euros. A cup of coffee costs 1.5 euros and a Pepsi-Cola costs 1.3 euros.

Traveller reviews about Barcelona. Tips for your vacation - 2022

What places to visit?

  • Lovers of haute cuisine should definitely check out Casa Tagoro at Calle Valle Menendez 28, 38650. Average bill for a meal from 23 euros.
  • Local food is better at El Jardin de la Abuela, where we recommend ordering a mojito, very tasty. For reservations call +34 922 79 51 95.
  • A reasonably priced pizzeria with delicious seafood specialties is La Piazzetta del Mar , at Calle la Paloma 2, 38650. Average bill starts at 15 Euros for two people.
  • For a coffee or tea try Cozy Cafe at Pueblo Canario Local 239 in Playa del Américas. A standard coffee will cost from 4 euros.

Food costs

Food prices in Tenerife are quite democratic, thanks to the presence of all European and national supermarket chains: Lidl, Dia, UDACO, Merkadona.

Products are better to buy in these outlets, or at the market. Here are approximate prices of products in Santa Cruz:

  • milk, 1 l – 0,77 €
  • Bread, 0,5 kg – 0,85 €
  • eggs, 12 pieces – 1,83 €
  • White rice (1 kg) – 1.02 €
  • cheese, 1 kg – 6,79 €
  • Chicken fillet, 1 kg – 5,12 €
  • bananas (1 kg) – 1,10 €
  • oranges (1 kg) – 1,23 €
  • lettuce (1 head) – 1,20 €
  • beef, 1 kg – 8,65 €
  • apples, 1 kg – 1,79 €
  • tomatoes, 1 kg – 1,18 €
  • potatoes, 1 kg – 1,37 €
  • onions, 1 kg – 1,23 €
  • water, 1,5 l – 0,56 €


  • Bottle of wine (medium price range) – 5,00 €
  • Home-brewed beer (0,5 l bottle) – 0,90 €
  • Imported beer (0,33 l bottle) – 0,86 €

Reviews about holidays and prices in Tenerife

The cost of a trip to Tenerife in 2022 can not be called cheap, because accommodation here is provided mainly in 4 and 5-star hotels. The most popular resorts are Las Americas, which attracts with its party clubs and bars, and Costa Adeje – a quieter and quieter, suitable for holidays with children and elderly people. There is less noise and you can enjoy the beautiful nature.

According to reviews of tourists should not choose for a holiday with children hotels on the first line, as the promenade is a lot of noisy bars and restaurants that will disturb the rest of your child. Choose a hotel a little further and a quiet holiday is guaranteed.

For tourists who do not count the money perfectly suit 5 * hotels with excellent cleanliness, service, food, “all inclusive”. Gastro experts are advised to choose well-branded chain hotels, where you can eat tasty food (for example, Sheraton or Iberostar). For more budgetary holidaymakers are offered no worse than 4* hotels, of which there are many on the coast. For young couples rather simple atmosphere of 3* hotels will do, however, they are quite a few and places need to be booked in advance, the majority of Europeans go exactly to 3 stars.

All tourists note that the price level in Tenerife in line with Europe. Here is quite affordable food, souvenirs. Of course, by our standards, visiting restaurants and cafes will cost a very tidy sum. Yes, and excursions and entrance fees to places of interest are very expensive – from 30 to 60 euros. However, this does not prevent Tenerife to enjoy increasing popularity among Russian tourists.

Be sure when planning your trip to consider our selection of hotels for the best holidays in Spain at sea, we have selected really good complexes for a relaxing vacation with the whole family.

Rest in the Canary Islands

holidays in canary on tour 2020

Useful information about holidays in Tenerife and other Canary Islands. The cost of flights, all-inclusive tours, hotels and visas in 2022. Prices for food and transportation in the islands. Features vacation with children. Review of the weather by month. Reviews tourists.

You can have a low-cost holiday in the Canaries in two ways: you can find a good deal on a last minute tour, or you can plan an independent trip. The cost of an independent holiday in the Canary Islands is made up of several items: the price for the flight, visa costs, accommodation and meals. Below we will consider each point in detail and give tips for organizing a holiday in the Canaries.

Majorca: Monthly weather and temperature. When is the best time to travel?

Spain accepts tourists from the Russian Federation, if they are vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO. It is also possible to enter through another EU country. Look at the list of open countries. Tours to Spain are not yet on sale. For convenience, we give pre-pandemic prices for travel and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.


How much does it cost to fly to the Canary Islands

Look for cheap tickets on the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Check out the secrets to finding cheap airline tickets. Learn how to get a cheap flight to Tenerife. Buy tickets as early as possible and keep an eye on airline promotions, which we report in the “Cheap Tickets” section and in our “VKontakte” group.

Ticket prices are given for round-trip flights. Prices are current at the time of publication.

There are direct and stopover flights from Moscow to Tenerife to European cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Munich and others.

Direct flights . Aeroflot, Iberia or charter flights (Vim Airlines, for example) start at 25 thousand rubles for direct flights from Moscow to Tenerife at a reasonable price. The cost of tickets from St. Petersburg is usually higher by a few thousand rubles.

Cheap flights to the Canary Islands are possible with connections. Sometimes there are flight tickets from only 13000 rubles. Another way to save money is to fly to Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Frankfurt am Main. From these cities to the Canary Islands fly low-cost airlines – tickets cost 30-50 euro. Note: if you fly to rest with luggage, check whether its carriage is included in the fare!

Example of cheap tickets Moscow – Tenerife:

Tenerife ticket prices

prices for vacations in canary islands tour 2021

Photo: sterminator / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tours in Tenerife: prices in 2022

Search for last minute tours on the services of Level.Travel and Travelata – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Learn our 7 rules for buying tours online.

The cost of tours to the Canary Islands is current at the time of publication. Consider tours with flights from Moscow.

Tour packages to Tenerife you can buy pretty cheap. In 2022, the prices for a one-week tour for two people with a flight from Moscow starts from 65 thousand rubles. All Inclusive tours in Tenerife at such a low price is unlikely to be found, but the tickets only with breakfast or no food there are on sale regularly.

All Inclusive tours are more expensive than the usual. As a rule, 10 days of holiday in Tenerife on an “all inclusive” cost from 90 thousand rubles for two. However, for a European resort, it is quite an adequate price tour.

Low-cost calendar of tours to Spain (tours to the Canaries, see link):

holidays in the canary islands

Photo: Bengt Nyman / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Visa to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands belong to Spain, so to get there, Russians must have either a Spanish national visa or a Schengen visa. It is very easy to obtain it yourself, so do not go through an intermediary. The cost of the visa: the consular fee is 35 euros, and when applying at the visa center the service fee is 1173 rubles.

What documents you need to have in order to apply for a visa to Spain in 2022:

  • Passport (must be valid for another 3 months after the end of the trip);
  • the filled questionnaire;
  • two photos 35×45 mm;
  • copy of all pages of the passport with entries;
  • copy of all completed pages of your civil passport;
  • hotel reservation or rental contract;
  • Reservation of round-trip tickets;
  • a sealed and signed bank statement;
  • Medical insurance with a coverage of at least 30 thousand euros. Buy insurance →
Food Prices in Spain - 2022

Learn also how to properly assemble a first aid kit for the trip.

Reviews about rest in Tenerife

(Photo: / @michaelhel)

Hotel prices in the Canaries in 2022

On the islands of eternal spring, you can vacation all year round. If you want to save money, come in the off-season or low season – February through May or September through November. In addition, book accommodation in advance.

Советуем искать отели на — сайт сравнивает цены разных систем бронирования. Прочтите также наши 10 советов, как бронировать отели дешевле >>

Prices for hotels of different categories in the Canary Islands:

  • 3* – from 35€ per night (Hotel Marte in Tenerife).
  • 4* – from 45 € (Hotel Rural Casablanca).
  • 5* – 100-150€. If you book in advance, you can find from 65 € per day (Hotel Best Semiramis).

The cheapest accommodation is on Tenerife – from 26 € per day. On other islands usually a little more expensive.

Do you want a cozy holiday in the Canary Islands? Explore our selection of cheap apartments on Tenerife – good accommodation can be found for as low as €29 per night (eg, a studio in the Apartamentos Chinyero).

Rest in the canary islands prices 2021

Photo: bernavazqueze / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license.

Food prices in Tenerife

In general, it’s cheaper to eat on the islands than on the mainland. A budget breakfast costs about 2.5€ or more, lunch from 3.5€, dinner from 6€ per person. A meal at a cheap restaurant starts at 7€. Local beer from 1 €, coffee from 1,2 €.

Tip: Look for local establishments, don’t eat in hotel restaurants. The cheapest place to eat is at Chinese buffets. If you have a kitchen, cook on your own sometimes.

Approximate prices in stores in Tenerife:

  • milk (1 liter) – 0,5-1,2 €;
  • A loaf of white bread – 0,3-2€;
  • Eggs (12 eggs) – 1-2,5 €;
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – 4-9 €
  • Chicken breasts (1 kg) – from 3 €
  • apples (1 kg) – 1,2-2€
  • oranges (1 kg) – 0,8-1,5 €
  • tomatoes (1 kg) – 1-1,8€
  • potatoes (1 kg) – 0,6-1,1 €
  • water (1,5 l) – 0,3-1,1 €
  • wine – from 3 €
  • Local beer (0,5 l) – from 0,8 €
  • Imported beer (0,33 l) from 0,6€.

Prices for holidays to Tenerife

Seafood paella (Photo: / @steven__chan)

Transportation and its cost

Ferries and planes can be used to travel between the islands. Air travel is very convenient and relatively inexpensive if you buy tickets in advance and follow airline promotions. From Tenerife you can fly to any island of the archipelago airline Binter Canarias. Tickets start at 23€ per one way and travel time between 30 minutes and an hour. To search for tickets use Aviaseils.

canary airlines


Ferry service on the archipelago is well developed, but inconvenient. All ferries are cargo-passenger, so they are slow, and the fare is about the same as by plane – from 24€. But if you rent a car, you have nothing else to do. There are Fred.Olsen Express, Naviera Armas and Acciona Transmediterranea ferries between the islands.


Titsa buses are the best way to get around Tenerife and the other islands. Purchase a Bono magnetic card to save money. The cost is €15, €25 or €50 and the money will be credited to your account. The first two cards are valid for a year and the last one for a month, but you get a bigger discount. The card can be used to pay for the travel of several people at once. When you enter the bus, you have to insert it into the validator. You can buy your ticket and see the bus schedule on the Titsa website.

Cars and Taxis

Cabs in Tenerife can be recognized by the white color and “checkers”. The fares are fixed: around town – 0,55€ per kilometer, out of town – 1,10€ per kilometer. Pay by the meter. Airport transfers can be booked at KiwiTaxi in advance.

7 Villas in Barcelona and surroundings

Many people prefer to rent a car during holidays in the Canary Islands. We recommend a convenient service – it will find the best price. Learn more about car rentals in Spain.

Holiday in the Canary Islands in 2021

Photo: El Coleccionista de Instantes / / CC BY license.

Weather and temperature in the Canaries

The Canary Islands are not called islands of eternal spring for nothing. The weather is comfortable almost all the time – sunny and warm, without extremes of temperature and strong winds, so tourists can vacation in the Canary Islands all year round. Below we tell you about the weather conditions in the Canary Islands in the most popular months – from May to August.

month air temperature water temperature
January +23°С +19°С
February +20°С +19°С
March +21°С +20°С
April +22°С +20°С
May +24°С +21°С
June +26°С +24°С
July +28°С +24°С
August +30°С +24°С
September +27°С +23°С
October +25°С +22°С
November +22°С +21°С
December +21°С +20°С

Weather in May

Temperatures in May in the Canary Islands range from +22°C to +26°C. However, be prepared for variable cloudiness or rain. The ocean in May near the Canary Islands warms up to about +21 ° C, that is already quite suitable for swimming. In May, the number of tourists is still small, so the prices are quite low.

Weather in June

Compared to May, the number of tourists arriving for holidays in the Canary Islands is markedly increasing. In June, the Canary Islands experience summer weather with virtually no precipitation and cloudless skies. The sun is gentle, but the elementary safety precautions against burns should not be neglected. The temperature is around +25. +28°C, and the Atlantic Ocean warms to about +24°C.

Weather in the Canary Islands by month

(Photo: / @faustogarmen)

July Weather

July is one of the hottest months of the year. However, when vacationing in the Canary Islands in July, tourists easily tolerate the heat – the underwater ocean current cools the air to +27. +29°С. Bathing in the ocean is also pleasant – the water temperature reaches +24 ° C. According to statistics, July is the beginning of the high season in the Canaries, so be prepared for price hikes and lots of tourists.

Weather in August

August is almost as hot as July, but you won’t find a flaw in the weather this month either – the sky is still cloudless, the ocean water is warm, and there is no drought. The air temperature can reach +30° C and the water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean is +24° C.

prices for vacations in canary islands tour 2021

Photo: anpalacios / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Holidays with children in the Canary Islands

From swimming in the ocean to learning about the local culture, Tenerife and the eternal spring islands offer plenty of activities for kids to enjoy depending on their interests.

You can take your kids to explore the islands or play sports, take them on an exciting boat ride, or join in on the festivities. All conditions are created for holidays with your child in the Canary Islands!

Islands, in particular, Tenerife, known for its zoos, entertainment centers, nature and water parks: “Loro-park” with parrots and dolphins, park monkeys and eagles, “Siamese Park” and “Aqualand”. Kids are sure to enjoy learning more about the wildlife world and riding water slides.

Holidays in Tenerife with children

(Photo: / @damianpatkowski)

Reviews on vacations in the Canary Islands

Reviews about rest in Tenerife and the Canary Islands are extremely positive. Tourists advise to rent a car to explore at least one island, because buses do not go to many interesting places. Sometimes it is advantageous to take excursions to neighboring islands.

Be careful in places where sometimes there are landslides (there are warning signs). Do not swim in the ocean if a red flag is raised – the waves can be very strong indeed. Also remember that the sand in the Canary Islands is black volcanic – it can stain your clothes white.

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