Holidays in the Crimea in August 2022. Weather and prices

Holidays in the Crimea in August 2022

Abundant fruit, stargazing, glowing sea and countless festivals – that’s what vacationing in the Crimea in August is all about. The last month of summer is called the velvet season, but no one thinks about the coming autumn yet. The weather is hot, the sea is warm, and only the calendar says that September is about to arrive. But who is looking at the calendar on vacation?

Holidays in the Crimea in August will be comfortable not only in terms of weather, in 2022 there are different convenient options for accommodation: hotels, pensions, rooms in picturesque houses in the shade of cypresses and olives. And if you want – taste the real romance, coming with a tent.

If you wanted to see the whole world, not necessarily embark on a trip around the world. It’s enough to come to the Crimea, to see any landscape of the planet and learn about the historical legacy of all times. There is a reason that the peninsula is called a miniature world.

Popular resorts









Journey by car


The classic route by car goes along the South Coast of the Crimea. Start your journey in Simferopol – there is a large concentration of attractions dedicated to the ancient and modern history of the peninsula. Then you have Alushta, one of the favorite Crimean resorts since Soviet times. And finally, Yalta – the Crimean Riviera, the unofficial capital of the peninsula. Travel along the route pleasant – the road is generally smooth, although there are sections with serpentine ascents and descents.

Simferopol – Sevastopol

The capital of Crimea, the former capital of the Crimean Khanate and the hero city of Sevastopol are all in one trip. Along the way you will see many major Crimean attractions, located both in the cities themselves, and in the vicinity: there are both natural sites (mountains, caves, reservoirs, bays), and man-made (monasteries, museums and entire cities). The roads are flat, all the serpentines are left aside, traveling by car on this route is a pleasure.

Kerch – Sudak

The picturesque route begins at the “Crimean gates” – Kerch. Everyone who drives a car comes to the peninsula through this city. On the way you pass through 4 cities and countless places of interest: from wide beaches to art galleries. There are sights to suit all tastes. But be careful on the mountain roads – the views are certainly breathtaking, but it’s better to take your time.

Where to go and what to see

The Crimea is very small by the standards of the vast Russia, and you can cross it in one day. Therefore, in the choice of excursions can not be limited to the resort where you are staying.

  • Northern Crimea – it is endless picturesque firths, shallow salt lakes with sun-warmed water, where are a lot of rare birds, and salt, crystallizing, takes the most bizarre forms. The local landscapes are so unusual that they remind fantastic pictures of other planets.
  • Thanks to the sandy beaches, warm shallow sea, mineral springs and curative mud in the west of the Crimea are the best children’s resorts. In the historical and cultural monuments there is also no lack. Only in Evpatoria alone can touch the history and religion of the many peoples inhabiting the peninsula at different times: the ancient Greeks, the Karaites, the Crimean Tatars.
  • Kerch (eastern part of the peninsula), the gate to the Crimea, can boast not only the famous bridge, but also monuments from different eras. Adzhimushkay catacombs will tell about the exploits of the defenders of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. Mount Mithridates and the Tsar’s Mound let you get acquainted with the ancient history of the Pontic Kingdom, which hundreds of years before Christ included the Crimea. And if you want to see unusual phenomena of nature, you must visit the valley of active mud volcanoes, 14 kilometers from the city.
  • Rich in historical monuments and natural beauties of the central Crimea. In order to see all the sights, just one Bakhchisarai, will need more than one day. And that’s not counting the countless cave towns, unique natural tracts and just picturesque mountain scenery.
  • Southern coast is the visiting card of the peninsula. It has a Mediterranean climate, cozy villages on mountain slopes descending to the sea, luxurious Yalta, rocks that prop up the sky, palaces buried in green gardens, and azure waves.
Buses in Sudak: overview

Separately, we should mention Sevastopol, the city-hero, city-holiday, city-monument. At least a week will be needed for those who decide to get acquainted with it in detail. Here and museums, and the ruins of the ancient Chersonese, and various memorials and monuments, boat tours of the city’s bays.

Holidays in the Crimea in August 2022 will complement the grand festival of historical reconstruction of the “Genoese Helmet”, which takes place in Sudak. Look at the real jousting tournaments on the background of the medieval stone battlements Genoese fortress, to try their hand at wielding antique weapons himself, ride a horse and buy souvenirs made by craftsmen – just for the sake of this worth to come to the Crimea is in this month.

As darkness falls, be sure to look at the sky. Nights in the south are very dark, and the air is clean, so the stars are visible so well that it seems as if you can reach them. The myriad distant luminaries, the Milky Way and the famous August starfalls are not to be missed.

More often look at the Crimean markets, because August – the time of harvesting. Abundance of fruits and vegetables you just amaze. Many varieties of grapes and wine varieties, juicy and sweet apples, figs, watermelons and melons. All this is variegated and fragrant in the bazaars.

It is high time to go to Alushta: prices are falling, there are less tourists, and the weather is without surprises!

Very soon it will be the Indian summer, and this means that it’s time to plan your trip to the sea. But already in mid and late August, the number of tourists decreases: families with children leave – it’s time to get ready for school. Alushta is waiting for visitors and promises beautiful beaches, which are no longer as crowded, hotels, prices which have already started to go down and the excellent weather until the fall, without any natural disasters.

Anapa - the Crimea: how to reach

Holidays with children

You should plan your holidays in the Crimea in August to give your child correction for the new school year 2022-2023. There are a lot of sanatoriums and resorts for families. And if parents are not lucky enough to get a summer vacation, kids can relax in children’s camps under the care of teachers and educators. There they will eat delicious food, and take to the sea and take on excursions.

Take older kids on a trip to the mountains: they will definitely remember the ride on the cable car. Photo: Anastasia KURDYUKOVA

For those whose kids are still small and can not travel with their parents all over the peninsula, there are museums, such as the open air “Crimea in miniature,” which presents a copy of all the most important monuments, but scaled down a dozen times. Here a few hours you can see all the palaces and castles, churches and monuments of the Crimea.

The older kids will enjoy outdoor activities in the adventure parks, riding donkeys and horses, flying on paragliders. A trip on the cable car that connects Miskhor and the top of Mount Ai-Petri (1200 meters above sea level) just take your breath away.

Hiking in a dolphinarium will also be an unforgettable experience for children of all ages and their parents. Because there you can not only observe bottlenose dolphins, seals and beluga whales, but even swim side by side with them. Scientists have long been proven that interaction with these intellectuals of the sea, not only bringing joy, but also calms the nerves and saves from depression and chronic fatigue.

Holidays in the Crimea in August 2022. Best resorts for beach holidays

Crimea is especially popular in August. Tourists are attracted by the temperature of the air, water, a variety of local fruits at affordable prices and a large selection of resorts. The main part of travellers prefer to visit the south coast of the Black Sea coast. Thousands of vacationers come to the peninsula to enjoy the warm sun, the waters of the Black Sea and have a lot of fun. Below consider the weather, prices for tours in the Crimea. The advantages of a particular resort.

A quiet bay, to the beach are comfortable steps

Silent Bay

Air and sea temperature in August

The last month of summer on the peninsula is the height of the tourist season. Everyone tries to have time to fully rest before the start of the school year. The weather is comfortable, there is almost no precipitation. Air temperature is near +26 – 30 °. Water is warm milk, +26 °. At the beginning of August it is hot, but in the fourth week the thermometer column goes down smoothly. The night temperature is at least +20 °.

Livadia Palace

Crimean fruits

Only in August there is an opportunity to enjoy delicious, juicy, appetizing local fruits. At other times, most fruit is mainly imported. Particularly popular are: delicate raspberries, sweet figs, juicy apples, pears, and cherries. Alycha, blackberries, grapes and plums. The prices are pleasant.

Fruits of the Crimea

Fruits of the Crimea.

In August, peaches, watermelons and melons ripen. Each fruit is sweet and juicy. The taste differs significantly from the imported fruit. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the popularity of the peninsula in August. Everyone wants to try a natural, fresh product.

August tours in the Crimea in August 2022

August tours are especially popular. But contrary to popular belief, they are not always cheaper than booking hotels, airline tickets separately. Once I managed to buy a tour for only 7500 rubles. No joke. Today is unlikely to be so lucky. The starting price for a tour to the Crimea in 2022 – 32,000 rubles for two people.

If you want to get the cheapest tour, plan your trip for late August – early September. During this period the tours are not in demand. Couples with children are leaving. Tour operators are trying to earn something, so they lower the prices.

It is always more advantageous to buy tours online. I recommend using special aggregator sites.

Novofedorovka, Saki

Just 50 km from Simferopol, the western coast of Crimea, is famous for such resorts as Saki, Pribrezhnoye, Novofedorovka. They are located not far from Evpatoria, and you can get there by any means. Be it a railroad or highways (by bus).

Beaches there aren’t jammed with vacationers that for many tourists is especially important. After all, at large resorts they are packed to the gills. At the same time the beaches on them wider, cleaner, infrastructure and layout in anything inferior to the beaches Evpatoria. The sea also pure and warm. Entertainments more than enough, for children and adults.

Sak lake

Saki Lake

Another important point: the cost of living is much lower than in the same Evpatoria. There is one small “but” – the private sector is at some distance from the sea. Although walking to the beach does not cause discomfort. Tourists who stay in Pribrezhnoye, traveling by car, can easily get to the coastline by car. There is enough parking space.

By the way, this village is preferred by couples with children. In its vicinity is one of the best water parks of the Crimea – “Banana Republic”. Saki is popular not only because of the lakes with curative mud, but also health resorts:

Fans of motorsports go to the karting track “Crimea Grand Pris”. At any of the above resorts a large selection of catering establishments: cafes, restaurants. Well and if bored monotonous rest, you can always go see the sights of Evpatoria. And to go there is where: historical places, museums, theaters.

Water park “Banana Republic” Lodging in Saki (daily)

Trip to the Crimea by car - 2022. What you need to know


Demanded resort in the southeast, in August, is a glorious city of Sudak. Mostly young people prefer the resort. Nightlife there is what is called “the key”. Numerous nightclubs, bars and restaurants attract young people. Sudak in August reigns relaxed and cheerful.

Night Club

Night club in Sudak

It is worth noting: despite its popularity, the flow of holidaymakers there is much lower than in Yalta, Alushta or Evpatoria, even in Alupka. Places on the beach is not enough, but you can always go to the remote beaches of Novy Sveta or “Meganom” . Prices for housing are lower. Among the many sanatoriums and boarding houses are especially popular:

  • “Horizon”;
  • “Sudak”;
  • “Crimean Spring”;
  • “Zvezdny.

Rest in Sudak is possible not only on the beach strips with pebble. Infrastructure developed excellent, a lot of entertainment. Popularity enjoy and numerous attractions Sudak, its surroundings. Tourists looking for a quiet pastime and peace, I recommend stopping in the village of Novy Svet, Capsel, Morskoye or Veseloye. Prices for housing are low, quiet and comfortable. Look for lodging here.

The Genoese Fortress

The Genoese Fortress

Although Sudak resort is relatively small, but there is more than enough entertainment for every taste. Lovers of monuments of historical architecture I recommend to visit the ancient Genoese fortress. Believing people, and not only, be sure to visit the oldest shrine of the Crimea, located in the village of Grushovka – Church “Knowing”.

The fountain on the Cypress Alley

The fountain on the Cypress Alley in Sudak

One of the most popular attractions of the Crimea is the lion park in Belogorsk – “Taigan”. Novyi Svet is famous for its champagne factory and, of course, the Golitsyn trail. With children I advise to go to the water park “Sudak”. Divers do not pass by the school “Nautilus”, and windsurfers past the club “Overkill”. Unbelievable experience will give walks on the yacht “Sudgeya” or motor ship “Antalya”.

Waterpark Sudak

Diving in the Crimea Waterpark Sudak


Koktebel and the settlements of Kurortnoe, Pribrebnoye, Ordzhonikidze are in high demand among tourists at the end of summer. All resorts are well developed tourist infrastructure. All necessary conveniences are available for having an active and exciting free time. The beaches are pebbly, there are not many people. At least “on heads” no one walks. Thanks to this there are enough places on beaches, the sea is clean. Water is transparent.

Quay Koktebel

The waterfront of Koktebel.

Ever since the Soviet Union, Koktebel has been fond of naturists vacationing. If you belong to their number, the best place to find. Rest in August in Koktebel is different increased number of holiday-makers exactly on the nudist beaches. And in the Foxy Bay, located between the villages Pribrezhnoye and Kurortnoe tourists are not just walking around naked. They do there whatever they want. In high season there is always an opportunity to make a friend of interest.

Nudist beach in Koktebel

Nudist beach in Koktebel

The cultural program can be varied by visiting the Koktebel embankment. With its numerous cafes, stores. I recommend to go to the house-museum of Maximilian Voloshin, to the vintage winery. Where you will have a fascinating tour and tasting. As options for cultural leisure, especially for couples with children, you can consider visiting the dinoteriya birds, antelope park, dolphinarium. Mass of unforgettable, vivid impressions awaits you at the water park “Koktebel”.

Holidays in the Crimea in the summer of 2022. What the weather and whether to go

Quay Koktebel

Koktebel seafront Lodging in Koktebel (daily)

Kerch – one of my favorite resorts of the Crimea, probably because it is my wife’s hometown. Kerch attracts a huge number of historical monuments, architecture, unique places. Staying in the city or in one of the surrounding villages:

  • Geroevskoe
  • Kurortnoe
  • Podmayachny and so on.

You can not only fully enjoy all the charms of beach holidays, but also a varied cultural program. The settlement infrastructure is not wide. But there the prices for housing in the Crimea are the lowest in the entire eastern part of the peninsula. All the advantages of civilization are waiting for tourists in Geroevskoe and Kerch itself.

SanDali Beach

There are enough beaches in the city limits, but the bulk of holidaymakers prefer the chic shore “Sun Dali”. The sandy strip is wide, entertainment is plentiful. Not without reason he is considered the best beach in the Crimea. To be more precise: one of the best. In August there are a lot of people, but it does not affect the quality of rest. There is enough space for everyone and the sea is clean.

Attractions of Kerch its diversity. There are ancient cities, burial mounds, fortresses, lapidariums and temple complexes. Especially popular are Yeni-Kale fortress, Mound, fort “Kerch” and “Adzhimushkay quarries”.

Ancient buildings and my wife Ulyanka

Ancient Buildings and my wife Ulyanka Lodging in Kerch (daily)

Black Sea area

On the western side of the Crimea, these are the most remote areas. They include the settlements:

  • Olenevka;
  • Chernomorskoe;
  • Mezhvodnoe;
  • Znamenskoe;
  • Okunevka;
  • Б. Atlesh.

Rest in the Crimea there inexpensive. Tourists a little, prices are low, and the weather – almost perfect. Speaking of infrastructure, it is worth noting its development in such villages as Olenevka, Chernomorskoe and Bezvodnoe. There it is better developed. In Olenevka a huge choice of affordable accommodation options.

Cape Tarkhankut

Cape Tarkhankut

Cape Tarkhankut and Dzhangul reserve occupy the first positions in the list of the most beautiful places in Crimea. It is not without reason that famous films were shot there: “Pirates of the XX Century”, “Amphibian Man”. Exactly these edges are preferred by numerous divers. Only there you can learn all the delights of diving, visiting the world’s only underwater museum “Alley of Chiefs. Fans of ancient cities will also find interesting places to visit.

That’s all I wanted to share with you today. Now you have the information you need about the weather, tour prices, and beach congestion. If the influx of tourists is not an obstacle for you, you want the sea of fun, without fear go on holiday to the Crimea in Yalta or Alushta. Have a great time in 2022!

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