Holidays in the Crimea in June 2022. Weather and prices

Holidays in the Crimea in June

June weather in the Crimea

How does it feel to get warm under the Crimean sun, to lie on the beaches and to try fresh fruits? Learn about vacationing in the Crimea in June 2022: is it worth going with children, what the weather is like, is the sea already warm and how to dress for the weather.


Air temperature

Compared with May, in June in the Crimea is getting warmer. This is especially noticeable in the resorts of the South Coast. At the beginning of the month +20 ° C, and in late June the average daytime air temperature is +23 ° C. Some days the thermometer rises up to +30 ° C and above!

Sunbathing in the windless weather is comfortable. It’s easy to get burnt under the direct rays, so don’t forget the sunscreen.

See chart for day and night temperatures in June:

When t by day t at night
Early June +24°С +14°С
Middle of June +26°С +16°С
End of June +28°С +17°С

Olga 1209: “We were lucky with the weather, almost all rains were gone before our arrival, we caught only light rain on the day of arrival. Then all the days the sun shone and it was hot to +34 ° C.”

Nataliya Zaichenko: “The middle of the month, of course, can’t be compared with the end of the month. Still, it is not easy to travel in hot weather. End of the month is not suitable for excursions.

Water temperature

In June, the Black Sea is still cool +18 … +19 ° C. You can swim, but a long swim will not work. A little earlier water warms up in the south and west coast. From mid-June when the water temperature in the Crimea rises to +20 … +21 ° C, go into the sea is already pleasant.

The table of water temperature in June:

When water t
Early June +21°С
Middle of June +22°С
End of June +24°С

Anastasia: “I’ve been coming to Yalta since 2007. In my opinion it’s always May or early June, which is the best time for me. To bathe is already possible, thus there are no crowds of people, water and beaches pure, streets half empty”.

Pavel Krabov: “The sea hasn’t warmed up yet, so I had to be content with a quick dip in the water with an equally quick evacuation to the shore.

How to dress for the weather

Pack swimsuits and beachwear: shorts, breeches, t-shirts and lightweight shirts. In June in the Crimea the weather is unstable.

Ai-Petri: useful tips

At night time the thermometer goes down to +14 … +16 degrees. For walks and excursions in the morning and evening need warm clothes – pants and fleece. At the sea and in the mountains a windbreaker and sneakers will be useful.

Renata Schatz: “In addition to summer clothes, do not forget to take sweaters, jeans and closed shoes.”

Precipitation and hurricanes

At the beginning of summer, a cold snap can come. That’s exactly the problem holidaymakers faced in June 2017. Heavy downpours flooded the center of Simferopol, and in Sevastopol fell hail the size of a ping-pong ball. In normal years, there are precipitations on the peninsula, but they are short and not heavy rains.

Are there any natural disasters in the Crimea? As in any mountain, sometimes there are earthquakes on the peninsula. Strong tremors are very rare. The last powerful earthquake occurred in the Crimea in 1927, and it did a lot of damage on the southern coast.

June weather in the Crimea

Bowl of Love on Trakhankut in inclement weather.

Prices for tours to the Crimea in June 2022

In June the trip to the south is 15-30% cheaper than in August. It is a great opportunity to save money! Stay for two for 10 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 27 thousand rubles. This package includes a flight, transfers and accommodation in hotel complexes Olenevka or the Black Sea.

Inexpensive tours in June 2022 offered in Nikolaevka, Alushta, Peschanoye, Evpatoria, Feodosia, Saki and Sevastopol. The prices for tours in Sudak start at 35 thousand rubles, and in Yalta – from 38 thousand rubles.

Look at the current prices for tours to the Crimea in June:

Yalta Find tour →
Sudak Find tour →
Alushta Find tour →
Feodosia Find tour →
Eupatoria Find tour →

Rest with children in June

For a rest in the Crimea with children we recommend Feodosia, Sevastopol, Evpatoria and Sudak. In these Crimean cities in the first month of summer is warmer and the water temperature is 1-2 ° C higher than in other parts of the peninsula. At the end of June the sea is heated to +22 ° C.

For kids, the June water is still cold. If you want your child to swim, stay at a hotel with a heated pool. Most of them are located on the Southern coast of Crimea. A good solution is to accommodate the whole family in one of the Crimean sanatoriums or resorts.

Private Sector in Sudak 2022 - price to 3000 rubles

Holidays for children in June in the Crimea

If you’re having a vacation with kids, choose a hotel with a swimming pool (photo: @derekthomson/

Is it worth it to have a rest in the Crimea in June?

Definitely it is worth it – your vacation in the Crimea in June has a lot of advantages. The main influx of tourists is still ahead, so you will rest on half-empty beaches. You can count on more intimate walks in the evenings and budget prices for tours and rent. On the plus side are great sunbathing conditions, lush greenery, fresh fruits and berries. In June, the strawberries, mulberries and cherries ripen, and at the end of the month in the markets appear first apricots, peaches and figs. The main disadvantages are unstable weather and cool sea.

June in Crimea is good for traveling with children, elderly tourists and fans of outdoor activities. While there is no exhausting heat pleasant to see the sights on excursions and go to the mountains. You can also have a lot of pleasure and unforgettable impressions from mountain climbing, paragliding, sea walks, biking and exploring caves of the Crimea!

Holidays in the Crimea in June 2022

Although June is the first month of the calendar summer in the Crimea, at this time it is already in full swing. The heat may start here at the end of April. However, no one is immune from the vagaries of the weather. Nature at this time has not yet had time to get tired of the heat, keeping the spring freshness, the sea is clear and clean, and the sun is more warm than hot. All the doors of museums and other places of interest, even those that are closed for the winter, are already open to visitors. Excursions are offered at every step. So holidays in the Crimea in June 2022 will be saturated.

If you are a fan of juicy southern fruits, the Crimean markets will please you with an abundance of cherries, apricots, plums and even the first peaches. Another argument in favor of that it’s better to rest in June: when you come home you will return not to the dull autumn, but to the summer, maybe not as exotic and bright as in the south, but still warm and green.









Journey by car


The classic route by car goes along the South Coast of the Crimea. Start your journey in Simferopol – there is a large concentration of attractions dedicated to the ancient and modern history of the peninsula. Then you have Alushta, one of the favorite Crimean resorts since Soviet times. And finally, Yalta – the Crimean riviera, the unofficial capital of the peninsula. Travel along the route pleasant – the road is generally smooth, although there are sections with serpentine ascents and descents.

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Simferopol – Sevastopol

The capital of Crimea, the former capital of the Crimean Khanate and the hero city of Sevastopol are all in one trip. Along the way you will see many major Crimean sights, located both in the cities themselves and in the vicinity: there are both natural sites (mountains, caves, reservoirs, bays) and man-made (monasteries, museums and entire cities). The roads are flat, all the serpentines are aside, traveling by car on this route is a pleasure.

Kerch – Sudak

The picturesque route begins at the “Crimean gates” – Kerch. Everyone who drives a car comes to the peninsula through this city. On your way you pass by 4 cities and countless places of interest: from wide beaches to art galleries. There are sights to suit all tastes. But be careful on the mountain roads – the views are certainly breathtaking, but it’s better to take your time.

Where to go and what to see

During vacations in the Crimea in June 2022 you can visit the objects in the open air. While it is not too hot. These are all kinds of natural tracts.

  • Waterfalls . In June, the mountain streams of the Crimea do not have time to run dry, so you can see the waterfalls in all their glory.
  • Massifs and gorges . For example, the Valley of Ghosts on Mount Demerdzhi.
  • The picturesque southern coastal roads . You will never forget the impression you get from a trip along the so-called Tsar’s, or Sunny trail that stretches between Gaspra and Livadia. It is 6.5 km long that passes through the most beautiful places Oreanda, Ai-Nikola and Krestovaya mountains. The path is well equipped, there are benches and billboards with descriptions of all the attractions that occur along the way, it has no steep climbs and descents. The trail is planted with junipers and other plants that fill the air with medicinal essential oils.

Rest with children

Are you deciding where to go in early summer with the whole family – vacation in the Crimea in June 2022 is the best fit. Besides the sea and the sun there are so many ways to have fun!

If you find the sea in June cool, you can swim in the swimming pools and water parks. Photo:


You can pay a single admission fee and spend a whole day here, alternating between dizzying water slides and relaxing by the saltwater pool.


Here you will see the inhabitants of the Black and tropical seas, crocodiles, and even sharks.


Both children and adults can admire not only sea artists – aphalins, arctic white whales, seals. You’ll get an unforgettable experience of swimming together with dolphins.

Amusement Parks

The number of dizzying rides, rock climbing walls and other places for outdoor activities is just amazing – choose according to your taste.

Children’s resorts

Especially famous for Evpatoria sanatorium and Saki, where therapeutic effect have not only a warm sea and clean air, but also unique healing mud, produced in the salty lake Saki. Not in vain here is sent for rehabilitation of children and adults with disorders of the central nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

And of course, to gain strength and health children will help vitamin-rich fresh fruits. What can be healthier than absorbing the energy of the sun peaches or cherry plums, freshly picked from the tree!

Best beaches

Massandra Beach

Beach “Victory Park

Central beach

Meganom Beach

New beach

Beaches Professor’s Corner

Choose the best places to stay in Crimea

Hotel or Holiday Home on the South Coast of Crimea From 2500 rubles per day
Hotel or rest house on the West or East coast From 1500 rub.
Hostel or a place to rent by the sea From 350 rubles per bed
Meals (lunches, breakfasts in the canteens) From 300 rubles
Pool From 250 rubles per hour
Beaches Free of charge Rent a deckchair – from 150 rubles.
Water parks 2000-3000 rubles per day
Excursions From 1000 rubles
Dolphinarium 1000 rubles for a show Photography and swimming with dolphins for extra fee
Museums, exhibitions From 300 rubles
Historical and Cultural Reserves From 400 rubles
Horse rides From 600 rubles per hour
Cave cities 100-250 rubles.

Weather in June

In the summer on the southern coast of Crimea in the afternoon the sun is often hidden behind the clouds. Photo:

Unlike other summer months, June is unpredictable in the Crimea. It is invariably warm and even hot, but if July and August are usually dry, June can bring downpours. The air temperature thus usually keeps on a mark about +30 degrees that is transferred here, it is appreciably easier, than in concrete megapolises. The Crimean climate – it’s subtropical, combining a warm Mediterranean climate and low humidity. Because of this, the peninsula is often compared to the French Provence or the Greek coast. At night the air is usually around +20 degrees.

On the southern coast of Crimea, where the mountains come close to the sea, there is a peculiarity: from early morning to afternoon there is usually calm and the sun shines brightly, but by noon the clouds begin to gather on the tops. So far they are just sitting on the rocks, like cream on ice cream, but gradually begin to slide toward the sea. At about two o’clock in the afternoon the waves become more noticeable and the sun goes behind the clouds. It rarely ends in rain, but it mutes the heat of the day.

As to the sea itself, in June it gets warm to a comfortable +23 … +24 degrees. Who the temperature seems low, you can swim in the shallow estuaries Saki and Evpatoria, where the water gets up to +30 degrees and more. These wonderful lakes are filled with brine – a rich salt solution, and their bottom is covered with medicinal mud, so such bathing is also good for health.

Tick season in the Crimea

In the Crimea, the tick season starts earlier than in the rest of Russia: in February. With the onset of heat bloodsuckers wake up and make their first attacks. And they are active not only in woods and parks, but also on beaches. Specialists recommend using repellents, hiking in closed clothes and examining yourself regularly. You should be especially careful in particularly dangerous areas, where arthropods attack most often.

How to Get There

There is one airport in the Crimea, located in Simferopol. You can get to the center of the city by bus №49. At the airport there is a bus station that sells tickets to all Crimean cities. There is a point to order a cab and car rental. Official website:

You can get to the peninsula through the Crimean bridge that connects Krasnodar Territory and Kerch. From Moscow: take the M4 Don highway, then take the A290 Novorossiysk-Kerch highway. From St. Petersburg: Highway M10 with exit to M4 Don, then exit to highway A290. From Krasnodar: take the A146 freeway, then exit at the A290 freeway.

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