Holidays in the Crimea in October 2022. Weather and prices

Holidays in the Crimea in October

Rest in Crimea in October

Crimea in October is an incredible mix of warm weather, half-empty beaches, colorful nature and fragrant fresh fruits. Find out why you should go on vacation to the Crimea in October 2022, what the weather is like and how much the tours cost.


Air temperature

In early October, the velvet season continues in the Crimea. Sometimes the air temperature reaches summer temperatures of +30 ° C. You can get a tan, but the sun is not so hot anymore. The weather in October is changeable, so the warm clear days alternate with the cloudy ones.

Table of day and night air temperatures in October:

When t daytime t at night
Early October +20°С +15°С
Middle of October +16°С +12°С
End of October +12°С +8°С

Raisa Geldash: “About local weather in brief I shall tell so: there is no stability – then warm, then cloudy, then rainy. Plus the sea is cold”.

Zhenya Semenova: “I would not go to the Crimea only because of the beach vacation in mid-autumn, the weather can change in one day.

Water temperature

The water in the sea gets so hot during the summer that it cools down more slowly than the air, so in the first half of October tourists are happy to swim. At the beginning of the month the water temperature is +19. +22 ° C, and at the end – a couple of degrees cooler. It’s not comfortable to swim for a long time, but it’s nice to freshen up in the sea! If you like warmer water for swimming, get a room in a boarding house, hotel or resort with an indoor pool.

Table of water temperatures in October:

When water t
Early October +14°С
Middle of October +11°С
End of October +9°С

Mityunya71: “Sea. Still bathed for 5-7 minutes a few times on October 8. Surprised, want more.

Tatiana Suslova: “The first half of the month allows active swimming: air +17. +20°C, water is warmer than +20. +22°С”.

How to dress according to the weather

During the day in October it is warm in the Crimea, but at night it is cool as autumn +12. +14°С. In the east of the peninsula the night temperature is even lower. Without warm clothing you can not do without! In addition to shorts and t-shirts, pack a good sweater, long-sleeved shirts, jeans and a windbreaker.

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Be sure to take a warm jacket for sea walks and fishing. If you plan to spend a long time at sea, choose a yacht or motor ship, where in addition to the open deck, there is a closed cabin.

Polina Agapova: “I advise to take a T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweaters, pants, cap and jacket. As for shoes, I took sandals and sneakers.”

Precipitation and hurricanes

In October the weather in the Crimea is mild. Strong winds on the coast are rare, so storms are not frequent. When the sky is covered with gray clouds, it doesn’t necessarily rain. There are no heavy downpours in mid-autumn, only light showers in October. Don’t forget your umbrella!

What weather in the Crimea in October

The sky in Yalta is covered with clouds (photo: @nikolayv /

Prices of tours to the Crimea in October 2022

In October in the Crimea resort life dies down, so tour prices are low. In 2022 vacation for two for 10 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 24 to 30 thousand rubles. Cheap tours offer in Bakhchisaray, Alushta, Yalta, Simeiz, Koktebel, Feodosia and Evpatoria.

Staying in hotels 4 * will cost from 34 thousand rubles. The prices for tours to the hotels, boarding houses and resorts with meals “all inclusive” start from 44 thousand rubles. Take into consideration that during the off-season there are not so many offers for all inclusive holidays in the Crimea as there are in summer!

Take a look at the current prices on our tours to the Crimea in October:

Yalta Find tour →
Sudak Find tour →
Alushta Find tour →
Feodosia Find tour →
Eupatoria Find tour →

Rest with children in October

Trip with a child in the fall of the Crimea can be very interesting! Swimming in the sea is cold, but at the resorts there are pools with heated water. In October in the Crimea, children enjoy sweet melons, Crimean pomegranates, juicy grapes, persimmons and plums.

To travel in Autumn you should choose a place with heating. It is very convenient to stay in an apartment with children. You will rest in comfortable conditions – with a washing machine and a kitchen. In October the prices for studio apartments in the Crimea are 1200-1700 rubles per day.

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Holidays with children in the Crimea in October

Children at the Genoese Fortress in Sudak

Is it worth having a vacation in the Crimea in October?

If you can’t stand the hot weather, then traveling in the fall is a perfect choice. Going to the Crimea in October 2022 for the beach entertainment is not worth it. Autumn bathing in the sea and getting a nice tan is just a pleasant bonus. Water parks, beach attractions, nightclubs and party spots at the resorts are already closed.

In October, it’s fun to walk the promenades and parks, walk in the mountains, visit vineyards and go on excursions. Near the popular attractions there is no rush of tourists, so you can see the famous palaces and monuments without fuss. In October in the resorts of Crimea there are several holidays – festivals of bardic songs and coffee, music festival “Norm of Life”, colorful “Ball of chrysanthemums” and the festival “Constellation of the Ayu-Dag”.

Mid-autumn is the time of excellent sea fishing. Try your hand at fishing for mullet, garfish, pilchard and horse mackerel! You can go fishing in the Crimea from the coast, from rented yachts and boats.

Holidays in Crimea in October 2022

The Crimea in October will please you with an abundance of fresh fruits, marvelous nature and wonderful weather. Below we’ll look at good reasons why you should go on vacation in the Crimea in October 2022. What to expect the weather. Prices for tours.

Crimea in October

Is it worth it to go on vacation to the Crimea in October?

Everyone understands – to go to the Crimea in October for beach entertainment is not appropriate. All water parks, attractions on the beaches, as well as nightclubs and other entertainment venues are mostly closed. But for those who can not stand the summer heat, autumn travel is like a godsend.

Entertainment in the Crimea in the fall is more than enough. The most popular are the quiet walks along the embankments and parks. Numerous attractions of the Crimea are available. They no longer have such a congestion of tourists. Examination of monuments, palaces and castles will be a real pleasure. In addition, in October on the peninsula are several festivals: “Norm of Life” (musical), “Chrysanthemum Ball”, “Constellation of the Ayu-Dag” and others.

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Fans of fishing will also love the Crimea in the fall. There are a lot of fishing opportunities: from the shore, or from a rented boat or yacht in the open sea. Rentals are still open.

Weather in October

Air temperature

Even at the beginning of the month the Crimea is having a velvet season. On some days the temperature may reach the summer mark of +30°. And at the same time it is not hot. Although tanning is possible. Do not forget that the comfortable warm days may turn into inclement weather.

The air temperature by day and night in the Crimea in October

  • Early October: daytime +20°, nighttime +15°
  • Mid month: daytime +16°C, nighttime +12°C
  • By the end of October the daytime temperature drops to +12°, nighttime +8°.

Sea water temperature

Fortunately for some tourists in the first days of October it is still possible to swim. During the summer time the water warms up perfectly and in the beginning of the month is still +19° – +22°. Naturally you can not enjoy swimming for a long time, but you can dive a couple of times. You can fully enjoy swimming in warm water in a hotel or resort that has indoor pools.

Water temperature in the Black Sea in October:

  • Beginning of the month +14°
  • Middle of October +11 °.
  • End of the month +9 °.

Is it possible to have a beach vacation

In some regions you can swim even in the first 14 days of October. Naturally, you should not expect the most comfortable water temperature. But nevertheless the index sometimes reaches above +20 °. Naturally, such temperatures are not to everyone’s liking. By the end of the month the sea cools down. About swimming you can forget.

What clothes to bring on vacation.

Days of October in the Crimea are quite warm, sometimes even hot. And here is a real autumn night – the thermometer does not get higher than +14 °. Sometimes it can drop even lower. Therefore, you must definitely take warm clothes with you. Shorts and a T-shirt may be useful during the day, but in the evening and at night you will need jeans and windbreakers.

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Fishermen should take care of warmer clothes, especially those who are going to hunt quietly at night. When choosing a float for fishing in the sea pay attention to the availability of closed interior.

Where to have a rest in the Crimea in autumn

Many tourists ask: “Where can I go in the Crimea in October? The answer is simple – yes anywhere. Biking in the park areas, hiking in the mountains and tours in the Crimea – available almost anywhere.

Almost anywhere in the Crimean peninsula there is a mass of interesting places to visit. Take Yalta and its surroundings. There are a lot of tourist routes of varying complexity. So everyone will be able to choose his own. The most popular are the Czar’s Path that leads to the Livadia Palace. Here are a lot of ways to improve your health: you can take a walk along the Botkin trail.

Numerous health resorts in the Crimea with treatment in mid-autumn significantly lower prices for their services. Therefore, health holidays will also be profitable from an economic point of view. By the way, closer to November and the last month of autumn prices go down even more.

Tours of the Crimea in October 2022

It is advisable to choose tours in the Crimea on OnlineTours and Travelate.

Prices for tours in October in the Crimea are reduced significantly due to the lack of a large number of tourists. Holidays in 2022 for two (10 days) with a flight from Moscow will cost from 24,000 to 30. The cheapest tours can be selected in Bakhchisarai, Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia, Alushta and Koktebel.

Tours of the four-star hotels are about 34,000 rubles. If to get round in hotel, sanatorium or boarding house on system “all-inclusive” prices will be from 44 thousand rbl. Here is an important point: the “all inclusive” offer is quite rare in the low season in the Crimea. In comparison with summer.

Actual prices in October for tours to the Crimea:

All-inclusive hotels (with flight)

Hotel Evpatoria

Hotel Evpatoria

In the boarding house “Evpatoria” has an indoor pool. Good tourist infrastructure. There is a bureau of excursions, car rental, shuttle service. Wellness center with a doctor’s office, massage, sauna.

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Club Hotel Relax (Saki)

Club Hotel Relax

An excellent hotel for a holiday in October in the Crimea. Located on the territory of the popular recreation center “Surf”. Features the most comfortable conditions, developed infrastructure. Health center, tour desk. Cafe. Parking lot.

Demerdzhi Resort Hotel (Alushta)

Resort Hotel Demerdzhi

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool, bicycle rental. Various excursion programs are offered. For children: game room, swimming pool, babysitter. Massage room, SPA-salon, wellness center. The restaurant has a children’s and dietary menu.

1001 Nights Hotel

Infrastructure of the hotel is excellent. There will be something to do on autumn days. Gym, excursions. There is a doctor in the health center. There are services for honeymooners. Wedding ceremonies are organized.

Oliva-Art Villa

This hotel is located in the outskirts of Alushta. It is in demand due to its affordable prices, quality of service, and well-developed infrastructure. There are water transport rentals (yachts, cutters) and car rentals on the territory. Excursion bureau. For children: babysitting (pay), playroom.

Autumn holiday with children

If you’re going on vacation with a child, it is better to opt for resorts with numerous attractions and parks. In Yalta, Alushta and Evpatoria, botanical gardens, parks will be the favorite places. Aquariums. You can walk on the beach, and at the beginning of the month (in the morning), even bathe. Children of school age will like Sevastopol more. They will definitely be interested in the objects of military glory, museums, guns. Variety of military equipment and ships.

Leisure reviews in October

Judging by the numerous reviews of tourists vacation in October in the Crimea will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. Stunning nature, beautiful lakes, clean air and the absence of noisy companies create a unique atmosphere.

On the note of the tourist:

As you can see, a trip to the Crimea in October 2022 has a lot of positive aspects. Low prices, high quality service. There are a lot of interesting places to visit, so you can have a great time. All have a great and safe holiday!

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