Holidays in the Crimea in September 2022. Weather and prices

Rest in the Crimea in September

Weather in Crimea in September

The vacation season is the sweetest time in the Crimea! Learn about holidays in the Crimea in September 2022: reviews of tourists about the weather and the sea, whether it rains, how to dress for the weather and how much the tours cost.


Air temperature

According to tourist reviews, the weather in September in the Crimea is different. At the beginning of the month is still warm, and at the end of the weather changes.

The warmest in September in the South Coast – for example, in Yalta the average temperature is +20.7 ° C. Sometimes there are winds from the mountains – it’s cool in the evenings. At night the thermometer will go down to +16 ° C. A nice temperature for sleeping! The sun is great – 22 days per month, so you will have time to get a tan and admire the fabulous Crimean nature.

Table of daytime and nighttime temperatures in September:

When t during the day t at night
Early September +24°С +17°С
Middle of September +21°С +14°С
End of September +17°С +10°С

Tatiana Lyubochkina: “The September sun is gentle and does not burn at all. I did not use sunscreens. I could not do without warm clothes because of the chill in the evening.

Janetka: “The Crimea greeted us with a strong wind, sun was shining in Simeiz. Swim we were able to only on the day of arrival. The weather turned bad, it got cold, but the strong wind did not spoil the mood of the holiday. Every morning I still went to the sea.

Water temperature

Water in the Black and Azov Seas is strongly heated during the summer and cools down more slowly in the fall than the air. In September it’s comfortable to swim in the Crimea. Along the coast there are no strong currents, tides, ebbs and stagnant phenomena when the sea water blooms.

In Yalta, the Black Sea is heated to +22.5 ° C. Certainly not the tropics, but you’ll definitely enjoy swimming!

The table of water temperature in September:

When water t
Beginning of September +23°С
Middle of September +21°С
End of September +17°С

Pannochka: “The sea is warm, but it can be a little stormy. Once, the swell was 3-4 points during the week. In this case, you can’t swim, only splash in the waves near the shore.

How to dress for the weather

For a campaign on the beach, take shorts, T-shirts, lightweight shoes and a sun hat. Sneakers or other athletic shoes are useful for excursions. For evening promenades and walks you need jeans, windbreaker, fleece or sweater. Autumn weather can bring surprises! Put an umbrella or raincoat in your suitcase.

Private Sector in Alushta without intermediaries. Prices - 2022

dvtln: “We recommend taking warm clothes – the sea in the morning and evening is cool. We had to be insulated on the way back in the shops in Gurzuf.

Water and air temperature in September

The embankment in Yalta

Precipitation and hurricanes

Autumn comes to the peninsula not at once, so the weather in the Crimea in September is good. You can’t wait for the humidity like on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus! On the month there are only 4 rainy days, and the rainfall is not more than 45-50 mm. After a short period of rain roads and greenery quickly dry out.

There are sometimes storms in the fall. In normal years, the sea waves are insignificant, but there are exceptions. According to reviews, in early September 2019 in the Crimea, the elements raged at full force. A strong northeasterly wind lifted large waves, and near the southern coast of Crimea, a storm of 7 points played out. A few people ignored the warnings of rescuers, they were swept far from the coast, and six tourists were killed.

Prices of tours to the Crimea in September 2022

If you want to catch the warm weather and not to overpay for a vacation, plan a trip in early fall! The prices for tours in the Crimea in September are 10-15% lower than in August.

How much a trip for two for 10 days with a flight from Moscow? Cheaper of all – from 24 thousand rubles – go to Olenevka Nikolaevka, Evpatoria, Alushta, Koktebel, Feodosia and Saki. Rest in Sevastopol will cost from 30 thousand rubles, and in Yalta – from 39 thousand rubles.

Look at the current prices for tours in the Crimea in September:

Yalta Find tour →
Sudak Find tour →
Alushta Find tour →
Feodosia Find tour →
Eupatoria Find tour →

Holidays with children in September

School starts the school year, so in September in the Crimea come parents with their kids. Preschoolers need special care. Many Crimean boarding houses, sanatoriums, recreation centers and hotels offer accommodation with meals “all inclusive”. Prices for such tours of 10 days for one adult and one child starts at 45 thousand rubles.

Your choice of resort depends on your preferences. In the large Crimean cities there are a lot of entertainment and attractions. There are stores, drugstores and public transport. Small seaside villages are nice with quietness and clear sea.

Holidays with children in Crimea in September

Small beach in Koktebel.

Is it worth to spend September in the Crimea?

Last month of the high season is happy with the sunny days and warm sea. The heat is over, so in September 2022 to vacation in the Crimea is suitable for elderly tourists, parents with small children and anyone who by health contraindicated summer heat.

New hotels in Crimea - 2022

A nice bonus of the velvet season – the opportunity to relax without the crowds of resorts. September weather is good for long promenades by the sea, hiking in the mountains, diving, boating and sailing, sea fishing and sightseeing.

The best places to relax in the Crimea in September 2022

Crimea in September 2022 attracts warm, almost summer weather, the absence of noisy crowds of tourists and low prices. In the first month of autumn on the peninsula come those who can’t stand the heat, the crowds at the sights. Below let’s analyze the prices in the Crimea in September, the weather, where it’s better to go with children or alone. And also, what excursions are worth visiting.

Cape Vine in Sevastopol

Cape Vine in Sevastopol.

Weather in the Crimea in September

Despite the predominance of sunny days on the peninsula also begins autumn. It may rain and there are cold streams. The daytime air temperature ranges from +24° to +27°, but the evenings and nights are cool. The sea water is still warm to +23°, so you can swim. Often rainy weather lasts for a week. So it is worth checking the current forecasts before you travel.

Cape Tarkhankut in Olenevka

Cape Tarkhankut in Olenevka

Where to go in September 2022

Few people will argue – the best option for a holiday in the Crimea in September 2022 is the south coast. First of all, the temperature is a few degrees higher than in other regions. The sea is warmer, and there are a lot of attractions, including natural monuments. In summer the rest on the South Coast can be marred by high prices, in addition, it is very crowded.

In the high season, to save money, choose small villages in the vicinity of major resorts, and in September prices go down. So I will not recommend a particular city. Especially since the southern coast of the Crimea stretches from Cape Aya to Ayu-Dag. List of popular resorts of the Crimea for recreation in September:

    ; ; and nearby Utes; .

Sevastopol I would also include in this list, he though not in the territory of the South Coast, but nearby.

The plusses of a vacation in the Crimea in September:

  • More space, due to the reduced flow of tourists;
  • Reduced traffic on highways, good selection of airline tickets;
  • Comfortable air and water temperatures;
  • Excursion bureaus, water parks and entertainment facilities open;
  • Reduced lodging prices;
  • Inexpensive hot tours.

To sum it up: a trip to the Crimea in September 2022 is one of the best options.

The Miskhor Park in Koreiz

Miskhor Park in Koreiz

Holidays in the Crimea

Many tourists prefer to go to the Crimea on their own, if you belong to their number, I would still advise not to skip this point. In September you can buy tours to the Crimea literally at the price of a plane ticket, and you get a flight, transfers and accommodation. Isn’t it appealing? And all thanks to charter flights, which you can not buy your own ticket.

Private sector in Feodosia without intermediaries. Prices - 2022

Tour of Alushta for two with a flight, 7 nights, will cost from 20,000 r. Even tours to Yalta in September will please the low prices, the trip for two people costs from 22 000 r. I recommend to look for the most profitable offers on proven services Travelate and .

Excursions in Crimea

Excursions in Crimea are especially popular in September. There are a lot of popular attractions, excursions to the mountains and other kinds of active rest. You can take advantage of the favorable weather conditions not only for beach pleasures, but also for sightseeing. It’s a perfect time for ascent to Ai-Petri, hiking to Chater-Dag, or visiting other picturesque spots.

Chatyr-Dag Mountain

Chater-Dag Mountain

It is in early autumn, the waterfalls of the Crimea become full-flowing and especially attractive. I recommend visiting the Uchan-Su waterfall, which doesn’t look that impressive in summer. Or you can visit Arpatsky waterfall in Zelenogorye.

The best places for a vacation in the Crimea in September

Next I want to take a closer look at the list of popular resorts for recreation in the Crimea during the velvet season. I hope you’ll be able to find a suitable place.

Tourist capital of the Crimea, the most expensive and busiest resort in the high tourist season. But in September the rest in Yalta will bring real pleasure. With the beginning of the school year at the resort decreases not only the number of tourists, but also the prices. A similar situation in the surrounding villages: Massandra, Livadia, Danilovka and so on.

The city is reliably protected from precipitations and strong winds by the surrounding mountains. The water temperature in the sea almost to the end of September is +22 °. All beaches in Yalta and its suburbs are pebbly and concrete. Exceptions are artificial sandy beaches that belong to the hotels. Massandra and Nikita beaches in the eastern part of the resort are especially popular.

Seaside Beach, Yalta

Seaside Beach, Yalta

Holidays in Yalta in September 2022, promises to be rich and interesting. First of all I advise to visit unique palaces: Livadia, Massandra, Vorontsov and many others. The castle “Swallow’s Nest” deserves your attention. To diversify your leisure time will help numerous entertainment and cultural institutions. Night clubs are open, but not all of them. With children you can visit the zoo, water park, dolphinarium and so on. The choice of accommodation is very large, from small guest houses, to sanatoriums and luxury hotels. I recommend the sanatorium with the treatment of “Ay-Danil”.

Ai-Petri: useful tips


Alushta is considered one of the most “dry” cities in the Crimea, where in early autumn it almost never rains. The city is very beautiful, in September, the flow of tourists decreases significantly, provoking a decrease in prices. Weather is chic, the air temperature ranges from +22 ° to +27 °, the sea +22 °. As an accommodation option in September, preference is given to sanatoriums Alushta.


The resort has a well-developed infrastructure, many man-made and natural attractions. The beaches of Alushta are pebbly, equipped with breakwaters and all necessary amenities, as well as water entertainment. There are the best conditions at the departmental beaches belonging to the hotels. The most popular entertainment spots in Alushta are Aquarium, Dolphinarium and “Crimea in Miniature” park. Definitely recommend visiting the Marble Cave and the fortress “Aluston” and “Valley of Ghosts”.

Partenit and Utes

On the outskirts of Alushta, at a small distance are two picturesque villages: Utes and Partenit. In Utes significantly drop in prices for luxury apartments and hotels, and in Partenit offers in the private sector and sanatoriums.

Everyone who goes to rest in the Crimea in Utes, I recommend visiting the palace and park complex of Princess Gagarina. In Partenit the most popular place is the park “Aivazovskoe, which is part of the beach “Paradise”. A little lower is one of the best hotel complexes of the village.

Gurzuf .

In peak season, the popular resort of Gurzuf is maximally overcrowded. In September, the flow decreases significantly, there is enough free space on the beaches and prices for entertainment drop. All infrastructure works in summer mode, so there will be no problems with entertainment. In early autumn, tourists prefer to stay in the sanatorium “Gurzufsky”.

Pushkin Quay in Gurzuf. Pushkin Quay in Gurzuf, Ulyana

The Pushkin Quay in Gurzuf. Pushkin Quay in Gurzuf, Ulyana.

The beaches of Gurzuf are predominantly pebbly, the best of course considered private beaches, but in the municipal areas not bad conditions. Beach recreation is successfully diluted by visiting the museums of Chekhov and Pushkin. And also a visit to the park with a sculpture dedicated to park art, established in the early XIX century.

To the west of the village is the famous children’s camp “Artek” and the majestic mountain “Bear”. In the Suuk-Su there is a museum of cosmonautics with unique pieces, including spacesuits Gagarin and Leonov.


For a vacation in the Crimea in September 2022, Sevastopol is ideal. Although the city is not located on the South Coast, but it is very close. So I could not ignore it and the surrounding area. The water in the sea is still warm, about +21 °. But tourists come here mainly for the historical sights. In the peak tourist season at important sites gathers a huge number of people, and in September excursions are more relaxed.

The Truth about Ordzhonikidze . Reviews about rest 2022

Chersonesos Tavrichesky, Sevastopol

Chersonesos Taurica in Sevastopol

I definitely recommend you to visit the Mikhailovskaya Battery and the 35th Battery, the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol”, “Chersonese Tauride” and other historical sites. The museum “Object 825 GTS” in Balaklava deserves special attention. Popular places to stay are Cape Fiolent, Cossack Bay, Kacha, Lyubimovka, Balaclava and Peschanoye.

Sevastopol and its suburbs have different types of beaches: sandy, pebbly, stony and mixed. Both for accommodation and recreation, the above destinations are popular. You can also have a reasonably priced rest in Sevastopol in September in the city center by renting an apartment from a private person.

Fruits in September in the Crimea.

September will not bring a great variety of fresh fruits in the Crimea, but you will be able to enjoy a lot of them. Quinces are ripe, from which very tasty jam is made. A lot of sweet and cheap grapes, you can also try local apples, figs, pears, watermelons and melons. At the end of the month in the markets of the Crimea are persimmons.


Reviews vacationers in the Crimea in September

According to reviews of tourists, holidays in September can be marred by the sudden onset of rain. Sometimes there are storms on the sea, and it even goes out of the shore. But mostly the weather is good, sunny and the sea is gentle. Also vacationers noted a decrease in the price of accommodation, but as for food, but their cost does not change in comparison with the summer season.

What are the prices of holidays in the Crimea in September 2022?

As a rule, the bulk of tourists leave the peninsula in late August. Of course in early September, the prices for holidays still reduced slightly, but still will please. It is definitely worth taking advantage of it.

Private sector will please especially, in the beginning of the month the cost of living is reduced by 500 – 1000 rubles. By the end of September the discount can be as much as 1.5 to 2.500 rubles. Airfare and transfers become much cheaper, as well as recreational procedures in sanatorium complexes.

More on the topic:

Rest in September in the Crimea is the last opportunity to give yourself a slice of summer, snacking on fresh fruit. Go up into the mountains, take a recreational course, a great time on the beach, enjoying the still warm Black Sea or Azov Sea. Unforgettable vacation to all in 2022.

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