Holidays in the Crimea with children – 2022. Best resorts and hotels

Hotels “All Inclusive” for recreation with children in the Crimea.

There are also about 10 restaurants and cafes on the territory of the hotel. Impressions are extremely contradictory. It all depends on your luck and the room that you got. In the room without repair we were constantly “attacked” by ants.

The hotel is huge, there can be lines at check in and in the restaurant, but it is solvable, but the elevators are what you need to do, you can not leave from the middle floors.

The hotels are huge, there are queues at the front desk, but can be solved, and the lifts need doing, mid-floor you can’t get on the ground floor.

There are two playgrounds on the territory. The hotel has three pools :2 outside and 1 inside the building. All the pools have massaging stuff with jets and the pool outside has a water slide.

We stayed at the hotel since the opening, the sea and the juniper bushes. In winter we have a saltwater pool, excellent spa center, restaurants and animation with a programme for children and adults.

We stayed in our room which was clean and cosy with lots of different details and the view from the balcony was gorgeous. We had a wonderful stay at our hotel and it was an absolute must!

I stayed in our hotel and it was amazing! It was amazing! We had a sea view room in the main building on the 4th floor – very nice, panoramic view. Passing walks on the rocks, fountain, pink bushes around, soft swings.

Every year surprised, quiet rest, as they say children *”relaxing”, and you do not want to go home. Thank you for your work, we come and literally rest in comfort

Great!!! Location 5 points, everything is close by and the promenade and the beach and the market. Gym, pool, sauna. The breakfasts are great, there is even white and red wine. Rooms are comfortable and clean well.

This hotel is great. It was amazing the hotel was so well located it was worth the extra money. It was a great hotel, perfect for a weekend getaway. Good breakfast choices. This hotel is a great place to stay. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the staff are polite.

Private Sector in Alushta without intermediaries. Prices - 2022

And of course the main thing is the views from the rooms – especially there are very elite (at a price like all the other rooms), the whole of Yalta, the sea, the embankment, the mountains – I did not want to go to sleep, so as not to miss any dawn)))) And sleep admiring all this is a fabulous dream)))). The most difficult question, I have to repeat my admiration)))) I am a very demanding guest (to cleanliness, to service, to environment, to attention) I rested.

Very difficult to pick on something and for a second it is 3 stars, the Crimea where a lot of “sovok” and not all inclusive. Now this hotel and deluxe rooms are my only choice in Yalta.

I’ve seen a lot of hotels and 3 and 4 and 5 stars. I’m not an oligarch, a common man so often had a rest 3-4 stars, well, in Turkey, of course, 5 stars

It was a great place to relax. Breakfast was amazing and my wife was amazing. It was not enough leisure activities and animation. Breakfast was amazing! Was absolutely wonderful and well done.

We stayed at this hotel at the end of the summer. Beautiful nature, clean air, often walked in the forest park area of the hotel. The air there is saturated with essential oils of pine trees, after such walks I had a very good sleep.

It was a great hotel, a great park, views! It was perfect for a family vacation. There are several outdoor pools for lovers. It was very nice, a lot of fruit, pastries. It is necessary to take into account that on the sea take by bus.

I can responsibly say that I did not see anything bad during the whole day of stay. The staff is polite and competent. The scenery at the water park itself is very beautiful! A lot of rest areas with soft drinks and beer.

On the one hand it was convenient: no need to walk through the mountains. We stayed in good hotel rooms, good cleaning, friendly front desk staff. All at a high level! I want to come back!

The truth about Foros. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

Five points! I really loved it! I had a couple of kids and they were really happy. Probably will visit again before going away. Before visiting has read negative responses.

In comparison with the sea water is warm, toilets are clean (and certainly on rest to find working toilet, without a smell, almost impossible ♀️) There is a cafe under a tent, a children’s playground, massage, music unobtrusive.

Normal hotel. Parking. Warm pool outside. The end of the streetcar is 5 minutes away. Prodmag with a normal range of wines and a lot of edibles. The sea is 50 meters away.

We had a buffet (breakfast and dinner). The choice is huge and everything is very tasty. Rooms were cleaned every day, bedding was also changed regularly. We had a heated swimming pool with sun loungers on the property.

The staff is very friendly and very involved in terms of service, it is possible that this is a young mentality, hospitality at the level Every day they change the linen, wash and tidy rooms, all staff is courteous.

We enjoy our stay at the hotel and we enjoy our stay at the pool. The price includes sun loungers and an umbrella. The pool was very comfortable and well maintained.

I did not have any problems with the sound of the TV, phone or Internet. Internet through the hotel Wi-Fi just terrible 1-2 Mbits / s or none at all.

Holidays in the Crimea with children.

Learn whether to vacation with children in the Crimea in 2022. When is the best time to come, to which resorts and to which hotels? Let’s take a look at the tips and reviews of tourists about family vacations.


When it’s better to go with children

We brought our nephews on vacation in the Crimea in the first half of June. The water was still cool (+18 ° C), and the children almost did not bathe. We used to take short dips in the water and then run out to the shore to warm up. But it was so great to sunbathe on the beach – it wasn’t too hot, and you can’t be afraid to get burnt. Learn more about the weather in the Crimea in summer.

The truth about Partenit. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

The most favorable season for the majority of tourists visiting the Crimea with children is July and August. They can be understood: the air temperature is +30 ° C, and the water is warmed up to such a temperature that even kids can swim. We bathed in Sudak and Sevastopol with my little brother in late July – early August. The water was gorgeous, and my parents dragged my brother out of the water just by the ears! But the high season has disadvantages – very hot, high holiday prices and a lot of tourists.

I believe that the best time for a holiday with a child in the Crimea, especially with the little one is September. At this time begins a velvet season – warm water, mild sun, ripe fruit, on beaches becomes freer. And also the prices are lower than in summer. Learn more about the weather in the Crimea in the fall.

This is our nephews testing the attraction with virtual reality glasses in Sudak. With my niece on a hike to the Meganom Cape, Sudak.

The best resorts in the Crimea for recreation with children

Yalta in terms of beaches is not very suitable for a child, but mostly tourists go here – all the same prestige and beauty. Coverage – pebble, the depth starts quickly, so the water warms up longer. But here the richest selection of entertainment for children of all ages: dolphinarium, “Glade of fairy tales”, Aquarium, crocodilearium, zoo, water park, a rope to Ai-Petri and all kinds of palaces in the area.

Alushta is not as developed as Yalta, but for the child also has fun: dendrozoopark, dolphinarium, aquarium and amusement park in the Seaside Park. If you do not like the resort, go to a neighboring village Rybachie, Solnechnogorskoye and Malorechenskoye – there are spacious beaches with fine pebbles and affordable prices. Have a look at tourist reviews about Alushta.

Holidays with Kids in Yalta 2022 - 7 Best Hotels

Evpatoria – of course, the main children’s resort. There is a lot of sun, sandy beaches with a shallow entrance to the sea and all the children’s entertainment: water parks, dolphinariums and attractions.

Feodosia, according to feedback from tourists, is also great for a holiday in the Crimea with children, because the beaches are sandy and sandy-pebbly. Very popular Golden beach. At the resort the landscape is flat, there are enough attractions. The main entertainments are beach pleasures and excursions in the neighborhood.

Sudak is my favorite resort. It is well suited for family vacations, and we have been to several times. There are beaches with gray quartz sand or fine pebbles and a beautiful chain of mountains. There is a nice water park, where we once spent a whole day. But the main local attraction is the Genoese fortress, where in August, an interesting medieval festival: my brother shot a crossbow, photographed with the knights and forged under the guidance of a blacksmith. And next to Sudak is a village Novy Svet with mind-blowing bays, beautiful mountains and the trail Golitsyn, on which even a small child will walk.

Kerch. With children you should go to the suburbs – Geroyevskoe and Arshintsevo. There are wide sandy beaches and shallow depths. You can also go on vacation in Shchyolkino or neighboring Pesochnoe.

Of course these are far from all the resorts – find out where you can have a better vacation in the Crimea. We also advise the best sandy beaches.

Our nephews at the Genoese fortress in Sudak. Our nephews take pictures with knights in Sudak.

Best Hotels in Crimea for vacations with children in 2022

There are few family-type hotels in the Crimea so far, private sector is more popular. I have chosen several hotels in the Crimea, suitable for holidays with children.

“Empire” 3* . It is located directly on the seashore in Evpatoria. Food – “all inclusive”. Reviews are good, for children there are all conditions: a playroom and playground, children’s club, animation, babysitting, baby food, sandy beach. There is also an indoor pool and spa, near the water park. Find tours to the hotel.

Detailed map of Crimea with cities and towns - 2022

MORE SPA & Resort 4* . This is a full-fledged spa resort by the sea in Alushta – big, with a beautiful territory and pools, cozy interiors. If you do not want to think about anything on vacation – come here. Find tours to the hotel.

“Aquapark” 3 * . Hotel in Alushta with a water park, a children’s playground and a shallow pool, its own pebble beach. Food – “all inclusive”. In reviews tourists compare it with Turkish hotels and recommend those who are going on holiday in the Crimea with children, come here. The hotel is slightly away from the center, so it is calm and quiet. Find tours to the hotel.

Reviews and tips for tourists

Rest with a child can be in any place in the Crimea, but family tourists most popular sandy beaches in Evpatoria, Sevastopol and Feodosia, as well as pebble beaches of the South Coast. Find out what tourists think about Crimea.

Not all kids can stand serpentine roads, so many stay at resorts with a flat landscape.

If you want peace and quiet, settle away from the center and the noisy promenade. Carefully read the reviews about the hotel, otherwise the music from cafes and discos will not let the child fall asleep.

If you are going on a vacation with children in June, you should choose the west coast of Crimea, for example, Evpatoria or its suburbs. You can also choose the Sea of Azov – it is shallow and warms up faster. But the South Coast of Ukraine is often affected by the cold streams at this time.

In September, on the contrary, you’d better choose the south coast – the autumn is milder, drier and warmer there than in other regions.

If the children are quite mature and like to hike in the mountains, it is better to go in May, June, September and October, when there is no strong heat – this is the ideal time for trekking.

Rest with children in Sudak

Hiking with my niece at Cape Meganom, Sudak.

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