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What tourists think about vacationing in the Dominican Republic

How do tourists rate my holidays in the Dominican Republic?

We get acquainted with the features of holidays in the Dominican Republic: reviews of tourists who have been in the country in 2021, about the weather, beaches, excursions and entertainment. Is it worth to go on vacation in 2022.

Because of its geographic location, the Dominican Republic has long been a familiar vacation destination for Americans: flying here from the States is close and inexpensive, and many even go for a weekend getaway. A flight from Moscow to the Dominican Republic is a long and expensive trip. What is so unusual about this land that it makes our compatriots cross seas and continents?

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Features of vacations in the Dominican Republic – 2022

Tourists in their reviews about holidays in the Dominican Republic note the incredibly beautiful nature, which has not yet had time to suffer from the destructive activities of man. This is a country with gorgeous bounty beaches with pure white sand and clear waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. Coral reefs, palm trees with coconuts, an abundance of tropical fruits, fragrant coffee and a contagious atmosphere of serenity and unhurriedness reign here. Divers and snorkelers enthusiastically explore the underwater world, which, according to their reviews, is not inferior to the famous Maldives islands.

A certain confinement Dominican resorts for the American tourist seeking comfort, the best way to affect the development of infrastructure. There is everything for a good holiday: comfortable hotels, equipped beaches, bars, nightclubs and SPA-centers. However, glossy gingerbread houses and luxurious buildings of expensive hotels a bit dissonant with the modest dwellings of ordinary Dominicans.

Compare holidays in the Dominican Republic with holidays in the Maldives, Seychelles and Bali and decide where it is better.

However, the Dominicans themselves, despite all their natural serenity, do not give the impression of the naive and simple-minded. They are firmly convinced that tourists come here to throw money away, so their main activity was to lure the visitors out of the rustling bills by any available means. Sometimes these means go beyond the limits of the law. This is why the reviews on holidays in the Dominican Republic tourists wise by experience, strongly recommend not to change currency in dubious places, carry small amounts of cash in their pockets, pay in small bills, as change can not wait. However, assurances of hotel guides that you should not leave the hotel without escort – this is a blatant lie, whose goal is to make more money on the intimidated tourists.

Dominican Republic: on your own or by tour - how much cheaper?

For lovers of independent travel Dominica is also suitable. Learn how to arrange a vacation by yourself. However, this is clearly not the country where you can move freely using public transportation and spending your nights in cheap hostels. Too cheap to rest here, but there are ways to save money. Holidays are much more interesting if you decide to rent a car – it will open you a lot of opportunities that are not available to most tourists.

Planning to travel to the Dominican Republic with your family? Check out the best hotels for vacations with children.

reviews of tourists on vacations in the Dominican Republic.

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Weather in the Dominican Republic: when it’s best to go

The Dominican Republic has a humid tropical climate with a distinct rainy season and a dry winter season. Rainfall is highest between May and September, and humidity is so high that the laundry has no time to dry. The temperature stays around +30°C during the day and +22°C at night for most of the year.

In summer the air can get warmer than +36°C and the water in the sea +29°C. But the most unpleasant natural phenomenon that can seriously and permanently spoil your vacation is typhoons. Hurricanes begin in August and September and can last until the end of autumn, so during this period it is better to refrain from traveling. From November to April lasts a high tourist season, the air cools down to comfortable temperatures during the day +27 ° C, +22. +At night, the water in the sea +26 ° C, no or very little rain. The tourists especially like the Dominican Republic in December, January, February. Read also about New Year in the Dominican Republic.

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El Limon Falls. The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: Day 7

Reviews of excursions. Prices in the Dominican Republic – 2022

In addition to the standard activities of beach resorts, as well as diving, snorkeling, yachting and fishing, the Dominican Republic offers excursions. Trips are mostly limited to seeing the natural beauties and architectural monuments from the colonial past. The discoverer of the New World Christopher Columbus before his death wished to be buried on the island of Haiti, and the Dominicans are very reverent to the personality of the great explorer. A huge monument to the traveler, the Columbus Lighthouse, stands on the waterfront in Santo Domingo and there is a museum dedicated to him.

In winter, you can watch the games of humpback whales from a yacht. True, many tourists complain that they have seen only the tails of giant mammals yes raging water, but here you can understand the organizers of the event, after all, whales – are not pets, and it is safer to keep away from them.

As for prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic, then in reviews for 2021 tourists noted the high cost of excursions – from $ 25 to $ 150 per person. In fact, the rest here can hardly be called cheap: car rental costs $ 80-90 dollars a day, a cab ride around the city $ 15-20.

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Dominican cuisine has been influenced by many cultures, reflecting African, Spanish, Portuguese and Caribbean traditions. Many tourists find it delicious, though somewhat heavy. The main products are rice, beans, green bananas, and meat. Seafood is used less frequently and served mostly baked or fried with coconut shavings. Dinner at a cafe costs $30-$50, and the tip is usually included in the bill at 10% of the check.

Tourists in reviews of holidays and prices in the Dominican Republic have noted that fans of shopping are limited to the acquisition of souvenirs: buy rum, cigars, coffee and the local “Viagra” – Mamahuana. This 40-degree potion with unproven effectiveness, infused with herbs and roots, but extremely popular among the male population.

Dominica for $1,000 for two: day 6. Samana's Wild Beaches

How to have a rest in Dominican Republic

(Photo: Trip & Travel Blog / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Tourist reviews of beaches in the Dominican Republic

To find a bad beach in the Dominican Republic, you have to try very hard. This is the main attraction of the country, what people go here on vacation for. Vacationers in Macau, Bavaro and Punta Cana are impressed by the whitest sand on the beach with tiny pink particles. This unusual hue gives it crushed coral.

The sandy coastline of the Samaná Peninsula is dotted with caves and waterfalls, and tall coconut palms line the coastline. This is where humpback whales come, and the water off the coast is so clear that this place has become a favorite among divers.

Describing holidays in the Dominican Republic in 2021, tourists often mention in their reviews the most beautiful coastline, which can be seen on the protected island of Saona. There are no active hotels here, and tourists are brought only on excursions. Beaches with fine white sand, resembling grinded into dust, and lonely palm trees bending over the water – just an idyllic picture of the advertising posters.

Beach holidays in the Dominican Republic can be safely called a paradise. Beautiful landscapes, dancing with songs and serene atmosphere perfectly relaxing and positive mood. The only thing you may not like – is the seaweed, which periodically throws up a wave on the shore. All beaches in the Dominican Republic are cleaned, but sometimes it does not do too nimbly.

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First photo: Living-Learning Programs / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

Hotel reviews in the Dominican Republic

We liked the hotel because it is clearly divided into two zones (for active recreation with animation and loud music and a quiet zone with relaxing music and a bar with delicious smoothies and fresh cocktails).In the evenings the animators. Read more

Perfect location right on the beach, its own sandy beach, no seaweed, free cocktails on the beach and by the pool. The view from the room is amazing. Food varied and very tasty everywhere. Pros. Read more

Santo Domingo: My review of the dumpy city. The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: Day 9

Vacation coming soon! Going through countries and hotels from reviews, we keep coming back to the Dominican Republic over and over again. We (a couple) have been here three times, and twice at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Hotel (2019 and 2021). For us, it is the best. Read more

WAS on 9/14/19 (only got around to it now). Nice hotel with small houses, very green, beautiful grounds (flamingos, etc), beautiful beach: clean, unobstructed, serene. The ocean is clean. The food is delicious. Read more

Went purposefully to the Klabmed resort – as we were impressed with their system and unique approach to guests of all ages. If you are frozen on interior design, dishes and entourage, more. Read more

Usually my reviews are negative, it’s hard for me to please a hotel because I’ve been to many places and understand what I want. But here bravo, I was blown away. A delightful hotel! Starting with the English speaking staff, the rooms. Read more

The category of the hotel Catalonia Bovaro in Punta Cana Dominican Republic does not match its real service.Lived there for 3 days, passing through.They did not help me carry my things to my room.And did not even offer to help.In Read More

We are a family of 3 from the Netherlands. We stayed at the Vik blanka from the 22nd of July till the 7th of August 2022. The hotel is located on the 1st line, among beautiful palm trees. But alas the beach is dirty and a lot of algae in the water and on. Read more

Hello, we had a guest at this hotel in November. The first building was on the beach and the second one was on the beach. I would love to stay at this hotel. Read more

Large apartments, nice staff, pool and jacuzzi on the territory. Near a huge super market with a good selection (which is rare for Bavaro). We stayed with a pet, no extra charge for the pet. Read more

The room is great, cleaned daily, towels and bathroom amenities were plentiful, location is super (when booking the system “platinum”) food and alcohol are very good quality, the ocean is very warm Minuses. Read more

To the Dominican Republic - cheap! How to relax for $ 1000 for two!

My compliments to the staff,and the mini club for children.These friendly people from nothing,and without anything,make the stay at the hotel a pleasure,if not for them-people who work with children Diana. Read more

My husband and I flew into this hotel in February 2018. Awesome reception, accommodations, side view of the ocean we got, traffic life, so we enjoyed walking to the restaurant, to the beach, although many Read more

The hotel is so good I don’t even want to describe much. perfect everything. The room is gorgeous, the service is top notch, the beach – pools are amazingThe beach had a great view. Read more

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