Holidays in Tunisia – 2022. Prices for all inclusive tours

Holidays in Tunisia – all inclusive prices in 2022

 Tunisia holiday prices 2022 all inclusive

Tunisia 2022, holidays, prices “all inclusive” tender words for any tourist, anticipating the next trip to the mysterious Arab country.

Travelling to Tunisia in 2022 at prices “all inclusive” instead of closed Egypt are becoming more and more attractive for Russians who could not rest for various reasons in the resorts of Turkey or southern Russia. Tourists from Moscow hope to extend the spring or summer by going on vacation to the golden beaches of Tunisia from the tour operator “Tez Tour”.

Memo: The population is mostly Muslim, but Tunisia is one of the most liberal countries in the Arab world; alcohol is not banned, and Western fashion on the streets is as common as Islamic clothing.

Tunisia tours prices 2022 for two people all inclusive of all tour operators.

The cost of any tour to holiday in Tunisia includes: flight price, free transfers, accommodation, food (optional all inclusive), health insurance, guide services, sightseeing overview.

Hot prices on tours to Tunisia “all inclusive”.

Do you want to buy an all-inclusive tour to Tunisia?

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Buy tours Tunisia in 2022

Prices for hotels in Tunisia 4-5 stars on 1 line – all inclusive:

Tunisia, holidays, prices

Travel services Level.Travel and Travelata will help you to buy tours to Tunisia in 2022 at cheap prices “all inclusive” with flight from Moscow – they compare prices of holidays in Tunisia from all tour operators and show them on one page, allowing you to book the most favorable options.

Tunisia – visas

Tunisia is becoming more and more attractive for a vacation in no small part because of the loyal visa regime. To attract tourists, Tunisian authorities have equalized the rights of “organized tourists” and independent travelers.

Crossing the border with a passport of old or new type, you can rest in Tunisia for three months without worrying, as long as the passport is valid until the end of this period. No bureaucratic formalities, even a voucher on the tour is not required.

Tunisian resorts where to rest best. Hotel prices

Tunisia, Djerba 2022 – hotels 4-5 stars all inclusive 1 line prices. One of the best resorts is the island of Djerba, located in a picturesque little Syrian bay south of Safkis. Djerba, according to mythology, is the island of Lottophagus, which Odysseus visited on his way out of Troy. Although this is just a legend, it attracts tourists to holiday in Djerba all year round, especially to the all-inclusive 4-5 star hotels styled after the old times.

Tunisia, Mahdia is a tourist resort with many well-preserved monuments that rival Hammamet. It is located about 50 km south of Sousse and although it has a smaller tourist base, Mahdia’s all-inclusive hotels attract thousands of tourists every year. Besides beautiful sandy beaches, sunny weather, blue sea or charming old streets, the resort has a rich history with well preserved monuments.

The resort of Monastir has a diverse hotel base, many are “all inclusive”, so every holidaymaker will find something for themselves. The history of Monastir goes back to Phoenician and Roman times, and its name comes from a Christian monastery. It is also the birthplace of the first president of independent Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba. On his initiative an impressive mausoleum was built, whose golden domes and two high minarets are exhibits of the region. Visiting old Arab Monastir with its charming Medina, its defensive walls, its defensive monastery, the Ribat or the Great Mosque, we will be immersed in glorious, martial times. The amazing atmosphere attracts not only thousands of tourists but also filmmakers, for whom Monastir is a natural scene from hundreds of years.

Sousse is one of the most popular tourist resorts, the third largest city in Tunisia will gladly welcome holidaymakers in 2022 with oriental hospitality. Its history goes back more than two thousand years, and the memorabilia of the last few years is fascinating to this day. Tours to Tunis, Sousse 2022 from Moscow from all tour operators at all inclusive prices – a trip to a developing resort with a university, an international seaport and a well-developed tourist base. Tourists who come to rest in Sousse from Moscow, attracted not only the historical monuments, but also wide beaches with golden sand, azure, warm sea or a wonderful atmosphere of the ancient Arab world. If you buy a trip to Sousse, you must visit the Archaeological Museum, which houses the most beautiful, after the Tunisian Bardo Museum, a collection of mosaics.

Port El Kantaoui: Tourist reviews and prices for holidays - 2022

Hammamet is the oldest seaside resort in Tunisia and is located on the Cap Bon peninsula in a picturesque bay, just 140 km from the coast of Sicily. With many tourists, numerous all-inclusive hotels, restaurants, bars, water sports centers, the small and quiet coastal Hammamet has become a huge tourist resort.

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia

Holidays in Tunisia with flights from Moscow with prices “all inclusive” necessarily includes visits to thalassotherapy centers and spas, which combine centuries-old methods of massage, relaxing the muscles of the body with toning slow motion. Thalassotherapy involves a careful approach to each client, which is guaranteed to give you a real boost of health!

Weather in Tunisia

Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate in the north and an arid, desert climate in the south. Tourist season lasts here from mid-April to late November.

The hottest weather in Tunisia, in July and August, attracts fans of hot beaches and warm sea.

The coldest and wettest months are January and February.

March, April, May is a great time for a holiday in Tunisia, the temperatures are cooler, and the nature is in full bloom.

September and October are considered the best time for hiking in the desert and holidays on the island of Djerba.

Traveling during the holy month of Ramadan presents both advantages and problems. Many restaurants close and opening hours may be interrupted, although traveling during Ramadan provides a special insight into the country and culture during this holy period

Flight times from Moscow

The flight time from Moscow to Tunisia is about 4 hours. Today, there are nine air terminals in this country, and Russian airliners land at four international airports. These air harbors are located near the resorts of Carthage, Hammamet, Djerba and Monastir. If you travel on your own you can find and buy air tickets to any airport of Tunisia at cheap prices on our website.

How much is an all-inclusive tour to Tunisia for 2022 with a flight from Moscow?

If you take advantage of the “early booking” tours and packages then save money on accommodation, you can easily find options for holidays in Tunisia for 7-10 days at inexpensive prices “all inclusive” in hotels 3-4 * or 5-star luxury suites.

Deciding to buy a tour for two can be a good price for a room in one of the original Tunisian hotels. This may be as spacious awning in the middle of the desert, and this Skywalker lodge from the famous fantasy saga.

Holidays in a four-star hotel in Tunisia for 10 days will cost from 47000 rubles in May and from 79000 rubles – in summer (in June and August).

Attractions and excursions

When planning your search for a tour to the Republic of Tunisia, be sure to allocate time for excursions to explore the unique local attractions.

While in Tunisia, it is worth visiting Cartagena – today it is an area where the residence of the president and the property of the Tunisian elite are located, and in ancient times it was a fortress and center of the Phoenician Empire, and then the Roman province of North Africa. You can also see the remains of the huge complex of Antony II, dating back to the II century, the ruins of the Punic fortress at Bersa Castle, which today houses the Cathedral of Ludwick and an amphitheater with a capacity of 50 thousand people. Nearby is the charming Moorish white and blue village of Sidi Bou Said, located on the steep coast.

Mahdia, Tunisia: tourist reviews and holiday prices - 2022

Those who like long trips are advised to go to Kairouan with its mosques, carpet workshops and the ruins of the Palace of the Ruler, as well as to Douz, which moves into the atmosphere of the silent desert and stunningly beautiful scenery.

Holidays in Tunisia all inclusive, reviews of tourists. Customs, manners and tips

Reviews of tourists who vacationed in Tunisia on an all-inclusive diet in 2022 and earlier can be read in the hotel descriptions that appear in the pop-up window when choosing a tour. Tourist reviews are duplicated from the popular resource TopHotels.

Tunisia is the most liberal Arab country with an increasing focus on women’s rights. Habiba Bourguibi, Habiba’s wife, convinced him of several reforms, such as the abolition of polygamy, the wearing of the traditional headscarf, divorce control by courts with equal rights to children and the recognition of women in education and power. Today, women play an important role in government and diplomacy and more than half of the students in universities.

Prices for holidays in Tunisia

Check out the most comprehensive review of vacation prices in Tunisia’s resorts in 2022! We’ve researched tourist reviews and compiled for you the prices of all-inclusive tours, hotels, food, entertainment and excursions.

Many tourists have discovered great vacations in the coastal resorts of Tunisia. Thanks to a short flight, first-class hotels and plenty of historical monuments, the country in northern Africa has become a great alternative to the resorts of southern Russia and Turkey. Use the information from our review and plan expenses for your vacation in Tunisia!

Search for last minute tours on Level.Travel and Travelate – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Do you want to save money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.


Prices for holidays in Tunisia

(Photo: WomEOS / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Beach vacation season in Tunisia

Tunisian resorts welcome tourists all year round, because the air temperature in this country never falls below +10 ° C. Late fall, winter and early spring are referred to the low season. When the Mediterranean Sea is too cold to swim, go to resorts for thalassotherapy and sightseeing tourism.

Beach season in Tunisia opens in early May, although the sea is still cold for long swims (+17. +19 ° C). At the end of spring at the resorts of Tunisia are trying to rest those who can not stand the heat of summer. And tourists prefer resorts in the south of the country, where the sea is 1-2 degrees warmer.

By the second half of June, the temperature of the sea water reaches +20. +21 ° C, and to the resorts come a lot of vacationers. According to feedback from tourists, holidays in June in Tunisia is good because during the day on the coast is not too hot, and in the evenings there is a pleasant coolness.

In mid-summer in North Africa is the heat. In July the daytime temperature rises to +31. +33 ° C, and in August the thermometer column almost never falls below +35 ° C. The daytime heat is not easy, but the nights in Tunisia please tourists with mild heat. In July, the temperature of sea water rises to +23. +28 ° C. July and August are the peak tourist season, so the prices for holidays in Tunisia 2022 go up – including on tours “all inclusive”.

Holidays in Tunisia all inclusive

(Photo: / AlexSky)

Should we be afraid of summer rains? No, you don’t have to fear bad weather! According to long-standing statistics, from June to August Tunisia receives no more than 20 mm of rainfall each month. To understand whether it is a lot or not, let’s compare the figures with Moscow. At the same time in the Russian capital is 80 mm of rainfall. So during your holidays in Tunisia you probably won’t catch any rain at all. Even if it does, there is plenty to do at the hotel, especially where all-inclusive.

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From mid-September, the heat on the coast subsides a bit, and the air, brought in from the deserts, becomes more humid. Daytime temperatures in Tunisian resorts reach +31 ° C. Heated during the summer, the sea cools slowly, and even in late September, its temperature does not fall below +26 ° C. This is a good time to vacation in Tunisia with children.

Some tourists find it more comfortable for a holiday in Tunisia in October. In mid-autumn in North Africa, there is no strong heat, and the sea is still warm as summer +24. +26°С. However, the weather is variable.

In the first decade of November, the beach season in Tunisia comes to an end. Weather deteriorates markedly. On the coast there are strong winds with sand, and the sky is often covered with clouds. Because of the storms, the Mediterranean Sea quickly cools to +18. +20°С. In late fall, only lovers of surfing and sightseeing trips in the country come to rest.

Where to rest in Tunisia in 2022

The white sandy coast, the abundance of historical monuments and the exoticism of the East attract travelers from around the world to the southern Mediterranean. For vacationing on the beaches, most tourists choose the island of Djerba, Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir or Mahdia. In the major resort centers – Sousse and Hammamet – there are many 5* all-inclusive hotels – the most comfortable vacation in Tunisia. In Sousse and Hammamet there are amusement parks and thalassotherapy centers, water parks and large shopping centers.

Sousse is popular with young people, and Monastir attracts lovers of a quieter holiday. The beach area of the resort is located outside the city – in the resort of Skanes. Hotel stock in Monastir is a bit outdated and requires modernization. With the exception of yacht rides, horseback riding school and golf courses, this resort has virtually no entertainment.

Mahdia is considered a good resort for a holiday in Tunisia. The coastal city is valued for its quiet, clean wide beaches and beautiful greenery. Mahdia is loved by divers.

The most luxurious hotels are on the beautiful island of Djerba. In addition to serving tourists, the population of the island grows figs, olives and dates, as well as engaged in fishing. Vacations in Djerba cannot be called cheap.

Holidays by the sea in all inclusive hotels in Tunisia

(Photo: Mashhour Halawani / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

All-inclusive vacation prices in Tunisia in 2022

To travel to Tunisian resorts, we advise you to buy tours online. On the Internet you can find and book suitable tours at a low price.

Tips for buying tours :

  • Tours in Tunisia are slightly more expensive than the same trip to Turkey. The price difference can only be explained by the duration of the flight. Acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the new country and the rest on the excellent beaches a hundredfold return on the money invested.
  • To save on holidays in Tunisia in 2022, buy a tour at the beginning of summer, second half of September or October, when prices are much lower.
  • Always compare prices for tours with different meals. All-inclusive holidays in Tunisia are sometimes cheaper than breakfast + dinner.
  • If you go for 7-14 days, buying a ready-made tour will be more profitable than traveling on your own.
  • When planning a vacation in Tunisia, always check the prices of tours of different lengths. Sometimes it happens that the tour for 11 days is cheaper than the trip of one week.

Prices for an all-inclusive holiday to Tunisia in 2022 for two adults from Moscow (to different resorts – Sousse, Hammamet, Djerba, Monastir, etc.):

month 7 days 11 days 14 days
May 27000
June 30000 32000 42000
July 25000 35000 41000
August 26000 38000 42000
September 27000 34000 37000
October 25000 29000 35000

Tour prices are indicative and quoted in rubles. Depending on demand, the cost of tours is constantly changing.

Tunisia in November 2022. Where to vacation? Weather, prices, reviews

Hotel prices in Tunisia – 2022

Look for hotels with discounts on Hotelluk. Here are the main rules of searching for hotels.

Most Tunisian hotels are rated 4* and 5*. In the resort towns and villages there are hotels of all known world chains. You can also stay in private half-boards and villas.

In all-inclusive hotels in Tunisia, the holidays are comfortable and the prices are reasonable. Hotels are on the first line and have their own equipped beaches, gyms, wellness centers, saunas and Turkish baths.

Approximate cost of a double room per night in the peak tourist season:

Guesthouses away from the beaches 24$
Houses near the sea 47$
Hotel 1* 53$
Hotel 2* 59$
Hotel 3* 67$
4* hotel 85$
5* hotel 129$
Villas 105$

What to consider:

  • When choosing a hotel, pay attention to tourists’ ratings, not the number of stars. Although the country’s hotels are classified according to a 5-star system, some are worse than the advertised category.
  • Look carefully at prices. If a 4* hotel costs as much as a 3* hotel, you are likely to find old furniture, not very good service or not fully equipped beach area.

Food prices

Exchange rate: 1 Tunisian dinar (TND) ≈ 18 rubles.

Tunisian all-inclusive hotels, like almost everywhere else in the world, have a buffet. Mediterranean food is very popular among holidaymakers: vegetables, grilled meat, seafood. In the menus of restaurants belonging to 5* hotels, you can always choose dietary meals.

During a holiday in Tunisia, tourists do not limit themselves to what the hotel offers, but try different dishes of Tunisian cuisine. North African culinary traditions were formed under the influence of European and Arab cuisine, and the prices of products in Tunisian stores are inexpensive. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a café for 6-12 TND and in a restaurant for 8-20 TND.

Here are approximate prices for national dishes and products in the stores:

  • meat kebab – 20 TND;
  • Grilled dorado fish – 5-8 TND;
  • flatbread with olives – 0,4-0,8 TND;
  • Tunisian salad – 4.8-6 TND;
  • local cheese, 1 kg – 17 TND;
  • Bananas and apples, 1 kg – 3,5 TND;
  • peaches, 1 kg – 4,25 TND;
  • dates, 1 kg – 6-12 TND;
  • wine, 1 bottle – from 7 TND;
  • beer, 0,5 l – 1 TND;
  • Tibarin date liqueur, 0.75 l – 70 TND;
  • coffee – 2,8-5 TND;
  • green tea with mint – 2 TND.

Keep in mind that street food is not as common in Tunisia as it is in Turkey or Southeast Asia. If you are staying in town, cheaper foods should be sought in local supermarkets. Tourists especially like the Magasin Général chain stores.

What are the prices for all inclusive tours in Tunisia

(Photo: Kit Logan / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Prices for entertainment

While vacationing in Tunisia in 2022, travelers can visit water parks and zoos, go scuba diving, windsurfing or yachting. For those who like a more relaxed vacation, Tunisian thalassotherapy centers await.

  • A trip on a “pirate” ship – 20 TND;
  • catamaran trip – 85 TND;
  • diving, diving – 50-60 TND;
  • diving training – 175 TND;
  • banana boat rides – 10 TND;
  • parachute riding – 25-30 TND;
  • quad biking – 50 TND;
  • visiting the zoo – 30-50 TND;
  • photo with an animal – 1-2 TND;
  • camel ride – 10-25 TND;
  • Spa treatments – 50-80 TND.

Reviews of package holidays in Tunisia

Vacationers visit water parks and zoos, go scuba diving. Photo: / @mohamedbenzineb.

Prices for tours in Tunisia

North Africa has ruins of ancient cities and powerful medieval forts, mosques and Christian temples, bustling oriental bazaars and interesting museums. When planning expenses for holidays in Tunisia in 2022, keep in mind that the prices for tours from the tour operator is usually higher than at the local travel agency. In order to save money, find out in advance where tourists buy tours. You can also find online schedules of local buses and minibuses, which can take you to many Tunisian attractions.

Approximate prices for tours in Tunisia in 2022:

  • A sightseeing tour of the resort and its surroundings – 50 TND;
  • The white-blue city of Sidi Bou Said – 50 TND;
  • the ancient museum city of Carthage – 100 TND;
  • Roman amphitheater El Djem – 70 TND;
  • excursion to the olive oil factory Udna Zaguang – 65 TND;
  • Day trip to a Berber village by jeep – 100 TND;
  • Two-day trip to the Sahara with jeep and camel rides – 285 TND.
Holidays in Tunisia with children - 2022. Best hotels. Prices. Reviews

When planning sightseeing trips around the country, keep in mind that the climate on the coast and the mainland of Tunisia are different. In July and August, when in North Africa is the heat, it is worth refraining from traveling deep into Tunisia. Go on a tour of the Sahara or see the ruins of Carthage is better in cooler weather.

Holidays All Inclusive in Tunisia

(Photo: archer10 / / CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

Holidays with children in 2022

The best time for a vacation in Tunisia with children is June and the first two months of autumn. In early summer, the most comfortable conditions for children’s holidays are on the island of Djerba, where the sea water is 1-2 ° C warmer than on the mainland. Parents with children love Tunisia for its spacious sandy beaches and try to choose resorts where the sea is shallow by the shore. Among holidaymakers in Tunisia with children are popular “all inclusive” hotels.

The level of animation, which Russians are used to in Turkey, is not worth counting on. Beach activities and sightseeing trips are popular in the North African country. In the cities, parents with children are offered a ride in a carriage – 10-15 TND or on a tourist train – 4-5 TND.

Water parks . Tourists who stay in Sousse, El Kantawy, Monastir or Mahdia visit the Aquasplash and Acqua Palace water parks . From Hammamet and Nabil you can easily reach Flipper and AquaLand . From Gammarth, Cedria, La Goulette and La Marsa – to the water park Carthage Land Les Berges du Lac . A visit to the water park will cost about 45 TND for an adult and 30-40 TND for a child. Babies who are less than 80 cm in height are allowed in the water amusement centers for free.

Tourist reviews of holidays in Tunisia

What are the pros and cons of travelers who decided to vacation in Tunisia in 2022? Many tourists like to come here because the trip to the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea has many positive aspects :

  • Travel to Tunisian resorts sells any travel agency, and you can fly to Tunisia from all major cities in Russia.
  • At any time of the year you can relax in Tunisia on an “all inclusive” tour.
  • Direct flight from Moscow takes about 5.5 hours.
  • From airports organized convenient shuttle service to resorts.
  • Tourists like Tunisian hotels because of the good level of service. Almost each of them offers recovery thalassotherapy courses.
  • The country’s coastal climate is dry, so high temperatures are relatively easy to tolerate.
  • The beaches on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea are wide and covered with soft sand.
  • Almost every resort has entertainment for children.
  • Near the resorts a lot of ancient architectural monuments and natural attractions. Fans of active rest can take up diving, yachting and windsurfing.
  • In the country there are good conditions for fans of inexpensive shopping.

The disadvantages of vacationing in Tunisia travelers include:

  • In July and August, the resorts and beaches are overcrowded with holidaymakers.
  • In summer, the hot sirocco wind can blow from the desert and increase the temperature on the coast by 10-15 ° C.
  • In August, near the beaches of Tunisia there are a lot of jellyfish, and swimming is not very comfortable. However, the infestation of jellyfish does not occur every year.

We must keep in mind that the evaluation of a particular resort is always subjective. If you prepare carefully for your trip, choose the right time and hotel, a vacation by the sea in Tunisia will turn into sheer pleasure.

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