Holidays in Turkey – 2022. Prices for all inclusive tours

Holidays in Turkey – 2022: all inclusive prices

How much does an all-inclusive trip to Turkey – 2022 cost? We have studied the prices for all-inclusive holidays in Turkey in 2022 for a period of 3 to 14 days. We will tell you how the cost of trips varies by month, and at which Turkish resorts the vacation is cheaper.

Prices are current at the time of publication (June 2022) and may change over time.

⚡ Please note: this is an article about the cost of stays and tours. If you’re interested in how much resorts cost – read our article Prices in Turkey for Food, Clothing, Tours and Rentals – 2022

What information is given below:

  • The article gives prices for an all-inclusive vacation in Turkey – 2022 with a flight from Moscow for two people. Tours from the regions are 10-40% more expensive. With early booking, on the contrary, prices can be 20-30% lower.
  • The price includes a flight, hotel accommodation, airport transfers and meals of your choice.
  • For convenience, the tours are divided into several categories – by “star” hotels (3/4/5 stars), by resorts, by the duration of the tour (from 3 to 14 days).

How to find an inexpensive tour? Try services and Travelata – they compare prices for tours to Turkey from Moscow from all the tour operators and show them on one page, allowing you to choose a cheap option.

Features of vacations in Turkey

The tourist season in Turkey lasts from May to mid-October.

The beginning of the season is characterized by low prices on tours – from 30000 rubles for 3 nights for two. In June the minimum price increases and stays at the same level all summer – about 40000-50000 rubles.

  1. The cost of some tours for 7 days begins with the same mark, as well as permits for 3 nights.
  2. Sometimes two-week tours don’t differ much in price from trips of 10-11 days.

What’s important in 2022:

  • Prices have gone up: A good “three” now costs the same as a “five” used to cost
  • More expensive in early summer: The highest prices for trips are in June. The cost of tours gradually decreases by the end of the season. Tickets for September and October are 1.5-2 times cheaper than in June and July.
  • PCR-test is not necessary: from June 1 to enter Turkey you do not need a PCR-test or any other documents – it will be enough to have a passport. In this case it is better to clarify the conditions with your airline, just in case.

Prices for tours to Turkey in 2022 from Moscow (for 2 people, all meals):

Prices for tours to Turkey 3 nights 7 nights 11 nights 14 nights
March 34600 35600 44300 45000
April 33500 45100 49600 56000
May 35800 46300 54500 56600
June 39000 56000 95000 79000
July 47200 65300 69200 71700
August 60000 66700 72800 75000
September 70500 75400 91000 100500
October 68800 69000 72000 84000
November 69000 78000 84000 87600

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Holidays in Belek with children - 2022. Best hotels and beaches

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5 stars

3-6 days

The cost of tours to 5-star hotels in 2022 starts from 65000 rubles if you go on vacation in September.

Tour prices are highest in June, but go down in the fall. For example, tours to the good five-star Armas Bella Sun Hotel in Side cost about 89,000 in June and about 65,000 in September.

7-10 days.

May holidays in Turkey for 7 days cost from 69000 rubles, for 10 days – from 83000 rubles. The price for June-July tours starts at 86000 rubles and 107000 rubles respectively.

The prices for the rest in the hotels with a high rating are a little bit higher. For example, a tour with a flight for 10 days and all-inclusive meals at the Ring Beach Hotel 5 *, getting good reviews from tourists, will cost 128000 rubles in July and 117000 rubles – in September.

At the same time, the tendency to the rise in prices for tours in the summer is not always there. Journey to some hotels are about the same throughout the tourist season.

11-14 days

A long “all inclusive” vacation in Turkey in 2022 costs a bit more: in June – from 130,000 rubles for 11 nights and from 150,000 rubles for 14 nights; in September – from 82,000 rubles and 92,000 rubles, respectively.

The rest in good hotels is much more expensive than last year. For example, last year tours to the hotel Ramada Resort Side in Side (rating by tourist reviews – 8.6/10) for 11 nights in July cost from 100000 rubles, and now – from 156000 rubles.

And a two-week summer vacation in the popular five-star hotel Drita Resort & Spa in Alanya will cost from 123000 rubles.

How much are the tours to Turkey in five-star hotels (price for two people)?

⭐ 5 star hotels 3 nights 7 nights 11 nights
June 95700 105000 130900
July 89000 86000 113100
August 69800 86900 104200
September 65000 68800 82000

How not to overpay for a vacation ? Read our article How to buy a cheap tour to Turkey to learn 7 rules of saving. If you buy a trip online – be sure to use special discounts to reduce the final price by up to 2,000 rubles.

Rest in Turkey, all inclusive prices with flight.

Photo: Cleopatra Beach in Alanya © nafrenkel88 /

4 stars

3-6 nights

The cost of all-inclusive tours to Turkey for 2022 in 4-star hotels starts at 55,000 rubles for 3 nights. However you can find tours for 6 nights at a price of 60,000 rubles – before buying a tour carefully study all the available options.

For example, in September a tour to the popular hotel Selenium 4 * in Kemer (rating – 8,8/10) for 3 nights costs from 56000 rubles, and for 6 nights – from 61000 rubles.

In summer, the prices for tours in Turkey are higher. In July, for example, go to that hotel Selenium 4* to rest for 77400 rubles for 3 nights or for 83500 rubles – 6 nights.

How to get from Antalya airport to the center and other resorts

7-10 nights

All-inclusive” rest in Turkey for 7 days in mid-July costs from 79000 rubles for two people, but in September the prices start from 62000 rubles. Tours for 9 nights cost from 65000 rubles.

The price of the trip to the best rated hotels is 20-30% higher than the price of tours in standard hotels. For example, the rest in the hotel Side Town by Z’Hotels (rating 9/10) in Side will cost from 70000 rubles for 7 nights and from 80000 rubles for 9 nights.

11-14 nights

In June and July tours “all inclusive” for two weeks cost from 100-110 thousand rubles for two people.

Please note: some tours in Turkey for 14 days are as much as a tour for 7 days! However, already in June the cost of recreation starts from 51000 rubles.

For example, a trip for two to a hotel with excellent reviews A11 (ex. Taksim International Obakoy) in Alanya in September costs from 91500 rubles for 11 nights from 102000 for 14 nights.

How much is a 4 star hotel in Turkey?

⭐ 4 star hotels. 3 nights 7 nights 11 nights
June 96100 107000 127000
July 71300 79000 95000
August 65700 72900 88100
September 54800 61700 68500

3 stars

3-6 nights

Prices for tours to Turkey “all inclusive” in 2022 in three-star hotels start from 54000 rubles (in September). That is the price for a 3-night tour to the Ipsos 3* hotel in Kemer (rating 7.8/10), and for 6 nights – only 5,000 rubles more. In June, July and August the minimum price for a tour to Turkey is much higher – from 69000 for 3 nights in July and from 62000 in August.

The tours in the hotels with good rating cost more expensive, about 56000-60000 rubles. For example, a tour to the Primera Hotel in Alanya for 3 nights in September costs 58500 rubles.

7-10 nights

The tours for 7-10 nights are a little bit more expensive than the tours for a shorter period.

The prices start at 58000 rubles for 7 nights in September. For example, the cost of a holiday for 7 days in the hotel Kleopatra Aytur in Alanya.

The prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey – 2022 with a flight for 10 days from Moscow start from 80000 rubles – in July and August, and from 65000 rubles – in September.

11-15 nights

The prices for a long vacation in Turkey are not much different from tours of 7-10 days – so it makes sense to take a vacation for a greater number of nights. You can pay a few thousand rubles more, but to spend two weeks together at the resort. For example, the cost of the trip for 14 days in September starts from 75200 rubles.

The higher the rating of the hotel – the better the services in it and the higher the cost of travel. Tours in hotels with good reviews of tourists are a bit more expensive. For example, a September tour for 11 nights in the hotel Beldibi (rating 9/10) in Kemer will cost at least 91,000 rubles.

In July and August 2022 the cost of tours in Turkey for 11-14 days starts from 70,000 rubles. In September and October, the prices are reduced by 10-30%.

The cost of tours to Turkey for 3/7/11 nights in 3-star hotels:

Rent a car in Turkey - 2022. My experience and important tips
⭐ 3 star hotels 3 nights 7 nights 11 nights
June 94000 103000 120000
July 68900 75200 81500
August 61000 65200 71100
September 54000 58000 64600

⭐ Tip: on tour search sites for all tour operators (Level.Travel and Travellata) use filters to find suitable stays.

You can set the number of stars a hotel has, rating based on tourists’ reviews, food type, distance to the sea and other parameters.

All inclusive tours to Turkey from Moscow

Photo: © Grigory Gusev /

Prices by resorts

Antalya tours – 2022

The resort is popular with tourists because of the large number of beaches (sandy or pebbly), developed infrastructure, a wide choice of hotels and entertainment.

However, keep in mind that in Antalya is quite noisy – for a holiday in Turkey with children is better to choose other resorts.

How much are tours in Antalya in 2022:

  • 5 stars – from 85 thousand rubles for a week; from 100 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 4 stars – from 70 thousand rubles per week; from 81 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 3 stars – from 61 thousand rubles per week; from 66 thousand rubles for 10 days


Alanya has no airport of its own, but the resort is popular among tourists. There are good beaches and inexpensive hotels for every taste.

Prices for tours in Alanya in 2022:

  • 5 stars – from 72 thousand rubles for 7 days; from 81 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 4 stars – from 61 thousand rubles for 7 days; from 67 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • Three stars – from 58 thousand rubles for 7 days; from 61 thousand rubles for 10 days

Belek tours – 2022

Belek refers to “prestigious” resorts – the system “all inclusive” there are only hotels of 4 and 5 stars (the latter – most). Belek’s beaches have received international awards for cleanliness – “Blue Flag”.

The cost of tours in Belek – 2022:

  • 5 Stars – from 96 thousand rubles for a week; from 112 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 4 stars – from 70 thousand rubles for a week; from 80 thousand rubles for 10 days

Prices for holidays in Turkey

Photo: Green Canyon, Manavgat © Alexander Annenkov /

A good Turkish resort for family holidays and trips with children Many hotels have a large area and excellent sandy beaches.

The minimum cost of tours in Side in 2022:

  • 5 stars – from 77 thousand rubles for 7 days; from 88 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 4 stars – from 62 thousand rubles for 7 days; from 67 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 3 stars – from 61 thousand rubles for 7 days; from 66 thousand rubles for 10 days

Rest in Kemer – 2022

Picturesque place, suitable for young people and couples.

A wide choice of entertainment (guided tours, stores, nightclubs, diving), pebble or sandy-pebbly beaches. Also in Kemer, a lot of hotels category HV1 and HV2 (hotel club type).

All Inclusive Tours in Turkey 2022

Turkey tours 2022 prices for two people all inclusive

Tours to Turkey in 2022 with prices “all inclusive” cause still a rush demand, despite the Coronavirus and the lack of direct flights from many cities in Russia. Requests for tours to Turkey with the service “all inclusive” instantly cause a surge of search queries on the websites of many tour operators.

Buy a hot tour to Turkey in 2022 at a price of airfare, enjoy a stay at the hotel “ultra all inclusive” – this dream novice traveler and caressing ears experienced traveler.

Honestly about Marmaris. Traveller reviews, prices for holidays in 2022

Holidaying in Turkey in 2022 is a great option for a trip to the sea, as non-stop flights to popular resorts and to the capital Istanbul are organized from many cities in Russia.

Turkey has opened for tourists from Russia.

The good news! Resumed charter and scheduled flights to resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas! Turkey again opened for Russians after months of uncertainty.

Turkey – prices, all inclusive tours

The desire to find inexpensive all-inclusive tours to Turkey in 2022 excludes the possibility of detailed parsing of travel options, due to the lack of time to book the next flights. But if you’re lucky, discounts on prices can reach 20-30% of the cost of the trip. Buy a cheap tour to Turkey will also help action “early booking”.

Popular resorts in Russia

Do not know where to have a rest inexpensively in 2022?

Ekaterina is ready to help you!


Tours of the Krasnodar region on sale:

Rest in Turkey 2022 all inclusive:

The cost of any tour to Turkey in 2022 includes: round-trip flight price, free transfer to and from the hotel, accommodation, meals, health insurance, guide services.

Popular resorts in Turkey:

Tours in Alanya

Tours in Belek

Tours in Kemer

Tours in Side

Tours in Antalya

Tours in Marmaris

Tours in Bodrum

Tours in Fethiye

Turkey 2022, all-inclusive airfare tours – prices

How to find an inexpensive tour to Turkey? Try the services Onlinetours , Travelata and Level-Travel – they compare the prices of tours to Turkey and show them on one page, allowing you to find the best all-inclusive options.

Travel to Turkey 2022.

Decided to spend a vacation with children abroad, not wanting to waste time and health on a long-haul flight? Tours in Turkey with children offer all tour operators with a huge selection of hotels 4-5 stars and a special power system “all inclusive” for kids of all ages. Russians have experienced all the troubles of recent years, the country of beach holidays – Turkey evokes only good feelings in anticipation of new trips. Managers of “Tez Tour” receive dozens of requests such as:

  • where to buy a tour to Turkey 2022, all inclusive prices;
  • Where to go on vacation, the best resorts in Turkey;
  • How much is a tour to Turkey for two “all inclusive” ;
  • When begins early booking tours to Turkey 2022;

Weather in Turkey resorts

The most favorable weather is famous for Antalya, known as the Turkish Riviera, protected from the cold northern winds as a result of its proximity to the nearby mountain ranges. The warmest resort, Alanya, has an average annual temperature of 28 degrees. Most of the precipitation in the region falls during the winter months. The sea in southern Turkey has an average annual temperature of 21.4° with an average August temperature of 27.9°.

How long does it take to fly to Turkey

The flight to Antalya takes only 3.5 hours. Tour to Turkey 2022 attracts tourists with its developed infrastructure and unavailable in many countries all-inclusive food and service. Almost all 5-star hotels operate under this wonderful scheme or system “ultra all inclusive”

The best beaches in Turkey

Turkish beaches do not need advertising, they are the main tourist magnet here. The coastline is surrounded by four seas: the Black, Mediterranean, Marmara and Aegean. Covered with golden sand or fine pebbles. The best resorts in Turkey with sandy beaches, as if created for a trip with children, are Alanya, Side and Belek. The beaches here are filled with fluffy sand, and in the most popular areas of Bodrum and Kemer – fine pebbles give a clean and clear sea water. The first are more suitable for family tours, and five-star hotels of Kemer, Bodrum and Marmaris, visit mostly respectable clients. It remains only to choose the option of travel and enjoy the classic beach relaxation.

Tekirova: Traveller reviews on holidays. Do I go to 2022?

Among the most famous beaches in Turkey can be distinguished such:

  • Cleopatra beach in Alanya;
  • Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz);
  • Calis (Fethiye);
  • Icmeler (Marmaris);
  • Kaputas;
  • Lara (Antalya).

The best tour programs in Turkey in 2022

Turkey – a huge variety of excursions that are designed for both young children and tourists without young “chaperones”. Excursion programs will suit those who have come not only to relax by the warm sea, but also to learn something new, to open some unknown horizons.

The most interesting excursion is a visit to the ruins of Aspendos. This is an ancient amphitheater, which has its roots in the distant, distant past. The theater strikes the imagination of visiting travelers with its huge size and stunning acoustics. A variety of music and theater festivals are still held in the summer, and no microphones are used in the concerts.

Cappadocia, which means in Turkish: “Valley of the Beautiful Horses” is no less remarkable excursion into the distant historical past. Cappadocia is listed as a cultural heritage of UNESCO, protected by Turkish laws. Remarkable is the fact that on this territory thousands of years ago there were extensive volcanic eruptions, and the resulting soft volcanic rock under the influence of wind and meteoric precipitation took amazing forms of various buildings and sculptures. The locals quickly noticed that the volcanic pits were easy to process and began to settle right in these formations. Thus appeared a whole underground city consisting of various cells, monasteries and dwellings of the ancient inhabitants of Turkey. Thousands of tourists come to Cappadocia to watch the annual championships in ballooning among the bizarre basalt and volcanic formations.

Turkey: mysterious and noisy!

Experienced tourists search for a tour to Turkey, considering not only the availability of ancient artifacts, the availability of affordable hotels near popular beaches, but also the opportunity to visit the famous Turkish sales.

What especially appeals to shopaholics is the huge number of ancient monuments adjacent to hundreds of fairs and mobile bazaars. Every seaside town has its own rows of shops, and the sea, mountains and ancient treasuries are close by.

Selling souvenirs, carpets, authentic products is a big part of income of Turks, and persistent tourists can inexpensively buy something useful, especially if the skill and desire to bargain.

Where to buy a tour to Turkey in 2022?

If you book a tour to Turkey with our managers you will get a correctly chosen hotel, flight and inexpensive price “all inclusive” from a reliable tour operator TEZ TOUR.

You can also buy tours by phone, ordering a callback, or by dialing: 8-800-333-50-16 (free).

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