Holidays in Zanzibar – 2022. Prices and tips

Holidays in Zanzibar.


Zanzibar is a popular resort in Tanzania on the Indian Ocean. Separated from Africa by the Strait of Zanzibar. Go to the island for the exotic and beach holidays. First-class hotels and restaurants, snow-white beaches with clear water, a rich cultural heritage – the benefits that attract tourists from around the world to Zanzibar.

This article contains information about Zanzibar: the best time to go, what to do, prices, where to stay, and how to get there.

When to go on vacation

It is best to go to Zanzibar in winter or between June and October. During the high season the weather is dry with air temperature +28 … +35°C, sea water up to +29°C. Because of the humid tropical climate at other times, it is the rainy season.

Where to vacation

Almost the entire coastline of Zanzibar is occupied by hotels and resorts, which offer tourists to combine a beach vacation with excursions. Conventionally, the territory of the island can be divided into 4 resort areas:

Western – includes the main city of Zanzibar with good sandy beaches. While visiting the capital city, it is worth a visit to its historic center – Stone Town, which is included in the list of World Heritage Sites.

The northern part is the most popular due to the resort of Nungwi with beautiful beaches and expensive hotels. There is almost no low tide here, which allows tourists to do their own snorkeling. Activities include swimming with giant turtles and visiting the Nungwi Natural Aquarium.

Eastern – consists of small villages and hotels, which operate on an all-inclusive system. The tides are high off the coast, but the resort is considered the best place for diving and kitesurfing.

South – is suitable for lovers of romantic holidays. Most often tourists come to the village Kizimkazi, where you can go on safari with dolphins.


Kendwa Beach Zanzibar

Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar (Photo: Oleg Znamensky | Laurie Photobank)

The beaches are Zanzibar’s main treasure. Perfectly clean, with white sand and turquoise water, they are famous for their strong tides, at which the ocean moves away from the shore for tens and sometimes hundreds of meters. All beach areas are free, but some of the bathing areas at the hotels may be closed to outsiders.

The Beaches of Zanzibar
  • Kendwa Beach – Considered one of the best beaches in Africa: white sand, turquoise sea, tides. The beach is wide, 1.5 km long. Five-star hotels are concentrated here, so the territory is monitored, cleaned, trash removed. So the beach is perfect even at low tide.
  • Nungwi Beach is washed by the Indian Ocean. Here the sand is soft, lots of greenery, warm turquoise water, comfortable to swim even in rough seas. A lot of cafes.
  • Mnemba Atol is a small island, measuring 500 meters by 1.5 kilometers, a 20-minute boat ride from Zanzibar. The place is unique: clear water, coral reef, white sand, palm trees, mangos, turtles and a diving school.
  • Kiwengwa Beach is a very wide beach with a gentle entrance to the sea. It is windy and therefore a lot of kiters. There are cafes, tents with souvenirs, massage, a lot of locals.
  • Pongwe Beach is a beautiful beach wide, covered with white sand, there are palm trees and bushes. There are few hotels here, you can do water sports or relax in solitude, enjoying the ocean and the sun.

What to see

Freddie Mercury House Zanzibar

Freddie Mercury’s House in Zanzibar (Photo: Laurie Photobank)

Zanzibar has an exotic appeal: extraordinary white-sand beaches, jungle, islands, huge turtles, rare red colobus, spices, and historical sites. In addition, there are diving schools, and you can also do a lot of water sports.

Attractions of Zanzibar
  • The Stone Town of Zanzibar
  • Freddie Mercury House
  • Jozani Forest
  • Mangapwani Cave
  • The ruins of Mtoni Palace
Food and Alcohol Prices in Zanzibar - 2022
Zanzibar Entertainment
  • African Safari
  • Spice farm tours
  • Diving
  • Kitesurfing
  • Sea Fishing


To put a spin on your beach holiday and get to know the island better, there are a number of excursions you can take. Guided tours, historic walks, safaris and trips to authentic African villages are available from local guides.

Zanzibar in One Day

Sightseeing tour of the island and surrounding area. First, a trip to Prisoners Island, where the beach is magical and inhabited by giant turtles. Then a stroll through the colorful streets of Stone Town.

Safari in Mikumi Park

The excursion takes several days. 3 days and 2 nights in mainland Tanzania, admiring the savannah scenery and watching elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalo, antelope and other African animals in their natural habitat.

Order tours online

The cost of the tour depends on the size of the group, usually from $75 for 1 person. Select and order individual or group tours conveniently online.

Rest with children

Tanzania is considered one of the safest countries in Africa, so Zanzibar can safely consider for a family vacation. The heat is easily tolerated here, and local hotels offer many services for children, including children’s menus, playgrounds, babysitting services.

The best beaches for young tourists are considered Kendwa and Nungwi. They have fine soft sand, gentle entrance to the water, no sea urchins and large amounts of algae. To entertain your child, you can watch the giant turtles on Prison Island, admire the colubus monkeys in Jozani Forest, or visit the zoo Cheetah’s Rock.

A trip to Zanzibar is not the most budget-friendly vacation option. On average a week trip to the island in high season costs from 50,000 rubles per tourist, in the off-season – from 45,000 rubles.

Hotels and hotels

The island has a large selection of places for accommodation – hotels, resorts, guest houses and hostels. It is best to stay in the island’s major cities – Zanzibar, Mbweni, Chwaka, Mangapwani, which are well-developed infrastructure, transport links to the beaches and attractions.

The cost of a week’s accommodation in hostels Zanzibar is from 4 500 rubles per person. You can stay at a 4-star hotel at a price of 35,000 rubles in the high season and from 30,000 rubles in the off-season.

You can rent an accommodation and check prices by means of the service Ostrovok.

You can use Avianity hotel search to book a hotel and check accommodation prices. Tourists can choose from 700 accommodations, including hotels with up to 60% discount.

Apartments and apartments

Zanzibar has many options for private rentals. There are nice bungalows, stylish apartments, cheap rooms. The price for a day begins at 855 rubles.

The Rock Zanzibar Restaurant

The Rock Restaurant – The Rock (Photo: Darkeyed | Pixabay license)

In Zanzibar you can try the original local cuisine: rich urojo soup, biryani rice (Indian pilaf), mishkaki kebabs, mandazi donuts, seafood. You can also try exotic meat dishes from elephants, antelope, crocodiles. The average check in the cafe catering – from 600 rubles.

Popular Restaurants in Zanzibar

  • The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar
  • Lecker Lecker
  • Le Macis Zanzibar
  • Fadhil

How to get there

Zanzibar Island can be reached by air via Abeid Amani Karume Airport, which is located about 5 km from Zanzibar City. After arrival you can take a cab or bus.


The island is served by Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. From Russia, regular and charter flights arrive here by carriers such as Utair, Nordwind, AzurAir and RoyalFlight.

Address of Zanzibar Airport: Kisauni, Zanzibar Town, Tanzania (Yandex Maps | Google Maps)

Airfare to Zanzibar
  • Moscow – Zanzibar from 19 500 rub.
  • Saint-Petersburg – Zanzibar from 20 600 RUB
  • Rostov-on-Don – Zanzibar from 22 300 RUB
  • Novosibirsk – Zanzibar from 29 000 RUB
  • Kazan – Zanzibar from 21 500 rubles
  • Ufa – Zanzibar from 20 400 RUB.
Top cheapest air tickets to Zanzibar

The cheapest airline tickets to Zanzibar that were purchased through Avianiti’s search.

Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar. Reviews: is it worth the trip?

How much does it cost to go to Zanzibar in 2022: prices for holidays, flights, accommodation and activities. Detailed budget for two

Zanzibar how much does it cost to go on vacation

Vacation Budget

Tanzania is a third world country, because of this tourists think that everything is cheap there. This is true if you live in the country as the local population: move in crowded buses, eat at the same table with cockroaches and do without air conditioning in the summer. To ensure the comfort of a trip to Tanzania, you’ll have to splurge.

Tours to Zanzibar from the Russian Federation

It is cheaper to fly to Tanzania from Moscow. There are no direct flights to Zanzibar from the Russian Federation. A standard ticket for two people will cost 160 thousand rubles. For this money the tourist will receive a place in a three-star hotel, a daily breakfast and a beach in the 200-400 m from the housing. Five-star hotels cost from 250 thousand rubles, they almost always have their own beach.

Tours of Zanzibar from Ukraine

There are direct flights to Tanzania from Kiev, the cost round trip is on average $ 600.

A standard trip for two will cost $1400. For this money a tourist will get a place in a three-star hotel, daily breakfast and a beach near the hotel. Five-star hotels cost from $ 1800, they almost always have their own beach.

Tours are better to look for through the search engine tours there are tours with a good discount, and there is a cashback up to 5% for the next trip

Travel costs

If a tourist does not want to buy a ticket to Tanzania, you will have to look for accommodation, flight arrangements, etc. It is better to buy a plane ticket in advance. So you can buy it before the price rises. The average price for an airline ticket at an airport in Moscow starts at $450 for a round trip.

Seats on the plane are comfortable and the tourist will be offered good food. However, you should keep in mind that the connection in Istanbul may take a day or the plane will need to make a detour to refuel. But if you land for more than 10 hours, the airline will provide a hotel room at your own expense.

Cost of Vaccinations Required for Travel

Because of the country’s disease control and coronavirus prevention, the tourist will need certificates of certain vaccinations. They will be asked to show them on board the plane.

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination. It is not required when traveling to Tanzania, but will be required if the tourist decides to visit other countries in Africa. You should keep this in mind, because often at the airports in Tanzania are asked to show a certificate or pay a bribe of about $10. Do not be fooled by this. In general, the cost of this vaccination is on average $20. You should take it at least 10 days before departure, if the tourist decides to insure.
  • Malaria. There is no vaccine against this disease, so you need to stock up before the trip with repellents (on average $4) and mosquito nets (about $4-$7). It helps protect against mosquitoes, but if you feel sick it’s worth going to the clinic and doing a rapid test for malaria.

Visa Arrangements

A tourist visa will be put in your passport upon arrival at the Tanzanian airport. The tourist will fill out the application provided by the airline and pay $50. It is better to withdraw the money in advance and pay in cash, because the main terminals may be closed. Then the traveler will be sent to the auxiliary. There you will not be able to withdraw cash, pay by card, buy a local SIM card and buy water and wet wipes. You have to be prepared for everything.

Where to vacation in Zanzibar: 8 best beaches

How much does it cost to go to Zanzibar in 2022: prices for holidays, flights, accommodation and activities. Detailed budget for two

Communication services

  1. SIM card. You can buy SIM-cards at airports in large cities, in mobile stores. It is recommended to connect to the operator Vodazom. Registration will cost about $1.3.
  2. Internet. A tourist will pay $2 for 1 GB of Internet. 10 GB will cost $5.5. Wi-Fi internet access is not guaranteed in all hotels. It is best to clarify this information when booking.

Medical and Insurance

The only hospitals we are accustomed to are in Stone Town. Medicine is not free for tourists:

  • Any doctor’s appointment (general practitioner, ENT, pediatrician, etc.) is $50.
  • Getting tested by referral – $20.
  • Dental treatment – from $100.
  • Extended coverage – $20, but you need to look carefully at each insurance case.


  • The cheapest and fastest option is African street food. Tourist will pay for such a “meal” literally $0.26. But the subsequent treatment of the stomach is expensive: the tourist will pay a considerable amount of money from his purse and lose a lot of nerves. For the same money you can buy ugali, local porridge made of corn grits with water, on the streets of Tanzania. It is boiled almost to a solid consistency. You can often find stalls on the streets selling coffee, tortillas, and other snacks. The average price is $0.13-0.20. Tourist often risk their health by giving $2-3 for breakfast, dinner.
  • Restaurants . Here the food is served in clean dishes, there are no flies flying around and the room is air conditioned. But the same street food will cost ten times as much. You will pay $8 for a plate of chapati, vegetables, octopus, and meat. A fried seafood assortment with a side salad and french fries costs $10. Vegetable salads are around $4. Fresh is $2-$4. Restaurants offer lobsters on their menus. The price is $15 for 1 piece. Pizza costs $6.5. You can drink tea, coffee for $1.
  • Market . There are many fruit markets and stalls in the country. Fresh fruits and vegetables are better to buy here. Pineapple, a kilo of passion fruit cost $0.8, avocado $0.4, mango, bananas $0.2. Fruit is abundant in the country, so prices must have been low. But you have to understand that they are all imported from the mainland. At the counters the tourist will never see the price tag, so he will have to haggle if the price said seller is too high. They inflate the cost of goods just for travelers.
  • Alcohol . Tanzania is a Muslim country, so you can not just buy alcohol on the street. Alcohol is available in the restaurants of every hotel, but if a tourist wants to have dinner at a cafe on the beach, this fact should be clarified with the owner of the institution, because alcohol may not be on the menu.

Average prices for alcohol in Tanzania:

  1. 50g of spirits – $2,5.
  2. A glass of wine – $2,7.
  3. A bottle of local vodka – $4.6.
  4. Glass of beer – 2,5$.

Accommodation in Tanzania

It is easier to book accommodation in a major city. In the capital there are five-star hotels, the usual hostels, rooms in apartments. It is worth noting that the latter are in apartments of city dwellers and are of decent condition.

For $ 12-13 per person you can stay in the cottage of local residents. For the same money it is worth trying to book a whole guest house. If you need to stay in the city center, close to major attractions, the tourist should look at hostels in these areas. On average, their cost is $15 per person.

If a tourist wants to rest for a few days in a national park, he should pay $40 as a fee. To avoid spending money every time you enter the park, it is better to choose a hotel within the park. A small cabin with a shower, bed and air conditioning costs $20 per night. The most expensive accommodation option is a hotel on the beach. From his window a tourist can watch the sunrise, admire the snow-white sand, but it will cost at least $ 130 per night per person.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar. Reviews: is it worth the trip?

How much does it cost to go to Zanzibar in 2022: prices for holidays, flights, accommodation and activities. Detailed budget for two

When traveling to Tanzania on a trip tourist is offered the following options for two people:

  • Accommodation in a three-star hotel: $1400
  • Accommodation in a four- or five-star hotel plus breakfast: $1700
  • All Inclusive: $1850
  • Family Holidays: $2600

Travel within the country

  1. Car rental. This is rare in Tanzania because both roads and cars are in poor condition.
  2. Cab. This option is comfortable, but not cheap. A trip from the airport to the center of the capital will cost the tourist at least $20. This is assuming that it is possible to negotiate with the cab driver. Otherwise, the tourist will have to pay $40.
  3. Airplane. This is a convenient option if you need to get to the national park. Regular flights cost $40 one way.
  4. Ferry. For the cheapest open-deck seats you will have to pay $32. One must keep in mind that with strong winds and scorching sun, the tourist will not be comfortable on the trip. Places in the air-conditioned lounge cost $40. For $60, the tourist will be able to move around in the VIP lounge of the ferry with cool drinks and light snacks. It is better to buy tickets for the ferry online and in advance, because at the ticket office they are several times more expensive and quickly sold out.
  5. City buses. A seat on a comfortable and fast bus will cost $2.6 and all changes within the network are free (as in the subway). A seat on a small bus costs $0.4, but it is very difficult to ride there because there are always too many people.
  6. Intercity buses. This is the cheapest and most uncomfortable way to travel. Tourist can steal things, documents here. The bus driver always takes people at stops, even if the transport is overcrowded. The schedule of buses here, few people take into account: the driver can go on the road only when the salon is full. But also a seat on such a bus costs around $0.13.

Motor fuel in the country

In Tanzania you can fill up your car with both gasoline and diesel. It will cost 2300-2500 shillings per liter. Gas stations in the country are not difficult to find. The price of 15 liters is enough for about 5 days.


  • Sarengeti Park. This national park is one of the most expensive in the country. The fee here is $48. If you include travel, lodging and meals, such a trip would cost around $400 per person.
  • Mikumi Park. It is much smaller than the previous one, but for sure the tourist will like it. The fee here is $32. A night in a hotel in the area is $20 per person. A bus runs here from the airport, and a seat can be purchased for $13.
  • There is an all-inclusive safari option in the country. For accommodation and food the tourist will have to pay $400 per person. If there are many tourists in the group, it is possible to bargain with the guide, who will reduce the price to $260.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing is done by different routes. On average, tourists go for 7 days. At current exchange rates, it will cost $1800 per person. The cost includes two overnight stays (first day and after the ascent), hot meals, weight lifting services, guide, gear and tents.

How much does it cost to go to Zanzibar in 2022: prices for holidays, flights, accommodation and activities. Detailed budget for two


Beach Vacation

In search of a beach vacation, the tourist travels to the island of Zanzibar, which is famous for its tides. At the same time, starfish and sea urchins remain on the shore. You can get to the island by plane from the country’s main airport. A two-way ticket will cost $72. Travel between beaches by cab will cost around $13. Travel by bus is not possible in this case.

Zanzibar travel reviews . Is it worth the trip to 2022?

Entertainment in Tanzania

Options for daily recreation in this country are enough, as well as in other resorts. Entertainment in Tanzania is usual for tourists. The most popular type of recreation is diving. A tourist will pay $60 for one dive. Jeeping costs $100. During this entertainment, the tourist will drive through the local villages and villages, will see the harsh reality.

How much does it cost to go to Zanzibar in 2022: prices for holidays, flights, accommodation and activities. Detailed budget for two

Peregrine surfing costs $15 per hour. It is widespread on the beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa. Diving under the water is carried out all day. Tourist will be able to explore the “underwater cities” and enjoy the marine vegetation. You will have to get to the monkey park on your own. It is easier to do it by cab. Admission to the park costs $10.

The best way to buy tours in Zanzibar is on Tripster. We have long used this service because it has the best price/quality ratio. It is convenient to book without leaving the hotel and the prices are often lower than the hotel guides.

Tourists can drive through the jungle, go to local villages. There are many places that are included in the list of UNESCO, where you can go on a tour. It will cost the tourist an average of $50-70 per person.

In Tanzania there is a picturesque island with huge turtles Prison Island. The trip will cost $70. Tours can be purchased directly from the guide. In some cases, a ticket at a regular backyard shop will be much cheaper.

How much does it cost to go to Zanzibar in 2022: prices for holidays, flights, accommodation and activities. Detailed budget for two

Turtle Island.

Souvenirs in Tanzania

The starting prices for souvenirs in Tanzania are always inflated, so you have to haggle.

  • First, the most common magnets sellers offer for $2.50. This is expensive. After haggling they are quite possible to get them for $1.3.
  • Medium sized national paintings will cost $15. The painting is cut off the frame and wrapped in a tube to make it easier for the tourist to carry.
  • Local knitwear costs $10.

Major costs in Tanzania

  1. Flight and lodging – $1300
  2. Excursions – $65-80
  3. Safari – $650
  4. Travel between beaches – $40
  5. Climbing Kilimanjaro – $1800

These costs are incurred by every average tourist in Tanzania. It should be understood that this is the minimum spending, everything else is individual.

A few more tips

This is a dangerous country. Don’t leave the hotel late at night, stay in crowded places. It is better to carry money in cash, because you can’t pay with a card or cell phone anywhere. It is better to change money in advance and in large denominations. The main currency is the Tanzanian Shilling ($1 = 2,300 TZS). In tourist areas accept dollar bills. Tourists can pay with a card in only a few places. For a cash withdrawal ATM cities take a commission, so it is more profitable to withdraw funds at the airport.

To go or not to go to Tanzania

If a tourist has long wanted to go on an exotic journey, Tanzania is the perfect choice for him! Prices here are reasonable, you can pick up the option of rest on your budget. The country is rich in natural resources. After a trip to Tanzania no one will remain indifferent.

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