Holidays in Zanzibar with children: reviews and the best hotels

Best hotels in Zanzibar for holidays with children

Top 30 hotels for holidays with children out of 399 in Zanzibar. Ranked based on 1,747 reviews and ratings from tourists.

“Certainly the best hotel on the coast, and possibly the entire island! Location, service, beach, food, ALL INCLUDED system – everything is at an excellent high. “

“We vacationed from 25.01.21-5.02.21. Super hotel ! Chic infinity pool , wide beautiful beach with white sand ! The staff at the hotel is smiling kind. “

“Was with a friend in April 21g. The area is clean and well maintained, the staff is very friendly and welcoming, the food is delicious and varied. On the day of the birth by. “

“Great hotel, delicious food(lots of seafood), friendly and helpful staff. The area of the hotel is clean and tidy. The hotel itself left very good. “

“Lucky to book this hotel at a really low price. If you compare the price tag now, it comes out more expensive. I guess the approach of the New Year is having an effect. “

“Great, very bright vacation in Zanzibar at Karafu Hotel. Vacationed as a family with two children 10 and 12 years old on an all inclusive system. Beautiful large room . “

“We have been to many countries and know the Service! Believe me, it’s Wonderful. Did you know what a night is like? I thought I did. No! I’m 50! And this is the first time I’ve seen . “

“Amazing outdoor bathroom, terrace. Large room. Good and hearty breakfasts, they add drinking water to the room every day. Nearby. “

“Spontaneously going to the islands,but all the luxury hotels were already booked,so took a chance on the tour operator’s advice here,and did not go wrong! here is beautiful. “

“We stayed with a friend in January 2021. The hotel exceeded our expectations. Beautiful green area, a separate plus for the bungalow houses and not the multi-storey ones. “

“Good day to all travelers ! I want to share my impressions of my trip to the island of Zanzibar . There wasn’t much time to choose a hotel, of. “

“The hotel is a great place, beautiful rooms, responsive staff, good food. “

“Excellent hotel in every way! The bungalows are chic in an African way. All inclusive, the ocean was 30 seconds from the room! The owner is Italian!) Sun. “

“Beautiful vacation in a nice hotel in Zanzibar! Took the suite, a large spacious room with an extra room, the room was in a two story bungalow. “

“10/10 and more!Thrilled with the time spent.We chose the hotel based on several criteria and settled on the Vaisent.The villas are spacious and. “

“Had a holiday from 13.03.2021 to 23.03.21. At the airport everything went surprisingly fast, well 30 minutes for clearance, more luggage was waiting. Then was taken to the hotel. Mes. “

“Pros of the hotel:- Only 9 rooms, separate bungalows. Comfortable stay, no crowds or lines. At check-in, they treat you with a watermelon fraiche.- Breakfasts are varied. “

“secluded hotel, on the beach, with a terrific atmosphere. absolutely no strangers, respectively no one offers you anything to buy, etc – from. “

Where to vacation in Zanzibar: 8 best beaches

“Was pleasantly surprised. The service at the hotel is excellent! The room is cleaned every day to a shine. The staff are always friendly and attentive. For any questions. “

“On December 15, 2019, we returned from the wonderful country of Tanzania. Our vacation was wonderful and left a lasting impression. But . I would . “

“I’ll start with the pros. + friendly staff + the ability to eat lunch and dinner at the hotel, and cheaper than on the beach. The food is cooked simply but delicious. Toon. “

“Vacationed with my husband in February 2021. Originally planned to vacation on the North Shore of Zanzibar, but all the hotels were on hold. We had four hotel changes. “

“We came to Zanzibar in November to spend our honeymoon there. Read a lot of reviews from all the accommodation options on the island, carefully pr. “

“I am writing an honest review. Were pleasantly surprised by the hotel. Large clean area of the hotel( the guys cut the bushes in the morning, remove fallen leaves), the staff on the res. “

“Huge thanks for the wonderful reception at the charming hotel!We were very pleased with the room and the kitchen!Special thanks to the cute surprise with the late. “

“Were at the hotel in November. Lovely hotel. Very friendly staff. All staff walk around wearing masks and there are antiseptics on the grounds. Jumbo Wahida)))) . “

“Gorgeous boutique hotel with exceptional service and great atmosphere, luxurious ocean view from room. Great breakfast, over 6 types of sv. “

“Everything is just gorgeous. The houses are spacious and comfortable. There is electricity, water and all other amenities. The staff is very caring, you can see that the place and reputation. “

Rating of hotels in popular resorts in Tanzania



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Holidays in Zanzibar with children: the best hotels and prices

Is it worth to go on vacation with children on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania? Are there necessary conditions there? What resort and hotel to choose for a family vacation? How much will such a tour in December and the New Year? Answers to these questions are in our review.

Zanzibar in Tanzania – one of the few open to Russian tourists foreign destinations for exotic beach winter holidays. And it is already very popular, although not cheap. Rest in Zanzibar is very popular this winter – here are direct charters, which fly tourists from 4 major tour operators – Coral Travel, ANEX Tour, “Intourist”, PEGAS Touristik.

Holidays in Zanzibar - 2022. Prices and tips

It is convenient for tourists that they can fly to Zanzibar this winter by direct flight after buying a package tour, using charter tour operators not only from Moscow, but also from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa and even Ekaterinburg (flight with technical landing).

Cities from which there are direct charters to Zanzibar with tour operator Coral Travel: here.

Cities with direct charters to Zanzibar with tour operators ANEX Tour and Intourist: here.

Cities from which there are direct charters to Zanzibar with tour operator PEGAS Touristik: here.

Based on the schedule of charter flights tour operators form package tours to Zanzibar with a duration of 6, 10, 11, 13, 16, 21 and 26 nights

In addition, tours to Zanzibar are formed and tour operator “Biblio-Globus” – on the basis of regular direct flights of the airline Utair (from Moscow).

Fly to Zanzibar is also possible with connections, but it is longer, usually more expensive, and, of course, less convenient for families with children.


Experts recommend going to Zanzibar either with children of middle and high school age, or with young children (e.g., infants).

“Tanzania can not be called a country where children’s holidays are developed, but in Zanzibar there are hotels that provide an opportunity for a comfortable family vacation” – underline the ANEX Tour.

The specificity of the hotel base in Zanzibar is that a family vacation here is in no way similar to the familiar to many families “Turkish” format. So there are no waterslides in hotels, water parks, amusement parks, etc. on the island. The all-inclusive system also does not resemble Turkey – the Turkish abundance and choice should not be expected.

As a rule, the children’s infrastructure of hotels in Zanzibar is limited to the presence of a children’s pool (or children’s section in the adult pool), a playground, some hotels have babysitting services. Children’s club is already a big advantage, there is only in some hotels. Strollers for tourists with small children is also better to bring. All this tourists should learn before buying a tour.

What can children and teenagers do with their parents in Zanzibar? By and large, there are two options.

Either a quiet quiet beach vacation, when a child plays mostly on the beach, eating fruit, swimming in the sea and the pool, enjoying nature. Or – and this is more likely for teenage children – they go scuba diving, snorkeling, going on sea and bike rides with their parents.

“In general, Zanzibar in its specificity is closer to the Maldives than to Turkey, only more simple” – summarized in Coral Travel. Specialists all interviewed tour operators note that tourists with children who were in Zanzibar, were satisfied with their rest – the main thing is to choose the right resort and hotel.


Family tourists with children should consider for a holiday in Zanzibar above all resorts in the northern part of the island. These are Nungwi and Kendwa in the northwest and Kivengwa in the northeast. Why?

Food and Alcohol Prices in Zanzibar - 2022

First, because the tides are less pronounced here. Kendwa and Nungwi have the least receding waters at low tide and the ocean goes down to thirteen meters at the highest tide, but it is very rare. The tide in Kivengwe will be more noticeable, but it is still moderate.

Second, it is on the northern beaches of Zanzibar is situated the vast majority of comfortable hotels, which can be recommended for families

Zanzibar beaches are great for children: they are all beautiful, with white and fine coral sand. They have another interesting feature – a single coastline. This means that there are no borders between the beaches, they stretch for many kilometers of one sandy line.


Together with the experts of tour operators “Tanzania” Coral Travel, ANEX Tour, PEGAS Touristik and Intourist prepared for you a review of hotels in Zanzibar, suitable for a comfortable stay with children. Let’s tell you right away that there are few such hotels, almost all of them are high level, and the rest in them will not be cheap.

For convenience, we distribute them by resorts with the same name beaches and highlighted the main “chips” for families with children. Prices are for departures from Moscow, as of evening 25.11.2020, and are subject to change.

Full description of each hotel and its photo gallery can be seen by clicking on the hyperlink in the hotel name.


The hotel has a children’s pool, children’s playground. Operates on an all-inclusive system.

The cost of the tour package with a New Year’s departure on December 25, all-inclusive, for 2 adults and 1 child for 9 nights – from 481,278 for the tour. A tour with departure on December 9 for 11 nights (two adults and a child) with “all inclusive” will cost from 263,297 p. for three people for a full package.

The hotel has entertainment and sports programs throughout the day, a children’s playroom, two pools with children’s area, discounts for children under 14 years, works on “all inclusive” system.

Tour packages with New Year’s departure 29.12 for 9 nights, “all inclusive”, for two adults and one child, 9 nights – from 617,724 rubles per tour.

Departure December 9 is much cheaper: a tour for three (two adults and a child) for 11 nights with an “all inclusive” will cost from 253 289 p. for all for a full package.

This hotel has animation for families, day and evening. A rarity for Zanzibar, there is a children’s club: a brand new 78 sq.m. building, equipped with air conditioning and fans, a new playground with children’s foam floor and two tables with 12 chairs, as well as a new outdoor area.

The cost of the tour package with a departure 09.12.20 for 10 +1 nights for a family 2hpr +1reb will be from 238 865 p, and the New Year (depart 26.12 for 8 nights) – from 418 966 p. for 3 people + visa.

Zanzibar: weather by month and temperature. When it's best to relax

A quiet hotel with a family atmosphere, located on the coastline of Kivengwa, Pvani Mchangani area. The hotel has a large green area, wide beach with white sand. The hotel has a mini club with a play area, playground, babysitting services are available for an additional fee. Cribs are available for children, older children can be taught how to snorkel on the beach. There is a light evening animation.

The cost of tour packages with departure 09.12 for 10 +1 nights for a family, 2 adults +1 child will start from 329 413 p., and New Year’s package with “all inclusive”, 8 nights with a flight on December 26 – from 560 664 p. for three.

A small hotel with a comfortable area, there is a choice of food All Inclusive for families. The hotel also has babysitting services for parents with children.

The hotel is very popular and on high dates from some cities of departure is already sold out. Earlier this week the cost of a tour package for two adults with a New Year departure on 25.12 for 8 nights started from 275 000 rubles.

The hotel has spacious comfortable rooms and a children’s club on the territory with a choice of AI.

The hotel is very popular and is already sold out on high dates from some cities. Earlier this week the price for a tour package for two adults with a New Year departure on 25.12 for 8 days started from 214,000 rubles.


One of the best hotels in Zanzibar, works on an “all inclusive” system, the standards closest to the “Turkish. There are entertainment programs for children. We recommend that guests with children try swimming with dolphins.

Tour packages with New Year’s departure on 25.12 (all inclusive, 9 nights, 2 adults +1 child) starts from 1 042 252 p. for all. January departures are significantly cheaper – a tour with similar parameters and departing on January 17 costs from 429,067 p. for everyone.

The hotel has a wonderful beach with a gentle comfortable entrance. The hotel is all inclusive.

New Year’s Eve package costs 3 people (2 adults and 1 child) with a flight on 25.12.20 for 9 nights, all-inclusive meals from 559 089 р. for all for a full package.

The same tour, but with a flight on December 9 for 10 nights, also on “all inclusive”, will cost from 311,913 p. for all three.

The hotel is located on one of the best beaches and is ideal for a holiday with kids – there is a good infrastructure, a beautiful beach with a gentle, safe for kids comfortable entrance. It is an all-inclusive hotel. The hotel has a mini club for children, there is an animation program.

Tour packages with departure 14.12.20 for 10 +1 nights for a family of 2 +1, All Inclusive meals: starts from 295 608 p., the prices for New Year’s tours with AI for a family of 3 people for 8 nights (departure December 26) start from 583 728 p. for all.

For children the hotel has a swimming pool, children’s playground. There is an opportunity to walk to Mnarani Natural Aquarium and feed and swim with turtles. The hotel also works on an all-inclusive basis.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar. Reviews: is it worth the trip?

The hotel is in high demand and is almost sold out on the next and New Year’s Eve dates. The cost of the tour package with a departure 06.01.21 for 10 +1 nights for a family of 2 +1 r. 443 615 with meals “all inclusive”.


Hotel high level, located on a quiet wide beach with white sand. Considered one of the best hotels in the Zanzibar archipelago, conducts an active “children’s” policy, which is quite uncommon at the resort. Plus the hotel has Russian speaking staff. The hotel works on an all-inclusive basis. According to guest reviews, the food here is excellent.

For children there is a children’s club and children’s area (for children aged 3-12 years), and babysitting services are available (on request, for a fee).

The hotel is in high demand, the prices for tours with departure on December 8 for 11 nights (all inclusive) now start from 497 966 rubles for a family of 3 people.

The cost of New Year’s Eve packages (departure December 26) starts from 877,114 p. for all (cheaper categories of rooms at most tour operators sold out).


Despite the fact that the resorts of Jambiani and Pinggu are not located in the north of Zanzibar, and in the South, where the tides are more pronounced, there are also hotels that can be recommended for a quiet and relaxing holiday with children.

Note that the “all inclusive” is less common, but there is a meal plan “full board” or AI Soft, which is also suitable for family tourists.

The hotel is located in the resort Jambiani, it has a good area in “national style”, comfortable rooms, conveniently located in relation to the pool and sea. On the territory there is no designated space for children’s games, but it is spacious and comfortable enough for a holiday with children. Food – BB, HB and FB (“full board”).

The cost of the package tour for two adults + 1 child, departure December 12 for 8 days, meals FB-ot 343867 p. for all. New Year’s Eve tours sold out, but there are places in January zaezadyah to Orthodox Christmas.

It is located in the resort Jambiani, a fairly popular hotel with a good, compact area, food BB, HB and FB (AI Soft). There is a children’s section in the pool.

New Year’s Eve tour for two adults + 1 child, flight 29.12 for 11 nights costs from 897706 p. for a full package with meals AI Soft. Tour with departure 09.12 for 2hp +1 child for 11 nights costs from 215334 p. for all. (AI Soft food)

Located in the remote southern resort of Pingwe. The hotel has a shallow pool for children, babysitting services and a children’s play area indoors, soft-animation.

The hotel is in high demand, with rates for December and New Year’s Eve on request.

Free online courses, webinars and electronic catalogs of tour operators can be found at ATOR Academy.

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