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. Below, at our feet, the island was peacefully slumbering, shimmering in the sultry haze, like a watercolor: gray-green leaves of olives, dark cypresses, colorful cliffs by the shore and the calm sea, opalescent, blue, jade, with two or three folds on the smooth surface – where it rounded the rocky capes, overgrown with olives. Just below us shone a small bay with a white sandy crescent-shaped beach, a bay so shallow and with such dazzling sand on the bottom that the water in it was pale blue, almost white.

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Planning a family vacation in Greece, sometimes you may be faced with the problem of choosing where exactly to go. The fact is that all resorts of this fabulous country is amazingly good: no matter where you go, nature will please you with its diversity and beauty, the sea – the mirror purity, and the locals – sincere hospitality.

And Corfu resorts are not only no exception, but one of the best examples of what should be a holiday destination for the whole family. Corfu is one of the first islands of Greece, which began to be visited by tourists. Its resorts are considered elite, and therefore one of the most expensive in the country.

However, you can have a relatively inexpensive vacation here, enjoying the excellent beaches and tourist infrastructure. Our article will tell you how to organize a vacation with children in Corfu to get the most out of it.

Corfu on the map of Greece

The island of Corfu (also called Kerkyra by the Greeks) is located in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of Greece. It is the northernmost and second largest among the Ionian Islands. The administrative center of the island is the city of Kerkyra.Looking at the map, where is Corfu, you can be upset: it is much more northern than Kos, Rhodes, Crete. But the island lies in the subtropical zone, so that a long warm summer is guaranteed.

Rest with children

To praise Corfu is like to praise the king: too much. But still need to pay tribute, the boast it has a lot, and almost all of them are the main reasons to choose this resort for a family vacation.

The main charm of Corfu – a mild climate and the absence of a strong heat. Even during the peak season, the temperature remains moderate, and the heat is easy to survive because of the abundance of greenery. Of course, with a baby should not come here in July and August, but the older children can easily adapt to the hot weather.

What else good holiday in Corfu? The list of advantages turns out very impressive.

  1. The beaches are extremely beautiful (a gift of nature) and comfortable (here tried the municipality and hotels).
  2. The water in the Ionian Sea is very warm and there are almost no high waves. Everywhere, as if by order, the entrance to the water is flat and gentle, just right for children.
  3. Olive, orange and cypress groves adorn the resorts and fill the air with an amazing aroma.
  4. Many hotels on the island are family-oriented vacation. The hotels in Corfu have all the conditions for children to have fun, and parents will please the comfort and system “all inclusive”.
  5. In Corfu there are a lot of taverns, where they cook Greek cuisine. Large portions and excellent quality products are highly appreciated by tourists and islanders alike.
  6. The choice of family entertainment is small, but varied. When vacationing in Corfu with children, you can spend time in water parks or take a trip to the cities of the island, look at the old fortresses or go on a boat trip.
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If you are planning a vacation with a child in Corfu, you should be prepared for two not very pleasant things: during the warm season there are a lot of mosquitoes and mosquitoes, and in August – September, and wasps can be a nuisance.

Many hotels in this regard take protective measures, installing in the rooms and on the territory of the mosquito nets, wasp traps, provide the use of fumigators, but we recommend to take with you just in case the insect stings.

When it is better to go

Tourists come to Corfu at any time of year: pilgrims want to worship Christian shrines, city walkers want to see the architectural monuments of Corfu, and beach lovers want to sunbathe on the island’s luxurious shores.

Of course, the main flow of travelers is from May to October, when the rains do not interfere with sightseeing or getting an even tan. The opening of the season in Corfu can be considered the day when the water parks reopen after the winter break – usually at the beginning or middle of May.

July and August, despite the heat, are the peak high season in Corfu. Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers sunbathe, swim and eat the best Greek cuisine.

The most suitable period for a holiday with a small child – from late August to mid-September: usually this is the end of vacations for Europeans, parents with children of school age are leaving to get ready for school, and the island itself pleases with excellent weather and the warmest sea.

The end of summer and beginning of autumn is also the time of greatest choice of fresh fruits. Corfu grows grapes, figs, pomegranates, apples and pears. All of these can be bought at the markets.

Another answer, when it is better to go to Corfu, is as follows: during the days of “Ta Carnavalia”, a bright festival that incorporates both Greek and Venetian traditions. Carnival takes place on the eve of Lent, and for several weeks the residents party and feast on delicious treats. On the last day of the Carnival, kites are flown into the sky.

Weather and Climate

Corfu’s Mediterranean climate is surprisingly mild. It is a little warmer in summer than the resorts of Bulgaria, but less hot than the southern resorts of Greece.

The average annual temperature in Corfu is +22 ° C. No matter what you wish to do on your vacations in Corfu, you should visit the place between April and September, because in October it rains every month until March.

Although the winter temperatures do not drop below zero degrees Celsius, you should not come here before April. In mid-spring, the temperature reaches between +14 and 19°C, though the nights are still quite cold. May is a good time for a holiday with a child. The island resorts are already warm in summer: from +18 ° C to +25 ° C.

In the spring it can sometimes sprinkle rain, but in the summer it never rains on Corfu. But the temperature rises gradually, reaching +28 ° C in June and +31-32 ° C in July and August. Sometimes the thermometers do not stop at these marks, but climb higher.

Peak summer heat – a test for the children’s body. Therefore, the best holiday in Corfu with children is in June when the temperature is not so high.

At the end of August the heat gradually fades, and in September it is the perfect time for a holiday with a baby in Corfu. The temperature drops to +26-28 ° C, sometimes it rains for a short time to refresh the air. Although the summer days are hot on the island, it gets noticeably colder at night. Once the sun goes below the horizon, the temperature drops to +19-22 ° C.

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Sea temperature

The Ionian Sea that washes the shores of Corfu, does not cool down even in winter. In the coldest months, the sea temperature is about +15 ° C. And in the heat the water gets up to +26 ° C. The cold currents in the west coast of Corfu, however, can reduce the temperature by several degrees.

But the eastern part of Corfu island has no such temperature fluctuations. Already in May, the sea warms up to +19-20 ° C, and in June – up to +22-23 ° C. In the second half of the summer the water temperature in Corfu reaches the highest levels: +24-27 ° C.

In September, the sea is still very warm. Until the end of the month, the water retains a temperature of +24-25 ° C. You could swim in October, but the autumn rains more and more often interfere in the plans of holidaymakers.

The swimming season in Corfu is shorter than in Crete or Rhodes, but still very long – from mid May to late September. The bathing water temperature reaches a comfortable level for children in the middle of June.


On the choice of where to stay in Corfu with children, can affect the organization of food. Family hotels often offer half board, full board or “all inclusive. This is quite convenient because it minimizes concerns about nutrition. Sometimes hotels have a children’s menu, but it is better to be guided by how rich the selection of dishes on the regular menu.

The convenience of aparthotels and apartments is the availability of a kitchen and the ability to cook for the child what he likes.

We recommend finding out if there is a store or market near the place where you can buy fresh food. Note that not all stores are open on Sundays.

Finally, during an independent holiday in Corfu with children, you can explore the traditions of Greek cuisine. Among its dishes are many that are suitable for children’s table. Of course, children are often full of pastries, sweeping off the table cheese pies tiropitakia and sesame-sprinkled bagels koulouri. But if you add a choriatiki salad or a portion of Greek yogurt to a pie, you’ve got a full meal.


The only form of public transport in Corfu is buses, which travel between towns and villages on the island. The cost for an adult ticket on the buses of the capital – 1,20 euros, tickets for children are half cheaper.

The ticket price rises to 1,70 euros for adults and 0,80 euros for children if you want to go to the suburban resorts, such as Dassia or Kontokali. It is advisable to buy tickets at the ticket offices and vending machines, as buying them from the driver increases the price.

Green buses serve intercity routes and blue buses serve the city of Corfu and its nearest suburbs.

Intercity bus timetables can be found on the KTEL website. Fares on Corfu’s intercity transport depend on the distance. For children under 6 years old free of charge.

Despite the rather large number of routes, the bus service still lags behind the needs of tourists: not every cozy beach can be reached by public transport.

In this case, to get around Corfu it is advisable to book a cab. It’s a relatively expensive mode of transportation, but it’s convenient if your plane arrives at night or if you want to go to a beach where there are no buses.

There are also plenty of bicycle rentals on the island but only experienced bikers can take you through the hilly terrain. The roads in Corfu are winding. This can affect a child’s condition if he usually gets motion sickness on the road.

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What to do.

Organisation of children’s leisure time is not yet one of Corfu’s strong points. Hotels with playgrounds, pools, and children’s clubs are a great help here. In such hotels, children are not bored animators, and in the evenings there are discos.

Hotels, family-oriented and offering children’s entertainment, are in many resorts of Corfu.

Places where it will be interesting for a child can be found outside the hotel. For example, from Kerkyra there are pleasure boats to the island of Vido.

The program of the trip includes observing the underwater world through the transparent bottom of the boat and meeting with seals (the show is held in one of the bays of the island). And from Paleokastritsa to the sea go yellow submarines and boats, which swim into secluded grottoes.

If you vacation in or near Kerkyra, we recommend a walk with your child through the streets of the main city of Corfu. There are ancient fortresses, palace gardens, and playgrounds, and even a playground in the exhibition center Corexpo.

There are sightseeing buses that stop at the main attractions. You can get off at any stop and then continue the tour on the next bus.

Most of the entertainment is concentrated in the capital of the island – but not the water parks. Corfu’s largest water park, Aqualand, is located in the central part of the island and is easily accessible from any resort. In the north there is a small water park Sidari. All of them have the added advantage that after a swim, you can spend time with your children at the playground, play volleyball or basketball.

Outside the capital there are other attractions: horseback riding, karting, bowling, paintball. It is recommended to find out in advance what is offered in the place of your holiday – so it will be easier to decide what to do in Corfu with a child.

Often there will be a small entertainment center for children within the restaurant – Pyramid Adventure Park in Agios Spyridonas with a kart track, mini-golf course and a playground for the little ones.

Sea and beach

Sunbathing, swimming in the clear waters, enjoying the entertainment on the beach and diving the sea for underwater beauty is all about a beach holiday in Corfu.

Corfu’s coastline is 217 km long and it has the cleanest sand and pebble beaches. From year to year Corfu’s beaches are awarded with the “Blue Flag” for their high environmental standards.

The common feature of all beaches is that they are very well maintained and picturesque. The water entrance is very nice and gently sloping, so that the little ones can play in the sea and learn to swim near the shore.

The beaches of Corfu are free, but you can use a sun lounger and an umbrella only for a fee.

Otherwise, the choice of recreation at sea depends only on your preferences. The south, west and north of the island are dominated by sandy beaches, in the east there are pebble beaches.

The greatest fame gained the beach Paleokastritsa, the beauty of which amazes even the tourists, who traveled around the world. The only drawback of Paleokastritsa – cold currents, lowering the temperature of the water, even in the heat of summer.

However, the island has enough less famous, but no less beautiful beaches with warm sea. In addition to hyped places, you can always find a secluded bay and settle right at the edge of the sea. For such wanderings is very convenient to rent a car.

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Northern beaches will be of interest to those who are attracted to scuba diving, and especially to beginners. Diving centers are willing to teach even children, and the underwater rocks and reefs near Corfu – just what you need for the first dives.

What to see

The choice of what to see with children in Corfu is not yet very large. But fortunately, the list of attractions of the island is growing, and we can hope that over time, there will be new interesting places for children.

So, what to see in Corfu? Whichever resort you are vacationing in, be sure to visit Corfu . Children usually want to see the Old and New Fortresses.

Both of them often serve as venues for festivals, so we advise you to look into the program of events – perhaps something interesting will be happening in the fortresses during your visit.

Also in Corfu you can visit the Park of Mon Repo, with its ruins of ancient buildings and an archaeological museum exhibiting the most precious finds. Also, the shady park is a pleasure to walk in the heat.

One of the main attractions of Corfu is the Achilleion Palace, located on the outskirts of Corfu. The palace was built at the request of the Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, who was fascinated by the beauty of the island. Nowadays the Achilleion has become a museum but has retained its inherent luxury and sophistication.

There are also two small museums in Kerkyra that are fun for the whole family to visit. In the soap museum you will learn about the secrets of soap making and its most important ingredient, olive oil.

As you can see, most of the attractions to visit in Corfu with a child are in Kerkyra. But not so long ago in Paleokastritsa opened a small aquarium, which is home to fish, mollusks, arthropods, as well as reptiles.

Here they do not focus on exotic inhabitants of the planet, but, agree, it is not every day you can see an octopus walking on the bottom or play peepers with a cobra.

In addition, next to Paleokastritsa there was once a castle Angelokastro, which served as an important fortification. Now the majestic fortress lies in ruins, but you can still visit it – the more so, thanks to the work of archeologists and restorers, Angelokastro has been partially restored.

By the way, many who have visited Corfu note that its main value – the nature. During holidays in Corfu with children can just stroll to the nearby olive or orange groves, to see with their own eyes how the fruit grows and how to harvest.

Holidays with children in Corfu. Hotels and beaches in Corfu

Holidays with children in Corfu

Why is Corfu one of the most popular family vacation destinations in Greece? We tell you where the sandy beaches are, where it is convenient to swim with the little ones. The best hotels in Corfu for holidays with children.


Pros and cons of Corfu

The northernmost Greek island is ideal for a comfortable holiday with children. Corfu is famous for its abundance of greenery and picturesque landscapes. The climate is cooler here than on the southern islands and the mainland. Corfu Tourism – the Greek name of the island – has been developed since the 19th century, so the infrastructure meets the most demanding requirements. Many locals speak English.

There are few minuses. Corfu is a rather expensive resort, which is aimed at wealthy travelers. There are few budget hotels. Older children can be bored, as there are fewer excursions than in Crete or Rhodes, no children’s museums and large amusement parks. At the beginning of the beach season, holidaymakers are harassed by mosquitoes.

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When it is better to go

Summers in Greece are hot. With children in Corfu, come in June or the first half of September. During this time there are not so many people, the weather is comfortable and the sea water is well warmed for swimming. Read more about the holiday seasons in Corfu.

Holidays with children in Corfu in Greece

Porto Timoni beach (Photo: / @chriskaridis)

Corfu’s best sandy beaches for holidays with kids

The picturesque beaches are the pride of Corfu. Many of them are awarded the honorary Blue Flag. The island has beaches for all tastes – well-appointed holiday areas in seaside resorts and quiet secluded coves.

South and southwest Corfu is famous for its wide beaches with fine, clean sand. Many families like to take a beach holiday on the coast, which is closer to mainland Greece. The sea water is the warmest on the entire island. Very nice are the sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast, in the north of Corfu.

The best sandy beaches in Corfu for holidays with children:

  • Glyfada
  • Paleokastritsa
  • Paradise Beach near Paleokastritsa
  • Agios Georgios
  • Peroulades
  • Agios Gordios
  • Gardenos
  • Myrtiotissa.

Holidays with children in Corfu

Paleokastritsa, Corfu. Photo: / @davealmine.

The 7 best hotels in Corfu for holidays with kids

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Kaloudis Studios & Apartments 4*

If you want to spend your holidays with children in Corfu, you can choose apartments which are located in the district of Dassia. Spending your vacations in a comfortable accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, bathing in the sea and walking in the shady green garden is a pleasure!

Glyfa Beach Villas 4*

At Barbati, near the famous sandy beach of Glyfada, we offer another modern self-catering holiday apartment. Families with children are happy with the terrace with swimming pool and spacious rooms. The hotel has a wonderful view of the vast Ionian Sea.

MarBella Corfu 5*.

A good choice is a 5-star hotel in the resort of Agios Ioanis. It has three pools, its own beach, spa center and luxurious garden. The food is “all inclusive”, which is very convenient during holidays with children in Corfu! The only disadvantage is the building is on a hill, you have to go down steps to the sea.

Ikos Dassia 5*

On the bay of Dassia there is a comfortable hotel with a landscaped garden, two swimming pools and a 400 meter long private beach. The rooms have everything you need to relax. The hotel’s seven restaurants serve Greek, Asian, Italian, French, Basque and local Kerkyrian cuisine. A babysitter will look after your child while you’re on vacation!

Corfu Imperial 5*.

Corfu Imperial Hotel in Kommeno, 13 km from Corfu town (Kerkyra) is a privately owned hotel which is geared towards holidays with children. You can order a crib, a stroller, a high chair in the restaurant, a bottle warmer and sterilizer before arrival. Professional animators entertain the little tourists. Choose a room in a 5-story building, in a villa or in a bungalow!

Almyros Beach 5*.

A sandy beach, a shallow outdoor pool, a playground – everything you need for a pleasant holiday with children in Corfu. The hotel is located in the village of Acharavi and serves all-inclusive meals. The views of the sea and the mountains are spectacular. Umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach are chargeable.

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa 5*.

For holidays with children in Corfu, many choose the resort spa hotel on the Kontokali Peninsula. The hotel has a swimming pool with sea water, 4 restaurants and a picturesque private beach on the shores of the Ionian Sea. Corfu town is only 4 km away. It is convenient to go on excursions!

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