Holidays with Kids in Yalta 2022 – 7 Best Hotels

6 best hotels and resorts “All inclusive” for a holiday with children in Yalta in 2022

Pearl of the Black Sea is charming at any time of year. This feature of Yalta was discovered by the upper echelons of society of the Russian Empire in the late 19th century. In the city itself were built houses for the rest of the families of the influential figures of the time, and in Livadia, a nearby suburb, was based royal residence.

Today Yalta – it’s solid contrasts, a mix of history, and not very far, and modernity, harmonious neighborhood of cozy narrow streets of old houses and wide streets with luxurious restaurants and new buildings. Some iconic sites haven’t yet been touched by the hand of property developers, these places look like they came down from a Soviet postcard, so you must hurry to see them with your own eyes.

It’s a city with soul and a special atmosphere, a real open-air museum. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year thousands of tourists are attracted here – to touch a bygone era, to charge a year ahead of the sun, to breathe in the fragrant air of pine and floral fragrances.

Tourists with young children find at the resort a great beach holiday and comprehensive treatment in large, long-established health centers, immersed in an endless cycle of all kinds of entertainment.

Villa Park Chair 4*.

One of the best hotels for recreation with children in Yalta with food “all inclusive” is in Gaspra. The six-storey villa stands on the territory of the modern park-hotel ‘Marat’, surrounded by exotic trees and flowers. It is 11 km to the center of Yalta and 1 km to the private pebble beach. Holidaymakers swim in the outdoor pool and ride to the sea by cable car. There is a playground and children’s animation at the villa.

Rest with children in Yalta

Territory of the hotel “Villa Park Chair”.


Sitting idle is hardly possible, the resort surprises, delights, fascinates, beckons with sights and incredible colorful acts … Leisure time will be unforgettable:

  • The main “treasures” of the peninsula are concentrated in and around the city – Levada and Massandra palaces, Swallow’s Nest, residences and “summer houses” of the nobility of the royal time, temples. In the number and value of objects of architecture, this southern city is no worse than European;
  • The central embankment is full of all kinds of fun. Slow walk under the tropical trees, a cup of coffee with dessert in a cute cafe or restaurant, souvenir shopping, a portion of adrenaline on the attractions of the amusement park, live music, magicians performances – all this can be the basis of a sample program of a warm evening. You can dilute it with a concert in a famous “Jubilee”, bowling in an entertainment club, singing karaoke songs right on the street, disco in one of the major nightclubs;
  • The little ones will also like it here. For them runs a zoo, water park “Atlantis”, dolphinarium, and in the open-air museum “Glade of Fairy Tales” waiting for the heroes descended from the pages of books. There are several cafes with special children’s menu, where you can enjoy tens of sorts of ice cream, drink a milkshake and eat a delicate pastry.

How to communicate with hotel personnel

Spa Hotel Livadia 4*

Stylish hotel in Livadia is ideal for a holiday with children in Yalta in the summer of 2022. In 30 m from the buildings there is a clean pebble beach. The hotel has spacious rooms. If you come with a baby, the room will put a crib for free. The child will have fun on the playground and in the nursery, and the active animators will not let him get bored at the sea. Meals – buffet.

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Buffet in “Livadia”.


It is impossible to find a sandy beach around, basically a fine or large pebble, the only option, and that if you are lucky, – the stones, mixed with sand. Herein lies the main advantage: the coastal waters are cleanest, transparent, some beaches have repeatedly won the status of the “Blue Flag”. Almost anywhere on the coastline can be accessed for free, because it belongs to the municipality. The exception is the small islands rented by luxury hotels. Despite the free access to the shore, you still have to pay – at least to rent sun loungers. Almost all beaches equipped with toilets, changing rooms, showers. Not uncommon are cozy cafes and nice restaurants, sometimes there are stalls with drinks, sweets and accessories for swimming.

What is the difference between all-inclusive and ultra all-inclusive Explanation of meal types: RO, BB, HB, BF, AI, UAI 5 tips for feeding your child on vacation


Kids just love animals, so you’re sure to love family outings to Yalta’s zoos. They differ from each other, so you can visit all of them and in each get new impressions and pleasant emotions.

Zoo “Fairy Tale”.

This zoo, whose symbol is a white beauty tigress, lives more than a hundred different species of animals and birds. They have comfortable spacious aviaries, the animals are well-groomed and enjoy interacting with visitors. And how else, when people are allowed to feed them? The only condition is to bring only suitable products or buy them in the zoo itself.

Address: 156 Kirov street.

  • 9:00 – 22:00 (summer);
  • 9:00 – 17:00 (in winter).

You can get there by bus №24, 26, 27, 42, 102, 115, 125, get off at the stop “Glade of fairy tales”.

Zoo “Planet of the Apes and Wildcats

Picture of monkeys in Yalta

Despite the name, this zoo has a rich collection of more than 300 species of different inhabitants of our planet. The emphasis is on wild cats, of which there are indeed many, and on a variety of monkeys. Birds, fish and other animals are also present.

You need to keep in mind that you can’t touch the animals in the “Planet”. You have to be careful with the predators.

Address: 50, Drazhinskogo street.

Working hours: 24 hours a day.

The zoo is located on the territory of the hotel “Yalta-Intourist”.


Very young zoo, founded in 2022. Here the content corresponds to the name. In the contact zoo live exclusively raccoons. And if you love them or really want to meet them, be sure to come and visit.

Raccoons are incredibly curious and sociable. In fact, they are the ones who will study you and use you for their games, not the other way around. The place has tremendous popularity. The only difficulty that may arise is to get the kids out of here when the tour time comes to an end.

Address: Sverdlova Street, 12B.

  • 11:00 – 18:00 (weekdays);
  • 10:00 – 19:00 (weekends).

The nearest public transport stop is the flea market.

Yalta on your own: how much does it cost to stay?

Apartments in Yalta

Apartments in Yalta

Our friend in Yalta stayed at Dacha Arakina apartments – he liked it.

Now it’s turn – independent tourists. As I said, holidaymakers in Yalta:

  • Either they live in apartments from private individuals (help –
  • Or they can rely on hotel business and choose hotels, guesthouses, rest houses, etc.

With the reservation of the latter is a little harder – not all of the known search engines work in the Crimea. I recommend Booking, but be sure to put a tick in the box “I travel for work,” otherwise the system will not find anything.

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Inexpensive vacation in Yalta, most often involves staying in the private sector. Because the hotels are 2-3 times more expensive. And if you choose all inclusive, the prices will be even higher.

The cost of living in hotels in Yalta: (2-bed room per day)

Without stars (guest house, apartments) from 1600 rubles
3 stars from 2400 rubles
4 stars from 5,000 rubles
5 stars from 10 000 rubles

Nevertheless, the desire for comfort and service – is quite natural, so here is a selection of popular among tourists hotels in Yalta:

  • 4* Yalta Intourist – probably the most famous Black Sea hotel. Well, seriously, who hasn’t heard of Intourist? The hotel is huge, with a beautiful green area, but here is a number fund in need of renovation. The first coastal line. Tour for 7 nights: from 125 000 rubles for two (all inclusive) Price per night: from 15 000 rubles
  • 3 * Levant – a family hotel near the sea. Free sun loungers, good cuisine and animation for children. Near the embankment – a pleasant stroll in the evening. Tour for 7 nights: from 80 000 rubles for two (breakfasts) Price per night: from 10 000 rubles
  • 3* Ripario Modern – not a bad hotel in the village of Otradnoe near Yalta. Good reviews gets from older tourists, those who need a vacation in the Crimea with food and a pool (like boarding house). Young naomiominet sovok:). Not available on tour Price per night: from 7000 rubles.
  • 3 * Bristol – a reliable three with a high rating in the center of Yalta. To the sea – only 400 meters. Tour for 7 nights: from 70 000 rubles for two (breakfasts) Price per night: from 6000 rubles
  • 5 * Mriya Resort & Spa – is located in the village of Opolznevoje (30 minutes from Yalta), and this is a huge spa resort. The price is off the charts, but reviews – all excellent. Tour for 7 nights: from 170,000 rubles for two (without meals) Not available for Booking

Rest in the private sector of Yalta by the sea

In the market of tourist accommodations we are definitely dominated by apartments, rooms, houses. It’s understandable if you go on vacation in Yalta in 2022, the prices for the private sector is more acceptable:

  • rooms at grannies – from 500 rubles / day,
  • summer cottages with facilities on the street – from 800 rubles,
  • tiny apartments in the old stock – from 1000 rubles,
  • Modern apartments in elite new buildings – from 2000 rubles
  • Entire villas and houses – from 4,000 rubles.

Rest in the private sector of Yalta by the sea (say, no further than 200 meters to the beach) minimum costs from 3500 rubles a day.

Here is how to find a private person without intermediaries:

– Book in advance online at the site It is a large housing-rental site, and there are a lot of ads from owners there.

– Look for inexpensive accommodation in Yalta; walk around the courtyards and alleys; the hosts often put up signs advertising the rent.

Be careful when choosing a place to stay. Unfortunately a lot of landlords think that just being in Yalta makes their properties unique and they are not really invested in the convenience of a tourist. Read reviews, check the condition of appliances and furniture, make sure the beach is where you were promised.

All Inclusive Holidays in Yalta: Top 3 Hotels

The Crimean coast is ideal for family vacations. Healing sea air, warm sea, excursions to natural and historical attractions make the stay on the peninsula useful and interesting. If you want to have “everything at hand” while traveling, we recommend choosing the places with developed tourist infrastructure: plenty of accommodation, cafes and restaurants, as well as shopping and entertainment centers. One of these resorts in the Crimea is Yalta.

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For those who have decided to spend a vacation with children in Yalta in 2022, we’ve chosen the best hotels that were highly rated by tourists on the website Travelata (more than 4 points from 5). To correctly calculate the trip budget, we advise you to read the prices for trips to these complexes. The indicated cost includes airfare Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow, accommodation for a couple with a child for 10 nights and meals. For those who prefer to plan a trip without agents, we listed the prices for independent booking.

Villa Park Chair 4*.

One of the best hotels for recreation with children in Yalta with food “all inclusive” is in Gaspra. The six-storey villa stands on the territory of the modern park-hotel ‘Marat’, surrounded by exotic trees and flowers. It is 11 km to the center of Yalta and 1 km to the private pebble beach. Holidaymakers swim in the outdoor pool and ride to the sea by cable car. There is a playground and children’s animation at the villa.

Rest with children in Yalta

Territory of the hotel “Villa Park Chair”.

Where to go with the kids

Yalta Glade of Fairy Tales, Baba Yaga photo

Glade of Fairy Tales, Baba Yaga

Glade of Fairy Tales

In the afternoon, the whole family can go to the Glade of Fairy Tales for an experience. Small mountain valley is densely populated by characters of Russian, Ukrainian and world legends. Every bush and tree here is not accidental: all together, they create the characteristic atmosphere of this or that popular fairy tale.

Little visitors are delighted to meet the Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio on the Tortoise, Snow White, the Bogatyrs, Boyan, Ilya Muromets and Ivan the Fool. Baba-Yaga, who is not at all scary, will talk to the children coming out of her log cabin.

Giraffe in a zoo photo

In the Fairy Tale Zoo you can feed animals

Fairy Tale Zoo

Private Yalta zoo “Fairy Tale” with hand pelicans and the opportunity to feed the animals is located nearby. Animals are well-groomed and in an excellent mood, birds are bright and cheerful.

The collection of inhabitants is very decent and includes albino tigers and black swans. The younger visitors literally feed the animals with food, which is sold here by the enterprising owners specifically for this purpose. In the end everyone is happy.

Swallow's Nest view photo

View to the Swallow’s Nest

Swallow’s Nest

It is impossible to visit the Crimea and not to show children Swallow’s Nest its legends, especially since from Yalta there go pleasure boats. It is better to take a trip with a tour, and then you will learn everything you see on the coast from the ship. If you are lucky, your boat will want to be accompanied by dolphins.

Sometimes they surround the boat, showing their wet backs and even jumping out of the water to the delight of the tourists. The castle itself makes a lasting impression on young visitors. Their imagination populates the tiny palace on a rock with fairies, knights and princesses. There used to be a restaurant inside, where you could feed the hungry after a sea walk excursion.

Plateau Ai-Petri in summer

Ai-Petri Plateau in summer

Ai-Petri Mountain

Another place that will bring a lot of pleasure and serve educational and entertainment purposes – Ai-Petri Plateau, which also has many legends and tales. It is interesting to go there by cable car. While the carriage slowly carries travelers to the sky, eyes can not admire the beauty of Yalta from the bird’s-eye view, the sea, obscuring the horizon.

Creepy Crimea: 7 Reasons Not to Rest

Up there you will find a horseback ride, the world’s most delicious Tatar cuisine from local cafes and descend into an underground cave with stalactites, growing from the ceiling and endless mysterious rooms, going inside the mountain.

Nikitsky Bot Garden photo

NBS – Adventure Park.

If you are accompanied by older children on the trip, be sure to visit the Nikitsky Botanical Garden with its vegetation. Depending on the season you’ll see tulips, irises, roses or chrysanthemums in bloom. The guide will tell you a lot of curious facts about botany. It will be an interesting task for a brave young explorer to find the way out of the “Green Labyrinth”, and a girl will be curious to take a closer look at the live tropical butterflies, the exhibition of which is located here.

Livadia Palace photo

Livadia Palace

Spa Hotel Livadia 4*

Stylish hotel in Livadia is ideal for a holiday with children in Yalta in the summer of 2022. In 30 m from the buildings there is a clean pebble beach. The hotel has spacious rooms. If you come with a baby, the room will put a crib for free. The child will have fun on the playground and in the nursery, and the active animators will not let him get bored at the sea. Meals – buffet.

Buffet in “Livadia”.

Yalta for children – interesting entertainment

Yalta can safely be called a suitable place to travel with children. For an unforgettable holiday here is everything you need: comfortable hotels, a wide range of entertainment for the whole family, a lot of exciting excursions, play areas with swimming pools on local beaches and much more. A detailed article on how to get to Yalta, here. And about all the sights of the main resort of Crimea, we told here. Well, if you just need quality organized tours around the city and the Crimea – feel free to go here. Or here if you want to sunbathe and you need information about the beaches of Yalta.

Amusement Park Dreamwood

The Dreamwood theme park located on the territory of Mriya Resort & SPA is one of the best places for family vacations. The park combines four elements of nature: Forest, Water, Mountain and Wind.

Guests have a variety of activities: rope camp, rides, quest room, mini-golf, water activities, the “Forest of Wonders” for the kids.

Admission costs from 1,400 ₽ . The amount includes all activities and attractions. Additional fees include quest rooms, League of Robots robotics class, Gold Diggers attraction, use of VR glasses at Jeep Ride and Mine 1771.

  • Location: 9, General Ostryakov Street, Opolznevoje, Yalta.

Zoo “Fairy Tale”.

Private Yalta zoo founded by O. Zubkov is considered one of the best on the peninsula. Large cages are occupied by cheetahs, lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars, wolves, foxes, bears, giraffes, crocodiles and monkeys. Animals are allowed to feed special food (from 100 ₽).

At the zoo operate:

  1. fish exhibition “Sea Aquarium” ,
  2. Exotarium – the world of reptiles.


  • Zoo admission tickets are 400 ₽ for children 3-10 years old, 800 ₽ for adults.
  • Visit the Underwater Grotto Marine Aquarium exhibition – 150 ₽/300 ₽ , Exotarium – 100 ₽/200 ₽ respectively.
  • Location: 159 Kirov Street.

Glade of Fairy Tales

This unique museum of fairy tale sculptures is located in the outskirts of Yalta, right under the open sky . There are more than 300 sculptures from different materials in the exposition “Glade of Fairy Tales”. This sculpture was created in 1960 by craftsman P. P. Bezrukov.

Here you can see the characters of favorite fairy tales: Pinocchio, Water, Little Mermaid, Tortilla the Tortoise, Mowgli and Bagheera, Dr. Aibolit, Mermaid, the wolf and the three piglets, three bears and many others.

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Animators in fairy-tale characters work in the park: Baba Yaga, Rapunzel, Masha and the Bear, Spider-Man, Chip and Dale, minions and others.

  • The cost of admission is 200 ₽ for children, 350 ₽ for adults. Children under 6 years old are free to enter.
  • Location: 28 Yauzy St.

Atlantis Water Park

  • Big article about the best water parks in Crimea with current prices, descriptions and reviews here.

The modern water park in Yalta was opened in 2015. Vacationers have access to the wave pool, heated pool for the smallest, slides, water guns. The slides “Virazh”, “Forsazh”, “Extreme” (suitable for children from 10 years) are very popular with visitors.

Cost of admission:

  • 1300 ₽ for adults for 3.5 hours,
  • 1,600 ₽ for adults for a full day,
  • 750 ₽ for children between 100 and 140 cm tall,
  • children under 100 cm tall and birthday children free admission.

The “I’ll be back” promotion Water park cost 800 ₽ for adults, 400 ₽ for children; also you can buy a 3, 5 or 10-visit season ticket “Crimean Vacation”.

  • Location: 7a Kommunarov St.


Yalta’s Crocodilarium has amazing fauna: caimans, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, and reptiles.

  • Cost to visit is ₽500 for children, ₽700 for adults.
  • Location: 1 Ignatenko St.

Theater of sea animals “Aquatoria”

“Aquatoria” is one of the leading dolphinariums of the Crimean peninsula. On the open area of the theater are the performances with the Black Sea dolphins, sea lions, white whales and walruses.

There is an Aquarium with a big collection of the Black Sea fish, freshwater fish and mollusks, a turtle farm, a dolphin therapy center.

  • Cost to visit – from 500 ₽ for children, from 600 ₽ for adults.
  • Swimming with dolphins (all year round) – 3000 ₽/5 minutes, 5000 ₽/10 minutes,
  • Dolphin photo shoot – 1,000 ₽ .

The shows are Wednesdays at 15:00 and Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 and 15:00.

  • Location: Livadia, Vinohradnoe village, Bakhchisarayskoe highway, 17a.

“Bristol is a beautiful hotel at the seaside

  • Address: Roosevelt Street, 10.

Bristol Yalta photo

Another hotel in Yalta by the sea, “all inclusive” to which you can apply, but with a small reservation, many call “Bristol”. He has a favorable location – in the city center, just a few minutes walk from the Embankment. Lenin Embankment. It is very convenient to walk to the sights of Yalta, as well as by public transport, the stop is very close.

In payment for accommodation includes only breakfast in the form of a buffet, but if you want you can pay for lunch and dinner, which together turn out to be equivalent to a full board. When visiting the pizzeria or restaurants located on the first floor, vacationers have the opportunity to take advantage of discounted rates.

Bristol all inclusive hotel

Despite its small size – unlike the first two examples – Yalta hotel can offer its guests all the necessary infrastructure and entertainment:

  • its own beach, located within walking distance;
  • swimming pool, gym, children’s playground, sauna;
  • special room and equipment for conferences and business meetings.

Hotels Yalta by the sea, working on an “all inclusive”, is not so easy to find yet, although progress is evident. Most of them are large hotel complexes and pensions that have their own beaches. The prices for staying in them are not the cheapest. Perhaps, given the demand and the demand for this service, the tourism industry pearl of Crimea will make some steps in the development of this system of residence!

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