Honestly about Betta. Holiday reviews and prices – 2022

Betta reviews of holidaymakers 2022

The territory is very cozy. Car can be left in the yard – entrance to the territory only with keys, video surveillance – everything is safe. Rooms are clean and comfortable. bedding is ironed, there is no dust – for allergic people it is important. There is a common kitchen with.

The second year in a row we come to the guest house “family” and have a great vacation. Good hosts, clean, comfortable. In the room refrigerator, TV, bathroom, air conditioning, closet, bedside tables. Near the room a table, chairs, you can sit, relax, eat.

We stayed in this wonderful place since early July. Booked on the internet, and no mistake. Just looking for a house with comfortable conditions, not expensive. On the territory of a lot of greenery, parking, barbecue, gazebo. The house is perfect cleanliness and tasteful.

We liked the house very much, clean and bright. The modern renovation. Kitchen summer, landscaped yard, flowers. The path to the sea through a beautiful forest, on the edges of the road with blackberries blooms, vines hang beautifully, shade and cool. One only path to the sea.

The pension is situated between two rocks. Beautiful, large park area near the boarding house. Clean mountain air. Far from the highway. The dining room is located separately. Swedish table. Corps 1 is the best. Elevator. Water cooler. Ironing board on.

I decided to write an objective review with all the advantages and disadvantages. I liked: a large swimming pool with clear water and lighting, large kitchen with two gas stoves, in the rooms split system, full-size refrigerator, bathroom with shower.

Immediately grateful to all the staff, and especially the staff of the dining room. Thank you! Came with my family to the boarding house and fell in love at first sight. Everything on the order of things. Starting at reception I was surprised at the attitude of the staff. Welcoming, friendly.

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We thanked the owners for the facilities! I had 3 children with us. We really liked it. Clean, comfortable, quiet and friendly. Thank you so much!!!

We had a great stay and a great vacation. IF BRIEFLY, the sea – a rocky coast, turquoise water, bottom is visible (from a boat) 10 meters, knocking about fish, crabs and other liveaboards, packs of dolphins and a lot of emotions for all year*.

I had a rest with my husband at the end of August 2021, I liked the guest house very much, the room is clean and the linen is clean and ironed. The hosts are friendly, we were told and shown everything. To the sea 10 minutes (long road). The sea is clean.

In general not bad. ¹ single food – Swedish table – rather edible, Swimming pools with a hill (like even with heating, but it did not include, though places would be good. In August, not a lot of people – a quiet holiday. Pretty friendly staff, delivery.

Had a rest in this place from 2.08 to 4.08. Two nights. No administrator, responsible for everything cleaning lady, who has no skills in dealing with visitors. No organization. In rooms ask to walk without shoes, the same situation in the common kitchen. There is no grill.

Are you there, absolutely! We 2 people have to pay for 3 people. Yes, and even 4500 r… A day?! Fear God. Betta is an expensive farm! We have nothing to do with you.

Thank you for an organized, comfortable, family vacation. I will begin in order. We decided as a family of 6 to travel to Sochi. We went to Bette, and stopped at Podgornaya. The plan was to stay for two days, and move on the road. I liked it.

I found the website offer inexpensive and everything I wanted.Called Tatiana and she confirmed it all.Immediately asked for payment in advance, I sent.We arrived in Betty and these people began to show us the way.It turned out the road goes sharply uphill and I do not.

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All barachnogo type, two floors – turns out that everywhere you have neighbors. Maybe someone will, but it was not for us. came, look and go. )))

Reviews: useful information.

Going on vacation, we always want to know more about the place, the planned vacation, listen to advice, consider the photo. Build a complete picture about the rest in Betta will help us very much reviews holidaymakers 2019, here have been. Useful information in the reviews, which is always interesting to holidaymakers is:

Rates for rooms or private accommodation. Approximate cost of a check for a complex dinner. How much does recreation and entertainment cost: average prices for the area.

How clean is the sea. Tips: where best to swim with small children. Sea water temperature.

Paid or free. How clean. How often is it cleaned. Cafes, equipment rentals, attractions.

Betta: tips on recreation

Rest in Betta

A small farmstead on the shore of the Black Sea is considered a paradise place for a secluded vacation. We will tell you about Betta unvarnished! Find out if you should go on holiday to Betta in 2022 and read the reviews of tourists.


Impressions of the resort

The Black Sea resort is located in a mountainous wooded area in the Gelendzhik district of Krasnodar Krai. Khutor Betta is small and quiet. The main housing – on a hill, and down by the sea, there are hotels, stores, cafes, market and beach entertainment. What is called the “shopping center” here consists of a bar, a canteen and a barbershop.

The streets of Betta are narrow. According to reviews, many guest houses do not have their own parking lot, so tourists who came to the sea by car, have to leave them in paid parking lots.

In Yeisk: “The area is mountainous and the whole settlement is surrounded by forests. I love the combination of the sea and huge pine trees. For me, this is the most beautiful picture.”

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miss____violett: “We have been to Betta several times, we used to go there every year, watching the place change and grow. Over time it has changed not for the better – there are more vacationers, the hotels have started to get upset. The central beach is packed.”

Is it expensive to have a rest?

Prices in the summer of 2022 at the small resort of Betta are not the lowest in the Krasnodar region! The lack of competition generates high demands from the owners of guest houses and local cafes. Lodging on the farm is more expensive than in Gelendzhik. On responses of holiday-makers many variants in Betta are “grandmother’s” rooms which haven’t been repaired in 100 years.

The inhabited house-cabin for two without a toilet costs from 1300 rubles. You’ll have to pay extra for the Internet, shower and kitchen. You can rent a cottage for 4-5 people for about $4000 or more. Search for lodging at Hotelluk and Suteluk.

There are no chain stores in Betta. Food prices are the same as in other resorts. Dinner for four will cost 1,500 rubles. The stalls by the sea sell Black Sea fish and figs, but the prices are higher than in Moscow.

Eugene: “Autocamping “Orbit”. – Called, agreed to rent a trailer for a day for 650 rubles per person. Parking, toilet, shower, free internet. So they said on the phone. Upon arrival, the lady at the gate said that the trailer will cost 850 rubles per person, plus 200 rubles parking. Plus toilet and shower 40 rubles.

Best hotels in Betta

What Sea and Beaches in Betta

According to tourist reviews for 2021, Bette has a small but well-groomed central beach. The sea shore is covered with rounded pebbles. There are changing rooms, a shady awning and you can rent deck chairs. Lovers of secluded recreation like to swim and sunbathe on wild beaches of Betta. The water there is cleaner, but the shore is more rocky.

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Valentinadan: “The beach is very beautiful, just like the pictures on the Internet, the promenade is clean, entertainment is not so much, but they are. Despite the fact that the beach is small, the place is not difficult to find at any time. I liked the fact that the swimming area for children and people who can not swim is fenced with buoys.

Panorama of the beach in Betta

What to do

On the beach Betta installed trampoline “Bungee”, also wishing can be instructed and learn the basics of windsurfing. Fans of active recreation go fishing in the open sea, ride around the farm on bicycles, quad bikes and jeeps.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, in Betty popular excursions to Gelendzhik, Pshadskie and Bigiusskie waterfalls, mud volcanoes in Taman, Abrau-Dyurso, Novorossiysk, Mill Slit and to the dolmens in the valley of the river Zhane.

Rest in Betta can be both exclusively sea and trekking. Of the sights is Mount Ararat, which can be reached by dirt road. The steep rock Sail. If you haven’t got a ticket for a sanatorium at a low price, then there’s nothing to do here.

Rest with children

On a quiet cozy farm fresh air, a lot of greens, a good pebble beach, but mountainous terrain. With the kids go up to the house from the beach is difficult! Another significant disadvantage – there is almost no entertainment for children in Betta. The kids can frolic only on inflatable rides and a playground near the beach. True, not all parents are upset. Some believe that the less a child is tempted, the better!

Catherine: “Very nice place for a big family vacation. Picturesque rocks, beautiful waves, sunsets, dolphins. If you want a quiet holiday, go to Betta. Especially those who go with a bunch of children. There are no rides and so on, which will save your budget a lot.”

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Rest in Betta

Giant waterfall, Pshad waterfalls. Photo: Sergey Walker / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

When to go

Betta has a Mediterranean maritime climate. Humidity is higher than in Anapa, but lower than in Sochi. The beach season lasts from May to October. Warmest sea water is from the second half of July to early September +26 … +27 ° C.

In summer on weekends, despite the heat, many residents of the Krasnodar region come to the resort. If you do not like hot weather and large crowds of people, plan your vacation in Betta in June or September.

Lex300: “In September there is no scorching heat, the sea gets warm enough, and also the aroma of pine trees and the sea mixes into a beautiful cocktail! The season lasts until early October. Thanks to the location of the bay, the water does not cool down for a long time.

Is it worth going to Betta in 2022?

A few years ago, Betta was a green, quiet and budget resort. Now the situation has changed. The nature at the mouth of the river Betta is still beautiful, but the Black Sea is not as clean as before. Prices for housing and food have increased, and there are noticeably more holidaymakers.

A small farmstead is suitable for couples and tourists in age. Parents with children can be recommended this place of rest with a caveat – there are no attractions and entertainment in Betta. You can go to Arkhipo-Osipovka or Gelendzhik, but the road with a child on the bus in the heat is unlikely to be pleasant!

Kikifeja: “There are a lot of people on vacation in Betta. From Krasnodar it’s only a couple of hours away, so in summer all weekends are packed to capacity. Be ready that it is a lot of people”.

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