Honestly about Fethiye. Vacation reviews of tourists – 2022

Fethiye (Turkey) – Tourist reviews

Preparing to travel to a beautiful corner of Oludeniz, I added to the group “Another Turkey-Fethiye, Oludeniz, Marmaris” in “vkontakte” to Nina Kalininskaya, she can book a tour while still in St. Petersburg. I was interested in traveling on a small Turkish boat around the bays of Fethiye and visiting the beautiful bay “Aquarium” a favorite place for divers, with clear, crystal clear water. So me and another family arranged and booked the boat Velim 99 with Nina, captained by Onur. We were staying in Oludeniz, and Nina wrote us that the transfer to Fethiye is included in the cost of the cruise, and the cost of 280 euros is not small. We were happy that they would take us directly to the port by car, and then Nina wrote that no, the transfer is charged – 50 liras. We refused it. Then I felt something wrong, but decided it was just a misunderstanding. When we arrived on the appointed day to the boat Velim 99, we were met by the captain, who smiled at us. The start was good. We headed out to the beautiful coves, enjoyed swimming in the clear water and anticipated a trip to Aquarium Bay. The captain and his wife set up a table for us with appetizers and meats. Everything was delicious. At the 3rd stop everything suddenly changed and the captain’s attitude toward us and the whole experience of the trip. On the boat the toilet was broken. And, importantly, we followed all the rules for using the toilet, the child was under adult supervision. The captain changed his face and became rude, stopped answering our questions, turned off our internet and music. Accused my husband of eating too many watermelons. After the incident with the toilet at 16:30, though we had agreed to have a bath till 18:00, the Captain turned back to Fethiye. He did not answer our questions, he just looked at us frowning. I understand that Onur thought we were guilty of clogging the toilet and decided to punish us this way. So we did not get to the beautiful Aquarium Bay, which means that the arrangements were not respected. Not only is the behavior of the captain outrageous, but he did not even explain anything to us, and in theory he should have apologized for the broken toilet and lowered our price for non-compliance with the agreement. In the process of paying, Onur also decided to charge us for the water, which he gave us for free (according to him). The impression of the trip was completely ruined. On arrival at the hotel I immediately wrote to Nina Kalininskaya, expecting her to apologize for the captain’s behavior or at least express regret for what had happened. Instead she sided with the captain and started saying that we had disrespected the captain by clogging his toilet! This is unheard of. After my explanations, Nina did not change her mind and removed me from the group and added me to the blacklist. Dear readers, do not be fooled by Nina Kalininskaya promises, book tours already on the spot, upon arrival in Fethiye, it will come out much cheaper. Thank you if you read to the end of my review. I hope to someone it will help to keep away from charlatans.

Neutral reviews

Peaceful and quiet rest. What could be better after a hard day’s work? To be honest, I don’t really like to rest actively. There are, of course, bursts when I want to dance and dance, but most of the time I need silence. Fethiye perfectly meets the parameters of my vacation, so I went here.

The city is immersed in greenery. Reminds me of the southern coast of Crimea and small Black Sea resorts – everywhere there are trees, flowers, bushes, rocks, the sea in the bay. But Turkish service is a head above, so it is not surprising that at the same price, Russian tourists prefer Turkey.

I came here to sunbathe and swim, so the first thing I did was go to the beach. There is more than one beach: there is a sandy one, a pebble one and a wild one a little bit away from the city. Rest is a pleasure – I comfortably settled under an umbrella (the sun here is unusually hot, so I recommend lying in the shade, or under an umbrella) with a cocktail in hand, and enjoyed life.

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In the evening, I decided after such a relaxation, to give time to eat and drink in coastal restaurants. And also walked around the local market. Here for a small price (or rather for the initially big, but by making eyes at the sellers, you can bring down the price by half, if not three times):

Fresh fish, which they can clean in front of you and give you hundreds of recipes on how best to bake it.

The good stuff. Fakes of famous brands are everywhere, but of good quality.

Fethiye did not amaze me with entertainment and sights. But I went for a simple holiday. I got it in full. So feel free to come here – the city is worth it.


In Fethiye, as well as all of the south-west coast of Turkey is dominated by a mild maritime climate, which increases the popularity of rest. The microclimate that has formed in the area is the best way to take sea and air baths. The main difference between Fethiye and many other resort towns of Turkey is the environmental cleanliness of the area and an abundance of greenery. The climate in Fethiye is also different: the skies are clear all summer, and the summer heat is never broken by the northern winds, from which Fethiye is safely protected by mountains covered with forest.

Fethiye’s microclimate is conducive to a nice and even suntan, and it is saturated with clean, healthy sea air. The best time to go on vacation is from May to October.

The average air temperature is +23C in early May, +25C in May, +28C to +30C in June, +34C in July and August, +30C in September and +26C in October.

Beach season starts on May 1st and you will definitely get a golden tan during the May holidays. Swimming in early May, adults and children are comfortable in the Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz resort), where the sea is shallow and the water gets up to +22C. At the city beach of Oludeniz and other places on the coast of Fethiye, the sea warms up to a comfortable bathing temperature around May 20th.

From mid-July to the end of August is the hottest season, the temperature can rise to 40C. So if you do not like the extreme heat, the best season for recreation for you will be June and September-October. The beach and swimming season continues in Oludeniz and Fethiye until the end of October. Although there can be some rainy days in the second half of October, the weather is generally warm as in summer (+25-27C) and mostly sunny.

During the year, on the coast of Fethiye, there are following variations of sea temperature: January, February, March – +16С – +17С, April – +18.5С, May – +22.7С, June – +26.5С, July, August, September – +28С, October – +26С.

The weather and climate in Fethiye allow you to stay here all year round. The temperature rarely falls below +12-14C in Fethiye in winter. However, the weather in Fethiye is quite rainy in winter, the rains usually begin at the end of autumn and last until the end of winter. Because of the prevailing climatic conditions, the entire area is covered with pine forests consisting of silver, Scots and Norway spruce. The mild climate allows plants such as olive, laurel, myrtle, acacia, and many other species to grow.


Wonderful nature – mountains, greenery, sea, beautiful, clean, well-maintained


From the airport the road can take an hour and a half or two

Fethiye resort in Turkey is located near the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea, but the sea is still Mediterranean, not Aegean, as many mistakenly think.

The trip from the airport Dalaman on the tourist transfer is more than an hour, and with entries in other hotels can come out and all two. No further than Alanya, roughly comparable in time to Belek.

I like Fethiye better than Belek and Kemer (Beldibi in particular). It’s a very civilized and decent resort town. Incredibly beautiful and well-groomed embankment is decorated with magnificent figures of boxwood and white rounded cobblestones. Clean, cozy, green. There is a place to sit in the shade, there are impressive playgrounds, where kids frolic with pleasure.

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You can find a sink right on the street to collect water or wash your hands or fruits.

Along the waterfront “parked” all sorts of yachts and boats – fishing, tourist, private, the eyes run out of variety. The beach in Fethiye where you can swim, I personally did not see, and to be honest, such an abundance of water transport would not really want to swim in the water, probably not the cleanest. We swam in our hotel, from which we came to Fethiye to the famous oriental bazaar.

A little further inland from the promenade are all sorts of stores, hairdressers, pharmacies. There is one big supermarket, I don’t remember its name anymore. The prices are lower than in the stores at the hotels, but still high enough – the resort is considered British, and the Englishmen like to make a fortune not only for the Turks, but the Spaniards, and many other “tuttristic” places. At German resorts, where a more “greedy” public, it is usually cheaper)

Behind the city line you can go higher, where you can get wonderful panoramic views of the sea and Fethiye. There are also Lycian tombs there.

Fethiye is also one of the most well located resorts for excursions to major attractions in Turkey.

Fethiye: a recipe for a great holiday

Fethiye is a resort for introverts: it is quiet, peaceful and not quite touristy. We share our personal experience of holidaying in Fethiye and give useful tips.

We have prepared this guide with the support of Tripster, a service for unusual excursions. There we easily found experienced guides who helped make our holiday in Turkey vivid and had an incredible experience from the locals. Thank you Tripster for the experience!


Impressions of the resort

Fethiye is a very quiet and peaceful city, very different from Antalya and other Turkish resort classics. It is a different Turkey! There are no huge hotel complexes, mostly villas, houses and low-rise small hotels. Almost the entire resort is located on a plain, and only a very small part of it climbs the mountain.

All tourist life is concentrated in the center, under the mountain – the Old Town of Paspatur. It is quite small: there are bazaars and stores, cafes, bars, museum, hotels, old houses with balconies, marina and yacht club, waterfront. Cozy and nice place! Most of all I liked the long promenade and the beautiful marina with rows of yachts. In the evenings we enjoyed walking by the sea, admiring them.

In general, Fethiye left a very pleasant impression – it is a comfortable place for a quiet life by the sea, but without too much traffic, like in Marmaris. A kind of resort for introverts and pensioners. :) From here it is easy to go by car to the sights in the neighborhood and Oludeniz beach.

The snow-white yachts in Fethiye Marina are an eye-catcher! The seafront of Fethiye stretches for many kilometers. From the observation deck you can see that almost the entire city is on a plain. Fethiye is a colorful city.

How to reach Fethiye

The closest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman. See ticket prices on Aviasales.

If you are an independent tourist, look for Havaş buses at the airport or buses labeled “Dalaman havalimanı – Fethiye otogar” that will take you to Fethiye bus station in about an hour. The ticket price for Havaş is 25 liras.

If you want more comfort you should book a cab or a private transfer. We book transfers in Turkey on three websites: Intui.travel, Gettransfer.com or Kiwitaxi.ru – we compare prices for the right date and choose the most convenient and inexpensive one. With an individual transfer you can save a few hours of vacation, especially on the last day of vacation not to leave for the airport too early.

We came to Fethiye by rented car, as we have been traveling around Turkey for a long time. We rented a car in Antalya on the service Localrent. Read more about car hire in Turkey.

Where to live in Fethiye

Fethiye is quite a big city with suburbs and neighborhoods:

The center is the Old Town, the busiest and most beautiful part. Stay here if the beach is not important, but if you want to live in a cozy place with cafes, bars, stores, and a marina. Here are the most beautiful boutique hotels with great reviews:

    – A stylish boutique hotel with view rooms and a pool. Adults only. – The suites are impossibly cozy! Take the top floors with a view of the marina.
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Chalish is a remote area with a beach. We stayed here – we rented a nice two-storey house, and we drove to the center and Oludeniz. In Çalış is very quiet and peaceful, the infrastructure is mainly by the seafront. There are houses for rent, apart-hotels and usual hotels, even some all-inclusive and 5*. Few stores, but you can take a shuttle to the huge Migros. Here are the best hotels:

    – A large and beautiful all-inclusive hotel on Chalish beach. – natural lake, water slides, all-inclusive and rooms with access to the pool.

Oludeniz is a resort village with a beautiful beach, azure waters and a quiet bay surrounded by green mountains. Here you can live in the mountains cheaper, but to go to the beach on a shuttle bus, or to settle near the beach.

    – Mediterranean boutique hotel on 1 line with a stunning poolside garden! – A hotel for secluded rest and relaxation.

Look for a hotel in advance on Hotelluk. That way you can choose the best accommodation based on tourists’ reviews. Tours we also buy only online at services Travelata and Level.Travel – they quickly find the most profitable trip, plus you can read reviews on the sites.

Conclusion: For the beach holiday sit in Calis or Oludeniz, and urban – in the center of Fethiye. Book the hotel in advance, and buy inexpensive trips on proven services online.

We rented a house rather than a hotel in Fethiye, and I think it’s perfect for such a quiet resort! There are beautiful boutique hotels and aparthotels on the mountain near the port overlooking the sea.

Where to swim in Fethiye

The only beach in Fethiye itself is the sandy and pebbly Çalış . It is long and wide, with a promenade and cafes. We did not like it very much: the sea is a bit muddy, and the sand is gray with litter. According to the reviews of tourists, there are also stones in water – we did not swim there. Those are in Oludeniz!

If you appreciate beach rest, you need to go to Oludeniz – and it is even better to live there. The water in Oludeniz is azure, light sand with pebbles and picturesque green mountains. In general, a heavenly place.

Oludeniz has a public beach Beldzekiz and the famous Blue Lagoon with Kumburnu beach. Beljekiz is an open sea, so there are small waves. We liked it: long, spacious, with a comfortable entrance, blown by the winds.

The blue lagoon is fenced off from the sea by a sand spit and closed by mountains, so the water there is always calm. It is beautiful and chambery! Kumburnu beach is two-way: when there are waves on one side and calm on the other. The lagoon is shallow, and in the reviews of some tourists called the lagoon frogs – but for children is very good. More tourists do not like that all beach potted with paid deck chairs, and the entrance to the lagoon and parking are also paid. The entrance to the lagoon and the parking lot are also not free of charge.

The conclusion: to swim it is necessary unequivocally in Oludeniz. And you can choose where to swim, in open Beldzekiz or closed Blue Lagoon.

We went to Chalish beach in the evening. I liked it a lot. Not so many tourists, but the locals with children and dogs saw. The atmosphere there is very peaceful, and what a sunset we saw!

We didn’t swim in Chalish beach because it didn’t seem clean enough to us. We only came for a walk by the sea. Kumburnu beach on the spit of the Blue Lagoon. Sun loungers are in line, despite the pandemic.

Is it expensive to stay in Fethiye?

According to travelers, holidays in Fethiye is cheaper than holidays in Oludeniz, but more expensive than in Kemer. We have not noticed any differences in the prices of food, transportation and tours in 2022, compared with other resorts in Turkey. Everywhere you can adjust the vacation to your budget!

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The most expensive restaurants and cafes in Fethiye are near the port and yacht club. We ate on a budget: we ate at loquante Sahil closer to the center, in Café Ametist in Çalış, we also cooked at home. We bought groceries at the big Migros. Find out how much food costs in Turkey.

Holidays in Fethiye

View of Fethiye.

What to see

In Fethiye itself there are no impressive places, but something to look at.

  • The Old Town is mostly stores, cafes and bars. There is an “umbrella street” and the Lycian tomb. However, for me it was more interesting to walk along the waterfront and look into the yacht club (ask the guard’s permission) – I love the silhouettes of white yachts. By the way, from the port you can raft to the Greek Rhodes.
  • Lycian tombs in the rocks . You can walk up close to them for 12.5 liras, but you can’t get inside. The most famous is the tomb of Amintas.
  • Fortress and observation deck . From the tombs it is easy to go even higher, to the ruins of the fortress and the observation deck. Come at sunset or early in the morning for the best photos.
  • The amphitheater is still being restored.
  • Fethiye Museum . It contains findings from the ruins of Tlos.

But there are many spectacular places around Fethiye! It is very advisable to spend a few hours walking around the ghost town of Kayaköy, where the Greeks once lived until they were expelled by the Turks a century ago. It is best to go there at sunset, when there is a touch of mystery and the place reveals itself in full force.

Go to the ruins of the ancient cities of Tlos and Xanf, the cool gorge of Saklikent, visit the observation deck of Butterfly Valley, swim on both beaches in Oludeniz and fly paragliders. Do not be lazy to go to Patara – there are ruins and unusual for Turkey barchans! The most beautiful in Patara is at sunset.

We also wanted to go to the antique town Pinara, but it needs an off-road car and we need to allocate more time.

Conclusion: You can see the sights in Fethiye in a day, but the surrounding area will take several days. You can get to Oludeniz by dolmush, but the other places only by rented car or guided tour. If you have a driver’s license, rent a car to see the most interesting things!

In Fethiye there are Lycian tombs in the rocks – just like in Mir or Dalyan. “Umbrella Street” is the usual shopping street, which is colorfully decorated to attract tourists. We saw the same one in Antalya. Take a walk through the Old Town and climb the mountain to see non-touristy Fethiye. Church in the ghost town of Kayaköy.

Where to rent a car

If you have the license, the desire and the time, rent a car for a couple or three days and see the sights around Fethiye on your own. It is very easy! The roads in Turkey are excellent, the rules are ordinary, the police are kind, and the driving style of the locals is quite adequate. And it’s also advantageous if you’re vacationing as a family or a company – it’s cheaper than taking a cab. Read our tips for car hire in Turkey.

We booked a car on the website Localrent and were completely satisfied. We rented a car to drive along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and to see Cappadocia and Pamukkale. Around Fethiye we saw everything on our own, except Dalyan, where we took an excursion.

Holidays in Fethiye

In Antalya we rented a car to drive along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and to see Cappadocia and Pamukkale.

Where to Buy Tours

There are plenty of excursion offerings on the waterfront! And almost all are boat trips around the islands and coves. We took a boat trip to Dalyan on Tripster: we caught blue crabs, admired the caretta-caretta turtles, swam in the mineral springs and admired the Lycian tombs in the rocks. And we saw the rest of the sites on our own because we had a car.

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Is it worth it to go with children?

With children it is better to rest not in Fethiye, but in Oludeniz, where there is a good beach. According to what tourists say, the climate in Fethiye and Oludeniz is milder than in Antalya, and the children endure the heat better.

There are almost no entertainments for children, except for water park Sultans Aqua City. You can take a boat trip to the islands. In order not to bore a child, it’s better to settle in the hotel, where there are children’s animation and playgrounds. Learn about holidays with children in Turkey.

GoLumos: “We came back from a vacation with my child at Club Tuana Fethiye. I was thrilled with the hotel, area, service, sea and of course the prices! For that kind of money in Europe you can only get apartments for breakfast. Good animators in the children’s club.

Holidays in Fethiye

In Fethiye, as in other resorts, there are many seals.

When is the best time to come

We were in Fethiye in mid-May, and I was a little hot even then. I think for sightseeing you need to come even earlier.

But it’s more comfortable to swim in September and October, when the water is well warmed up, but the sun is not so scorching. This velvet season: warm, sunny weather and almost no rain.

According to reviews of tourists, in May and June in Fethiye to swim is still cool. The Aegean Sea warms up to +23 … +24 ° C only the first days of July. However, everything is subjective: Lyosha took a bath in Oludeniz in mid-May, and the water seemed very warm to him. July and August are the hottest months of the year.

Conclusion: In my opinion, September and October are ideal months for comfortable bathing and excursions without suffering from the hot sun.

Anya Maslova: “I’m a cold person, but even for me the sea seemed very warm. The water temperature was +29°C – fantastic! It was nice to plunge into the sea after such a heat.

Holidays in Fethiye

It was too hot for me in Fethiye in the middle of May.

Our verdict

I think Fethiye is a good place to stay quietly for a few days and drive around the area. Even in high season, there are no crowds of tourists at the resort, everything is orderly and quiet. We rented a house rather than a hotel in Fethiye and I think it is perfect for such a resort!

Yachting and boat trips are good here: the resort is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, beautiful bays and islands. Take a boat trip in the harbor along the lagoons, or take a trip to Rhodes.

Lovers of antiquity and beautiful sights will also like it, because there are many interesting things around. From the resort it is convenient to leave for the day to see the surrounding area.

But the most important thing to come to Fethiye are the beaches and the nature of Oludeniz. Over Oludeniz tourists like to fly paragliders. We did not fly it, but we launched a drone – views from above are really great! So we advise at least once to come on holiday in Fethiye and Oludeniz.


  1. Look for bargain tours on Travelata and Level.Travel, and hotels with discounts on Hotelluk.
  2. If you want to live like a local, rent a house.
  3. You can vacation cheaper at the beginning or end of the season.
  4. The beaches of Oludeniz are the most beautiful. You can get from Fethiye by shuttle bus.
  5. For a beach holiday, settle in Oludeniz or Çalış.
  6. For the most comfortable beach holiday choose September and the first half of October.
  7. Look for the most inspiring experiences on the service of unusual excursions Tripster.
  8. If you have a license, rent a car and see the sights in the surrounding area.
  9. On your own or with a tour go to Kayaköy, Patara and Tlos – these are the places near Fethiye that impressed us the most.

Maximova: “It’s worth coming here for the sake of the beautiful marina, and of course to walk along the waterfront, where the tourist ships are moored. I was pleasantly surprised by the absence of crowds of tourists. It’s the calmest and least crowded seaside town I’ve ever been to.

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