Honestly about holidays in Abkhazia – 2022. Reviews and important tips

Abkhazia 2022 – reviews of tourists now, is it worth to go

Here we are – summer holiday 2022 has started in beautiful sunny Abkhazia. Hundreds of our compatriots rushed to the clean beaches of Pitsunda, on the wide coast of Gagra and favorite local attractions. But even more tourists still freeze in anticipation, and wonder if now it is worth to go to Abkhazia to holiday. Is it safe and how prices have changed compared with last year. Reviews holidaymakers already here will tell you all about what is happening at the popular local resorts.

Abkhazia is a beautiful country. She is “rich” sights, which must see here on vacation. We have a unique guide to Abkhazia with the best sights. The guide has information for independent tourists who love a great vacation and want to save on excursions and guides. With this guide you will be able to arrange an unforgettable holiday in the Republic of Abkhazia without extra cost and hassle yourself!

Is it worth going on holiday to Abkhazia in 2022. Tourist reviews, photos / Abkhazia this year: whether to go by car, features of rest, pros and cons of rest in Abkhazia

Abkhazia now: what is happening

The Republic of Abkhazia is a beautiful alpine meadows, gorgeous mountain lakes, incredibly large mountains, deep and beautiful caves, friendly people and most importantly – the warm sea. People come here not just for one thing. They come here for the complex of entertainment. Even just to eat khachapuri, which are the most delicious and mild here. Now there are a lot of our tourists in Abkhazia. As soon as warm weather arrives at the checkpoint between Russia and Abkhazia there is a queue of Russians wishing to get to the sunny republic as soon as possible. There are few luxurious and expensive hotels in Abkhazia but there are plenty of guest houses, where the friendly hosts are happy to accommodate you at prices much lower than in our resorts.

Is it worth going on holiday to Abkhazia in 2022. Tourist reviews, photos / Abkhazia this year: whether to go by car, features of rest, pros and cons of rest in Abkhazia

“As soon as they opened the border with Abkhazia, we immediately dropped everything and rushed here. The news about the opening of the border caught us in the mountains in Adler, and the next day at six in the morning we were standing at the border and passing control. So far there are not many tourists in Abkhazia, you could say there are none. We have read news that ten thousand tourists come to Abkhazia every day. But they are swept away by resorts and it seems that you are alone on holiday in this mountainous country. I like Abkhazia, I think we’ll stay here for a couple of weeks.”

“Just arrived by car in Pitsunda. Yesterday we had a holiday in Anapa, but Abkhazia just opened and we came here right away. There are not many tourists in town. We live in a guest house, there are 16 rooms, and only three are occupied. There are not many people on the beaches either. Plus, half of the visitors go on excursions to the mountains every day, so there are even fewer tourists on the beach. Prices are kind of like last year, even cheaper somewhere. But so far we are just getting used to rest, just like the hosts are getting used to us”.

Prices for accommodation

Abkhazia cannot boast of expensive new hotels or inns. It is mainly the private sector and sanatoriums, which were inherited after the Soviet Union. The most budget option is a room in a guest house. The rent price starts at 500 rubles. Tourists also like to rent an apartment for a month or two or for the entire summer. The cost of renting an apartment starts at 1000 rubles. Plus, sometimes owners rent not the entire apartment, but a room, and it turns out that strangers live in one apartment. So be careful! You can also rent a villa, but it’s the most expensive pleasure here. For example, the cheapest options start from eight thousand rubles per day. You can host up to 16 people at a time at a villa, and this option is perfect for a large group of friends or relatives. If you want to stay in the most luxurious hotels of the country, then you should be ready to pay about 3500-5000 rubles per night.

The Crimea or Abkhazia - where to have a better holiday

Is it worth going on holiday to Abkhazia in 2022. Tourist reviews, photos / Abkhazia this year: whether to go by car, features of rest, pros and cons of rest in Abkhazia

“My friends and I rented a small house in Pitsunda. It takes about ten minutes to the beach, but there are such gorgeous views on the way to the sea that we didn’t regret it. We pay 4 thousand per day. But us six, so it turns out not expensive. Nearby is a dining room, where everything is tasty and inexpensive. We love Abkhazia for such prices and such an incredible beauty!

“We lived in a room in the guest house. Everything is fine, but the fourth floor and from eleven in the afternoon until eight in the evening there is no water on the last two floors. The pressure is low and had to wash in the common shower on the first floor. The owners went to the meeting and reduced the cost of the room by 350 rubles per day. We paid for a room as for a room without conveniences”.

“We’ve been vacationing in Abkhazia for many years, and we’ve always lived in guesthouses. And this time we were able to book a hotel, at low prices. At first glance, the hotel does not differ much from the guest house. The furniture in the hotel is new, repairs are better and that’s all. Rooms are the same small, the corridors are narrow. If at these prices, you can rest here. If more expensive, it’s better in a guest house, the comfort is the same”.

When it is better to have a holiday in Abkhazia

Since Abkhazia borders Adler, then the climate here is the same as in our country. Therefore, the best time to come here to rest – from May to September. Beach season starts in May, but swimming is early, because the Black Sea is not warmed up. In June you can already swim, and the “hottest” months are July, August and September. Beginning in October and ending in April there are not so many tourists in Abkhazia. Entertainment is absent here, there is nowhere to go, so come here in low season only those who like local climate and likes quiet walks. Small stir at New Year, but in reality number fund of the republic is filled only by 15-20%, so you can book any hotel at the best price.

The best resorts of Abkhazia

In small Abkhazia there are dozens of stunning resorts. It is not difficult to choose, but it is better to prepare in advance where to go and know what to hope for.

Is it worth going on holiday to Abkhazia in 2022. Tourist reviews, photos / Abkhazia this year: whether to go by car, features of rest, pros and cons of rest in Abkhazia

For example, those who like entertainment and activity should go to Gagra. Here on the beaches there is the same entertainment as in our South. Plus there is a local exclusive. In Gagra there is an aquapark, tennis courts. The beaches have fine pebbles, and in the city there is a large and famous health resort, where they treat with mineral water.

Relict pines grow in Pitsunda and if you care about clean and fresh air, then go here. Everyone who has problems with the respiratory tract. After a week in Pitsunda forget about their problems. Many illnesses really pass through here, and we saw it on our own experience. The town itself is located in a bay, so there are no winds here, and because of that the sea is clean and without waves. In Pitsunda there are sandy beaches, and they are the only sandy in the whole republic. Here come with children, as Pitsunda is the best place, where it will be comfortable for both adults and children.

The capital of Abkhazia is a beautiful city of Sukhum. The coastline stretches for 20 kilometers, the beaches are pebble. In the city there are mineral springs, dozens of spas and botanical gardens with centuries of history. Sukhum is one of the oldest cities in the world. He is older than Moscow and the first mention of the city dates back to the sixth century BC! First the Greeks and then the Romans lived here.

Leisure and entertainment in Abkhazia: 12 things to do on holiday

For those who love architecture and history, the best choice is New Athos. There are centuries-old monastery here. And the most famous cave in the region, and just a beautiful architecture of the old cozy town. New Athos is on a slope, so it is better to choose housing closer to the sea. But still it is a very and very beautiful place, where the sun is more than in any other city of Abkhazia. The beaches of the resort are not large. They have a fine pebble, on which it is quite comfortable to walk barefoot or in any shoes.

Another resort in Abkhazia that deserves your attention is Tsandripsh. There are large pebbles, and somewhere even huge stones, but it is not so important. The main thing is that there are few tourists, the sea is clean and the climate is pleasant. The city has several attractions that were built in the 6-8 centuries BC. They have survived to this day and delight visitors.

Is it worth going on holiday to Abkhazia in 2022. Tourist reviews, photos / Abkhazia this year: whether to go by car, features of rest, pros and cons of rest in Abkhazia

Rest in Abkhazia – what to do.

First of all come here for the clean air and sea. But also tourists spend a lot of time on excursions, as there are a huge number of attractions in the Republic. The most famous attraction is Lake Ritsa. And on the way to it you can admire waterfalls: maiden and man’s tears, stop near blue lake, where water changes color several times a day. Relict Park is another favorite place for tourists to walk. If you want to admire rare animals, we advise to go to the Pitsundo-Musser Reserve.

Lovers of active recreation is advised to arrange a jeeping or diving. Just note that the diving here is peculiar, and the bottom of the Black Sea is not so rich in beautiful views. Since in Abkhazia there are not only mountains, but also high cliffs, rock climbing is one of the main entertainment for tourists.

Do not forget about the monasteries, caves, churches with age-old stories. All this is so tin in every city and all this will be interesting in terms of getting more information.

The pros and cons of holidaying in Abkhazia.

Abkhazia is a beautiful country, but its residents are not always friendly and good-natured, as it seems. For example, if you decide to get to the famous sights on your own, then sometimes you can meet a kind of checkpoints, where enterprising residents take a fee for travel to the sights. But still the pluses are much more. This is: – beautiful nature – low prices – delicious local food – attractions – not crowded beaches – and much, much more.

So holidays in Abkhazia can be excellent. And it is worth once to be here, so that then do not regret the lost time.

Abkhazia – review

⛰Abkhazia July 2022|What’s the border crossing time|What’s changed in 4 years|What I came again|What to bring home|Where to eat|

Good day to you all

A country of soul, a country of rocks, Abkhazia will amaze even the most sophisticated tourist. Remembering my first trip four years ago, I can say that I might not have seen Abkhazia then.

I was very doubtful, because the reviews on it were very contradictory. At that time, no one particularly wrote that he was there destruction, boring and nothing to do, celebrated the capital city of Sukhum, where I was just keeping the path, so I cast aside doubts and went, of which I have never regretted.

It was a new experience, though not always positive, but I was definitely satisfied with the trip.

The average temperature of the coldest month – January – +6 degrees, and the warmest – July – +24 degrees.

Autumn and winter are warmer here than on the French Riviera, and the sunny days per year – about 220 – are more than in the Swiss resort of Davos.

Much of the city is located on the seaside plain.

To the south and west, two rivers, the Kelasur and the Gumista, form the city’s natural boundaries.

At that time our goal was only Sukhum, I went by company, with my acquaintances, four of us by car, later one more person joined us.

The truth about Gagra. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

I must point out that the way from my hometown is very long, I don’t remember if there was an M4 toll road then, but we made it in one day.

I remember then I finished work at 7 pm, my friend came to pick me up, then we went to get his mother and girlfriend, left around 8 and something in the evening, and at 8 pm the next day we were in the Krasnodar region. I do not know how he drove so fast, but even in a two-liter Cerato for four years, we have never driven faster, always going for two days. We were in Pitsunda around 10 p.m. and got to Sukhum before midnight. Then we crossed the border not on the street, but indoors, if you go to Abkhazia, the building is on the left. You just check your passport and that’s it. But there was a queue, plus you had to carry a bag, if you were on foot, separately passes the driver in the car and all the luggage with him. In terms of time it took about 30 minutes.

When I came to the beach of Sukhum for the first time I was surprised – it had absolutely no equipment, no changing rooms, showers, nothing, not even a breakwater. At that time I had no idea that the sun was more active in this country, or maybe I just let it go on its own… But I got badly burnt, my face got solar herpes, my skin ached mercilessly, I was exhausted for a week, luckily I was there for a long time. Then, when it became easier, went to the beach again, plus visited the local attractions, Lake Ritza, New Athos, an abandoned sanatorium, I liked it very much, the beautiful views, it was this trip has left a lasting impression.

But unfortunately my trip was badly overshadowed by the sunburn, always recommend taking sunscreen, and I was a regular customer at the drugstore, I wanted my problems to heal, first I was very sick, then crusted, the symptoms were constantly changing, so I had to leave a tidy sum in the drugstore.

It took a few months for all the trouble to heal at all, and the scars didn’t go away until two years later. Even now, when I’m really stressed, crying, or sick my scars start to turn red on my face. But under normal circumstances nothing is noticeable.

I would like to mention the border crossing, at first we wanted to leave at 6 am, but in the end we almost changed our minds and went only at 8 am, at the border we were after 9 am, I would say that at this time the border crossing is very fast, despite the fact that there are so many cars, all the employees are on site and the car passes faster, but we had to walk a little longer. And if you go in the evening, on the contrary, on foot you pass literally in 5 minutes, but the car takes 25 minutes, because the employees are constantly running somewhere and do not open the barrier.

Now I would tell you about my next trip to Abkhazia, I already had an idea of what kind of country it is. The expression / phrase “on vacation to grandmother in the village” fits, as well as possible.

It is difficult to call this country a resort, there is the sea, on my first trip I saw dolphins, the sea was clean, but now the situation has changed, from a distance the sea may seem beautiful, but on closer inspection it is more muddy, sometimes there is dirt, metal chips, this applies to the beaches of Sukhum, as well as New Athos, which I visited.

Abkhazia is beautiful! It is all made up of unimaginably gorgeous corners of nature.

Most of these places require energy and time to get to them and enjoy their splendor.

But there are places in the Land of Souls that you just have to visit, live in, wander around, breathe the fabulous air… and leave your heart there

I am pleased with the local mountain rivers, the water in them is cold, but the current makes the water cleaner. The nature in Abkhazia is a bit different from what we’re used to, but there’s a lot of greenery. And most of all I’m pleased with the mountains, I love them.

Private sector in Abkhazia. Prices - 2022. How to choose.

But for me the most beautiful mountains are certainly on the red meadow, I like pure tops of the mountains with snow on the slopes, I like green mountains a bit less, but this does not belittle their beauty and majesty. Nothing more I can say.

In Abkhazia there is no service as such, there are no expensive luxury hotels, at least I have not come across. It is worth noting that after traveling to Abkhazia I have been to Turkey, Cyprus, Sochi, Adler, Lazarevsky, Dzhubga, Sirius three times and maybe some places I remembered more and Abkhazia is not at all comparable.

But nevertheless this country has its own soul, its own flavor. You can say that here is pristine nature, because for four years nothing has changed and no human hand was applied.

Soon it will be a quarter of a century since the victory of the Abkhazian nation and the end of armed confrontation, but guests of this resort country often have a realistic feeling that the population has gained a peaceful sky over his head just yesterday.

Mountain slopes are not reinforced, roads are not repaired, cows lie on the road and the situation does not change from year to year, and buildings are not repaired either.

This especially concerns Sukhumi, because private houses have been repaired by residents themselves and apartment buildings are still shining with bullet holes and broken windows – it makes my heart beat faster and makes me imagine what horror the local residents have gone through.

I’ve already told you how I was struck by the sanatorium, which turned out to be a residential building, and the entrance was ransacked. I would love to visit such buildings, but at this point it has become very dangerous.

The memory of the price paid for freedom should be immortalized, and that is undeniable. However, such generally tragic pages of history should not form the basis of the worldview of future generations.

It’s been decades since the war from Georgia, no one even thought to restore anything, and the overlaps can no longer withstand it, it’s deadly.

I could not deny myself the opportunity to see that gorgeous beach and the abandoned sanatorium again, I remember that I had found that place on the maps, but unfortunately at the moment I have blocked all the well-known social network, where there were photos and most likely marked those locations, but from memory I could not find the way, I looked on the maps, we navigated 50 kilometers, but I still have not found that place.

We walked through the cinema, the resort has a few buildings that look like a hospital or a sanatorium, there is a dining room, and along the groomed paths and you can go to a beautiful clean beach with breakwaters.

We were going up the stairs to the last floors of these buildings, there is a magnificent view, the impression is incomparable. Especially the building called Titanic!

Unfortunately the Internet in Abkhazia is mad expensive, there is no wifi without a password, that is why I did not have a possibility to google coordinates, but I remembered at once the sanatorium “Eshera” of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, alas it was not marked on the map!

In 2GIS there is no Abkhazia at all, and in Marsmi it is difficult to navigate. Even the name does not give any advantage, writing this review, I still can not find a specific point on the map with this place.

Abandoned since 1992 the sanatorium is located in the suburbs of Sukhum in Lower Eshera.

Occupies a fairly large area on the Black Sea coast.

On the territory there is a summer theater, swimming pool with sea water and treatment rooms, boat station, dance floor, a small picturesque embankment, residential buildings, dining room, observation deck with cafe-bar, outbuildings, etc. Eucalyptus trees, palms of different varieties are planted.

Functioned year-round, in Soviet times in the sanatorium restored health 7 – 10 thousand people annually.

During the war years 1992-1993, in the immediate vicinity was the front line, the buildings have numerous bullet holes and damage from missiles.

Despite the deplorable state, the place is very interesting. Even after 16-17 years, on the territory of the sanatorium maintained a fantastic atmosphere of some quality recreation and former beauty of the place!

Also liked the abandoned Cinema complex in Sukhum, is a cinema and dining room below, to go to the second floor is no longer possible, but the building is great.

Resorts of Abkhazia. Where and when it is better to have a rest.

The whole building is overgrown and populated by lianas, in addition, the condition is critical, emergency, it is dangerous to be there.

It is indescribable beauty to watch how quiet and calm it is on the beach, there are almost no people

But there are other abandoned buildings, which deserve attention, such as Sukhumi sanatorium, you should definitely see the dining room, the former beauty is still preserved. He survived the nineties, but unfortunately, in 2011, ceased to exist, must see.

Alas, I did not skrypnilaya geoposition, just list you what else to visit, such as bombed house in Esher, still holds the remnants of former life.

I will also note the building of the Supreme Court, the entrance there is free, the building is badly damaged, but to imagine the former glory is not difficult.

In Sukhumi there is also a beautiful manor, if you start googling abandoned Abkhazia, there will be a place, it is not guarded in any way, you can enter through the door.

There are a few intact fireplaces, beautiful stucco with angels on the ceiling, the walls are painted blue. The beauty, splendor and combination of white and blue is striking, it’s worth to look at, as if the repairs were done 100 years ago, and stopped living just a few years ago, the architecture is well preserved.

And of course it is worth noting that in Abkhazia all the same prices are slightly lower, especially the market in Sukhumi, in New Athos prices are the same as in Sochi, but the capital is different. Of course now there is no such budget accommodation as it was four years ago, there will be at least 500 rubles per person.

What to buy on the market in Sukhum, if you came for a couple of days: I insanely liked blackberry wine, took home, I can not speak about natural, but very tasty (the best wine that I tried), about 400 rubles per liter. I also like smoked cheese, we took pigtail, it was cottage cheese, 100 rubles per pack, also hard cheese in pieces, 750 rubles per kilo, I like suluguni cheese, 400 rubles per kilo.

Alcohol is very cheap, if you take it with you I recommend to take it in bottles, as in Abkhazia there are no such laws (as in Russia), there is no artificial overpricing, the champagne is 170 rubles per bottle. Abrau-Durso, vodka from 140 rubles, wine from 300 rubles. I should also mention that cigarettes are very cheap here, but we didn’t need to buy them. You should definitely try the local churchela, it costs about the same as four years ago. From 35 rubles to 300 rubles.

A large selection of nuts, prices are lower, greens, vegetables are also inexpensive. I really liked the local pizza, homemade, as well as khachapuri!

To summarize, there are beautiful places in Abkhazia, if you’re looking for lower prices, you need to go to Sukhum, but to save money as it was before will not work.

Tourism is not flourishing here, go only lovers of wildlife, for brochures, camping and other things. But nevertheless visit at least once I definitely recommend it !

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