Honestly about Kabardinka! Leisure reviews 2022

Reviews about Kabardinka

Should I go to Kabardinka? Honest reviews about Kabardinka. The most vivid impressions of tourists about rest in Kabardinka.

Reviews on Kabardinka

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transportation – development of transport connections.

Very picturesque place. Green Cape Doob on the left, on the right – Myskhako and visible Novorossiysk. Beautiful sea and in the distance in a large number of ships. Beaches fine pebbles. At the beach “Oasis” even sand. Beautiful places, Kabardinka’s calling cards are the Old Park and the Kastalskaya font.

Certainly it is not the tropics. Not Sochi and not Abkhazia by nature. But quite bearable and cosy place to have a rest. If who loves the view of the sea, then you instead of Gelendzhik here. Beaches I did not like very much. A lot of people and rocks in the water you break your legs. The beaches are narrow. The owners of the beach could take care of tourists by cleaning the sea, removing the stones from under the feet of tourists. Well as it all ok.

Reviews about hotels in Kabardinka

Beautiful, comfortable, friendly staff attitude. We would like to say a special thanks to our grandson Arsenij from Chef Elena. We hope to come again.

Good day to all! In September 2021 we had a holiday in the village of Kabardinka, which is part of the resort of Gelendzhik, in a wonderful hotel “CASTRO”. Why in the wonderful? Because our vacation was just chic, and partly thanks to a comfortable staying in this hotel. The location is very convenient, up to the sea 600 metres, pedestrian walk in the morning to the coast past market stalls and cosy cafes. The beach – pebble, but we were comfortable, smooth entrance to the water. In the hotel itself we were met very hospitably, we arrived by car and not in the morning as planned, but a little earlier at night. The receptionist checked us in and the valet helped us park the car in the hotel’s underground parking lot. We appreciated the availability of parking, as we only used the car once and it was not parked in the scorching sun. We appreciated the hotel itself in the morning. Very bright room with two beds, clean, comfortable, with a large balcony, I will attach the photo. The room had everything we needed: enough towels, soap, shower gel, shampoo, balm, brushes and sponges for shoe care, slippers. The beds were comfortable, the linen was white and importantly the room was cleaned every other day so we had a clean room every time. There was also a TV, air conditioner, hair dryer, kettle, cups and glasses. There was an ironing board and iron on the floor. About the hotel itself: There is a dining room, outdoor pool, indoor pool, sunbathing area on the top floor with exercise equipment. Visited everything in the hotel. The dining room is tasty, served quickly and the prices are very reasonable. If you do not want to eat breakfast in the dining room, before the beach on the road there is a great variety of cafes with different cuisines, for every taste. We had a sunny day by the pools, we took a swim in the rain in closed, bathed in the open air in the heat and lay on loungers by the pool. We had a couple of sunbathing and photography sessions on the roof of the hotel. We also went for sunbathing and photography on the roof, it was convenient when you want a couple of hours before sunset to bask on a deck chair, and the view of the area around wonderful. We did not use the machines, but there are some on the roof. Our room was on the third floor and we walked but the hotel has an elevator. I would also like to note the cozy balconies with twines for drying beach clothes, and a table and two chairs, we spent some evenings there. What would be desirable to note: after 17 o’clock on the territory of cafe begins to work, cook on a fire chic steaks fish, tasty shashlik of meat, vegetables on a fire, just incredibly delicious and the price will please. I recommend to all visitors to spend the evening there. From minuses, though we did not interfere: was noisy at the pool in the afternoon, but if the day to spend at sea, it does not interfere, as in procrastination, if the window of the room overlooks the other side. Otherwise, the hotel is just great. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Dagomys troughs and tea plantation

When planning a vacation, everyone wants to spend it perfectly. So this place is the perfect place to stay. We vacationed as a family, two adults and two children. I liked absolutely everything, from the nice kind hostess to the clean sea within walking distance. Lovely soul – Natalia Mikhailovna, creates such an atmosphere in her home that you forget you are guests. Cozy, fenced from the road, comfortable yard with a heated pool, terrific deck chairs, playground and free parking for cars, as well as behind the house barbecue area where you can make shashlik. Total, comfortable, clean kitchen for self-cooking, no queues). Near dining rooms, cafes for every taste, stores. In general, all that is necessary for normal life. If we go there again, it will only to Natalia Mihaylovna! Thank you very much.

Reviews about guest houses in Kabardinka

I will start out one by one. I would like to start by thanking Artur and Lyudmila. They are very kind and hospitable people who want to go back to them again and again. We arrived at 10 am to this wonderful place, we were met and checked into a pre-booked room. Our photos were as they described, though I think they were even more beautiful, everything was clean and comfortable, the area was large and there was enough space for both children and adults. Children were delighted with the pool and playground. We had a lot of things to do at our hotel! The pools are always clean. The kitchen has everything you need for cooking, very spacious, no one bothers each other, how comfortable to cook dinner and sit on the veranda with a glass of wine. The room is clean, the housekeeper girls (Margarita and Marianna) ensure cleanliness in the rooms and throughout the house, very responsive, always help if there are questions. I came with my children 5 and 12 years old for 21 days. The kids loved it. They didn’t want to go home, it was sad to say good bye to such a wonderful place and wonderful people. Thanks to this guest house we made new friends, which we were very happy. The location is very convenient, the sea is next to us in 5-7 minutes walk, stores, pharmacies all within walking distance. Just in Kabardinka there is something to see we liked the old park. Dom upside down. Town master and t.d we with family very often are on our coast and each time leave in different places, but after rest in Kabardinka at Lyudmila and Artur more do not want to go anywhere else. Next year only in Kabardinka, only in Rainbow. Thank you very much Lyudmila and Artur for your hospitality, we will see you next year.

I will say right away that the review will probably get a long, and probably a little tedious, but I do not write reviews every day and this will be the first, so please do not judge strictly for the style of presentation. Holidays for two with my husband in July 2015. Travel bought through a travel agency, and first wanted to choose another guest house, but the manager strongly recommended the guest house Mercury, justifying her recommendations pool with an excellent cleaning system. We were offered the option of 2 days stay in rooms with a balcony, and the rest of the vacation in rooms without it, so a completely clean bed linen we will get as much as 3 times, that we are very satisfied. In general we arrived at the Mercury late, at 7 pm. Very experienced that the owners and have not wait for us and maybe think that we have changed our minds and will not come. However we can say until the last moment and booked a room for us and gave no one. The house is located on a quiet street in Kabardinka, in front of the territory of sanatorium Kirovets. I realized that the guest house Mercury is divided into two small buildings (the first with numbers of economy and the second with a suite), just on the territory of the house owners. All buildings are clean and look quite reliable. Rooms economy amenities (toilet, shower) are common, its own small kitchen with a TV, which forms some kind of a larger lounge, buried in the greenery. In the house with suites in the hall TV with sofas (in the evenings the kids there watching cartoons) and its own kitchen. The kitchen has all the necessary supplies for cooking, two large refrigerators and several tables with chairs. To enter the area you need a key as the intercom (I do not know how to call it correctly), it is issued when you check in. In my opinion this is a huge plus – no strangers on the territory does not wander around. Before the fence a small parking lot for cars. The area is clean. There are several trash cans, trash is taken out regularly, no unpleasant odors or accumulation of insects. There are several trees on the territory of greenery enough; there is a very nice little fountain, a few tables with chairs. Upon arrival we were met by the owner Dmitry G., showed and told us everything, showed and told us everything in the room (how to use), in general, so to say thoroughly approached the issue of our settling. Checked us into a room on the second floor on the sunny side. The room as promised air conditioning, TV, small fridge, safe. It was very clean and sunny. A small digression about cleanliness in the Mercury, as they say, is a separate song. Responsible for the pleasant experience of impeccable cleanliness wonderful person Natalia. You rarely meet such a hard-working, friendly and affable person. Always tactful and polite, she made a very pleasant impression on us. No disrespectful attitude or intrusiveness in cleaning or communication. We remember her with warmth in our hearts. Wet cleaning in the room is done if you hang the appropriate cardboard sign on the handle. The trash is taken out daily and toilet paper is given out. If you need to change towels, they should be thrown on the floor. The linens are changed every 5 days. Natalia does a great job of maintaining cleanliness for the comfort of the residents. Thank you very much to her.

Private Sector by the Sea in Sochi - 7 apartments from 5500 ₽

I return to the room with a balcony, or rather to the balcony. The balcony has a table, two chairs, and a clothes dryer. There is a lamp, which is very convenient if you want to sit on the balcony when it’s already dark. The balcony is small, but two adults fit on it. We both slept on the balcony. When the time came to change rooms I was very upset that I would lose my balcony, not only the smoking area but also a nice towel rack, however my worries were misplaced as I liked the room we ended up in even better. We moved to a room on the first floor right next to the entrance. This room was different not only because it was on the shady side (so it was cooler), but also because of the layout. In rooms with a balcony and the door opens immediately closet, table, bed well in general a typical square room. In our second room, however, that you go in and there is a small makeshift hallway in front of the bed. After our night in the room without a balcony Dmitriy Georgievich asked if we were satisfied with everything, if everything was good. We said that the slamming of the door bothers us a little, but we hope that we will get used to it. Then we went for a walk, and we came and the door seemed to us to become silent, we thought that apparently we got used to it. Goofs in our absence, it turned out Dmitri G. tweaked door closer, and it became almost noiseless. That is how good he is! In general, by the way, he was constantly interested whether all are happy campers, whether everything is all right. In the patio under the big sprawling tree is a few tables with chairs, folding beds and a barbecue. You can and should use the grill in the evenings, the pleasant smell of grilled meat fills this patio. Meat is not a problem to buy in Kabardinka. Also on the patio is a swimming pool. The pool is really stunning. With different peculiarities (I understand that Dmitriy Georgievich includes different modes, and maybe the system is somehow configured to alternate). The pool is divided into two parts – a small pool for children and a deep pool for adults. At night the pool can not be used, because it includes some kind of cleaning system. In water purification systems, I am obviously no expert, so I do not know what kind of system and how it works, the main result that the water there is clean and no chlorine in the water. To be honest, I did not bathe in the sea once during the whole vacation, all in the pool. I would like to allocate separately a pleasant old woman Tamara Nikolaevna. Very benevolent old lady, she as though shines from within. We wish her good health and long life. I want to tell you that you can make an agreement with her about getting wonderful chacha and home-made wine. In general the Mercury Guesthouse not only complies with the photos but due to its human attitude it is far ahead of many similar guesthouses. We would like to wish good health, prosperity and well-being to Mercury. Nizhny Novgorod. Pavel and Nadezhda.

Solokhaul - mountains, tea and delicious honey. How to get there, tips and photos

We vacationed in Rainbow from August 29 to September 8, 2019. Me, my mom and two kids 2 and 10 years old. In June we flew to Turkey, and the second vacation decided to spend within the country. Refresh the memory)), as it – to rest in their own country in Russia) I want to note immediately that we are spoiled European service and rest abroad, but it did not prevent us from having a great vacation in the Kuban. Familiar praised, and we have never been in the village. I immediately note that Kabardinka pleased. The purest sea (on the central beach worse, we went further, there where there are no big stones and where the sea as a teardrop). For lovers of partying there is a embankment, with a bunch of entertainment and the famous Seagull. The place for a rest in the given settlement we chose beforehand and long enough. Here I want to point out at once the incompetence of some owners, supposedly interested in that their rooms are not empty. Sometimes an answer to messages / calls we had to wait for several days, and some even decided not to continue the dialogue after clarifying certain details, despite the fact that the room we chose we were satisfied. What can not be said about Lyudmila. Nice person, sociable. When we first talked on the phone I immediately noted this for myself, on arrival, the opinion has not changed. Upon arrival, she introduced us to the area, telling us everything in detail. By the way Ludmila, thank you again for meeting us and changing the room. We originally booked a room on the 3rd floor. But after spending a day and night in it, we realized that with children especially you can not run here and there. With children – is half the trouble, but with pots and pans, and if you even forget something from the fridge in the room – that’s still a fitness))). We moved to the first floor. Number two-roomed, clean, with a comfortable double bed and two single beds and a small sofa bed, air conditioner, TV in one room (the room on the 3rd floor was 2, ie in each room), refrigerator, mugs, bath toilet paper, soap, two towels for each guest (bath and face), dryer for clothes outside under one of the windows. By opening the window you can easily take advantage of. About the window! Apparently opening back and forth took out a closing mechanism and we were constantly agonizing trying to close the window. So I forgot to mention it, and wanted to. But all this is fixable, so it’s a trifle. By the way, all requests were responded to promptly. This is also a huge plus. The headset on the shower leaked (this is normal, such things tend to wear out over time), it was necessary to change the faucet – all was done in a short time. Convenient that the room at the windows curtains, which can not be said about the room on the 3rd floor. Their absence (hung only tulle) forced the youngest son to wake up to the cock crowing in the next yard. At 5 in the morning)) The sun was waking him up. And in general, room 41 on the 3rd floor needs improvement. To hang curtains and replace the creepy creaky mattresses on both beds. Yes, the furniture is not new, but we do not care. The main thing that it is serviceable, clean and that fulfills its function. We knew the room with the furniture we were going. The photos on the sites are true. Of the minuses in both rooms is a split system in one of the rooms, and this is not enough. It alone is not able to cool both rooms, so it was always hot in the one without air conditioning. And yet in both rooms, the refrigerators do not maintain the desired temperature. We put it on full power, but it didn’t help. A couple of times the milk was thrown out.

So, Lyudmila, pay attention to the operability of the refrigerators in room 2 and room 41. About room cleaning. They cleaned our rooms once, we hung a sign. Our room was cleaned once and only once a week. Towels changed often and garbage taken out daily + dodvali toilet paper. Area. I liked the grounds. There was plenty of space to spend time with the kids. It was very well looked after and there was lots of things to do and lots of things to do. Swings, gazebo, tables, there is a place to cook kebab (charcoal and kindling-within your own). Children’s area outside – trampoline and toys. A definite plus the presence of strollers (we, however, took his). Swimming pools – decent. Kuhnya. Spacious, comfortable, with a microwave. Pros: Behind each room attached a locker with a number corresponding to the number. Those that are not numbered for general use, dishes are stored there. Availability of high chairs for children. TV. Cons: Lack of refrigerators in the kitchen, but here I understand the owners. Sometimes holidaymakers leave food in them when they leave and then run around looking for whose stuff is there. A big plus that the entire territory of the guest house is equipped with a writing camera. Ironing board and iron is on each floor in free access. You can use the washing machine for a fee. We did not use one. The laundry room has a basin) friendly hosts Lyudmila, Arthur and the staff in the face of Lena and Luda, the man’s name, unfortunately, I do not know. A pity we did not have a chance to say goodbye and buy wine on the day of our departure, Ludmila and Artur were away, but Lena saw us off)). In general, rest satisfied and can recommend this house, but only to those who adequately treat everything I noted in the review. Despite some minuses, if we go back to Kabardinka – I might come back here. The guest house has a pleasant atmosphere. All the best to you and prosperity. With respect Natalya. Moscow region. city of Podolsk)

Krasnodar airport : how to get there

63# Kabardinka 2022

Hi All! Last Monday (11/07/2022) completed the trip to our Russian south, more precisely STUPINO-KABARDINKA-NOVOROSSISK-Stupino. Honestly wanted to call the post “Kabardinka 2022 all the pros and cons”, but would get a long and boring. Here I have briefly (only having arrived on sea and still on fresh memory) has described road from Moscow on highway m4 Don to the south. The main message – PLANNING, WARNING TO OBSERVERS, NO HURRY on the way, TRANSPONDER.

And in this part I will spread some snot about the rest. To be honest, the impressions are not the best and the conclusion why the citizens of the Krasnodar Territory do not like us (tourists) is made, and it is not consoling.

Actually travel to Kabardinka was held without any incidents, in traffic jams were not, breakdowns were not, cruise 105 km / h – no fines. I went out at 14:15 in the afternoon, arrived at 8:13 in the morning – 1459km/18hours. Great result.

Checked into the guest house Carabela, the distance to the sea 400 meters, but as usual in our Great and Mighty always have all sorts of BUT. Pedestrian over the road which is 500 meters to the right. 500 + 500 + 400 and here you have 1.5 km. But to tell you the truth – this road does not strain at all.

Given that all the campers are lovers koleselitse – a parking such a kayf. All the time someone had to let out. Even some time put the car outside the GD. But thanks to the hostess – provided a place in the parking lot.

From interesting and not bored or rather that you will not find in other resorts KK (Krasnodar Territory), in Kabardinka except perhaps the dry cargo Rio Water parks, tents, beaches, cotton candy, shashlik-mashlyk and all sorts of lochotrons the same as everywhere else. However I want to note the concentration of stoves and all kinds of braziers per 1 square meter. Smells of smoke everywhere, just everywhere, and closer to the center the concentration of smells is just unbearable. And taking into account the location of the village – a breeze there is a rarity. In general on the 3rd day you certainly will not want meat. Personally this time we even did not fry any kebabs – the first time of all trips to the resorts of KK!

Honestly about Vityazevo! Reviews on vacation 2022

I want to suggest separately quite bearable NEVER and FREE way to the dry cargo ship Rio with an opportunity to go there with children of different ages!

By 2025 it has been decided to saw it off, so I as well as others can recommend this walk. And first, I will advise picking shoes for the rocky road. 1. You go along the Peace street and you come to the observation deck with the monument to the shipwrecked Admiral Nakhimov. You can read about the shipwreck here. 2. Turn right and after 100 meters we see the cafe “Scala Kabardinka”. We are looking for parking by ourselves. I parked on Mira street.

Someone says that de passage is paid, but we did not pay anyone, no one even asked where we are going and why. 3. Down the stairs to the beach and go to the east.

If you look carefully – from behind the corner you can see the stern of the cargo ship. 4. If you look closer, you will see the stern of the ship. If you have bathing accessories – be sure to swim in the sea! The beach there is small, but excellent.

Also from amusements you can try:

They have quite good routes to the ruins from the movie “Wuthering Gates” + mountain routes with cold streams (bathing accessories and towels are obligatory), banya, springs, etc.

Not a bad team at the beach Victoria in the direction of Novorossiysk. Price for July 3k. + 500r photo-video. Wife pampered me in honor of my birthday))) Dream come true!

Well, even want to note the compatriots. People! Stay human! They shout, run around the hotels at night preventing people around them from sleeping, let kids do everything with a complete lack of even moral brakes! Drunk, rude, they owe it all… No wonder that such an attitude of local residents.

Shortly about the road home: I went through Novorossiysk on the highway “Krymsk”, I thought to bypass the Gelendzhik traffic jam, in the end it took me 6 hours anyway to Adygea. Went out at 11:01 am, arrived at 6:14 am – 1461km/19hours. I stood before Adygeya.

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