Honestly about Khosta! Holiday reviews – 2022

Reviews about Khosta

Is it worth the trip to Khosta? Honest reviews about Khosta. The brightest impressions of tourists about rest in Khosta.

Reviews on Khosta.

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport connections are.

Reviews about hotels in Hosta

Holidays in the “Breeze” last year. Of the pluses of this hotel can be noted two points: the location of the room door to the water’s edge. Travel time is 1.5 – 2 minutes and large, even huge windows in the rooms. Cons: 1. I do not know how the suites and junior suites, but we were given terry towels instead of blankets in the standard. 2. Unwrap For breakfast, and we were once in 8 days, we were given oatmeal, 2 cheese toast and tea from a cheap bag. Maybe it’s okay for omnivores, if you have a bad appetite. But I’m not an omnivore, and even the tea could not finish, because it is pure paint. 3. Balcony. It seems that it is great that there is one. But in standard rooms it is common, and you can get on it from the bottom of the territory. Therefore, with open windows to sleep was not real. In the room you can get, easily stepping over the low window sills. 4. With this situation in our room and the door to the balcony closed with great difficulty, and in general through times. I will not go on, the conclusion is one: if you are not critical for a bad breakfast, choose this hotel, but only Lux. The key point in the choice may be only the location.

We stayed in Tornau from 01.08 to 16.08. The hotel is clean, furnished with all new furniture. Located in a quiet location, away from the hustle and bustle. Without a car we had to take public transport all the time. There is a grocery store nearby. The hotel has a microwave and an electric stove. The hotel is away from discos and hangouts.Deploy For lovers of walks by bus 5 min to Agur waterfalls and in the other direction 5 min to the Thyssosamshit grove. To the sea, you can go down to the wild beach, the water is cleaner than everywhere else, but the beach itself is very dirty. You can go 1 stop to the free beach sanatorium Green Grove. There and a toilet, and a shower, and drinking water, easy entrance to the sea and sand for children. Separate thanks for the attention and friendly attitude of the staff. It is visible as they try to make your rest more comfortable. Definitely will go there again!

Stayed at the hotel in September 2018. I liked almost everything. The staff is friendly, polite, helpful. Changed the bed and towels after three days, all wiped down, you can see that the employees value their place of work. Breakfast from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. was satisfactory for me until the evening. The breakfast lady was always asking for pancakes, but other than that, everything was fine. I have lived in hotels of various levels throughout my life but this was the first time I have seen a hotel with a pool, and the pool water is clean. Thanks to all the staff at the hotel for kindness and attention.

Honestly about Dzhubga! Leisure reviews - 2022

Reviews about guest houses in Khost

We had a holiday with my wife in the Stone house, Khosta, 27a Shosseinaya Street, in August 2016. The choice for this institution fell spontaneously, already on arrival in Khosta, the reviews have not read, and in vain! One of the main conditions in choosing accommodation was the availability of air conditioning and amenities in the room. The room in which we lived at first glance was not bad and met our requirements. The double bed, which constantly went in different directions (contrary to the assurances of the owners). A complete lack of free electrical outlets in the room (the only free outlet in the bathroom). At our request was given a tee with an extension cord of one(!) meter, which was extremely inconvenient. Broken shower – after taking a shower in the bathroom there was always a big puddle, as a consequence of the dampness in the entire room and stuffiness. Wobbling from side to side toilet – for the thrill seekers. A clogged sink (in fairness we should note that after our complaint was cleaned). All this is just flowers, the main thing ahead. Upon arrival we paid for the entire time of our future stay (5 days). When checking in we found that our air conditioner is broken! We notified the hostess, we were assured that the next day everything will be fixed, but in the meantime gave the fan. Okay, on the next day the air conditioner was removed and taken away for repairs. In order not to spoil our holiday looking for a new accommodation, we agreed with the hostess, if the air conditioner is not repaired there will be a recount with a refund for the lack of air conditioner (a specific amount has not been discussed). On the fourth day of our stay with no air conditioner we went to the host to agree with him about the exact sum of return. Here began the most interesting thing! Such inadequate behavior we did not expect). The guy had a tantrum, he started yelling, running around, speaking unkindly, did not want to give us the money and the most interesting thing was he started to kick us out!) After a while the hostess came, offered 500 rubles (!) for the lack of air conditioning all these days))! By the way, we paid 2800 rubles per day! In general, we did not argue with them. With a laugh we packed all our things and left the day before (good thing we traveled by car). Such that are friendly hosts in the house. In addition: the total kitchen leaves much to be desired, all old grated; no cleaning is absolutely no as in the room and in the hallway and in the kitchen, Wi-Fi in the room does not work, apparently he is only on the first floor where the owners live); dog constantly hanging out in the yard without a lead and a muzzle; to the sea 25 minutes on foot.

We chose the guest house “Na Glazunova” according to the reviews, we didn’t count on much at such a reasonable price, the budget, conditions for staying with children and decent hosts were important to us. We had no doubts about the owners, especially after talking on the phone with Andrew, but when we saw the house – were pleasantly surprised! We lived on the third floor, room 20, fresh complete bedroom set, a full double bed for my son as an extra bed. Clean (I think even Revizoro would be pleased), spacious, very quiet, large garden, summer kitchen equipped with a decent variety of utensils, good soundproofing – we did not hear the neighbors. In general, as in a dacha – in the garden under the awnings sofas, swings, children had somewhere to run, lots of trees and flowers, the air is delicious and fresh, you could not go out the gate. The owners are very nice! Materialize when you need them, with the feeling throughout the house that people work hard to make guests comfortable. There is a creek running right by the house and a creek under the trellis on the grounds as well. I stood in tears at the window for half an hour on the day of departure, there was such a beauty. The ceilings are high, the windows are large, and the room is bright. Of minuses: no air conditioner (only the fan), but in +30 we did not have hot weather, and in general I do not like air conditioners, children catch cold. No free laundry machine, you can pick up a bag of clothes to wash (for free), I would have preferred a separate fee to be able to use the machine yourself, with children there is always a bunch of laundry, and disturbing the owners every two days is inconvenient. Location: when choosing a guest house, I asked the locals, all said that the Glazunova go far. In fact walking with a stroller maximum 30 minutes to the beach. The road 5 minutes without a sidewalk along the building material stores, further on the sidewalks on the shady river bank directly to the sea. We walked for 8-10 hours a day, so some 30 minutes there is no weather at all. The price is fine, cheaper only with the amenities in the yard, next to there is another guest house, the prices are higher (and I did not like it on the spot). Free shuttle to and from the station is a huge plus. Another plus – part of Khosta is on the mountain, there are good guest houses closer to the sea, but to stomp there on a steep hill about 15 minutes, or climb the stairs in the 200-300 steps (as the 9-12 floor). And here is only a little hill approach to the house itself, and the rest of the horizontal road. My husband and son in one voice said that in the fall want to come only here, well, I agree with them.

Honestly about Blagoveschenskaya. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022.

Two days ago we returned from Hosta, from the hospitable and welcoming “MiLar” house. We came back with a lot of warm feelings not so much about Khosta, which we love and often vacation there, as about the people who provided us not only a comfortable room with everything we needed for rest, but also a pleasant conversation. A week later, sitting in the evening at a large table in the summer kitchen among the cheerful, friendly hosts and other guests, it seemed that we knew each other for many years. “MiLar” gave almost home warm atmosphere, which has remained in the soul until now. I knew for sure that open, friendly people who greet the morning and the hosts with a smile would be welcome in this house. If something does not suit you, it is better to say so at once. The only thing that can’t please is the lift, which shocked us on the first day. But we are still thankful to God that we didn’t begrudgingly leave the MiLar in the first days. You can sit in a gazebo in the shade of big oaks even in the hottest heat, you can endlessly admire the beautiful view of the sea and the mountains, you can rest your soul there. Minas and Larisa, thank you. Now I was looking over the pictures from the vacation, and so I wanted to go back to the wonderful house “MiLar”, where we had a rest in early August. We found it on the internet and didn’t regret it at all. “MiLar” is located fairly high up, but when it was down there was an incredible heat, in the summer gazebo of the house we were blowing in the breeze. Minas and Larissa provided us with a small but cozy room with all the amenities. We had the opportunity to cook in the summer kitchen, in which in the evenings the guests gathered around a large table and together with the hosts for a pleasant conversation sat up late. It was 10 minutes walk to the sea, it depended on which beach you would choose. Back, however, more, but after all in mountain always difficult. But in all it is necessary to look for the pluses: for two weeks have gone 2-3 extra pounds thanks to lifts, frequent walks and swimming. We would be glad to show all those who are interested our pictures from the vacation in “MiLar”. Some of the pictures show us together with our hospitable hosts, with whom we didn’t want to leave. Their eyes, smiles more than anyone else will tell you about their kindness, decency, openness and hospitality. I advise all good people to stay at MiLar. Lucky for those who now, in a velvet season, there is an opportunity to go there. The quiet sea, tender sun, a minimum of holiday-makers, mmm. Skazka!

Navaginskaya Street in Sochi.

Reviews about the private sector in Khosta

Rested with my family (me, husband and daughter). We are from Voronezh. I liked it very much, I recommend it to everyone, next year. The hosts are considerate and not annoying. Met and saw us off. Sea super. Good location (between Sochi and Adler).

Honest and very decent people! Clean just incredible! The atmosphere is very cordial, there are few rooms, so there is no noise and overcrowding, and rooms are equipped with new, serviceable equipment. The yard is clean and comfortable, a lot of greenery. To the center – three minutes on foot, to the sea – 7-8. Next time I will go only to them. Good luck to this family and all the best!

Rested family, liked it all. Quiet, peaceful place. The description corresponds to reality. Dmitry and Alla are friendly and responsive people. We loved it! We will advise our friends. We hope to see each other again!

Hosta: tips for relaxing.

Reviews of tourists about Khosta

We offer a selection of reviews about rest in Hosta in 2021. What the weather, hotels, beaches, sea, excursions and entertainment. What are the pros and cons of a trip to the popular health resort on the Black Sea.


Pros and cons of rest in Khosta

The resort suburb of Sochi is loved for its measured rest, green streets, good pebble beaches and an excellent sanatorium base. In Khosta willingly go parents with children, elderly tourists and those who like to spend their vacations in a quiet atmosphere, without the noise of discos and youth hangouts. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and get healthy, Khosta is a great solution!

The advantages of rest in Hosta in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • The road from the airport takes only 30-40 minutes.
  • Close to the entertainment of Sochi.
  • Warm maritime climate.
  • Large selection of hotels and accommodation in the private sector.
  • Interesting excursions.
  • Good public transport.
Sochi airport : how to get there

Luckily there are a lot of hotels and cafes in Sochi. Almost everywhere there are shady alleys, parks, and streets.

Minuses :

  • High humidity.
  • The sea is less clean than in small resort towns.
  • Few activities for young people.
  • The railroad along the coast.

Belovpv: “There is also a drop of tar. It is a noisy viaduct in Khosti. Trains can not be heard, although also near. But the road is a minus. It is necessary to close the viaduct against noise with shields, and then it will be fine.

Reviews about rest in Khosta

Yew-Box Grove in Khosta. Photo: Egoryan Nastya / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Reviews of the weather in Khosta

The climate in Khosta is almost ideal. The combination of fresh sea breezes and clean mountain air is very healthy. Winter at the resort is mild. Beach season begins in May and lasts until early October.

According to reviews, in the middle of summer in Khost is hot weather – up to +30. +32 ° C during the day. The sea is very warm +26. +27°С. In summer months there is not much rain.

Alena Letukova: “Once in August we had a cloudy day with pouring rain. Then there was heavy evaporation and the humidity rose to 100%. The Black Sea was +27°C. I did not want to get out of the water.

July and August are too hot for many people. Parents with children and tourists of age prefer to vacation in Khost in June or during the velvet season. Autumn on the Black Sea varies, sometimes October is very warm.

LeoAgileri: “The air temperature is up to +28°C, sea water up to +24°C. Leaves on the trees were not even yellowed. It felt like August on the calendar.

Tourist reviews about Khosta

Hosta (Photo: booking.com / Art-Hotel)

Hotel reviews in Hosta

Look for hotels with discounts on Yandex.Travel and Hotelluk, and for private accommodations on Sutok. Here are the main rules of searching for hotels.

There is a big choice of not bad hotels 1-4* in Khosta, there are also good mini-hotels, guest houses, sanatoriums, boarding houses and recreation centers. Many rent rooms and apartments in the private sector. According to tourist reviews for 2021, the prices for housing in Khosta are quite high, but lower than in Sochi itself.

Type of housing Price per couple
Guest houses from 2,200 ₽
Hotel 2* from 2,000 ₽
Sanatorium “Cape Vidny from 6 200 ₽

Feedback about the Aquamarine guesthouse : “Good location. The rooms are comfortable. The breakfast was clean and comfortable. Rooms are pretty tasty and nutritious. The train is not far away, in any direction in time can be reached quickly.

Hotel Cape Vidny comment: “The food is well-balanced and dietary. The area is gorgeous! Very clean and picturesque. As if you’re not in Russia! The staff is 99.9% friendly. Location is convenient. Clean! Very clean! “

Review of Green Hosta Hotel : “The hotel is great! Changed towels daily. The hotel is very well located and the staff was amazing. The food is on five points: very tasty, varied, in large quantities. The area is beautiful and well maintained. Bathroom towels for the beach. The staff is kind and responsive.

Where to walk in Sochi: the best places and routes for walks

The Garden Hosta Hotel: “A great little hotel on the seafront in Khost (the most beautiful area of Sochi). Freshly renovated, original design, availability of a small washing machine – all this was very pleasant”.

Reviews about rest in Khosta

Boarding house “Aquamarine” (Photo: booking.com / Boarding house “Aquamarine”)

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Khost

The strip for beach recreation in Khosta is narrow. From high waves and storms the shore is protected by concrete breakwaters. All beaches are pebbly with a small admixture of gray sand. Entrance to the water is flat, so Khosta is good for recreation with children.

Compared with other resorts of the Krasnodar region, Khosta beaches are not crowded. Central beach stretches for 100 meters and has a width of 15 meters. It has everything you need for comfortable rest: showers, changing rooms, paid deck chairs and toilets. There is also a small pier, where local fishermen gather.

According to reviews, the main disadvantage of beaches Khosta is that in August the sea blooms near the shore. Not everyone likes to swim in the green water. There are jellyfish near the shore, but they do not bother tourists too much.

Maryana Krasa: “I advise to buy special shoes for entering the water, as on all the beaches of Khosta there are small pebbles, it’s painful to walk”.

Leisure reviews in Khosta, Sochi

Beach in Khosta (Photo: booking.com / Kavkaz Sanatorium Khosta)

Reviews about excursions and entertainment in Khosta

On the shore, holidaymakers are offered to fly over the sea with a parachute, ride “bananas”, “tubing” and jet skis. For lovers of equestrian tourism there are organized walks around the resort.

While vacationing with children go to the yew and boxwood grove, the amusement park and the museum of history of Khostinsky area. According to reviews, from Khosta popular excursions to the tower on Mount Akhun, the Sochi Arboretum, the Vorontsov Caves, the canyon “Devil’s Gate”, the Agura Waterfalls and Eagle Rocks.

Popular excursions in Khost in 2022:

Read a review of an excursion from Khosta to the picturesque Navalishchenskoye Gorge.

Lyudmila: “We recommend the tour and the guide to those who are looking for fabulous views, divine air, murmuring river and easy communication with a person who loves these places. Accessible narration, good presentation, amazing itinerary.”

Reviews of the beaches in Khosta

Stunning views from Mount Akhun (Photo: Fill1970 / pixabay.com)

The nuances of rest in Khosta

The resort is located in the valley of the mountain river. The surrounding slopes close Khosta from the winds, so it is always warmer here than in Sochi and Adler.

Khosta is built on hills. When choosing lodging, note that from some places you will have to go down to the beaches, and then go back up.

According to tourist reviews for 2021, in Khosta a large selection of good restaurants and cafes. The prices are different. We recommend the cheap canteen “Platan”, which is located on Platanova Street, 31D. It is open from 8:00 to 23:00. Here they feed tasty porridge, salads, soups, omelets, meat, fish and poultry dishes.

irvik2017: “The price of a full portion of kharcho soup is about 80 rubles, but half a portion was enough for me. These are such budget prices”.

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