Honestly about Krinitsa. Reviews and prices for vacations – 2022

Krinitsa: vacation tips

Rest in Krinitza

A small village at the mouth of the river Pshada is well known in the Krasnodar region. Why vacationers love Krinitsa and why they criticize the Black Sea resort? Learn the truth from tourist reviews for 2021 and decide whether to go on vacation in the summer of 2022.


Impressions of the resort.

There are 300 people living in Krinitsa. Tourists from different cities of the country, residents of Krasnodar, Gelendzhik and the surrounding villages come here to rest in the summer. Seaside resort is famous for its green forests and wide pebble beach. The sea here is the cleanest in the Greater Gelendzhik.

Near the coast there are recreation centers, children’s sanatorium and camping, and away from the beach – mini-hotels, guest houses and the private sector. The main disadvantage of Krinitsa is that the village is quite boring.

Ergana: “There are no big stores, but there is a drugstore, small stores, a canteen, a small market and public toilets. In the evenings there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. The sea is chic. Dolphins swim, on catamarans it is possible to have a ride. And that’s all we wanted”.

Is it expensive to have a rest in 2022?

The small resort is a popular vacation spot on the Black Sea, so the prices for accommodation in Krinitsa are almost the same as in Gelendzhik and Anapa. In 2022, a double room on the first line costs from 3700 rubles, options 1 km from the beaches – from 2000 rubles per day. A house for 4-5 people will cost 3500-6500 rubles. Search for hotels in Krinitsa on Hotelluk.

Prices of products in stores and food in cafes are not different from other Black Sea resorts. For dinner for two in the dining room you will pay 600-700 rubles.

Pilyugina82: “There is everything for a beach holiday: sun beds, massage showers, a playground, a cafe with delicious food and drinks. Cafe a lot, a good range of good prices and affordable.

Terpugova Elena: “Right on the beach there are cafes, where you can eat, drink beer with a view of the sea. The prices are affordable. You can not take a wallet, but walk around with your phone and pay by online transfer. On the beach there is a market, but it will be cheaper to go up the stairs. There is also a market with more pleasant prices”.

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Best hotels Krinitsa

What sea and beaches

Vacationers speak well of beaches in Krinitsa. The Central Pebble Beach has changing rooms, toilets, showers, awnings, sun lounger rentals, cafes and attractions.

To the south of the Pshada river mouth there is a beach of the children’s sanatorium “Krinitsa”. You can get there by metal stairs. Even farther to the south there is a popular wild beach near pension “Krinitsa”. Fans of secluded vacation love the small pebble-stony beaches between Krynitsa and Betta.

In Krynitsa you can rest not only at the sea. There are several pebble beaches on the banks of the Pshada river. There is enough shade from trees, and the water in the river is warm.

Taneyka: “The water is clean. You can see pebbles under the water. Fish are swimming. The beach is wide. I’ve never seen anything like that. Or rather, I have, but not so free”.

Mironova Irina Igorevna: “On the beach there is everything you need. Tried kebab, chebureks, not poisoned. Everything is fresh and tasty”.

Panorama of the beach in Krinitsa

What to do

Most of the entertainment in the village near the sea. Resorts like prize shooting gallery, billiards, table tennis, air hockey and volleyball on the beach. Sea walks, slippery soccer, sports trampoline, aquazorb, inflatable slide, riding catamarans, jet skis, “tablets” and “bananas” are in demand. Relaxation lovers are offered massage sessions. Many drive around the village on quad bikes and jeeps.

According to reviews of holiday-makers for 2021, excursions to waterfalls and dolmens to the valley of the river Zhane, Plesetskoy and Melnichnaya slit, to Bigius and Pshadsky waterfalls, tours to the Azov Sea, to Abrau-Dyurso, Novorossisk and Gelendzhik Dolphinarium are popular in Krinitsa.

Tamara: “There is not much entertainment on the beaches. There are catamarans, the cost of an hour rental – 700 rubles. In our opinion, it’s not bad.

Rest with children

According to reviews for 2021, vacation in Krinitsa with a child has pluses and minuses. The village has a comfortable beach and a lot of fresh air. Not far from the sea there is a swimming pool with electrohydrocycles in the form of swans, a game maze “Spider-Man” and an inflatable trampoline-ship.

The relief of the village is hilly. If the guest house stands far away, you will have to go down the hill to the beach. Climb back with a small child, and even more so with a stroller, not easy. There is accommodation by the sea, but it is in high demand during the season. Book a room in advance!

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AV27121966: “With small children – just a paradise. On the playground in the pines at all the sun does not get. The greenery ends almost at the beach. With the stroller on asphalt paths, we walked to the sea all 12 days of our vacation.

Rest in Krinitza

Waterfall “Giant”, Pshad waterfalls. Photo: Sergey Walker / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

When to go

The first tourists get to Krinitsa in late April or early May. In late spring the temperature of the sea water is +19 … +20°C. June is a favorite month of rest for those who can’t stand the summer heat. In July and August the resort is hot, about +30 ° C and above, the sea warms up to +26 … +27 ° C.

It is very pleasant at the Black Sea in September. In early autumn the coast is warm as in summer. Beach season ends in late October – early November.

The weather in September was mild, the water temperature ranged from +20 ° C to +24 ° C, so that the child was able to swim in the sea a lot. Not a single day with rain or wind.

Should we go to Krinitsa in 2022?

According to reviews, there are many families with children and young people resting in Krinitsa. The resort can be recommended to older tourists. The village has a great beach, a lot of greenery, there are stores and well-established bus service to all resorts Greater Gelendzhik. In Krinitza no rush and noise as on the major resorts of the Black Sea coast – Anapa, Gelendzhik or Sochi. Entertainment is not enough. Count only on the beach and excursions!

Reviews about Krinitsa

Is it worth going to Krinitsa? Honest reviews about Krinitsa. The most vivid impressions of tourists about rest in Krinitsa.

Reviews on Krinitsa

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport communication is.

Reviews about guesthouses in Krinitsa

Having written out a list of several guest houses before the trip, arriving in Krinitsa decided to start with the first on the list, it just so happened to be G.D. on Mira 42. We arrived in the village about 1 am, after 18 hours of continuous travel by car and were in desperate need of rest. We called the hostess before arrival about an hour beforehand, rang the doorbell, after 20 minutes of waiting, an unkempt-looking woman with a question “What do you want?” came out to us, it is clear, that we want in the middle of the night standing on the threshold of the guest house – this room to just sleep. 1) The room was open balcony and a bunch of insects were ready to pounce on anyone who walked in, and those who walked in were us. 2) The room is terribly cold. 3) Shared toilet and shower are in a separate room on the balcony, ie the passage through the street, very uncomfortable given the cold southern nights. We decided to wash off the accumulated fatigue, but it turned out that in the already cold shower (made by the type of summer, a hole in the floor and curtain) almost cold water flows thin trickle, it is impossible even elementary to rinse. 4) To have dinner, too, we did not manage, because the kitchen (a few tables, kettle with insects and a run-down sink) is on the balcony, and at 1 am, there just unbearably cold), in the same room was not even tables, not to mention the table. 5) The bedding is dirty, soil on the sheets and it is noticeable that not the first freshness, old beds – springs dig into the back and stone pillows. In general, given all the circumstances, we rested and failed, suffering through 4 hours, listening as field bugs (who do not know, these are huge flies) are falling from the ceiling to the floor and us on the bed, we wanted only one thing quickly escape from this nightmare. In the end, we did not even drop the price and took the full cost, as for a day’s stay, this is for such that conditions, by the way the price is decent, after we almost at the same price we rented rooms in a decent place, where we spent the vacation. No one recommend to consider this guest house, do not spoil your impression of rest, it is horror.

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Hello, I want to share my pleasant experience of staying in the guest house “Alice”. From August 26 to September 8, 2015. We were met by Eduard – the owner of the house at the station in Novorossiysk and as back kindly delivered without delays and mishaps (agree in advance). Room was waiting for us clean, cozy, with everything we needed. On the second floor is a veranda – cafe with very good food and a beautiful view of the sea. Our room had a window looking out to the sea and at night we could hear the disco from the coast, and sometimes the dog living on the property did not allow us to sleep at night with its barking, at times the shower room smelt of sewage. Otherwise there were no more minuses in the house. We settled in and Edward introduced us to the house and staff. Had a nice breakfast and we went to the sea. As the house is located on the mountain, we went down to the sea, first through the dusty slope, and then through the market on the stairs, the whole way takes 10 minutes without hurrying. And you get straight to the beach, clean, pebble. People are, but you can always settle down with comfort. Entrance to the water is excellent. Entertainment on the coast as elsewhere, for the same money, give or take. We liked it very much, we rested on the glory! Thank you so much for your honesty, hospitality, and wonderful staff. Thank you for our vacation!

We stayed in Krinitsa in August 2014, lived in the guest house “Alice”. I did not like it, because. 1. Living with the room polu-lux 2-bed – cold floor, tiles, walk barefoot impossible, feet freezing in spite of the fact that the street all 40 degrees. 2. Linen issued by the guest house is simply awful, because the length and width of the sheets were not enough to tuck it into the mattress, a blanket is the same as the sheet. The comforter lying warm in the closet looked very unpleasant (dirty, feathered and threads and obviously not washed for a long time), as a result we woke up in the morning in a bare mattress with a lump of bed linen nearby. Well, not nice, let’s just say. 3. Stairs, about the stairs from the road to the sea was written everywhere, and we were ready for it, but for some reason that there are more stairs from “Alice” to the road, nowhere is written. Of course you can go around the other side and up the road, but it is also very uncomfortable. In general, if you have a child, be prepared to drag him on his own. We were enough for 2 hikes maximum. Very uncomfortable with 40 degrees. 4. The prices break even Moscow records. Yes, the living in “Alice” against the background of southern prices is cheap, but if you plan to eat in the dining room, buy fruit or just some goodies, all very expensive. On all Krinitsa 2 stores and one market (3 stalls with fruit). One dining room – the prices are insane. We ate in “Alice”, fed us normally. Food was the simplest of the cheapest ingredients (cabbage, beets, chicken, etc.). No frills at all. Everything they sell through the bar is very overpriced. (Small pizza 400 rubles, kebab 100 grams-100 rubles, etc.) 5. I do not want to offend anyone, but people are unpleasant. Leaving at us even a desire to say goodbye. Because we had a mug and tea, at some point wanted us to drink tea. go to the kitchen, all polite, I ask the women to give boiling water, in response: “Through the bar. I say again, I just want boiling water. In response: “The girl boiling water over the bar. I go to Edward, I explain that I only need hot water for tea. In a disgruntled expression on my face, I still pressed the button on the kettle. After that, all the remaining 5 days at lunch, I just felt on myself and my husband, this glaring look in his back. I turn around, the ladies in the kitchen are sitting and drilling our table with their eyes. Well respected staff Alice, well have some respect, well even sell boiling water is impertinence, in all self-respecting institutions of this kind, kettle tea sugar water are freely available. All this was somehow very unpleasant. Well summing it up, I can tell, I definitely will not go there any more and will not advise anybody. Plus all one – the sea is simply amazing. Pure, warm, it did not want to leave from it. We bathed from the soul.

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