Honestly about Lermontovo. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Reviews about Lermontovo

Is it worth the trip to Lermontovo? Honest reviews about Lermontovo. The brightest impressions of tourists about rest in Lermontovo.

Reviews on Lermontovo

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport connections are.

Black sea is warm and clean, the beach in Lermontovo is clean and sandy, etc. Lermontovo clean, sandy and a bit stony, there are sunbeds. The sun is at its zenith. The air is chic. Many interesting excursions.

I love to rest on the Black Sea coast. Maybe more expensive, and less comfortable than abroad, but at home.

Reviews about the private sector in Lermontovo

Hello. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and owners of the hotel “Equator” for the good organization of the rest of their guests. I had a rest in the hotel “Equator” from 7 to 14 July 2012. I liked the hotel itself: the sea of fragrant flowers, collected in various arrangements, the original night hotel lighting: palm trees, weeping willow and sakura, as well as the glowing children’s pool. I liked the food service: tasty, satisfying and all fresh. Maybe someone who is used to eating chips and sandwiches with coca-cola all seemed not very edible, but the menu was designed for people leading a healthy lifestyle. A 2-bed room is small, but cozy. There is a shower cabin in the room. Cold and hot water round the clock. To the sea not far away, about 5 minutes walk. The sea was pretty clean. The beach is pebble. It was quite crowded, as half of the beach is occupied by cafes and attractions. To the sandy beach runs a minibus – the fare – 40 rubles. The disadvantage of the hotel is its outdoor cafe on the 4th floor, which works until the last visitor leaves. The lights are on, music is playing. But the worst thing is when the drunken visitors of cafe all night swim in the pool on the 4th floor, not giving sleep to holidaymakers of the 4th and 5th floors. The administration looks at it through their fingers, it seems the income from the pub interests them more. I consider that in a hotel where have a rest with children, in general, should not sell alcoholic drinks and from 0.00 o’clock to 7.00 o’clock should be respected mode of silence with a ban on bathing in pools, that in adults, that in children. It is impossible to transform rest into bacchanalia and permissiveness of a bunch of drunken men and women who did not understand why they went so far – probably that would go into another drinking spree against the background of the sea. Would I have gone to the “Equator” again. Probably yes, if I was sure that there would be silence and peace at night. And in the dining room, opposite me, will not sit a fat man in just a swimming trunks and overdrinking. We all lack culture, but we need to teach it.

Rest in Sochi in August 2022. Weather and prices

We were checked into room 6. On the way to the room we met our assistant Elena who was very worried that she had not put a doormat in the bathroom (it was immediately clear that she was worried not only about her job, but also about the performance of their duties). But going into the room, everything was in its place, it was so clean and comfortable, we immediately turned on the fridge and air conditioner, it was instantly cool. We started unpacking bags, but bags and packages were so much, it took more than time, because after reading reviews, I took with almost half the house, I am not an insider, just when you go with two children, better be fully armed, as they say. On the same day I realized that these were pseudo reviews, why do people write untruths, I personally find it hard to say, I have never understood and will not understand these people). The kitchen has everything from pots and pans to teaspoons. For a long time we could not sleep, were under impression from road, mountains, sea, from manor house and naturally peeped at kitchen, attention turned to garbage bin, negative reviews were still twisting in the head. I get up early, having woken up at half past six not to wake up the family, I wandered into the kitchen and was surprised, there was no garbage, the impression was that people for the comfort of visitors do not sleep at all, or sleep very little. The whole area just a fairy tale, I have not seen such beauty, it is easier to say what plants are not in this estate, than to list all the things that grow there. For smokers there is a special place, behind the barbecue. Fountains, tiles everywhere, a tennis table and a billiard table, you can also play backgammon, and of course, the most important place of rest – this is a huge pool for children and adults, I do not think that the slope of the pool at the construction of decided to do only because of the drain, and here is precautionary for children, as every corner of this manor, I repeat, created for a comfortable pastime guests. I really liked the laundry, great idea! So don’t want to miss anything and want to write about everything and share it with everyone. Here a unit wrote that a site not absolutely successful, is far from the sea and you know, and we and have not noticed, as you go through the market while you will consider that there at them beautiful in jars, what sweets, panamaks, flip-flops and beach umbrellas, have crossed the road, here and the sea, 10 minutes – is it far? In general I consider that on the sea, in a vacation as a whole it is necessary to go only with positive, for comparison I will give an example of a neighborhood, for some reason I allocated two families from 6 rooms, the kitchen general so it was necessary to pay attention to how people communicate, so one family always with a negative, Come to the common kitchen not only do not smile, but did not say hello once, between themselves all the time boo-boo, yes boo-boo, the children grumble, they are nervous, smiling or laughing they have never seen, at that time very sorry for their neighbors in the stairwell, and in general their entranceway where they live). And here in Room 5 lived a family, the opposite of the one I described above, the woman’s name is L****n, I think she would not take offense to me), I will not write the name. The daughter of P*****a 11 years old is very friendly girl, always says hello and smiles while L****n cooked in the kitchen, such aromas were floating, it was probably very tasty, I can say one thing that we are very lucky to have such neighbors, I do not dwell in people who are easy to communicate with.

Sochi in October 2022. Where to relax? Weather and reviews

We loved that we stayed in this very place, friendly and very hardworking Yuri and Tatiana, very hospitable, we felt at home, and you know what else won me over, when we were leaving Tatiana Viktorovna came out and waved, and me and the kids waved back, it seemed a trifle, but so nice. I admire you, this homestead is the work of one day and even one year, I can not even imagine how much effort has been invested. Thank you for the hospitality, the awesome pool, the cold lemonade, the delicious beer, the attitude to the vacationers!

Probably if you did end up in Lermontovo, I would recommend this hotel. It is located at the end of the village. Nearby will not drive cars, walking crowds of people. The place is quite private. There is parking for cars. Your little car will stay in the area and nothing will happen to it. Lunches were very nice – hearty tasty, dinner is scarce. The hotel has a pool on the grounds. We chose this hotel as our accommodation was on par with our other hotels. There are some minuses. The main one is the unfriendliness of the owners. The hostess never smiled and asked not tactful questions. When eviction from the room (I released it an hour earlier), bring her the keys and instead of “have you already gathered? Do you like everything?” I get “you have released the room? People have already arrived. We have to clean up. The owner speaks rudely to the rest of the children. One day he got to my two-year-old son, who was standing in the kitchen and rolled the door between his hands back and forth with an amplitude of 10 cm. He started scolding the child why he was playing with the door, leave the door alone, it might fall! That’s how it turns out that when you open it on someone from the rest of the sooner or later the door must fall. Another case was with other people’s children. Three preschoolers were standing in the yard. As soon as their grandmothers went away, the owner came up to them and began to reprimand “So, those who live on the 3rd floor and run over my head! I’m not going to listen to your stomping, I’m talking to adults, I want to rest, that no one else was running over my head. It is not clear, if they allow you to come with children, then you should be prepared that children can run and squeal. If it was really so loud, you can go up to the grandmothers and talk. Also did not like the “playground. In the first place it is on the tiles. Coming down the hill someone’s butt falls on the tiles, one of the girls fell from the swings and hit his head hard. Some miserable swing is next, which no child has never mastered, but it is constantly dragged away then under the hill, then on the path, which further increased the risk of injury. In general, children under five years of age are not safe on the site. I and a few other moms were running tail after our kids. As it didn’t like that there are no regulations for holidaymakers, forbidding to make noise after 22.00 for example. Want to sleep, and have to listen to a knocking ball from ping-pong or full blown TV (on the street he stands) with any “ha-ha show on STS. Also very much lacked a microwave. And an electric kettle. Public utensils are very unused.

In Lermontovo not bad sand and pebble beaches, there is a water park, water rides and opportunities for outdoor activities. The main disadvantage is a large number of people. In July and August on the seashore there is nowhere to fall. If you like silence, choose another resort, Lermontovo will disappoint you!

Lermontovo: tips for relaxation

Canyon of the Psakho River - a lost world. How to get there, photo, review

Compact seaside village in a beautiful mountain valley is considered a great place to rest for autotourists and parents with children. Read reviews of holidaymakers about Lermontovo for 2021. Find out if the local beaches are good and if it’s expensive to vacation in 2022.


Impressions of the resort

Lermontovo attracts tourists from different cities of Russia and Krasnodar region with convenient access and developed infrastructure. During the season it is one of the most crowded resorts on the Black Sea. Noise, noise, smells of grilled kebabs, loud music and enticements on the beaches. Everyone, who got out of the city, wants to relax and have fun!

Lermontovo is a typical resort in the Krasnodar Territory: canteens, markets, stores, “chebureks-corn-pahlava-beer. Lodging for vacationers at every step, and scrap prices for excursions and entertainment.

Tina: “There are no sights in Lermontovo itself, you can just walk around until late at night, looking at the goods in numerous shops or sitting in a cafe. There are many tourist tours through travel agencies. In general, I liked the rest: quiet but not boring.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

In 2022 in Lermontovo vacationers can stay in mini-hotels, guest houses and recreation centers. The most comfortable 3* hotels have swimming pools. In the high season a double room with breakfast costs from 2600 rubles. Lower prices are in the coastal autocampings and hotels that are located far from the sea. There are parking lots near hotels, which are located on the road. Look for lodging on Hotelluk and Suteluk.

According to reviews of holidaymakers for 2021, food in Lermontovo is not cheap. It is more profitable to take a room with breakfast than to waste time looking for a budget dining room.

Valentina: “We ordered breakfasts at the hotel, because the food is very expensive. For 1 day of stay you need 1 thousand rubles only for food. We did not take full meals from the hotel, because we often went on excursions. I wanted some freedom, but it would be cheaper to eat in the hotel. Tickets we bought a lot in advance, so not a bad savings.

Best Hotels Lermontovo

What sea and beaches in Lermontovo

Honestly about Sochi Park Hotel! Tourist Reviews 2022.

Central beach resort sandy and pebble. The entrance to the sea is gentle. There are always a lot of people here – you have to literally walk on their heads. It is not surprising that with such a congestion of people on this beach Lermontovo enough garbage, and the purity of the water in the Black Sea leaves much to be desired.

Look for less crowded places away from the central beach! Tourists like to go to the extended sand and pebble beach “Golden Beach”, which is a few kilometers from Lermontovo in the direction of Tuapse.

The equipped beaches have changing rooms, toilets, showers, ice-cream stalls, cafes and water entertainment. If you want to rest comfortably, rent a sun bed and an umbrella.

Vitaly: “On the beach near the recreation center “Kamelia GOLD” there are no walkers with corn, churchel and all kinds of food. The music is not screaming like on the central beaches. Around you the nearest neighbor for sunbathing is about 10 meters away. You don’t have to get up at 6 a.m. and take a spot in the sun.”

Panorama of the beach in Lermontovo

What to do

During the holidays, tourists stroll in the evening along the Lermontovo embankment, catch fish, go on boat trips and excursions. Get ready to splurge! A trip on a boat with swimming in the sea costs 700 rubles. Sightseeing tour with a visit to waterfalls and dolmens – 2000 rubles, jeeping in the mountains – 1000 rubles, and entertainment tour “Lim-po-po” – 1800 rubles.

Julia: “There are small mountains in Lermontovo, they hold excursions there. There are a lot of UAZ, you just come up and sign up for free time. There are trips on quad bikes and horses.”

Reviews of tourists about Lermontovo

Anastasia Panteleeva: “We went to Tengin waterfalls, which are 5 kilometers from the village, the entrance is only 70 rubles + 50 rubles separately cable car. The ticket price is ridiculous, but the pleasure you get a lot.

Dagomys troughs and tea plantation

Beach entertainment. Photo: nikolys / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license.

Rest with children

According to reviews of holidaymakers in 2021, Lermontovo is suitable for vacations with children. There is a large selection of accommodation and comfortable beaches. After the storm, the water in the Black Sea can be dirty, so it is advantageous to live in a hotel with a swimming pool. Entertainment in the village itself is not much. Have fun with the whole family at the water park “Chernomor”, visit the picturesque Tengin waterfalls and go on excursions into the mountains!

Leisure in Lermontovo

evgenka85: “We rest in Lermontovo not the first year. All stores within walking distance, supermarkets and drugstores, a wax museum and an aquapark, cafes, various entertainments and excursions.

Waterfall of two parallel streams, Tengin Falls. Photo: Michel Kotlyarov / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

When to go

The resort village is located in a bay, so the sea warms up quickly. In May it’s still cool to swim, but in June it’s just right!

According to reviews of vacationers, the summer in Lermontovo is hot. During the day the thermometer rises above +30 degrees. In late August the temperature of the sea water is +26 … +27 ° C. Families with preschoolers and older tourists are better to vacation in June and September.

Olga Pimicheva: “I was in Lermontovo in July. There were a lot of people on the beach. The sea was rough, and the water was a bit muddy. It was unbearably hot. Despite the fact that we were unlucky with the weather, I still recommend a holiday in the village of Lermontovo”.

@Zarnica@: “We were in early June, the sea there was very warm. Although acquaintances warned that at this time of year the water may not yet warm up.”

Is it worth going to Lermontovo in 2022

Lermontovo is one of the most popular resorts in the Tuapse region of the Krasnodar Territory. The village is located on the federal highway that leads to Sochi – it is easy to get here by car. Road from Krasnodar takes about two hours.

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