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Macesta: vacation tips

Rest in Matsesta

Macesta is a resort district of Greater Sochi. He grew up next to the famous all over the country water treatment facility. We collected reviews of holidaymakers about Matsesta – find out what the pros and cons of the resort and whether to rest there in 2022.


Impressions of the resort

Macesta – part of Sochi, but the local way of life is not at all urban. The green neighborhood is far from the hustle and bustle. Here is a balneological sanatorium “Macesta” and accommodation for tourists. The popular hydropathic center has been in operation for more than a century. Vacationers undergo courses of mud treatment and take baths of mineral sulfurated water. The smell of rotten eggs in Matsesta is everywhere.

Micro district is spread out on the hills in the valley of the river Matsesta and its tributary Tsanyk. Most hotels and guest houses are built high above the sea. You have to walk up from the beaches, drive up by car or take a minibus.

Aagloriy: “When you get there, you are surrounded by trees on both sides. You drive like a forest, not knowing where the houses are. And the houses are all up in the mountains, because of the density of trees you can’t even see them”.

Rest in Matsesta

The building of Spa No.4, Staraya Matsesta. Photo: Rost.galis / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

One of the main pluses of Matsesta is a good infrastructure. The resort has stores, pharmacies, hairdressers and an agricultural fair that sells fresh and inexpensive products.

Rent a sunbed and an umbrella from the sun costs 200 rubles, and scuba diving – 4000 rubles. Prices in hotels and guest houses in 2022 lower than in the center of Sochi. Excursions and water activities cost the same. Look for lodging in Matsesta on Hotelluk.

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Dilyara: “There is a market next to the store “Pyaterochka”. Prices for fruit are high. On Vinohradnaya Street, opposite the church, there is a canteen “Kolobok” with a very unassuming interior, but the food there is delicious and the prices are low. I took something from meat, a side dish, salad, compote, often it was even less than 200 rubles”.

Best hotels in Matsesta

What is the sea and the beaches in Matsesta?

According to reviews of holidaymakers for 2021, the beach strip in Matsesta is the worst on the entire Sochi coast. The beach is small and quite narrow. The railroad passes in a few meters from the sea.

The coast is covered with coarse and medium pebbles and equipped with wooden bridges. It is more convenient to bathe in aqua shoes.

The sea is comparatively clean and the beach is cleaned every day, but there is still garbage from the failed holidaymakers.

MerySue: “The coast there is pebble, there are umbrellas and sun beds for rent, the spacious parking is equipped. There are cafes on the embankment that stretches all the way to the Agura river, where it’s pleasant to sit and admire the sea”.

The panorama of the beach in Matsesta

What to do

During a vacation in Matsesta, tourists enjoy taking sulfur dioxide baths, walking, taking pictures against the background of the elegant rotunda, going on excursions and boat trips. According to reviews, vacationers in Matsesta like horse farm, Agur Waterfalls and hiking tours around the resort.

There are several shuttle buses running around Sochi, the routes of which run through Matsesta. Don’t overpay for guides, travel to the sights yourself!

Anna Severtseva: “There is something to see: waterfalls on the Snake River, Aquarium, Tea Plantations, Eagle Rocks, Matsesta Springs and the balneological center “Matsesta” itself.

Matsesta reviews

Matsesta Sea Station and the Matsesta viaduct (right). Photo: Evgeny Lodyanov / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Recreation with children

Matsesta may not be the best choice for a vacation with kids. For preschoolers here is uncomfortable terrain and little entertainment. Older children can find something to their liking. In New Matsesta there is an oceanarium “Aquarium & Marine Zoo”, and 6 km away is the water park “Lighthouse”.

While vacationing in Matsesta with the whole family, take a walk to the Prometheus Monument, visit the funny Glade of Dwarves in Matsesta Valley and go to Sochi.

Olga996: “We had a trip with three people: me, my husband and my child. Got there in 20 minutes from the airport. The beach is clean and the entrance to the sea is comfortable. We were in August and the water was warm. The area is beautiful and well-groomed. Leisure facilities are normal. For children a playground. It is possible to go on excursion. Rest left the warmest memoirs”.

Reviews about Matsesta

A roller coaster in Sochi-Park. Photo: unsplash.com / @olianayda.

When it’s best to go

The beach season in Matsesta starts in May, but in late spring the water temperature in the Black Sea is only +17 … +19 ° C. It is more comfortable to swim and sunbathe in summer and early autumn.

In July and August the air is heated to +29 … +32 ° C, and the sea water +26 … +27 ° C. Because of the greenery and terrain in Matsesta there is a special microclimate. At this resort it is easier to endure the heat than in other areas of the Greater Sochi.

Many tourists come to Matsesta during the velvet season. In October the sea is still warm +20 … +24 ° C, and in November the weather becomes autumnally rainy. Beach entertainment ends, and the resort falls into a lull until the next spring. Find out when to vacation in Sochi.

For treatment vacationers come to Matsesta all year round. Winters here are not frosty, but it often rains. Learn about the best thermal springs in the Krasnodar region.

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Irina Pro: “In October our hopes for the Sochi heat were justified, the summer waited for us, and we had time to sunbathe and swim. Air temperature on all days, except for two, was +25 … +26 ° C, water +23 … +24 ° C”.

Is it worth going to Matsesta?

According to the responses of the vacationers, Macesta is more a pleasant place to live in a dormitory district of Sochi than a comfortable place to spend a summer vacation in 2022. Hilly terrain is uncomfortable for kids and tourists in age.

You should go to Matsesta for treatment at the balneological resort. Hydrosulfuric baths help remove toxins from the body, well relieve inflammation in the joints, bones and tendons. If health tourism is not in the first place, look for another place to rest on the Black Sea!

Township of Macesta, Sochi – review

Macesta. Summer 2022. Dangerous beach, huge distances and unsanitary canteen. But it’s nice to walk along the river. Such Macesta.

Good day to all!

I arrived in Matsesta. And the adventure began. You walk, walk, wander, wander in the heat.

That’s how I was walking in Matsesta.

One beautiful day the idea to visit Matsesta came to me. I had never been to this village before. Just passing by.

From Mamayka district I took Lastochka electric train to Matsesta.

Barely got out on the beach.

There are huge concrete breakwaters everywhere in the sea.

There are also them near the shore, sticking out with their sharp edges out of the sea, with loops. But so there is a chance to trip and fall on a concrete slab.

I saw a boy run across such a slab. And his mom spanked him hard for it. She told him not to walk here until he slipped and fell.

I felt sorry for the boy.

You can clearly see the slabs in this picture.

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It’s obviously dangerous to swim here. I definitely wouldn’t go into the sea.

And there are a lot of rocks on the beach.

It’s a long walk from the center of Matsesta to the sea.

There is no embankment in Matsesta. The distances are enormous.

From the beach I went to the center of the village.

When I walked a decent distance, I asked passers-by how to get to the center. I little explained how to get to civilization.

I went out as I thought to the center. But no. It was not the center. Beautiful surroundings, though.

I asked a woman again, how to get to the center of Matsesta? But again they could not explain me clearly.

I walked along the road until the sidewalk ended.

I met some people. I asked them if it was far to the center. I got the answer that it was a long walk along the river. And that there weren’t many buildings further on.

I met some girls who treated me to some sausages fried on the beach. We chatted for a while. And they didn’t recommend going any further. But I walked along the river and then turned right. And came out into the center of Matsesta.

The heat was unbearable.

There was no limit to my happiness. I was hungry.

I went into the canteen. But what I saw absolutely discouraged me from eating there. This is what the window with the soup and pasta looked like. It was open.

There is a Magnit store here. The prices were like this.

Then I went to Sochi by bus.

I shared only my opinion. Another person may have it diametrically opposed.

But to me in Matsesta not especially liked.

Will I come here again? All can be. And maybe I’ll pass further along the river Matsesta.

But not on heat. And I do not consider Matsesta for beach rest. Distances here are huge, to the sea far.

And I put 3 stars. 4 somehow my hand does not lift. After all the wandering around the village. And the beach is not good, yes.

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But despite the significant shortcomings in my opinion, I still recommend Macesta. It is possible to take a walk along the river.

Thanks for attention to the review!

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