Honestly about Nebug. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Nebug reviews of holidaymakers 2022

Had a rest in the guest house “Aquarius” in August 2022. Very hospitable hosts. Irina told me in detail about the guest house. At the same time warned that it is located at a distance from the sea. I want to note that the distance does not notice. On the road you can.

We rested in July in a guest house Altum. The location of the house is very comfortable, quiet and peaceful. The rooms have everything you need to stay. A big plus is the kitchen in every room. The owners are very.

The first time we had a rest in the village of Nebug. Thank you for the good welcome. We are in an apartment was comfortable and cozy. Comfortable furniture and linens. The beach overlooking the Nebug river is a quiet 15 minute walk, besides the walk is not boring. Souvenirs and outfits.

Nebug, a beautiful and picturesque place. We had a great time.Lived on South Lane, 3. The hostess is nice and friendly. Room clean, no remarks. You can cook barbecue in the yard. Rest places are provided. Parking. A good place, I recommend it.

Hospitable hosts, everything you need for recreation is: a play area for children, sandpit, swings, shashlychnaya, sauna, close to the water park and Dolphinarium, near the magnet and city market, near cafes and dining. To the sea there is a shortcut and longer.

The location of the hotel is super, on the first line. The view of the pool and the sea is gorgeous. The pool is clean, you can swim until the evening, there are two areas for children and adults, also umbrellas and sun loungers. The staff were friendly and helpful, the room was cleaned every four days. Rooms are cleaned once every 4 days and the toilet is cleaned daily.

We stayed in late June, clean, comfortable, spacious rooms with a balcony. Rooms have everything you need, crockery, kettle. Bathroom has a hair dryer. Room service once every 3 days, change of linen, I liked it all. Pool, gazebo, sun loungers, children’s playground. Breakfast.

I liked having a rest in this guest house. The location is very convenient. Prudent hosts, always ready to help, advise. The sea is close. The beach is a very fine pebble, easy entrance to the sea. Were with two children, took a suite on the top floor.

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The third consecutive year we have a rest in this guest house, again we go there too, to all advise to stop here.

I liked it exactly, absolutely EVERYTHING! Thanks a lot to the owners and staff of this wonderful hotel. Very nice rooms, great room and barbecue area, delicious homemade food. Loaded up with a real positive! We wish the house prosperity and .

We stayed at this hotel twice, in the summer and spring. The facility is located on the first line, very beautiful view from the window (3 floors), city beach 1min apart, a lot of children’s entertainment, as well as cafes for all tastes. Canteen at the hotel is, but us.

Good afternoon, writing a review of rest in Nebug in August 2021 at u. Quay 6B. In this guest house we had our first vacation and did not regret it. The atmosphere, the owners, hospitable, friendly people who are always open to holidaymakers, to.

The location is perfect. To the sea really 5 minutes at a very slow pace. Room with a balcony on the 4th floor. View of the water park, sea and walking street with cafes and stores. Tomorrow is included: you go down to the cafe “Taurus” from 8:30 to 11:00 and po.

The accommodation was comfortable enough. The room is clean, there is the necessary utensils and kitchen, for minimal cooking. To the beach, a leisurely walk of 20-30 minutes. In three minutes walk to a chain market “five”, in five minutes – a pleasant dining room “Shiborschi” where.

Holidays now 23.08.2021, the location is excellent. Not a bad dining room – clean, tasty. (But not to be confused, this is not a cafe or restaurant). Nice one bedroom suite. Panoramic windows, balcony, good furniture. It certainly is not 4 and not 3 stars. But for its 2.

Guest house like it, all to stay is. There is a dining room where you can prepare your own food, in the presence of all necessary utensils. If possible, we will come back again.

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Rest. if you can call it rest! Have not warned that it is on mountain! To settlement 5 km! Down to the sea a terrible – on narrow tropinochke – long and abrupt enough! The house is not bad, but the air-conditioning is weak.

Comfortable parking, well-groomed territory, clean pool, not very deep, it is comfortable for children to bathe, a good breakfast, and, certainly, step accessibility to the sea. You can have lunch and dinner in cafes or canteens, of which there are a lot nearby. For example dinner.

Rested family in a guest house in August. The room corresponded to the photos, everything was clean and comfortable, and most importantly quiet. We had a separate kitchen, which had everything we needed. The area is closed, parking in the territory, barbecue area with.

Had a holiday in July 2020. We stayed in two rooms with 4 people, the rooms are clean and the owners Artyom and Alexandra are friendly and helpful. Sea

Reviews: useful information

Going on vacation, we certainly want to know more about the place, the planned vacation, listen to advice, consider the photo. Compose a complete picture about rest in Nebug will help us a lot with reviews of holidaymakers 2019, here have already visited. Useful information in the reviews, which is always interesting to holidaymakers is:

Rates for rooms or private accommodation. Approximate cost of a check for a complex dinner. How much does recreation and entertainment cost: average prices for the area.

How clean is the sea. Tips: where best to swim with small children. Sea water temperature.

Paid or free. How clean. How often is it cleaned. Cafes, equipment rentals, attractions.

Nebug: tips on rest

Rest in Nebug

A modern resort on the Black Sea – not necessarily a large and noisy city. There is an alternative – the village of Nebug! Learn from the reviews of tourists, what is interesting rest in the picturesque gorge and whether it is worth to go there in 2022.


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Impressions of the resort

Nebug is located between Olginka and Agoy, 16 km from Tuapse. The settlement stretches along the river valley for 2.5 km. From the farthest part of Nebug to the sea – half an hour walk. Modern resort is loved for the beautiful landscapes, good infrastructure, a large water park, dolphinarium and clean pebble beaches.

Tourists are welcome in hotels 2-5 *, guest houses, boarding houses and the private sector. According to reviews for 2021, almost all accommodation in Nebug is comfortable. Many hotels have swimming pools, their own restaurants and parking lots.

The emblem of the village depicts five stars and a leaping dolphin. The quality of service is a priority. However, not all holidaymakers are lucky, so reviews about Nebug vary.

Murlyonok: “Our holiday was in June, in the peak season. There were a lot of people on the beach. In general, I liked it. Nebug is small. Located on the shore of the sea. The houses are in different styles. The nature is very beautiful.

Leisure at sea in Nebug.

A view of the resort. In the center of the hotel “Lightning Yamal”. Photo: L.P. Dzhepko aka Leonid Dzhepko / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Is it expensive to relax?

According to what tourists say, Nebug is not a cheap place to live! During the high season a double room with breakfast in a 3* hotel costs 3,800 rubles, and in a 5* hotel from 14,400 rubles. Prices for rooms with private bathrooms in guest houses start from 1900 rubles per day. You can also stay at car camping sites on a budget. Look for tours to Nebug on Onlinetours, and accommodation on Hotelluk and Sutok.

Inexpensive food look for canteens. Tasty Ossetian pies and salads are fed to tourists at the local market. Cheaper souvenirs are sold away from the beaches.

Tanya: “The prices at the water park are not budget at all. On the recommendation of our acquaintances, stayed at the autocamping over the river in the village of Nebug. Autokamping inexpensive. We paid 500 rubles for the car for 2 days and 100 rubles per person per day”.

Elena: “The hotel “Sea Club” costs 4800 rubles per day. The room is small, everything is very old. Towels are like rags. The bathroom is mouldy, everything is dilapidated, the shower didn’t work, poured from all cracks. The TV was outdated. From pluses only a view of the sea from some rooms and proximity to this very sea.

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The best hotels Nebug.

What sea and beaches

Central beach in Nebug is covered with fine rounded pebbles, stretches for 500 meters and has a width of 40-50 meters. Entrance is free. The coast is clean. In the center of equipped pier, there are cabins for changing, umbrellas and sun loungers. The depth increases quickly enough.

The sea water is transparent, but during the rains because of the removals from the mountain river it becomes muddy. In addition to the municipal beach, you can sunbathe and swim in the recreation areas, which belong to health and resort complexes, hotels and resorts.

Larissa Marchenko: “The sea is amazing! The water is clear. A little cool in my opinion, but I swam. There are not many people. There is a good “dizhnyak” music, which raises the already good mood.

Panorama of the beach in Nebug

What to do

Nebug is a resort place to have fun day and night. Vacationers have fun in the water park and dolphinarium, go on boat trips, scuba diving and underwater hunting, fishing in the sea and the lake, ride jeeps and quad bikes. In the evenings in the village open discos and karaoke bars. According to reviews, in Nebug popular excursions to the recreation center “Caucasus”, to dolmens and tours to Abkhazia.

Christina: “went to the dolphinarium, I liked the program very much: beluga, dolphins, seals – generally a miracle.

Reviews of tourists on Nebug

Waterfall on the Ponezhina river, near Nebug. Photo: MarOleg / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Holidays with children

Parents are happy that in Nebug it is easy to find good hotels with swimming pools and entertainment for children. Minuses of the settlement – high prices and hilly terrain. The ticket to the Dolphin water park for adults costs 1000-1300 rubles, and for children under 140 cm – 800 rubles. The entrance for children under 3 years old is free. The ticket to “Aqua World” Dolphinarium costs 700 rubles. Kids under 5 years are allowed for free.

Rest with tents at the Black Sea: in campsites and feral camping

Ilya: “I liked the quality-price ratio of rest. The water in the sea is clear, without algae. On the beach is quite spacious, no one sits on each other’s heads. On the quay at the height of a beach season many entertainments for children are opened: hire of cars, trampolines. Come to holiday in Nebug with children is definitely worth it.

Foam holiday at the Dolphin water park

When to go

The climate in the village is transitional from temperate to subtropical. Beach season in Nebug begins in May. The sea water is still cool +18 ° C, but it is pleasant to sunbathe. Summer is the time of high season. It is especially hot in July and August. The air temperature is +29. +33 ° C, and the sea water +26. +27°С.

According to reviews for 2021, Nebug is beautiful in the velvet season. Autumn here is soft and warm, so in the sea swimming until late October – early November.

Victor: “We were given a second summer! From November 3 to 17 the air temperature was +17. +22 ° C, and water +18. +19°С. All morning hours my wife and I were sunbathing and swimming on the beach.

Rest in Nebug

Pebbles on the beach in Nebug. Photo: L.P. Dzhepko aka Leonid Dzhepko / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Is it worth going to Nebug.

The settlement in a green gorge near the mouth of the river Nebug is liked by those who like to have everything they need for recreation at their fingertips. It is nice to spend a vacation in a modern hotel, swim not only in the sea, but also in the pool, have fun in the water park and dolphinarium. Alas, but the prices in Nebug in 2022 differ little from the Sochi! Accommodation, food and entertainment at this resort is one of the most expensive on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar Krai.

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