Honestly about Olginka. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Olginka: vacation tips

Tourist reviews about Olginka

Olginka is loved for its picturesque nature and clean sea. Find out if you should go on holiday to Olginka in 2022. What reviews have left holidaymakers about Olginka in 2021: whether it is expensive to rest, whether the beaches are good and what the resort has pros and cons.


Impressions of the resort

Olginka is a small resort in the Tuapse district of the Krasnodar region. Tourists like the clean sea water and comfortable rest. On the waterfront at every step – cafes, canteens, snack bars, pizzerias and kiosks with ice cream.

Visitors try to put anywhere you can – in hotels, guest houses, guest houses and annexes to apartment buildings. Even some of Olginka’s garages are converted into summer suites! Large health centers “Orbita” and “Gamma” offer rooms with “all-inclusive” meals.

Anna: “An excellent place for a comfortable family vacation, for those who like peace, fresh air, hiking and natural beauty.

Victoria: “In this place I experienced the most unforgettable vacation of my life. The cabin is near the mountains and the view is just wonderful, and the greenery in the patio… oooh! The smell was so wonderful I didn’t want to leave.”

Olginka Reviews

Embankment of the river Tu. Photo: Maxim Ulitin / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Is it expensive to vacation

In 2022, rooms in front line hotels cost from 4,000 rubles per night. Lodging at a distance from the beaches is cheaper. Keep in mind that there is no public transport in the village, you will have to walk from the outskirts of the village to the beaches. According to reviews for 2021, it’s more profitable to rent an apartment with a kitchen for a family vacation in Olginka. Look for accommodation on Hotelluk and Suto.

Groceries are easy to buy in stores and at the market. On Thursdays there is a fair with a good selection of goods and reasonable prices.

Parking in the private sector and small guesthouses is free. In other places they charge car tourists 100-150 rubles per day.

Anna: “In Olginka near the beach there is a theater. There are performances and performances for children. Very funny and musical. Ticket price 300-400 rubles. Right near the beach supermarket Pyaterochka. Very convenient. Prices are normal. At the water park Leto several pools, lots of slides and an outdoor cafe. Lots of discounts and discounts on tickets.”

Addely: “There is a market near the sea, you can buy everything – from clothing and food, ending with souvenirs and alcohol. We always buy cheap knitted vests, socks and shawls of goat down there.

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What sea and beaches in Olginka

The road along the river Tu to the sea is tiled. Olginka beach is covered with well rounded pebbles. In the middle of the bay its width reaches 30 meters. During the season the coast is cleaned every day. Rent a deck chair costs 150 rubles, and water attractions – from 400 to 1500 rubles.

Next to the municipal beach there is a chain of beaches, which belong to the recreational complex “Orbita” and resorts. At the northernmost tip of the bay is a stony and sparsely populated Wild Beach. Guests of the resort complex “Gamma” are taken to the sea by mini-tram.

Pepi N: “There is a lot of stuff on the quay: shashlik houses, cafes, restaurants, different entertainment on the water and on the land, slides, boats, jet skis. There is no shade anywhere, it’s just a problem here, you should have a cap, and you must have an umbrella on the beach”.

Tourist reviews about Olginka

Olginka Beach. Photo: Maksim Ulitin / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

What to do

According to reviews of holidaymakers, Olginka has a lot of entertainment for nightlife lovers. Trendy DJs rock in the clubs “Extreme” and “Kashalot”. Those who like to have fun visit the center “Galaxy” and the concert hall of the pension “Orbita”.

Local agencies offer many excursions – to Abkhazia, to waterfalls, to dolmens and boat trips to Kiseleva rock. According to reviews of holidaymakers, in Olginka popular sea fishing, diving, as well as safaris on quad bikes and off-road vehicles in the mountains. Near the village is located Agri Nature-Landscape Reserve, which has hiking trails for tourists.

Damir I: “NemoSapiens is a diving center of 5+: full instruction, instructors with great experience, interesting places to dive. We come here every year”.

Holidays in Olginka in Tuapse

Quay in Olginka. Photo: Maxim Ulitin / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Rest with children

In reviews for 2021 Olginka is called a wonderful place to rest with children. Near the beach of the resort is equipped with a children’s paid pool with slides, waterfalls, sun loungers, showers and a playground. There is a foam disco for kids.

There is a water park “Leto” and children’s play center, and 10 minutes drive from Olginka there is a dolphinarium. The performances of the show are free for children up to 5 years old.

Angela: “In Olginka we booked a hotel with full board in order to save money on food. In addition, the hotel had a pool, so we alternated hiking to the sea with swimming in it. Olginka beach clean and pebble. Children were comfortable, no one hurt himself on the rocks. We visited the crocodile farm and water park.

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klipre.adm: “The place, as we wanted, really for a rest from vanity of a noisy city. The splendor of the shady forest combined with the sea smoothness create the impression of a fairy tale. Our son was delighted and called the place a jungle.”

When is the best time to go

The seaside village is surrounded by mountains, so it rains less here than in neighboring areas. In Olginka is not as humid as in Sochi. Thanks to a special microclimate during the whole summer season is kept temperature +24 … +30 ° C. Bathing season begins in May and lasts until October. Most tourists come in July and August, but the most comfortable, cool weather is in May, June and September.

Victoria: “We vacationed in September, the sea was rough, and the water park just saved us! The best place to entertain children in Olginka. Excellent rest. I recommend it to everybody”.

Olginka Weather

Sumac grows in Olginka, used for dressing vegetables and meat. Photo: Maxim Ulitin / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Is it worth going to Olginka in 2022

The village of Olginka in the Krasnodar region is a versatile Black Sea resort. In the green valley Tu it is good to rest with children, tourists of age and young people. Pluses Olginka – clean sea, friendly locals, a wide choice of housing, a lot of dining rooms, cafes and stores, and good drinking water. Minuses – expensive fruits and berries, high prices in stores on the beach and paid showers on the beaches.

Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Olginka – review

Olginka 2022 – travel by car from St. Petersburg. About the sea, prices, places and problems of the settlement. How to look for accommodation

This is my second trip to the south of Russia by car from St. Petersburg and this time Olgainka. This village I wanted to go back last year, but the decision was made a couple of days before departure and the proven services was not available housing, or rather, was, but very expensive. As a result, we went to Lermontovo, where we also had a good rest. But let’s return to Olginka.

I booked one month in advance. I found the hotel on Ostrovok.ru, but was confused by the fact that you have to pay all at once, so I found their official website and contacted the hotel. The hotel was about 3200 rubles/day for a double room. An average price tag for August in the area. I agreed to pay in advance for the first day, but they never sent me an invitation and payment details.

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I found it strange that the hostess of the hotel is so irresponsible, I reminded myself several times until. I did not start getting messages, obviously from someone else, with obscene content. And now, 1.5 weeks to go, no accommodation, what to do.

I went on familiar services to look for a new hotel, but everything is already expensive, or in some kind of BLEEP. And then a genius idea came to my mind!

I opened Yandex-map, and almost every inch of the map is dotted with hotels. We click on any, where it is convenient geographically and get to the hotel card. There are phones, websites and other information. Plus reviews and pictures. So I found a hotel 200 meters from the sea. The price for a double room with a balcony cost 3500 rubles / day. Without a balcony was already all occupied, and so would be in general 3 thousand rubles / day.

The settlement, like most near the sea is divided by the highway. We lived in that part where from the sea, but there are also across the road in the mountains. Here the first hotel was in the mountains, and the sea was about 1 km. We didn’t end up going to that side, but there are places to just walk in the mountains. Just in nature.

We drove by car. First we drove on M-11, almost no traffic jams in Moscow and then to Voronezh. There was the first stopover with an overnight stay. At the end of the review I will leave a link to a hotel, where we can stay in Voronezh, not expensive. From Voronezh along the M-4 highway to Olginka. After Voronezh were very dead traffic jams. The reasons: road repairs, accidents, columns of “miscellaneous machinery” in Rostov. As a result the road from Voronezh to Olginka took about 14 hours, while a year before we drove for 10 hours. Major traffic jams in the Goryachi Klyuch area due to narrowing of the road.

Already on Dzhugba was also jam, then serpentine and low speed. Before the hotel was a sharp turn hidden in the bushes, but that does not apply to the village, but to the location of the hotel.

Practically on the beach next to us was a Pyaterochka, where crowds of half-naked, drunk and ruddy tourists. Around the Pyaterochka spread stalls, kiosks and cafes with food, clothing, beach goods. Like at any resort, we could buy everything from fur coats to swimming trunks and slippers. There was a Baton Cat, a toy, the price tag was 2200 rubles, I bought the same one at the market in Moscow for 1000 rubles.

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There is a Magnit cosmetic, Red and White, a few Pyaterochka, branded fish stores, private supermarkets, stores where you can buy alcohol at after-hours, pharmacies are often found.

I do not know, either the prices have increased everywhere, or it is in Olginka so expensive. Last year in Lermontovo we had shawarma for 150 rubles, in Olginka it was 250 rubles. The seafood is very expensive. The small tray of mussels I splurged for was 700 rubles. Yes, I ate a lot, but for one 700 rubles is a little bit too much. We ate in the canteen, no extravagances – 1100 rubles for two.

But then we found several cafes selling business lunches for 290 to 350 rubles. There was also a cafe “Wermishelka” where a piece of pie or pizza was 100 rubles. There was not much fruit on sale and the price tag was enormous.

The beach is as though in the bay, where the crescent is hidden among the mountains. The beach is pebbly, I read that there are especially fine pebbles, but I did not notice. Pebbles as pebbles, cobblestones and there were some.

There are sun loungers for rent from 8 to 20 hours from 300 rubles, depending on who you rent from. Two sun beds with umbrella – from 700 rubles, I think. I rented a deckchair a few times, because there were some savages on the beach, adult savages.

The best time to visit the beach was from 6 to 9 am, then a full house and other people’s heels on your head, literally. When I came to the beach at 6 am, to admire the sunrise, with pleasure bathed in the empty and warm sea.

By the way the pebbles were very cold. Incredibly cool beach, when it’s empty, and what a transparent water. I stood in the water up to my neck and easily saw bright toenails and pebbles. It’s very clean.

Still it is possible to go on a beach from 13 till 15, but it is the most active sun and it is better to hide under an umbrella, but though the beach is half-empty.

The beach is clean, but it is a merit of people, not the village. On the beach, on all territory – NO Litter! It blatant disgrace and I carry it to a huge minus!

Moreover, if you leave the beach, the search for a garbage can becomes a quest. Everywhere are hanging papers: no trash, fine, but there is not a single dumpster.

There is no communication. No communication. Cell phones catch barely and with big gaps. The Wi-Fi in the hotel also turned out to be worse than ever. We had the nerve to take wi fi in a nearby hotel, which we had, but it worked poorly. In general if you want to have a rest from gadgets, phones and calls – welcome!

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No litter, I have already said above.

Minus or not, everything is old, like in Soviet times. On the beach the structures are covered with rust, everything is dull.

Sightseeing is not present. There are a couple of abandoned sanatoriums, you can walk to them, look, take pictures in the ruins. We never got there. Straight from the beach there is a climb up the mountain where you can behold the bay from the height. We climbed there, you have to climb carefully, there is a tightrope, we used it to climb up. There is nothing unusual there, forest and sea views.

We went by car to Tuapse, then took an electric train and went to Sochi for a day – to have a walk. We decided not to go by car, as far as the trip to Sochi took 5 hours one way, and 2 hours by local train in comfort with a book was ok.

On the beach there were traditionally bananas, cutters, offered excursions to the sea and the mountains. There was a man sitting in a microphone, making funny comments.

In the middle of the beach stretched some kind of stinky canal, which was half-dry. I think in the rains it fills up and it looks like a river.

The village is purely for families, nothing for young people to do there. No clubs, hangouts, discos I did not notice. It is possible only to buy alkashki and to sit evening on a pebble, to admire the sunsets and naked selves which swim at night. The settlement 50/50, I think in a not season there well and beauty. But when the people walk on heads, roaring children in number of one million people, it is more tiresome, than allows to receive rest.

More or less I relaxed when I rented a deck chair under the tent. There are no vendors with corn and other stuff, they do not yell in your ear and stomp on your head. Nearby music is playing and not a lot of people is relaxing. Since I was alone, the 300 rubles for the day was not so much money, and I could afford it. I can recommend it, but it is better to go there for families with children, it is their party. I don’t really feel like going back there.

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