Honestly about Shepsie. Reviews and prices for recreation – 2022

Hotels by the sea in Shepsie

I liked it very much when I stayed with my family. The food was excellent. There are a lot of things to do at Shepsie. Children are very happy. And we liked the beach. For those who like to snorkel, it is a great place, the water is clean and the rocks.

Beautiful green area, its own beach (quite free in the high season), good rooms and wonderful staff. And all this for reasonable money. Probably will go here with family regularly.

The place good, probably 30 meters on sea level, pines so it is useful to breathe. The area is big, children’s swings, a children’s room, the animator

Really very comfortable rooms! And not just rooms! The area though not as a boarding house, but used with deep Logic in the direction of additional convenience guests

Perfect hotel, new and clean. Very comfortable location, not far from the sea. Very nice hosts. This is our third and hopefully not our last stay!

We will definitely come again no matter how the rates are going up, now I know where I can rest comfortably by the sea ☺️

Perfect cleanliness and VERY nice pastels. The balconies, the rooms, as well as the entire design of the hotel are tastefully and well done. But like everyone else in this heat, the faucets in the bathroom let me down.

For the second time we were on holiday. Very friendly owners.Rooms are clean. The rooms are spacious. I feel the best hotel in Shepsie. And the sea is close and cleanliness and nice hosts.

But troubleshooting is fast, high quality and at short notice. Thanks for the pleasant, albeit small, relaxation to all personnel of the hotel “Diana”.

In general a place for quiet rest, though in the height of summer near the pool probably party. To the sea 10 minutes on foot, the sea transparent, the beach pure

From minuses: well maaallenie numbers, the access road not so, in pool collect water from the river (probably add all the same chemistry, did not check), in kitchen we need dryer for plates, a million plates in a pile.

All clean and as long as new, cleanliness is monitored. Excellent recreational area, barbecues, tables, pool, playground. Summer Cone Theater, although the staff does not tell about it, well, a spectacular inscription.

Holidays at the end of September, not a lot of people. The administrator and staff are polite and attentive. For our coast it is unusual even to tell. It is evident that the design and idea are clever.

Holidays in Krasnodar Krai in the winter season 2021-2022

All good day we have been vacationing in this hotel since September 5 to September 16 even to the seventeenth before this week rested in the village of Magri it is 4 km from Shepsie there too all is very well but decided to move here for two reasons in Magri the sea is clean but the beach is wild and very dirty no sun beds no cafe nothing in Shepsie any life now about the hotel good rooms which have all that is necessary yes for quiet rest in numbers conditioner.

The first thing I would like to note is delightful attitude, you are really welcome here! Further, to the sea a pair of minutes that is truly invaluable! And, it was just a couple of minutes from the train station to the hotel.

Our family loved Eden. During this season we have had two holidays. The furniture was new and the showers were comfortable, there were two kitchens and all the utensils were there. Very nice treatment of the guests.

We have been having a wonderful holiday at Eden Hotel. Everything is great. The rooms are great. Clean and beautiful. Service is at a high level. The owners? As if we knew them for 100 years.

Villa Assol is located in Shepsie Village, 500 meters from Shepsie Central Beach and 1.3 km from Dederkoi Beach. The villa has family rooms. There is a terrace and private parking for cars on site.

Among the garages there is a grocery store, the prices are democratic, you can buy everything to eat. Selling all sorts of trinkets for children that they want to buy every time they go to and from the sea.

Went with my wife to the sea, in the pension “Energetic” g. Very pleased with the food in the dining room. Also, many different attractions on the territory of boarding house. I would like to have more vegetation – trees.

Small pebble, a wide coastal line, place enough for all, you can be on the beach without a sweaty neighbor. But the boarding house does not have its own beach. It is a public beach of the settlement. Take a blanket, you will have to lie on it.

The road to the sea, to a beach goes through this park, further through the garage cooperative in which over garages have built 2 floors and rent them to holidaymakers. Locals call this outrage “boathouses”.

Rest on the Caspian Sea - 2022: Astrakhan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

Smena Sanatorium, Shepsie

And most importantly, the stunning view of the forest! To the sea a few minutes. But the sea and the coast stony, it hurts his feet and we constantly get on a strong surf.

The place is just super, quiet, peaceful place. The sea in two steps, the coast is clean, the sea is warm. Priroda too fine as in proc. and owners. Necessarily as soon as possible will go to rest only there.

The restrooms do not stink, cleaned regularly. there is a kitchen where we cooked kutsya. kto kasaetsch the sea, it’s just super!

I had a great holiday in Shepsie a few days ago. We stayed at the Lesnaya Polyana camping. (Stayed very happy to rest!) Nice place, reasonable prices and a couple of minutes walk to the sea.

The hosts are friendly and sensitive people, rooms are clean and comfortable (TV, air conditioning, shower and toilet) Sea clean, relatively few people.

Everything was fine. Recommend those who like relaxing holiday without loud music and disco. Sea clearest, the people a little. At the base there are all the amenities. A playground for children. Kitchen.

Also near the hotel there is the sea literally two hundred meters on a beach stone and you are already in the water so a good hotel. I liked it a lot, thank you for sheltering us.)

I had a few campsites closer to us. It’s good to go to the sea, not across the tracks. Very cosy, well thought out, all as at home, safe for children.

Very nice place with all the amenities? There is also a play area for children, which is very nice on vacation. Everything is clean and nice. We liked it very much.

New excellent hotel, photos correspond to reality, the sea 3 minutes walk, excellent hosts.

The hotel is very well located, very clean and the dining room has a large table, plus a table with chairs near each room. A great evening to sit down! On one side of the hotel – the mountain, so the shade on the hotel by lunch and until evening is not hot in the area

Great house, a cozy room with air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, bathroom, own kitchen. Good attitude to guests, high-level service)) Free parking

I liked it very much quietly, cozily rented a nicer for a week there is a parking very friendly and welcoming hosts met us in their car near the station accompanied us to the hotel rooms clean and cozy week flew by without even noticing in general all liked the sea is the most important thing well may be 200-250 meters in general all super Good luck Prosperity So Keep 26 Gavan.

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Also near the hotel there is the sea literally two hundred meters on a beach stone and you are already in the water so a good hotel. I liked it a lot, thank you for sheltering us.)

For those short 10 days of rest, to distract from the world around us. The water was clean and the weather was fine. We were very pleased to see that the beach was very near and the rooms were very comfortable. With pleasure we will come again)))

Lodging went. The settlement is only small. Were a lot of places but neshestvennym to live there. While I searched for the rain played out in the rain, which as it turned out zatenutsya for 4 days and I’m all soaked through turned around and left. The beach is fine.

Thank you very much. Who wants a break from the bustle of the city, this is the place. Special thanks to Oleg Ivanovich. You have all conditions for a comfortable stay.

A great quiet place, cozy rooms with everything you need, and even more! Parking, barbecue area. Very attentive and hospitable owner! Everyone is here.

Shepsie: tips for recreation

Holidays in Shepsie

The southernmost resort of the Tuapse region is considered a good place for children’s and family vacation, but Shepsie has disadvantages. Learn about the pros and cons of Shepsie in 2022 from tourist reviews!


Impressions of the resort

The settlement is located 12 km southeast of Tuapse, in an area where the Russian subtropics begin. In this part of the Black Sea coast, deciduous forests are replaced by evergreens, resort streets are decorated with palm trees, and the Caucasus Mountains get higher and higher.

According to reviews in 2021, Shepsie is a wonderful place for a quiet vacation by the sea. Tourists like the mild climate, beautiful nature, transparent sea, pebble beach and a measured rhythm of life. What a disappointment is the neglected park, unclean water in the Shepsie River and the busy highway that divides the settlement in two.

Eugene: “I recommend everyone who likes a quiet family vacation. Nearby stores, a railway station, go by train almost every hour. The only drawback – a little entertainment.

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Is it expensive to have a rest?

The main advantage of Shepsie, as tourists say, is normal prices for accommodation. In the summer of 2022 a double room with a private bathroom in a guesthouse or a mini hotel costs 1500-2000 rubles per day. For this money you will easily find a comfortable option close to the sea. Look for lodging at Hotelluk and Suteluk.

Holidaymakers complain about the high cost of products, but it’s not just Shepsie’s problem. During the high season prices go up in all resorts of Krasnodar region. There are only “Magnit” and “Agrocomplex” chain stores in Shepsie, but they are situated in the center of the settlement, 1.5 km far from the beaches. It is not convenient to walk there in the heat, so vacationers buy food in small stores, where everything is noticeably more expensive.

Oswin: “The prices shocked me: milk from 65 rubles (in the film), while in Krasnodar I get it on average 44 rubles, tomatoes are the cheapest 60 rubles, mostly 80 rubles, watermelons are 17 rubles. In Krasnodar at this time they were already 10 rubles”.

Best hotels in Shepsie

Sea and beaches

The Shepsie area has a pebble coast. The long and narrow village beach stretches along the railroad bed. The sea in Shepsie is open, and that’s why the water is rarely muddy.

In addition to the central beach, tourists relax on the beaches, which belong to different boarding houses. If you walk towards Tuapse, you’ll find a lot of nice places for secluded recreation.

Lelka1305: “The beach is pebbly and not well-equipped. The toilet seems to be present, paid. Entertainments especially there is not – a pair of inflatable slides for children, a few cafes, in which on evenings music and dances. The water is clean, but if it storms, it is full of mud.

Panorama of Shepsie beach

What to do

According to 2021 reviews, excursions to waterfalls in the Shakhe River valley, to the picturesque Ashe River valley, horseback riding tours through forested gorges and jeeping to the Dederkoja waterfall are popular in Shepsie. Lovers of outdoor activities ride on the sea on sapboards, play paintball, rafting on the mountain rivers and explore the surroundings of the village on quad bikes.

For other entertainments one has to go to Tuapse, Lazarevskoe and Sochi. Not everyone likes the trip to Sochi, because it’s inconvenient to go back by train.

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Nina: “We don’t recommend going to Sochi. No matter how interesting it is, getting out of there in the evening by train is problematic. In Shepsie stops only the last one, the so-called “working”, there are a lot of people in it.”

Rest with children

A more favorable beach for having a rest with kids is situated closer to the mouth of the Shepsie river. There are shallower pebbles, and the entrance to the water is flat.

Go with your whole family to “Masters’ Yard” on Sadovaya Street, 34. In a private home for small and adult tourists are taught to weave a vine and make their own beautiful handicrafts.

With older children we recommend to take a walk up the picturesque valley Shepsie. From the village are laid out hiking trails to the dolmens, the mountain Big Pseushko and the cave at the top of Shtabnaya.

Karina: “The beach is big and clear, water of magic color, pure as crystal. We were in Shepsie for the first time and were very pleased with our daughter”.

Tourist reviews for Shepsie

A roller coaster in Sochi Park. Photo: unsplash.com / @olianayda.

When it is better to go

The beach season at the resort begins in May and ends in late October. In summer, the water in the Black Sea warms up to +26. +27°С. Most tourists come in July and August. During these months the thermometer rises to +30 ° C and above. Not everyone likes such heat! According to tourists’ reviews, the best vacation in Shepsie with small children is in June and September, when it is not as hot and easy to breathe.

Oksana: “This year I vacationed in Shepsie. In September I was in a fairy tale! The silence, peace, sea air, great weather. I got it all”.

Is it worth going to Shepsie in 2022?

Those who like parties, amusements and active night life will find the resort boring. Shepsie is a place for lovers of silence, a quiet beach vacation, trekking and contemplation of nature. In the village you can get a good tan, swim in the sea and rent a budget accommodation.

When choosing a hotel and guest house, consider that the resort stretches along the river valley. It’s a long way from the northeastern part of Shepsie to the sea. It’s not convenient to live near the highway, because cars go by it both by day and at night.

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