Honestly about Sochi! Tourist reviews of vacationing in Sochi in 2022.

Blue omelette, puddles under feet, boors and many other things: what Muscovites are complaining about in Sochi in season 2022?

Was in 2016, got my hopes up on the reviews left earlier. In reality, it turns out that the proposed housing is not in any way not as stated. Namely: 1) the road, the hostess certainly warned that the road is not very, like a low car is difficult to pass, but not to the same extent. As a result, we get a very steep climb, in some places with large holes. There is not much to warn about, but to post photos of the road. 2) The house itself - the house looks like a house, but that's too bogged down it seemed. But it is not so critical. 3) Room for 4 people - is a small 3 beds + chair, on which I think the sleep is not very. The front door does not close properly. 4) For some reason, do not say a specific address. We called at the entrance to Sochi asked for an address to get to the navigator, the result was the answer that the address is not that and the owner began to explain how to travel, very uncomfortable. Then checked the navigator at the address normally paves the way. 5) Parking. Is it parking. in front of the entrance to the house a small island for 3 cars maximum, and even without proper coverage. 6) attitude. When we got there, the hostess did not even show anything, and pointed out where our room. Immediately we found a negative. do not know, maybe they did not like us. 7) When we decided not to stay, asked to return part of the deposit, then immediately the owners began to raise a tone and resent - they have people almost crawling feet, asking to settle, some even sleep on the balcony, and we are such have come and asked to return the deposit. Money back, of course no one planned to return. Given that when we looked at the room came into the toilet - it was the most expensive trip to the bathroom in my life. There was a strong feeling that we are not the first ones they have such, and they make money on it. We could have called the police, but time on vacation is a pity to waste. Conclusion: If you want to go there by car, think about it 100 times and say no. Zadakat do not leave, it is better to look first live where you have to live. All have a nice rest without such adventures. PS: after that in current of hour have found habitation in Adler, besides cheaper, with parking, good number with conveniences. so on a place to find habitation is not problems.

It seems that this season our South decided to restore its former popularity which was lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, it seems that it does not betray the traditions of the Soviet Union in every sense. Someone likes the sea and unpretentious rest, someone was stunned by the prices and inadequate service.

We have studied the reviews of tourists staying in the city, where the dark nights, and they are the most contradictory. Read a selection of real opinions of travelers who were in Sochi this summer – we share them with you.

“It reeks of sovdepia.”

Many people who came to Sochi during their vacation reminds them of the Soviet times and some unsophisticated entertainment industry, because the main thing is the sea and the sun and all the rest is secondary. Yes, it was like that in the USSR, but those times are long gone, and now Muscovites want to get comfortable accommodation for their money.

– The staff are always with dissatisfied faces. The cook is a separate song. This blue omelette and burnt pancakes. And always too salty! After three days of this “joy” had breakfast in a cafe by the sea – wrote Natalia.

– I would not recommend it because the rooms are modest, reverts to sovdepia, the dining room on the 1st floor is more expensive than near Magnet, although the quality of food is the same, – left a dissatisfied review of stay in Sochi Tatiana.

– There is no drinking water in the room, and throughout the hotel with drinking water is a disaster, if you have not bought in the store, then dry out. The lack of slippers in the room, the towels are also a disaster for hands and body one, and that’s it. Breakfasts well so that in the morning not to fall down from hunger, it is possible, it would be desirable at least basic products: oil, vegetables, a simple cheese at least. Rooms overlooking the road have no noise isolation, you sleep at night as if on the highway, – Lyudmila says indignantly.

– We cleaned ourselves, there’s nothing wrong with it, but you could have left the equipment in the room instead of buying it or asking for it, – says Anastasia, who stayed at the guest house in Vardan.

The air conditioner for ventilation

A separate point of complaint is air conditioners. You should agree that you want so much to take a break from heat in the southern afternoon, and the result in fact is with an accent on another syllable.

– The air conditioner didn’t work. I told the staff about it, to which I was told that it worked, just badly. As I understand it, if something in the room does not work, it is better not to check people in, – complained Anastasia.

– For some reason in our room the window did not open, we aired with air conditioner. But everything else – everything is fine, – adds Elena.

“Went to hell.”

However, sometimes it seems that everyday troubles await Muscovites on vacation literally at every step. At least, if you read the reviews, that’s the impression you get.

– Everything in the rooms is smoky! The smell is terrible, repairs have not been done since the 90s, apparently! In the yard shitting, sun beds old, yellow, rusty tables, all the junk from the owner looks directly at the guests, the price and quality does not correspond! Just awful! Came to hell – such a feeling. Do not advise. The fountain in the pool did not work, at the request to turn on the fountain the owner said that this is a whole problem and you need to call the master. Well call it in! For what people pay such money!? The feeling that the owners are just raking in the dough – says Milana.

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– Of the minuses: at first there was a misunderstanding when checking in: they said that the reservation is canceled … We had to be nervous, but the issue was resolved – settled. The shower cabin also leaks, you get out and get a puddle under your feet – complains Larisa.

– In principle, we were fine for one night, but the first impression of the room was not very good. The furniture was shabby, in the bathroom whether it was a toilet or a shower, we did not understand, – wrote Lilia.

– One of dryers on the window was rusty and during drying the rust stained our clothes. My favorite white T-shirt with an incomprehensible green stain on the back, which was not there before, was returned from the laundry, – upset Marina.

– Marina was upset. “In principle the hotel is not bad, if it were not for one BUT. When checking out the room picked on a towel with hair dye, which, in principle, no problems to be washed. And as I had to do after the shower – do not use a towel, or what? How many times have I stayed in hotels in different Russian cities before, there has never been such an accusation,” Irina is indignant.

“We ate scrambled eggs for five days.”

Another category of complaints is disgusting food and inability to easily get from the hotel to the sea. Tourists are disappointed and are not shy in their comments:

– Breakfasts were in the restaurant, the choice was porridge dairy or scrambled eggs, since porridge dairy we are not very fond of, we had to eat scrambled eggs for five days, the serving of the dish is excellent. For a man, of course, the portion would be small. We were given no sandwiches, only pastries for tea and a bun with butter. They could have boiled buckwheat or sausage rice for a change,” Lyudmila said.

– It was better to have breakfast in the canteens nearby. There was a slight smell in the room, – shared his impressions of the holiday in Adler by a site visitor with the nickname Julich.

– From the hotel to the sea you have to go around through the rise in the mountain, the reception said: order a cab. Breakfast was something out of this world, especially a mix of semolina and cereal porridge. All night long the pump works under the window, it is impossible to sleep, – Tatiana is dissatisfied.

– I probably wouldn’t recommend this hotel to my friends because of the descent downstairs, if there was a heated pool, then you wouldn’t have to swim in the sea. The sea is dirty, may be because of the river that flows into the sea, or maybe there was a storm, – complains Irina.

– The photos of apartments at booking don’t correspond to the reality. The beach is 25 minutes walk up steep staircases and in the description it is 5 minutes – wrote Octavian.

– Some employees do not give or do not know information about the services of the “sanatorium”. There is no treatment, the administrator on admission said that this is a boarding house and has not been a sanatorium for a long time, there are no services! As it turned out later, there is a set of services (massage and, it seems, some other procedures) in the next building. We learned about it by chance, almost 2 weeks later from the same residents. That we were given sun beds on the beach, also learned before departure, no card on arrival, we were not given! When my sister came to visit us for 2 weeks, the administrator said: “No room, call the single number.” Sister was forced to settle in another boarding house, very far from us. A week later we ourselves accidentally learned about the service “roommate. It is a shame that so much time is lost. We stayed for 21 days. Cleaning on demand, – Natalia complained about ruined vacation, calling the place of residence “not a sanatorium, but a boarding house.

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For Elena “Teremok” was far from a fabulous place to stay – the traveler was very disappointed in the chosen place for the rest.

– I arrived at “Teremok” late, the administrator Tatiana was there, and I paid with cash. I’ve already paid 3.5 thousand from the card for the first day, as required by the site. She tried to get 3.5 thousand from me too. But I didn’t pay and showed the receipt that the money had been taken. She gave me a check. The next morning another administrator, Svetlana, told me that I hadn’t paid 10,000 and asked to check it. I gave her the money, but I still don’t know if the “human factor” really worked and I paid less because of fatigue. It was a very unpleasant impression. The locks in the rooms can be opened with a pin, very unreliable. “Teremok nestled” next to the large apartments “Pokrovsky Park”. And if you order a cab, saying the address, it comes to another place. The “101 Hotel” website says there is a kettle in the room and a coffee machine. It doesn’t. There’s a common kettle in the kitchen, and there’s no coffee machine at all,” says the tourist.

Reviews about Sochi

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment on the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – how well developed the region is. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – development of transport communication.

I do not want to write an informative review, there is more than enough information on Sochi. I just want to share my impressions. I should note in advance that I was not interested in entertainment, food, transportation, prices, etc., because the purpose of the trip was somewhat different, and this was due to the historical and cultural uniqueness of this place. Everyone knows that this city includes not only Central Sochi, it stretches for miles along the coast, and everyone can find a place to stay according to their taste and abilities. The discovery made earlier that the ancient Colchis was here did not allow us to lie on the beach aimlessly, and even the sea lost its charms. To begin with we found living witnesses of those ancient events. They were thousand-year old yews in Tiso, a boxwood grove, which was the only thing that remained of the Colchis forests. Then we went in search of the cave where Odysseus met the one-eyed Cyclops who lived there. Its coordinates were lost in the area of the Trout Farm and were found after climbing up a difficult path at an altitude of 300 meters. At the time we did not know that there was an asphalt road on the other side of the mountain. But anyway our efforts were rewarded with a marvelous view of the rushing Mzymta river and Akhshtyrsky canyon, and with a picturesque sight of the cave entrance framed with huge grey boulders. But inside of the cave was even more interesting. Here in mysterious half-light illuminated vaults, somewhere low, somewhere very high, fascinate with its mystery and detachment from the vanity of the earth. The third point and the highlight of our program was Eagle Rocks. There on the top of the mountain was chained Prometheus for giving people fire, and a predatory eagle pecked out his liver every day. When we got to Matsesta, we had a hard time finding the road leading from the foot to the top of the mountain. The ascent was long, but not too steep. And when at last we reached the hut with the ticket we saw in a few meters the paradise picture spread out before us, it literally took our breath away, and it was worth it for the rest of the days of rest our legs were hardly able to obey us. What they call it – to see and to die. A majestic mountain Akhun stood in front of us against the background of the blue dales, and the Agura Gorge with the river Agura stretched deep below. The rocks themselves, white as raffinade, in some places were covered with pine trees, it is unclear how they grow out of the stones. A bronze figure of Prometheus crowned the summit. There were very few visitors here, as well as near the cave, which speaks of the lack of advertising of these places. While descending the almost steep slope of Agura Gorge, we met a group of tourists who were struggling to get up and begged us to tell them that they were not far from their goal, but the lie was meaningless, because they were at the beginning of the route. I do not advise anyone to climb Eagle Rocks from the side of Agura Gorge. Sochi does not need advertising and reviews, it is out of the competition. I told only about what not everyone had the chance to learn and see.

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I’ve been vacationing in Sochi since 1966 and with every year I fall in love with it more and more. I’m looking forward to vacations and to the sea. Sochi is paradise! My favorite city in my favorite country. Greeting people

Reviews about hotels in Sochi

Holidays were a family: my father, mother and three children (9 years, 1.6 years, and 4 months). We took a two-room comfort room. At first we were placed in a separate cottage for 4 rooms, but the next morning because of problems with hot water we were moved to the second building. In one room folding couch (which felt all the bars, to sleep on it was uncomfortable), TV, fridge and a coffee table. In the bathroom there were: a towel, two per person, liquid soap and toilet paper. It was impossible to leave anything edible in the room: a lot of ants appeared at once. It was cool in the room, the air conditioning was on all day. Located near the center of Sochi. Nearby stops. Stores and a pharmacy, but if you go to the center of Sochi, there in the stores prices are much lower. It is possible to get to the beach only by bus, which was running during this period only from 9 am till 5 pm. But from bus stop to the beach you have to walk about twenty steps, what is not very comfortable for small children with a baby carriage. The area of the hotel is large and once was very beautiful, but is now abandoned, and in the evening the area is lit, only with the main building and residential buildings. There is no cafe or bar nearby. In the evening we had to go to the city center to sit somewhere in a cafe or just stroll along the waterfront. Food, no variety: bread, usual sugar cookies (and that very seldom), cereals for breakfast with milk or condensed milk, tea, coffee, if you have time and grabbed a lemon. For breakfast there are two kinds of cereals: but totally tasteless, in water, and an omelette if you come early. Salads: carrots, cabbage, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes (somehow we were poisoned by them). Cheap sausage, cheese, butter, and that only for breakfast. At lunchtime there were two kinds of soup for three. With side dishes: burnt pasta, potatoes if you have time, stewed cabbage. From meat dishes: chicken so fried that you could only swallow the bones, fried pollock, quickly disappearing cutlets and sausages. That’s all! Treatment: No procedures, well, if only endless walking on steps, especially with a stroller. Beach: On the beach there is no cafe or store, where you can buy water at least. We were given out by cards of the guest sun beds, that’s all service on the beach. Well, we went there a couple of times, because it was awfully uncomfortable to get there with small children, although there was a bus from the hotel every hour. You could walk to the beach, but only walk along the roadway, and back very high uphill.

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We liked the hotel very much, everything is made for a good mood and a good vacation. The buffet is quite varied, pastries above all praise, fruit in abundance. The staff were polite. We had a lot of entertainment every day and my son was not bored and that was the main thing. We will be back again if we have a chance. Feedback from www.booking.com

We had a holiday in May 2021. We were happy with it, we liked it all! The reality exceeded expectations. The cleanliness was perfect, the food was excellent, to any taste. The staff was very professional and friendly. Infrastructure at 5 +. Liked the outdoor pool, thermal complex, beauty and health center. After the reconstruction we opened our own hotel beach on the sea. For recreation with children, can not think of better, for the kids a lot of interesting, all convenient. Children’s club, cafe, children’s meals, etc. My children (aged 19 and 11) will definitely love staying at Alean. Feedback from www.booking.com

Reviews about guesthouses in Sochi

How we were greeted in Sochi with a machine Review Sochi, private sector, Guest House “At Anna”, Volzhskaya street, 66/2 I have never written reviews, but this case so shocked me that I just could not write. We came to rest with my husband in Sochi in Mamayka area on July 16, 2017. Lodging I found on the Internet on this site: [removed by the administration of the site, as presented a link third-party resource] Guest house “At Anna” at the address of Sochi, Volzhskaya street, 66/2, the owners [name of the owner removed by the administration of the site] and his wife. Translated the deposit for housing in the amount of 2000r. and booked a double room economy. Upon arrival, [Full name of the owner is removed by the administration of the site] met us at the gate, kindly explained everything to us and accompanied us to the room. In general, seemed quite adequate elderly man. If only we knew what surprise awaited us. The room was worse than expected, everything was left from the Soviet Union, or maybe even earlier. But that’s not the point. From the road we were very tired in the evening we did not go anywhere and went to bed early. In the morning we were awakened by a knock on the door, it was the owner, he told my husband that we need to talk. When my husband returned with big, surprised eyes, he said that we owe the owner 1100 rubles for the allegedly spent by us 11 liters of water cubed. We went out together to clarify the situation, because the fact that we both could spend 11 cubic meters of water for the evening is just absurd! Unreal! A family of 4 does not spend as much in a month, provided that they take a bath every day, and here directly in the bathroom hangs a small hissypka type shower. Anyway, when asked to provide us with at least some plausible evidence, the owner said: “- I am the owner here, as I say so and so will be, if you do not pay then pack your things.” To say that we were stunned by this is nothing to say. We asked to return our money paid for the entire vacation minus one day, and we will move out, but he said he had his own calculation and that he would refund us money, but will deduct 1100 rubles for the mythical water, the cost of living for another day! Although the time was 9 am and will deduct another 10 from the amount we paid for the entire stay. My husband and I were just shocked! Of course we did not agree to such conditions and demanded a fair refund. There was nothing to charge us a 10% penalty, even if you imagine that we had poured 11 cubic meters, nowhere was written how much water and light we had to use. Then we asked for a receipt for the water with such rabid rates that 11 cubic meters of cold water cost 1100 rubles (he asked us so much for the cold), we explained that the billable hour begins with 12 pm and still take us for a day is also nothing. In general, he told us clearly: “I am the owner here, I’m not going to explain anything to you, and what would convince you I’ll be back, and he went into the house. When he came out, he was holding a real machine gun pointed at us! – “Well, have I convinced you now? I don’t care, I’ll shoot, I’m an old heartthrob”, he was moving towards us. I told him, “Are you out of your mind? Shooting people for a thousand rubles?” He retorted, “-And I didn’t like you.” Then we realized that this is a real scam, which is how he lives from one for water, from another for light, from the third for something else. Who will spit and give, and people like us who are for the truth, on them the machine gun in the face.

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We thought that if we still argue with him, we will not see any money at all, and we had to pay him for this water))) and 10% of the total amount. The police were not called, of course our big mistake, but I did not want the rest of the vacation to go to give explanations, and at least a video of this outrage we have unfortunately not been. But as they say, what God does not do, we found accommodation for the same money and much better and closer to the sea! I will not recommend it, that I would not have thought that I review here for the sake of advertising stitching. We had a great holiday! We will come back to Sochi. The conclusion I have made, that now only on place we will look for habitation, instead of on the Internet that to not get more on such here old men. I’m just saying, honest owners will not keep a machine gun in the house. Hello to you [owner’s name deleted by the site administration] from Voronezh!

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