Honestly about the Crimea: Leisure reviews 2022

Honestly about the Crimea: Leisure reviews 2022

I spent 5 days in Sevastopol. I`ve been to Sevastopol for 4 times, lived in Radiogorka, North side. The beach is wild Tolstoyak or Uchkuevka. What can I say. On the North side live cottagers, all quiet and measured, low prices, cleanest and calm sea, a huge sandy beach Uchkuevki. Fat on a coarse pebble and with a steep descent. 2 variants of the boat to the other side. Cards accept everywhere, except for grannies in the market local are very friendly, well-mannered and discreet. The train station of the city of “federal importance” killed. I even have a coffee machine, the toilet is in the street, you can only dream about a conditioner, there is a huge steep staircase to the station, no ramp for a suitcase, it’s a shame… There is a canteen before the station, almost at a bus stop, I had lunch there. I had a lunch there, we had potpies and tomato juice for 220 rubles. Thought there were no such prices anymore I don’t see the point in describing the city. Thank God the roads and embankments are being repaired, the city is getting better every year! There are places to go/go or boat around the bays. We went and will go here, to spite all the enemies!

  • To go on excursions
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach
  • To be treated and to relieve stress
  • children and young people to have a rest
  • go on a cruise
  • have a solo vacation
  • go on business and to exhibitions
  • travel by car
  • do active recreation
  • vacation for the elderly
  • go to interesting events
  • take pictures of everything

Budget rest of the Crimea is very fond of. This year I decided to visit Sudak, 3 days were enough for me. Walked around, climbed the Alchak, on a boat ride on the coves rolled, took pictures of the fortress, but to go was lazy in the heat. Lived on the street Amet Khan Sultan, I recommend it to everyone, but study the reviews of guest houses there and look carefully at the photos! The street is next to the sea, consists of private guest houses and cafes/stores/canteens. It is quiet at night. In Sudak vacation for undemanding tourists, because there is nothing to see, little greenery, the sea is not very clean,

  • do active recreation
  • Sailing.

My boyfriend and I were at the end of July at Sunrise Hotel and were pleasantly surprised at the beach 117. In the photo, of course, I saw it, but in reality it was much brighter, cooler, sunnier. The beach is gorgeous, the sand is gorgeous, the water is clean, no strong waves. For entertainment, ten points out of ten, very cool, fun and lively. We had the best bananas here, we rode them every day. Great beach, had a great time.

Great! Second time we come here because of this gorgeous, huge beach. It is perfectly equipped, clean, we walk barefoot without fear. There are enough beach beds, as well as entertainment. This year on bananas and scooters have ridden till the dawn) With safety too full order – first-aid station, lifeguards. There are comfortable for families with children, groups of young people and couples, all have something to do.

Beautiful city turned into a dump! Yalta-city of happiness! On all the banners, it’s probably the mayor’s team thinks so. City is well-groomed one block from the quay, further thrash, garbage, old leaves, killed sidewalks, if not feet, then the wheels of the suitcase certainly will break. Even the bus terminal, dead walkways, a shitty park, and not a single bench. Maybe the mayor should walk around his hometown with his feet more often? Residents of Yalta think at the next elections, whom to choose.

Too bad, it hurts to look at what it was in the Soviet Union, the beauty, nature is inexpressible, health resorts and spas, steps, walkways, alleys, killed everything

Where to have a rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022

Great! The most adequate beach in Feodosiya. Here the fine atmosphere of fun, people have a rest on a full roll. To DJs my respect for competent selection of music, it is possible and to dance evenings. The drinks in the bar are very good, there are a lot of snacks and drinks at reasonable prices. And the drive to the beach is not far from the center. I advise, if you will be in Feodosiya, not be lazy to reach, precisely you will not be disappointed.

Very much I recommend for rest the Southern Cosa. (The peaceful in 5 minutes) the Chicar beach and near fine, pure lake. For fans of quiet rest with children and friends. Do not regret it.

  • To go on excursions
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach
  • children and young people to have a rest
  • go on a cruise
  • hunt and fish
  • vacation for the elderly

I liked the beach. I always have very strict requirements for the beaches – comfort and safety must be paramount. The 117th corresponds to all points, there is a doctor on the beach, lifeguards, cleaning during the day. And the bottom here is good, safe with children, no currents, stones or inadequate visitors. Entertainments enough, the prices as everywhere in the Crimea.

No parking lots. Working tow trucks! We decided with her husband to visit the Crimea. The city in its own interesting. but is not designed for such a large number of cars. No parkings, neither paid, nor free. somewhere have found a place, have left the car, though city to look. on Quay to pass. There is no car. No phones, no information where to go in this case. No communication! Thanks to the kind salesman, called us a cab to the traffic police. Well managed before the end of the day, (and otherwise I do not know where we spent the night). Have written out the decision, went to the penalty.

Love the Crimea, as I love it! I read responses and I think: and whether in that Evpatoria I was? And whether in that Evpatoria there were my friends who have arrived there for the first time, and those who have a rest there many years? Is it expensive? Yes. But also on the South Coast is not cheaper. This is the South! And here in Moscow suburbs, where I live, the prices are off the scale. All adults, and planning a vacation, you can probably study the price tag. Everyone wants to eat. And concerning relations between people, all know, there is enough trash everywhere, or you all live in a fairy tale. And the Crimea is also not one-dimensional, but very warm, beautiful, friendly and for many years almost native. I personally do not mind Turkey and Anapa, you like it, go. Everyone finds what he’s looking for, wherever he is.

Honestly about the Crimea: what tourists think.

The whole truth about rest in the Crimea in 2022! Is it worth the trip? Look at our post and read reviews of vacationers about hotels, resorts and prices. What tourists think about Crimea and how to relax now?

Holidays in the Crimea are for those who are ready to compromise and close their eyes to a lot of things for the sake of stunning nature and cultural heritage. There are still a lot of minuses, but plenty of pluses – so much so that we have come to the Crimea four times and are not going to stop. Let’s work with other tourists to understand the pros and cons of the peninsula and decide whether to go on vacation in 2022.

    – Accommodation in the private sector of the Crimea. – Hotels in Crimea. and Travelata – last minute tours. – Our author’s guide to the Crimea. Costs 200 ₽, put on any smartphone and works without internet.
Going by bus to the Crimea


Impressions of the Crimea.

Tourists in reviews of the Crimea are divided into two irreconcilable camps – either love it or hate it. There are no indifferent.

Vacationers love the Crimea for its gorgeous variety of nature, pleasant climate, clean sea, attractions, accessibility and the opportunity to rest on a budget. Find out why we love the Crimea.

We hate it because of its backwardness, rude locals, the mismatch between price and quality, the lack of adequate service, miserable architecture and the contingent that comes to rest in the Crimea. But most of all holidaymakers outraged by the attitude of the locals. I agree, all this discourages and discourages people from coming, but the locals do not understand it yet. Find out why we do not like the Crimea.

Tommy1: “How we had a rest? Yes cool we had a rest. And not expensive. Tell me where else for such money I can have a rest the same, living in a good apartment, swimming in the sea, eating delicious food with good wine and admiring the wonderful nature? Nowhere abroad. In Russia, well, you can compare it to Sochi.

Anna Savelieva: “I am a person who saves money for a vacation and works honestly all year long. And a vacation at a resort in the Crimea does not leave the most pleasant impression. Unreasonably overpriced, the service is lame on both feet and a separate topic, this attitude of the local population. I had the impression that all work under the motto “nobody holds you up by force” and it is not important that the vacationers provide a normal existence for the whole year.


Dzhangul landslide coast is a beautiful place in the west of Crimea. I recommend to visit there!

Rest in the Crimea now

How to have a rest in the Crimea now, in an epoch of a coronavirus? All the same, except that the people have become even more, especially families with children. The busiest resorts are Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol, Alupka, Evpatoria, then Feodosia and Sudak.

Prices for housing jumped up slightly, because the demand was enormous, when the borders were almost completely closed. The prices for hotels 5* increased the most, but there are still a lot of inexpensive guesthouses, apartments and hotels.

According to reviews from vacationers, you can now safely travel to the Crimea, if it is a domestic flight: no one requires a certificate, does not put you into an observatory, they even don’t ask you to wear a mask. A mask, gloves and antiseptic should be taken with you, wear a mask in public places. The temperature is measured with a thermal imager at the entrance to the airport.

In hotels and cafe staff goes in masks and gloves, but almost all tourists and city residents – without them. It is recommended to keep a respectful distance from the beach, but of course this rule is ignored.

Andrs: “Yesterday we arrived in the Crimea and stayed at a hotel in Yalta. At the airport in Simferopol there are no checks. When transferring to the hotel we asked the passengers in front of us to wear muzzles just in case. Staff at the hotel in muzzles and gloves. Guests are not required to do this. We filled out the form that we had not been abroad recently, that we had not had the disease and had not been in contact with people who were sick. Plus they took their temperature. That’s all, no problems.

Cape Grape

My favorite place in the Crimea – Cape Vine in Sevastopol, the beach “Bounty”.

When it’s better to go

I like most of all the spring, June and September-October in the Crimea – the temperature at this time is optimal, the sun does not burn like crazy. In reviews, most tourists also prefer these months.

How to withdraw cash in Crimea without commission

In spring and early summer, the Crimea is very green, and you can see blooming almonds, poppies, tulips, rapeseed, pseudoacacacia – such aromas! To bathe is cold, but it is comfortable to go on excursions and walk in the mountains. Learn more about rest in the spring in the Crimea.

From mid-June onwards, people swim at full throttle. In July and August, almost everywhere is hot and stuffy, but the water is warm. Although you can’t have it every time: in July, my parents had cool weather and low water, when the deep cold waters rise to the top. They were resting from the heat of Krasnodar, but the tourists were not sweet. Learn more about rest in the Crimea in summer.

September is mild and velvet. In the first half of the month you can enjoy the warm sea by day and comfortable walks in the evening without the heat. The off-season and winter are for walks and recreational procedures in sanatoriums. A lot of tourists come for New Year.

Alex_xx: “Comfortable walking weather, greenery will already be, flowering. The temperature is 15-20 hail, sunny, no rain. I think it is optimal to go from the middle of April to the end and leave right before the holidays, in May there are always a lot of people.

Tommy1: “came to Gurzuf. Man, that’s where the buzz is. I got out of the car and the smell of pine hits my nose, there are huge trees everywhere, there are strawberries growing in the yard. There is no heat, but a kind of soft warmth. Well it is thanks to a velvet season. All rest was from 27 to 32 degrees. Water was 26. On the beach, even in the shade did not hide”.

The Maquis

Near Bakhchisarai a lot of poppy fields, which bloom in May. And in late June near the village Turgenevka lavender fields are in bloom.

Where to have a rest

Yalta and Alushta – developed infrastructure, convenient location, many interesting places. According to reviews, there are the highest prices in the Crimea and noisy, and the beaches are not very, but some tourists want it carefree atmosphere of the resort town.

Alupka is sanatoriums, palaces and Ai-Petri Yaila. The beaches are covered with fine pebbles. According to reviews, adults or elderly couples come here for a relaxing vacation.

Gurzuf and Partenit if you want silence, nature, mountain scenery and clear sea. You will have to go down to the beach with pebbles or use a hotel shuttle. The same is true for Simeiz, Mishora, Gaspra, and Foros.

In Feodosija and Evpatoria, on responses of holiday-makers in the Crimea, in 2022 it is necessary to go with children or a family. There are mainly sandy beaches.

Go to Sudak for an inexpensive beach vacation, walks in the mountains and the Genoese fortress, and in Novyi Svet – for the trail Golitsyn and picturesque landscapes. There is a mild climate.

Olenevka – a chic beach, almost the Maldives! White sand and shallow turquoise sea. All would be fine if not the infrastructure in its infancy and large jellyfish. Tarkhankut and Dzhangul extraordinarily picturesque, I strongly recommend to go. Everyone who was there, delighted with nature.

Galina Yutsikova: “In Olenevka, the water there is almost the purest in Russia. It is connected with currents. It is a favorite place for divers. Some tourists live right in rock natural caves”.

Myrzik61: “Naturally, in Yalta – I like Yalta, and only Yalta. Absolutely indifferent, “how much fruit costs”, “whether there were seafood”. I don’t care more about the beach, than peaches, because I’m not going for the beach. I go for the sea wind, cries of seagulls, wide embankments, mountains and forests. For resort life and beauty that is”.

The truth about Sevastopol. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

About the embankment in Yalta speaks warmly of all the tourists – it’s beautiful and well equipped, it’s true. Only for the God’s sake do not come here on May 9 – Babylon pandemonium! This beach “Miami” in Olenevka – wide and almost deserted. Here magnificent sunsets!

Reviews about housing

Absolutely all holidaymakers in the reviews write about the high prices of housing in the Crimea, which do not correspond to the quality and service. Sometimes for a miserable room in high season can ask so much that for the money you can live in a good hotel abroad!

Therefore, many people prefer the private sector, where you can rent an apartment for 1500-4000 rubles. If you want inexpensive and comfortable accommodation by the sea, I advise you to book online on the daily basis. It is better than looking for an apartment on the spot, because there are real reviews and photos of places to stay on this website. Learn more about the prices for accommodation in the private sector. Read also how hoteliers in the south deceive tourists.

Hotels, resorts, guest houses, guest houses look for on Hotelluk. There are good, beautiful and new 3-5* hotels, and gradually there are more of them. They cost an average of 4,000 rubles and up to infinity. Find out the prices for the best hotels of the Crimea near the sea.

Tommy1: “The main problem for me in the Crimea is expensive hotels. There are certainly cheap ones, but they are quite a fleabag. And good ones are expensive. There is nothing like in Sochi – “Sochi-Park” hotel, where in the season you can rent a room for 3500. So for me the Crimea is all about renting apartments. In general, for six nights I paid 17 thousand”.

Roman The bullet dodger: “Prices for accommodation in Yalta are absolutely like in Barcelona. Prices, but not the conditions and especially not the attitude of the “hoteliers”. In the rest of the Crimea, including Olenevka, also soared. For 1500-2300, as a rule, “there is no money for repairs, for detergents too (I mean cleaning, not shampoo).

Before you book on your own, I advise you to check the prices of tours. Sometimes it happens that the tour is more profitable – the price already includes a flight, shuttle service and accommodation, and sometimes meals. Look for travel tours on Travelate. Look at all-inclusive hotels in the Crimea, and how much a tour to the Crimea costs.

Here are the best hotels in the Crimea for a tour in 2022, according to reviews of vacationers:

    3* is the very first hotel in Yalta. 3* with VIP villas and its own beach in Yalta. 3 * in 250 meters from the seafront with a pebble beach in Alushta. 3 * in a cozy Professor’s Corner in Alushta. 4 * in 10 m from the sea in Feodosia. 4* – 30 m from the beach in Sudak. 5* – premium hotel in Sevastopol. 5* – elite hotel in Yalta.

Our hotel in Sudak

Hotel “House with Knight”. Good and inexpensive accommodation with a pool in Sudak. We paid 1000 rubles per day for two.

Reviews about nutrition

In the Crimea, according to reviews of holidaymakers, you can eat on a budget and expensive. We always work out budget – we eat in soup kitchens and cafes, sometimes looking into restaurants. The average bill for two people in dining halls is 300-500 rubles, in cafes – 400-700, in restaurants – from 1000 and up. Some people cook on their own – usually families with children do so.

In Yalta, a lot of beautiful and expensive restaurants on the waterfront, where you can try the local seafood: scallops, oysters, mussels. There dinner for two will cost several thousand rubles.

Leonida Makeeva: “It’s more complicated with food. We tried to cook at home, but a dozen eggs 100 rubles and grapes 320 rubles. We went to a cafe, but. We had a cheaper lunch in the Latin Quarter of Paris”.

The truth about Feodosia. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

Excursions and entertainment

There are many excursions in the Crimea, but we mostly visit everything on our own by car, so we pay only for entrance fees. If you don’t want to go by car, rent one from Localrent – that way you’ll see a lot more than with excursions! Read more about renting a car in the Crimea.

What can you do on vacation? Ride a cable car up the Ai-Petri Mountain, see the most striking sights of Yalta and visit beautiful palaces: Vorontsovsky, Massandrovsky, Livadia, Yusupovsky and the Swallow’s Nest. Go to the festival of flowers in Nikitsky Botanical Garden and walk the picturesque trail Golitsyn.

Excursions cost an average of 600 to 4000 rubles. For a trip to Massandra with tasting you will pay 2,000 rubles. I advise you to take boat trips, we went to the sea in Novy Svet and on Tarkhankut. Such walks cost from 800 to 3,000 rubles. Usually we explore the sights on their own, but sometimes take excursions. We book them only on the service Tripster, because they are more reliable and profitable than the vendors on the streets. On this site you can read real reviews of tourists to know the truth about the quality of excursions.

Vorontsov Palace

Take a tour of the Vorontsov Palace or go on your own – it’s wonderful!

Conclusions: is it worth a vacation in the Crimea in 2022?

I think you should go on vacation in the Crimea at least once and decide for yourself whether you like it or not. Still, such nature, rich history, so many opportunities for an interesting vacation – try it! Well, the prices are generally reasonable: there is a cheap cab and public transportation, food, a lot of budget housing.

Besides a rest in the Crimea – it is convenient: almost all year round there are inexpensive tickets and you can come by car, you do not need a visa and passport, and the locals speak Russian. Perfect for those who can’t or are afraid to go abroad.

I come because of the scenery and trekking. There is something of Morocco, Greece, Spain in the nature of the Crimea. I liked it there from the first time, and I forgive all the shortcomings, even though I have something to compare it with. Yes, with service, infrastructure and prices for good hotels, but I hope that over time it will improve! It is necessary to understand that the Crimea for a long time did not develop at all and has lagged behind for 20-30 years. And now everything is down because of Western sanctions. However, slowly but surely the peninsula is changing.

In general, you need to go to the Crimea without inflated expectations, with a willingness to compromise and with a clear understanding of what you want from the rest. Without this, it will not work out. If you do not want to give up the usual comfort, or be ready to spend a lot of money, or go abroad – to the Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic, Cuba, but even in Turkey.

Andrs: “Guys, but honestly, the Crimea is beautiful. There are hotels of a very high level here. Intourist is not an indicator. We exchanged Spain for the Crimea, though we lived in Tenerife for 6 years. The Crimea is simply more interesting to me and much cheaper. True, I consider only the South Coast. Yalta is changing before our eyes, Alushta is catching up, big works in Simeiz. Very inexpensive food. I do not take into account the dining room, where you can dine for 150-200 rubles. It is necessary to know simply inexpensive good restaurants”.

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