Honestly about the Malyi Utrish. Reviews of rest and prices – 2022

Malyi Utrish, Krasnodar region. – reviews

Vacation is the time when you can leave everything behind and break free from the daily grind, towards new travel and unforgettable emotions. Gathering our thoughts, making the route and determining the places of residence, one of our chosen stops, for rest and good …

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Here you can hug a dolphin and press your cheek to it! Comparison Little and Big Utrish. Why is this place better than other Black Sea resorts?

To begin with, there are two Utrishshey. One is Bolshoi Utrish, and the other is Malyi Utrish. I will tell you a little about Little Utrish. This information is 18+. Do not get me wrong, I do not advocate nudist beaches. It is not mine because of the indestructibility of Snob in me.

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Anapa or Sukko? Resort business in Russian: how we are “bribed”. How to save money on a cab? About a family vacation with a 2-year-old child.

On August 1 at noon our train arrived at the railway station of Anapa. Anapa greeted us with a heat of over 30 degrees, uncomfortable for suitcases and wheelchairs iron strips ramp, and the crowd of tourists, gathered in a narrow passage into town with two trains that arrived simultaneously.

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I have a lot of memories with this lake now! Fascinating photographs of the blue smooth surface, framed by steep stony-forested shore, leave no one indifferent and excite a desire to certainly visit this place.

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For the second summer in a row we are vacationing in Novorossiysk and already want to share my observations and impressions. I will begin with the beaches, there are several: Central City, Neptune, Crystal, Minor Land, Sudzhukskaya plait, and Alexino.

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We vacationed in the Little Bay at the end of June 2019. We chose the sanatorium by the criteria: budget, the presence of an indoor pool, buffet. Did not miss the mark! When the sea was cold, went with children to the indoor pool, which is located directly on the beach. Water there always warm and sea!

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Oops, Anapa! Two times I had sworn not to go back, I swore again for the third time. My impressions of the holiday at the famous resort. Where to find a clean sea and what excursions are worth visiting? + photos of beaches.

Yes, I immediately apologize to the locals and lovers of this resort for my opinion, but what is – is what is: I do not like Anapa. In total, I spent a little over a month in this city: two weeks in 2009, a drive-through in 2011 and another two weeks in 2017.

Malyi Utrish: vacation tips

Maly Utrish Review

Malyi Utrish – the wildest resort in the Krasnodar region, it is located in a picturesque nature reserve, 23 km from Anapa. Learn from reviews about Malyi Utrish, whether you should go there to rest in 2022.


Impressions of the resort

Malyi Utrish used to be a small fishing village, and there was a biostation. Now the locals serve tourists who are attracted by the magnificent nature and clean sea. Malyi Utrish is a place where people come to take a breath from the bustle of the city, breathe in the fresh air and walk through juniper forests. Do not count on the special infrastructure and comfort, Maly Utrish is a real wilderness vacation!

Tourists who reached the village by land note that the road from Bolshoi Utrish is in poor condition. Normal passable only by off-road vehicle. Another disadvantage of Malyi Utrish is poor communication. The signal is good only near the sea.

Denis: You must understand why you are going to Malyi Utrish. There is virgin nature, quietness, pure sea, fresh air. Who wants to party, this is not for you. This is a fishing village, I would say so. Personally, we really liked it.

Vertelxx: “There are not so serious problems with drinking water here. There’s a spring waterfall nearby. If you come to its source, you can get clean water. I’ll never forget the taste of it.

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Anonymous: “If you do not feel sorry for the car – go. Preferably without children, because they are very scared of such an extreme. Do not leave the prepayment, there are always free rooms, even in the season.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

The rest with tents in Maliy Utrish is free. Prices for accommodations are high for a small village without any amenities and entertainment – in the summer of 2022 a room for two at the recreation center costs 2800-3000 rubles. You can rent a one-bedroom bungalow for 3 people for 5700 rubles per day. Search for lodging in Maliy Utrish on Hotelluk.

According to the feedback from the tourists, the number of stores in Maliy Utrish is small, and the prices there are much higher than in the supermarkets of Anapa. For this reason, tourists prefer to bring their own food and drink.

Tatiana: “We cook by ourselves. There are a few stores, assortment is normal, but the prices are higher than in the city. We took a boat, 500 rubles per person, at the same time it was a beautiful boat trip”.

Tents on the beach in Maliy Utrish

What sea and beaches

The shore and the bottom of the sea in Small Utrish are pebbly – it is more convenient to swim in special shoes. The sea is very clean and, unlike Anapa, does not bloom. Here you will not find sun loungers, sun umbrellas, toilets and coastal cafes. On the beach there is a makeshift column with water from a hydrogen sulfide spring, which can be used to wash hands and dishes.

Toma: “There are several tents on the beach and cows resting peacefully in the sun. The beach is huge and there are no more than 20 people on it. The shore is clean, if you don’t count the remains of the cows, the water is also clean and clear. There is no infrastructure”.

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Panorama of the beach in Maliy Utrish

What to do

According to 2021 tourist reviews, diving, underwater hunting, sea fishing and boat trips are popular in Maliy Utrish. It’s a great idea to walk around the village with a camera in its protected surroundings! Walk to the shore to the Bolshoi Utrish, and you can admire the beautiful waterfall with a height of 5 meters. It will take you an hour and a half to walk 8 km.

Maria: “Fans of diving will be very pleased with the local underwater world. It is incredibly diverse! Those who want to fish can book a fishing trip. If you are lucky, the catch will pleasantly surprise you. After all, the Black Sea is home to a variety of fish from mullet to flounder and katran.

Rest in Small Utrish

Sea on Bolshoi Utrish. Photo: lexx2062 / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Rest with children

The depth in Little Utrish grows rapidly, so the local beach is hardly suitable for recreation with kids. Older children will be interested in hiking through the territory of the reserve. In the surrounding woods you can see junipers, old trees, flowering plants, hedgehogs and swift dragonflies. On the seashore it is interesting to watch crabs and shoals of fish. Dolphins constantly swim up to the beach.

Camilla: “We stayed with my husband and child 3 in July. It was peaceful, comfortable and unforgettable. The beach is different, you can catch crabs. Near a small store, the prices there, of course, high … but bearable.

Rest in Small Utrish

Utrish wildlife preserve. Photo: Tanya Podust / wikimedia.org.

When best to go

There are 280 sunny days a year in Maliy Utrish. The resort season lasts from May to the end of October. Warmest water in the Black Sea in July and August +26 … +27 ° C. According to what tourists say, it’s nice to rest in Lesser Utrish in September. The sea is still warm in the beginning of fall and the weather is dry, sunny and windless.

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Nightly: “We arrived in early September. The weather was wonderful, with clear blue skies and no hint of precipitation. Approximate daytime air temperature of +30°C. The Black Sea was barely stirring. Black Sea was almost not swollen.

Is it worth going to Malyi Utrish

A small village in a picturesque lagoon is a great place to relax from civilization for a few days in the summer of 2022. According to reviews, Maliy Utrish is convenient to stay on the beach with a tent or at a recreation center. Even mini-hotels with swimming pools have recently appeared in the resort. There are no entertainment facilities. Wonderful holiday for those who like to live in nature!

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