Honestly about Veselovka. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Veselovka: vacation tips

Rest in Veselovka

Why rest in overcrowded Sochi, Anapa or Gelendzhik, when the Black Sea is quite sparsely populated places? Go to Veselovka! Learn from the reviews of tourists, what to expect from a small resort and whether it is worth to go there for a vacation in 2022.


Impressions of the resort

Veselovka – the resort is not for fans of fashionable rest, amusement parks, city crowds and attractions. A small village on the Taman Peninsula is a minimum of people and spacious sandy beaches. Here go connoisseurs of silence, clean sea, curative mud Kiziltashsky estuary and relaxation.

Tourists usually stay at the camping sites, mini-hotels, guest houses and campsites with toilets and showers. You can camp on the seashore, but you can stay far away from Veselovka. Vacationers do not like that the village has poor infrastructure and a lot of garbage.

Victoria: “I really like it, minuses for themselves have not noticed. A great family vacation for those who appreciate the purity of the sea, the absence of a large number of people and a chance to relax from the bustle of the city.

Pani Chmielewska: Veselovka – a small village on the Taman, near the Crimean bridge. Those who are used to good hotels and infrastructure, there is nothing to do here. Veselovka is for those who like democratic and tent rest”.

Rest in Veselovka

A beach in Veselovka. Photo: Nickolay Zaitsev / wikimedia.org / CC BY 2.0.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

Accommodation in Veselovka is not more expensive than in other small resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. In 2022 a double room in a guesthouse or a recreation center depending on the facilities and the distance from the sea will cost 1500-4000 rubles per day. Search for lodging in Veselovka on Buking and Suto.

Prices for food in canteens are low. The average check for dinner for two is 500-700 rubles. According to tourist reviews, but the prices in the cafe on the beach in Veselovka are high.

Vasiliy: “We rented a three room house for 3000 rubles per day, the conditions were absolutely satisfactory. We got to the sea – 2 km by car, it did not bother us. At the edge of the sea such living conditions can not be found.

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Irina: “I liked everything except the price. It is at the level of European hotels 4 *, where included at least breakfast and cleaning. And here is electricity separately when checking out. And you pay the bill.

What sea and beaches

On responses for 2021, beaches of Veselovka deserve all praises! Bugazskaya Spit stretches for 12 km and has a width of 50 to 300 meters. Vacationers waiting for a wide sandy shore, smooth entry into the water and clear water. You can swim not only in the sea! Kiziltashsky estuary is only 0.5 m deep, so the water is heated to +30 ° C in summer.

Natavsol: “Central beach appeared to be separately from the settlement, and when we arrived, were, to put it mildly, upset with the general view … Dirty, a lot of garbage, grass not mowed round, a kind of cafes wants better. The general impression and atmosphere is not for positive rest”.

Tourist reviews of the beach in Veselovka

Kiziltash firth. Photo: Dmitry89 / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

What to do

At the central beach of the village tourists are offered boat rides and water attractions – inflatable slides, jet skis, “tablets”, “bananas” and catamarans. Vacationers enjoy driving quad bikes along the long Bugazskaya Spit.

A separate attraction of Veselovka is the Salt Lake, which dries up completely in the summer. It is rich in hydrogen sulfide mud, which generously coat themselves tourists.

Comfortable beaches and steady moderate winds love windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Beginners train in the calmer waters of the estuary, and experienced athletes conquer the waves in the Black Sea.

According to reviews, from Veselovka resorts willingly go to Ataman, the Crimea, the volcano Karabetova Sopka, Anapa and Vityazevo.

Olesik3deti: “We take a ball, water pistols, local fruit, grapes and water to the beach. When we begin to miss civilization, we go to Taman, Anapa, Golubitskaya or Crimea. It’s all close by.

Salt Lake near Veselovka

Rest with children

According to reviews from parents, in Veselovka it is not difficult to find comfortable accommodation for a family vacation. Spacious sandy beaches and large areas of shallow water are ideal for bathing babies. For the safety of children do not fear! Due to the clean sea, even in high summer rotavirus infections in Veselovka – a rarity. The settlement has a small children’s park, and for other entertainment you can go to Taman or Anapa.

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Natalia: “Dolphins often came. Once we played with the fish and swam right to the shore, the child told me: “Mom, it was as if we were in a dolphinarium”.

Veselovka Reviews

Lermontov House Museum in Taman. Photo: MarOleg / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

When it’s better to go

The resort season starts in May and lasts until the end of September. The largest number of visitors arrives in July and August, when the sea warms up to +26. +27°С. For a holiday with tents we advise to choose June or September, as at the height of summer it’s too hot on the beach. The daytime air temperature rises to +30 ° C and above, so the holiday under a tent turns into a torment.

Snezhana: “In the village of Veselovka – the best family vacation! Advantages – the sea is clean and warm, and there are no people in June. All in greenery and flowers, clean and cozy”.

Whether it is necessary to go to Veselovka

Veselovka settlement in the Krasnodar region is a place for a quiet, peaceful vacation in the summer of 2022. The small resort is good for everyone who wants to be treated with healing mud during the summer vacation. Tourists come here by car and bus from Taman.

Do not count on entertainment and special infrastructure! There are only a few stores, dining rooms and cafes in the village. Keep in mind that the residential sector is located away from the sea. To the beaches will have to get on foot or by car!

Veselovka, Krasnodar region – reviews

After I, being pregnant, a couple of times pushed (thanks, not in the stomach) in the tight beach Gelendzhik, it became clear: we must go to other places. What peace, a minimum of people and intestinal infections, a maximum of sea and sand.

The settlement is located in a geographically wonderful place, there is a concentration of completely different locations, and vacationing in Veselovka you can visit Taman, Crimea, Yakhno Garden tract, the Azov Sea, Anapa, Golubitskaya, in general, while vacationing in Veselovka, you travel for a day everywhere, all nearby.

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Adelade avatar

For me it was strange not to find here a review about rest in Veselovka! Then all will tell to you I. Veselovka is 200 km from Krasnodar, 90 km from Anapa. Once this place was considered wild and came to the coast of nudists.

Jul.G. avatar

Oops, Anapa! I have vowed twice not to go back, I am vowing to do it again for the third time. My impressions of the holiday at the famous resort. Where to find a clean sea and what excursions should visit? + photo beaches

Yes, I immediately apologize to the locals and lovers of this resort for my opinion, but that is what it is: I do not like Anapa. In total I spent in this city a little more than a month: two weeks in 2009, passing through – in 2011 and another 2 weeks – in 2017.

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Good day to all, Today I would like to write a review about a small and cozy town in Krasnodar region called Goryachy Klyuch. That’s three times I have been here and I have gradually formed my own view of it.

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Thank God that I paid only three days, not a week. Never again will I go to Dzhubga + bird`s eye view photo!

Hello, my Dears! Read my review before to go to Dzhubga, maybe after reading it you’ll choose a different place for staying. So, I was going with my family to rest on the Azov Sea, but then I all around began to prove to me that the Black Sea is better.

Dasha F avatar

For the first time I have visited the settlement Soloniki already in 2006 year. It was my very first trip to the sea, to compare it with what it was not, therefore I liked everything! I was only 15 years old, I met the girl from the next room. She and I used to go to discos in the evenings at the children’s camp next door.

JanessJu avatar

“Several thousand tons of oil poured in here. ” After seeing the sea in the center of Anapa, I decided that Dzhemete beach is the Russian Maldives.

I happened to spend my summer vacation 2020 in Anapa, and more precisely in its village Dzhemete. Why here? Here everything is simple, I wanted to choose a place in which has not yet been and that the road was minimal from Voronezh.

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Anapa or Sukko? Russian-style resort business: how we are “cheated”. How to save money on a cab? About a family vacation with a 2-year-old child.

On August 1 at noon our train arrived at the railway station of Anapa. Anapa met us with a heat of over 30 degrees, uncomfortable for suitcases and wheelchairs iron strips ramp, and the crowd of tourists, gathered in a narrow aisle in the city with two trains that arrived simultaneously.

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Hello everyone, I want to share with you my impressions about rest in the village of Kabardinka. Kabardinka is a resort village located among the mountains on the shore of the Tsemess Bay of the Black Sea. The distance from Moscow is 1530km on the highway M4-Don.

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A place where two seas meet, I will tell you how to get to the Black Sea in 10 minutes, and get to the place with dolphins, the obligatory topic of wine Taman. And a lot of other things.

Taman – although I was here not long, I wanted to tell about this very small village in which in principle there is nothing to do, but if you want a quiet, relaxing holiday away from civilization, where there are bars, discos, entertainment and shopping centers, you are here!

Sennoj is a small village on the coast of the Taman Gulf, between the Azov and the Black Seas. There is very shallow, the depth is from the knee and you have a very long walk to reach the water up to your shoulders. But for small children that’s just the thing.

liudmila_cu2netsowa avatar

S.Kabardinka, simply a paradise place! There is, of course, and minuses. (How much did you spend on food? In what amount, the cost of housing? As entertained and on what beach went?

Hi all. Today I want to share my impressions about the trip with my family to the Krasnodar region, and more precisely in the village of Kabardinka. Immediately I will say that I was quite satisfied, and most of all I was overwhelmed with delight). I will tell you in detail. WAY to Kabardinka, you can reach by the following ways.

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Hi all. I want to tell you about how we relaxed in the village. Looking ahead to say that in spite of all the pros and cons. THERE WE WILL NOT COME AGAIN! And then I’ll tell you why. WAY We had a rest in Vityazevo in July 21 to 25. We went from Krasnodar. We went by car.

Olga Pimicheva avatar

Climbing the mountain was a big mistake. People on top of me shouted that in no case did not rise above.

Good day to all!!! Arhipo-Osipovka settlement very crowded place. You must come to the beach early in the morning to take your place in the sun. In addition to beach recreation you can go to the mountain, with a rather interesting name Hedgehog. But better not.This mountain is incredibly attractive.

Malinka avatar

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Good day! I spent all my childhood in Anapa, sometimes with my parents in sanatoriums, then in children’s camps. Now Anapa is not the same, because of the abundance of algae in the sea. Before the birth of children my husband and I preferred Divnomorskoye. The beach is not with cobblestones, there are enough bars, not a bad choice of accommodation.

udarzeva avatar

At once I’ll point out that Dzhemete is an area in Anapa, so there would be no misunderstanding at once. Holidays there twice and I was confused with the perception of territorial division of the city, it was difficult to understand the names.

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