Honestly about Vityazevo! Reviews on vacation 2022

Honestly about Vityazevo! Reviews on vacation 2022

I do not advise Sea was not very clean, the food in the dining room is tasteless, and more minus the absence of the embankment as such. Also there is no park and no natural area for rest, every inch is transformed into an attraction or a place to sell something.

Do not advise Vacation family in July and August. Conclusion bad place to have a rest! A huge amount of problems and negativity! We lived in private sector, guest house liked … on it all ….. To go to the sea 30 min, in the heat, dirt, merging in one stream with the people rushing to the beach … with wheels, strollers, umbrellas and baulks … because the sidewalks are narrow, they are almost gone … But we went to Tortuga, well, that the bus (40 p with a nose) departed near our hotel. Then, closer to Paralia, they were packed so that there was no place for an apple to fall…. And from the beach was also … the crush for places in the bus … On the beaches no showers / toilets (you can, of course, find, but at a distance and for a fee). There were also unpleasant cases of communication with the local population … A table in cafe Blini impossible to reserve, tk they say that all is booked and to them and so will go people … Conclusion one, that this place to an adequate rest, is not suitable! It is necessary to change service in all respects and your consciousness in general, if you position yourself as a place of the resort!

Mud, tyna, absence meditsyna and rudeness of doctors. Have arrived to Vityazevo and to tell that regretted not to tell anything. S lodging luck in the room rested clean and cozy, later left the child alone in the room quietly, as there is constantly a guard, room rented over the Internet on the Golden 1 in the Legend, this end of the pluses. The sea to say that it dirty and smelly not to tell anything! One clay dirt and stink! Poselok very dirty, in not working city fountain (in the height of season August the middle of the month) has lodged a toad! – Literally a frog! Very cramped!

All is fine, but the boat “Black Pearl” do not go there is the Black Sea Pearl there in no case do not go there deception, deception again deception said there would be a lot of things and nothing happened, when they said they cheated, they said we fucked you up hard! There is a bright kid with a microphone at the pier! Other than that, it’s all good.

  • …and get some stress relief.

Good afternoon. Maybe you are so lucky to have had such an unpleasant situation happen to you. Recently visited the ship. We have been on the boat recently and it was not uncomfortable. At this point, the minuses, blessing ended. The boat was fairly new and moderately equipped, even an entertainment program for children, which is not often found on these boats. The trip itself was to Utrish, we were pleased with the picturesque and favorable views. A great addition was a working bar.

Dirty Terrible place, dirty, expensive. No urns, almost no crosswalks. Of the pluses only the beach, but on that trash.

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

We came to the beach in Vityazevo for 1 day, as we were resting on the Azov Sea and on that day there were big waves, so we decided to go to the Black Sea for a day. We were at the end of the beach, where there were private beaches from hotels. There weren’t many people there. We were even allowed into the recreational area of one of the hotels. We paid 300 rubles each for a deck chair and an umbrella was on top. To go to the beach can all. So I do not understand a bunch of people near the pier. Algae, by the way near us was much less, 3 meters. And then, if you swim 5 meters, you can again

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

For the guest house I put “5”. For cleanliness and order – “3”. For service in shashlychke – 0! Hello Holidaymakers! Holidays with my daughter at the address Morskoy Lane, 5 Vityazevo. Met well, his driver (Nicholas) guest house, take cheap, while the cab drivers near the station charges full. Settled in a clean comfortable room, everything is clean, neat and nice. TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, shower present, everything works, furniture, balcony.There are little things, but they’re all solvable. In the courtyard of the summer common dining room, you can cook, there is a barbecue for shashlik, swings for holidaymakers and their children,

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The horror! Want to share my impressions about the trip to Vityazevo. We had a rest in the beginning of July 2022, were 5 days and not one day the sea was not pure. It is not just blooming, but it is a swamp. There was a day when plasters, bags and plastic were floating. Yes, the sand is great, the beach is normal, but it is not possible to swim. The same in the streets to the beach everywhere dumpster, garbage everywhere. Garbage bins are not present, I plastic cup was carrying from the beach to BF to throw out. Well about the guest house where we were met, it generally a separate story and full.

Here you can not have a rest. Rest Vityazevo 2021 31.07-20.08 Holiday it does not call it rest, rented a guest house in 40 minutes from the beach with str Obzdnaya (false information when booking) with children in the heat is hell. The fact that Vityazevo settlement of guest houses, the road to the beach we went along the road (sidewalks in some places there is no). Prices in pharmacies, stores overstated (especially in pharmacies) August 08, began raining, sat without light for three days. Children got sick (medicine ). The beach is a separate story – if you are with a stroller prepare

  • to take pictures of everything.

Spoiled holiday. More here will not come and others will not advise! Were on vacation in Vityazevo in early September. Weather was sunny but with a wind, the sea is warm and clean. And it perhaps the most pleasant from rest further is simply a nightmare what that. The settlement all in a dirt, dirty stores with the rabid prices of elementary products. In the evening walked so to say on the center of settlement it would be better to not do it, Noise everywhere yells music from each cafe zazivaly pull you to go to them it is strained if frankly. They are all over the place, the noise everywhere, the music is yelling, every cafe, the hustlers are dragging you in to get them, it’s frustrating to be honest. I got 3,600 for two tattoos, the size of a little less than a matchbox, avoid these booths and the women who sit there do not let them talk to your children, let them sit without earning money, maybe they will have a conscience so razzmatazz people. The prices in cafes are outrageous too. I live in a resort in the KVMV but our people are not fooled like that, the resorts in Krasnodar Krai have grown naked to the end! Not only that, they also have rotoviruska walks here!

Vityazevo is an ugly resort with great beaches

At the resort everything should be perfect – the beach, the sea and the center. Alas, this is not about Vityazevo. Find out what terrifies and what attracts Vityazevo and why I would prefer to rest in Dzhemete. Telling about the prices in 2022, where to book a hotel, on what beaches it is better to bathe, and how not to get a divorce.

    – Private Sector in Vityazev. – Hotels with cashback. – Tours in Vityazevo.


Impression of Vityazevo

For me, the resort of Vityazevo caused mixed feelings. I really liked the beach with picturesque dunes, bordered by rare vegetation. Such seaside dunes in Russia I saw only in the neighboring village Dzhemete. And the sunsets here are delightful! And here the settlement center caused a shock: it is necessary to find a place noisier and nastier, worse only in Dzhubga, probably. In the evenings on Paralia street, the heart of Vityazev, Babylon pandemonium begins. Noise, noise, bustle, shashlik-mashlyk, loudspeakers, rostovye dolls, shooting gallery, karaoke – all this piling up, generally typical for Russian resorts, multiply by three, and you see the center of Vityazev. Paralia – the most unpleasant and uncomfortable place, where you want to run away, losing slippers. If you have settled near it, hold on, I do not envy you.

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Outside the center of the village is completely dead and faceless, there is nowhere to walk, nothing to see, solid private sector. Oh yes, about the facelessness. They tried to give the center of the town a recognizable look, adding “Greek” coloring. Wanted as best as possible, and turned out as always – pseudo Greek bad taste, Fidii would weep from the local “ancient” sculptures and architecture. Anapa and Kabardinka also sin with this Greek theme, but not in such quantity. In general, if you decided to have a rest in Vityazevo, push away the sense of beauty far away.

Vityazevo, as well as Dzhemete – it is picturesque dunes and soft sand. Sunsets in Vityazevo are romantic. “Antique” color in the center of the village can be seen in everything. Paralia. Photo does not convey how loaded with tourists and entertainment street. The most thrilling begins in the evening. Paralia in the evening is a cacophony of sounds and crowds.

Prices for housing

The private sector prevails in Vityazev – small guest houses, typical for the Russian south, or ordinary houses where rooms are rented. Most tourists settle in the private sector because it is inexpensive. In addition, guest houses have their own kitchen and barbecue area, which is important for many people. During the high season the cheapest rooms with spartan conditions cost 700-800 ₽. Prices for comfortable rooms with air conditioning, a window and a private bathroom start at 1100 ₽, but more often such rooms cost 1500-2500 ₽.

Private sector in Vityazev has a peculiarity: almost all guest houses are located far from the sea, so you should not trust the assurance that “it takes 5-10 minutes to get to the sea on foot”. From the remote private sector go to the beach you need to take a minibus, which runs along the Black Sea Street. In a season there are a lot of tourists, therefore it is easier to settle in the end of this street to be assured to sit in the empty minibus and to go to the beach sitting, instead of standing. There are guest houses closer to the sea too, and even on the first line, but they cost more – from 3000 ₽.

Resort hotels, sanatoriums, boarding houses are closer to the sea, on the first or second line. The cost – from 3500 ₽ to infinity. As a rule, they have a territory, pools, food, its own area with sun beds on the beach. We chose this particular option and stayed at Despina Family Hotel 3*. It has great reviews! The rooms are new, clean and stylish, the staff is the nicest, there is a heated pool and a cafe with delicious and inexpensive food. We ate there all the time. The hotel is practically by the sea, behind the aquapark “Olympia”. To the sea – 5-7 minutes on foot. I recommend it!

I do not advise to settle very close to the shopping street of Paralia and on it, as in the evenings noisy. Also I do not recommend to live at estuary – a smell specific, mosquitoes, to the sea far.

Our room at Despina Family Hotel 3*. Some hotels have their own areas with umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach.

Where to book lodging

During our large-scale audit of resorts in southern Russia, we found that local hoteliers often cheat vacationers by buying positive reviews on travel sites, including Bucking. So read the reviews carefully before booking, especially the negative ones – they will tell you a lot of interesting things. Also see how their hosts respond to criticism: if they are rude, sarcastic, and hit on the tourist, then feel free to pass by. We always advise to book accommodation in advance, rather than look for it on the spot, otherwise you will get a mediocre option, and even overpay.

Look for hotels on the services of Yandex.Travel and Hotelluk – it will be more reliable and profitable, because he is looking for discounts on different sites. Learn how to book a hotel cheaper.

Search for accommodation in the private sector on the daily.ru – it’s convenient and reliable service with real photos and reviews of tourists. You may rent an apartment, a room, or a house there directly from the owners. Do not think you can easily rent an accommodation when you arrive at the station, as they usually offer overpriced apartments in uncomfortable areas with minimum amenities. Book your accommodation 2-3 months before your trip.

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You can bargain to buy a trip to Vityazevo on Travelate – it’s a reliable and convenient online store, where we buy our own tours for your vacation. Learn how to buy tours cheaper.

Beach in Vityazevo

Hotels on the first line in Vityazev.

Best hotels Vityazev.

Prices for food and where to eat

There are lots of shashlychnyh, shaurmyaten and other street food with a moderate resort price tag (for example, 45 ₽ for 100 grams of shashlyk), but we do not trust such places, so we almost always ate in a trusted cafe of our hotel Despina Family Hotel 3 * – it is very tasty and inexpensive. Once during the walk we went to cafe “Sport Buffet” opposite “Vityaz”, it was not bad there either.

Canteens at the resort is enough. Tourists advise to eat at Illiada, “Chaika”, “SeliPoeli”, “Stolovaya №1” and the dining room with no name at 139, Chernomorskaya str. The average check is usual, 200-400 ₽ per person.

The best cafe in Vityazev, according to reviews of tourists is “Russian Blini”, where you can eat for 200-800 ₽. There are inexpensive set dinners. Not bad reviews have cafes “Fregat”, “Yayem”, “Fortuna”.

Drinking beer and eating burgers tourists advise at Beer. Burger. Bar, and coffee – at Coral Coffee. Buy sweets better in the patisserie Mon Amour.

Seafood is served at the Mussel Farm, where you can eat 600-1000 ₽. 600 g of mussels in cream sauce costs ₽590.

Judging by the reviews of tourists, the best restaurant in Vityazev is considered “Repin”, where the average bill is 800-1500 ₽. There you can try the author’s cuisine: veal sous-vide, veal cheeks, bruschetta with salmon, fried lamb and seafood. During the day there are set lunches. Tourists also like the restaurants Gastrobarhan with a check from ₽1,200 and Brut8 (check from ₽2,000).

The presence of chain stores “Pyaterochka” and “Magnit” was pleasant. Prices in them are about the same as in our city. A lot of stores “Products”, there, too, go shopping – bread, cookies, ice cream.

On the street Paralia sell a lot of kebabs … and even shrimp and crayfish! But we didn’t venture to try them. Churchella in all colors of the rainbow.

Beaches and the sea in Vityazev

Beaches in Vityazev are excellent – a wide strip of clean sand with a small admixture of shells. Going into the sea smoothly, there are no potholes and stones at the bottom. On the way to the sea, picturesque dunes rise up. There is all necessary infrastructure and beach entertainments. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But everything is overshadowed by the incredible amount of tourists. At high season on the Central beach there is literally no place to fall, plus the noise pollution is off the scale. Loudspeakers, boats, food vendors, quad bikes on barchans – in general, you can’t help but perk up your ears. Thank God, we have arrived to Vityazevo in a barchan season and have not caught such bacchanalia!

But in general even on the Central beach it is possible to find more or less quiet place. Simply it is necessary to leave far to the right or to the left from Paralia, instead of throwing an anchor directly at it, as many tourists do – it will be already freer to breathe, and before eyes there will be a sea, instead of a human body. Nearby there is a beach “Dunes” where everything is the same as on Central, but more quietly and freer.

According to the reviews of holiday-makers in 2022 in Vityazev you can enjoy the sea in relative silence at the thematic beach “Tortuga” (“Pirate Bay”). You can get there by shuttle bus, cab or by car. Even farther is the beach “Wild”, which is quieter and more deserted.

Another thing you should know about Vityazev: usually in August and September, and sometimes from early July, the water here blooms. In shallow water there is algae, there are jellyfish. All this is cleaned, of course, but what can you do – nature. In September we had almost clean sea, much cleaner than in Anapa.

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tancha10: “There are always free sun beds on the beach. Within walking distance minibars with beer, crayfish, shrimp, milkshakes, corn and more.”

AHHA_BEL: “The most important minus is the darkness of the people and just a hell of a central beach. People almost go over each other’s heads. We always bought sun beds under a canopy, but to admire from them the coastal strip and the sea remained only a dream. Everywhere people-people-people. “

Central beach in Vityazev. Even in the velvet season there are a lot of people! The Central beach has all the infrastructure: decking, changing rooms, toilets, deckchairs, awnings, entertainment. The sea during our vacation in late September was clean, while in Anapa it was in full bloom. The sand is fine, almost floury, but in some places there are shells. Somewhere there was algae, but not much.

How not to catch an infection at sea

Intestinal infections – this is really a big problem of the southern resorts. Rotavirus and norovirus are picked up more often by children and become seriously ill, but adults are also suffering from it. Be sure to pack a medical kit on vacation and do not forget the MHI policy. Young children must be vaccinated against rotavirus.

In order not to catch an intestinal infection in the Black Sea (in fact at any sea, even abroad), you must follow basic rules of hygiene:

  • Do not swallow seawater.
  • Thoroughly wash fruits, vegetables and hands before eating. Wash with running water or bottled water, not in the sea!
  • Drink bottled or boiled water.
  • Do not buy food from street vendors.
  • Do not take perishable goods to the beach.
  • If you cook yourself, watch for hygiene and well cook and fry products.
  • Make sure children do not put stones, sand, earth, and dirty hands in their mouths.

Excursions and Entertainment

As I have already written, there are no sights in Vityazev. There is no place to walk either, except to get away from the center on the beach. The only quiet, pleasant, green and shady area in Vityaz is a small alley along the LOC “Vityaz”.

But in Vityazev there are a lot of entertainments, though, mostly for children. There are amusement parks “Fairy Tale” and “Byzantium”, dolphinarium, bowling center “Vityaz”, the ubiquitous “House Upside Down”. A lot of different entertainments on and near Paraliya: shooting gallery, karaoke-bar, disco-bar, crocodile farm, different 100500D cinemas, tattoos, pigtails, photos with animals and mascots. In general, a typical set for the southern Russian resort. But the main attraction is the water park “Olympia”. In 2022, the prices are impressive for not the most interesting water park – 1800 ₽ for an adult and 1100 ₽ for a child for the whole day.

In Paralia there are a lot of counters where you can order fishing, diving, excursions. We don’t take excursions on the street because it’s like buying a cat in a poke, but prefer to read reviews and choose an excursion on Tripster. There are a lot of interesting trips, and most importantly – proven by other tourists. Almost all of them are from Anapa, but the guide can pick you up by arrangement. The most popular tours are sightseeing tours of Anapa and the surrounding area, trips to Bolshoi Utrish, Sukko, Abrau-Dyurso and Crimea, wine tours. See what excursions are available on Tripster:

There are plenty of stands with excursions on Paralia Street. Enticeurs speak into the loudspeaker, which greatly spoils the holiday. One of the amusement parks. A resort is not a resort if there is no “House upside down”!

Rest with children

Vityazevo – a family resort, its sandy beaches and shallow warm sea are ideal for recreation with small children. Judging by the reviews and the number of children that we saw at the resort, go here exclusively in families.

Entertainment at the resort primarily for children, although adults will find something to do. There are lifeguards on the beaches, and the swimming areas are separated. All the infrastructure is there. You can live in a resort hotel with meals and a heated pool or choose from reviews a good guest house – also with meals or cook on their own if a child is picky about food.

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Small children are comfortable to splash in the shallow water and build sand castles. In Vityazev almost all the entertainment is children’s.

When best to go

According to reviews, in Vityazev you can rest from May, but comfortable weather is from June to September. Most tourists come to the Black Sea in July and August.

If you do not tolerate the heat or want to avoid the crowds of tourists, vacation in Vityazev in June, late August or September. We were at the resort in late September, and there were not as many people as in high season.

Irina Yashchenko: “May is the beginning of the tourist season, there are not many vacationers. The water is cool but clear. I swam every day with my child”.


Velvet season in Vityazev.

9 reasons to relax in Vityazev

  1. Wide sandy beaches.
  2. Picturesque coast: beautiful dunes, spectacular sunsets.
  3. The sea is ideal for small children: shallow, warm, gentle sandy entrance.
  4. A lot of entertainment for children.
  5. Many beach activities.
  6. Algae less than in Anapa.
  7. A great choice of housing on any budget.
  8. Close to Anapa, easy to get to.
  9. Healthy climate.

AHHA_BEL: “Here there is no sharp transition to the tropics and high humidity, so special problems with acclimatization you will not have.

In the evenings, tourists, like caravans of Bedouins, return across the dunes to their hotels. The beach in Vityazev is good, and the sunsets are excellent.

9 reasons not to have a rest in Vityazev

  1. Beware – an insult to the feelings of believers in beauty!
  2. Noise pollution in the center and on the beach.
  3. The density of holiday-makers per square meter is off-scale.
  4. Bank cards are not accepted everywhere, in reverence cash or online transfers.
  5. Overpriced goods and services.
  6. Virtually no attractions.
  7. No promenade along the sea, so there is nowhere to walk.
  8. Few greenery and shade.
  9. In August, and sometimes before, the sea is in bloom.

Lady with a suitcase: “For such a flow of guests of the resort in the village there is simply not enough space. The central walking street is jammed, like in a bazaar. Cafes, restaurants and entertainments are just crammed on top of each other. The power is failing, causing frequent power outages.

You can take a walk in Vityazevo only in the alley of LOC “Vityaz” or along the water edge on the beach. Paralia by day.

Conclusions: is it worth to have a rest in Vityazevo?

Reviews about Vityazev contradictory: some people like it very much, and someone says sharply negative. I liked the sands of Vityazev, but the village itself was disappointing. For a vacation on the sandy coast, I would choose Dzhemete, where it’s much quieter and quieter, and the dunes, the sea and sunsets are exactly the same.

Vityazevo suits those who want to rest by the sea on a budget with relative comfort. According to reviews, it’s especially good to relax in Vityazevo with children: the warm shallow sea, sandy beaches, a lot of entertainment, infrastructure, you can go on excursions. I think for a holiday with small children is better to settle in a good resort hotel with a heated pool, so that in the event of bad weather you can swim. Choose accommodation according to the reviews, away from the noise of Paralia and closer to the sea.

Tourist Deception

In Vityazev, as in any other resort in Russia, you have to be careful not to lose money. To four hundred ways of loosing money from the population, which he knew Ostap Bender, local entrepreneurs have invented a couple more. According to the reviews of the tourists, the mountain tattoo artists call an attractive price for the tattoo, but in the end it turns out that it is only for a square centimeter! Or advertise a photo with parrot-monkeys for 100 rubles, and then it turns out that this was the price for a photo with one animal, not a few. Even more careful with the shashlik – the weight of the meat may count onions and pita bread, so clarify in advance. Be vigilant and have a happy holiday!

Beach in Vityazevo

The beach.

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