Honestly about Yerevan! Tourist reviews on vacations – 2022

Yerevan: tips for your vacation

How to rest in Yerevan in summer

We have collected tourist reviews about one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. We give you tips and share the pros and cons of vacationing in Yerevan in 2022.


About vacation in Yerevan

One third of Armenia’s population – more than 1 million people – lives in Yerevan. Tourists love the Armenian capital for the unique flavor of the old streets and the majestic construction of Soviet times. Because many of the buildings in the center are lined with pink tufa, Yerevan is often referred to as the pink city. In the warm season visitors come to see medieval temples, taste delicious kebabs, taste the famous cognac, admire monuments, street art and breathe the scent of roses in the Botanical Garden.

According to reviews from tourists, in winter in Yerevan people like to go skiing and snowboarding. The modern winter resort of Tsakhkadzor is just 80 km from the city.

The pros and cons of vacationing in Yerevan

It is worth going to Yerevan for cultural and historical tourism. Parents with children and lovers of national cuisine like to rest here. The suburbs are good for trekking in the mountains and ecological traveling.

The advantages of a vacation in Yerevan in 2022, according to tourists’ reviews:

  • Visa-free country for Russians.
  • Cheap flights.
  • A lot of inexpensive hotels.
  • Well-developed infrastructure for a comfortable life.
  • Safe vacation.
  • Hospitable people.
  • Fountains with clean drinking water all over the city.
  • Tasty Armenian cuisine.
  • Beautiful nature in the neighborhood.
  • The rich architecture.
  • Interesting tours.

Natella: “Many old churches. The atmosphere is wonderful, it feels like you’re a few centuries ago.

Minuses :

  • There is trash in the streets.
  • Spotted impudent cab drivers.
  • Many unpresentable, dilapidated buildings.

zombi: “The Yerevan that I saw is a city of contrasts. There are some beautiful buildings and squares, but the city as a whole looks strange. Old houses, half deserted, half ruined.


Tourist comments about Yerevan

Yerevan (Photo: unsplash.com / @artakpetrosyan)

Reviews of beach vacations in Yerevan

Where does a beach holiday come from in Armenia, you might say? The country doesn’t even have access to the sea! But there is an Armenian sea of its own. This is the mountainous lake Sevan. There are hotels, tourist bases and sanatoriums, there are cabins-bungalows and places for camping, there are sandy and small-pebble beaches. The water temperature in Sevan heats up to comfortable +22 … +23 ° C only from mid-July to the end of August. But at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, the sun strongly burns and you can get a good suntan. It takes an hour to get there from Yerevan.

If you don’t want to go far away, you may go to the Salt Lake, also called the Dead Sea. The residents of the city and visitors enjoy bathing in the brackish water.

There are not many attractions in Sevan, but they are still there. Most of them are water cycling and boat rides.”

Leisure reviews in Yerevan

Sevanavank complex and Lake Sevan (Photo: Taken / pixabay.com)

Reviews of the best hotels in Yerevan

Search for discounted hotels on Yandex.Travel. Here are the top rules for finding accommodations.

According to tourist reviews for 2021, the best hotels in Yerevan are located in the city center and the Tsakhkadzor ski resort.

Hotel National 5* is an elite hotel in Yerevan, and it has excellent reviews. Comfort, impeccable service and central location.

Best Western Congress Hotel 3*. This hotel has a lot of positive reviews of tourists: guests like the beautiful architecture, fitness center, massage, solarium and sauna.

Nova Hotel 4*. Tourists like the family rooms, good soundproofing, and a wide range of services – shuttle service, car and bicycle rental, laundry, dry cleaning and booking excursions around the city.

Reviews of lodgings in Yerevan

Nova Hotel Yerevan. Photo: booking.com.


Reviews about the weather in Yerevan

Holidaymakers come to Armenia all year round, but the greatest number of tourists is in the warm season – from April to October. The capital of the country has a dry continental climate, so there is a lot of sun and little rain in Yerevan.

Winter comes on December 1. According to the reviews of tourists in January, the coldest month in Yerevan is -6 ° C to +7 ° C. In April, the gardens begin to bloom. Midsummer is hot +28 … +35 ° C, and it gets cooler in the fall.

Karina Novikova: “Daytime in May was warm and sometimes even moderately hot. In the evening it was cool and fresh. The temperature rose to +25°С by noon. It was real summer! There was a refreshing breeze and it was sunny.

Prices for vacations in Yerevan

Blue mosque in spring. Photo: @alexanh20 / unsplash.com.

Reviews of excursions in Yerevan

We advise to book excursions on the Tripster service. There is a huge selection of interesting programs, including author’s programs, and the real reviews of tourists will help you to choose a good tour. You will not be mistaken! We often use this site in our travels.

In the capital of Armenia and its suburbs offer many tours with guides who speak Russian. Their prices start at 850 ₽. According to the reviews of tourists, excursions to Yerevan in 2022 are popular:

Armenia’s capital city is the same age as ancient Rome. According to tourist reviews, there are many sights in Yerevan that are easy to see on your own. Walk the stairs of the Grand Cascade and the English Park, visit the Erebunia Fortress, the Yerevan Zoo and the singing fountains. Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum, Aram Khachaturian Composer House Museum, Yerevan History Museum, Cafesjian Art Center, Meheryan Karpet Carpet Museum or the National Art Gallery of Armenia.


Olga about the sightseeing tour: “Thanks a lot to the wonderful Alina for the tour of Yerevan. Alina told us many amazing, interesting and unusual things. Walking around the city with Alina was very touching and emotional. We miss Yerevan. See you soon. “.

What to see in Yerevan

Khor Virap Monastery with Ararat as a background (Photo: 680451 / pixabay.com)

Tips for vacationing in Yerevan

Russians can enter the country with their internal passports.

For a little money you can stay in areas that are near the center of Yerevan – Malatia-Sebastia, Avan and Kanaker-Zeytun.

The city center is pleasant to walk around on foot. The main thing is that you should cross the roads in the designated places. The subway, which operates from 6:30 to 23:00, is more convenient to reach the outlying areas of the city.

If you get in a cab, specify the cost of travel in advance. Not all taxis are metered and the rates charged by different companies vary.

Do not worry about the language barrier! Armenia is part of the former Soviet Union, and many people in Yerevan understand and speak Russian.

Violetta: “I didn’t know Armenian at all, except for “barev zes”, which means “hello”. They always spoke to me in my native Russian and were polite in the stores, in the street, in the restaurant.

In cafes and restaurants do not be embarrassed by low prices. Even in a small place the quality of food will be high. There are many stalls in the city, where they sell pastries and soft drinks.

Go to markets and stores with local currency. Some sellers accept dollars and euros, but at an undervalued rate. Exchange money at banks or exchange offices.

Tips about Yerevan

National dishes. Photo: unsplash.com / @gor918.

Honestly about Yerevan! Tourist reviews on vacations – 2022

Everything would be fine, but always and probably everywhere there is someone who wants to “warm his hands at your expense. It’s a shame. No matter how beautiful the Republic of Armenia is. I recommend everyone who goes to this wonderful city and beautiful republic to take off the rose-colored glasses. On our final evening we decided to have coffee near Republic Square in the evening. There is an alley of fountains, and on both sides of them are café tables. On our desire to see the menu we heard in Armenian (thanks god my mother-in-law was with us and she is Armenian) the insolent: “Why do you need it, you do not understand anything in Armenian? They didn’t take it seriously and ordered two coffees and one beer. When we saw the bill, we felt a little numb:

  • We went on excursions.

The room is not very well furnished and the dining room is clean and the staff is very warm and the dining room is very comfortable.

A great view of Ararat.

Our stay in Armenia was full of different excursions, sightseeing, walking around the city, tasting the local dishes. So, on January 3, after visiting the Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery when we returned to Yerevan, we had some free time in the afternoon. We decided to visit the National Gallery of Armenia. It is housed in a monumental building on the main square in the capital, Republic Square. The center of the city is not very lively during the day. According to a tradition

  • We went on excursions.

Erebuni Fortress – an interesting place in a bad condition The impressions from the fortress were very strange. We were with two small children, we took a cab to the museum quickly. The main mistake was that we did not take a guide, because without him the view of the ancient city is quite depressing. On the positive side I can note the total freedom for children on the territory: they can climb the walls, go inside the fortifications and run around. Accordingly, you can take any pictures, too. We were not very lucky with the weather, because of the clouds of Ararat and other mountains we couldn’t see the pictures.

A terrible incident that forever spoiled my opinion of Yerevan and its people I went to a wedding in Yerevan. The event was on Thursday, and on Friday afternoon I went to Reebok sport club, to swim in the pool. And what do you think?

My sneakers were stolen. Right out of the locker room. I was shocked, to the end I was sure that someone from the staff just put them in a locker. But no, my shoes were not found and in the evening home, it was chilly to say the least, I had to get in bathing slippers barefoot. But most of all I was shocked by the reaction of the managers. None of them! NOT ONE! They didn’t even apologize for stealing it, they just kept saying the same thing, “we are not responsible. Honestly, it all affected me so much that I changed my tickets and today I am leaving Yerevan. And most likely I will never come back.


1 Day in Yerevan I have been to Yerevan only once, and that time was when I was a kid. This year, due to work, I had a business trip for 1 day to that city, and here’s what I got for myself for 1 day:

1. My first big impression of Yerevan is the Cascade, a modern symbol of Yerevan. It includes beautiful staircases, a fountain, a museum, and the area around it. At the top is the monument “Revival of Armenia”. The look of the cascade is so monumental and magnificent that when you see it live there are no words! Around .

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