Hong Kong Prices 2022. How not to go broke

The best ways to save money on a trip to Hong Kong

The best ways to save on a trip to Hong Kong

The best ways to save money on a trip to Hong Kong

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With its dazzling skyline, neon streets and beautiful countryside, Hong Kong is one city in the world that you just can’t miss. Nevertheless, the experience comes with a high price, as Hong Kong is consistently one of the top five most expensive cities in the world. Here are 15 tips on how to save money on a trip to the financial capital of Asia:

1. Skip the Airport Express

Although Airport Express will get you into the city in 20-30 minutes, it costs a bomb. If you’re not in a hurry, head to the bus station and take a bus to the airport. They are made to order for travelers with luggage. Here’s a complete list of buses to the city from the airport. If you absolutely must use Airport Express, order your ticket online with Klook to get a discount.

2. Get your Octopus card at the arrivals hall before you leave the airport

This is a transportation card that can be used on buses, subways (subway), and to pay at many stores, such as McDonald’s. It will cost you about HK$150 with a credit of HK$100 HK$50 is a refundable deposit with a processing fee of HK$7, depending on the length of use. The card can be reloaded at MTR, 7-Eleven and Circle-K stations.

3. When you are on Hong Kong Island, consider using the Ding Ding streetcar

The streetcar is one of the cheapest ways to get around the island: not to mention, you’ll really get a feel for Hong Kong as a local when you ride it.

4. Staying in Kowloon instead of Hong Kong Island

Kowloon is halfway between Hong Kong Island and the New Territories and is well connected to both. Find a guesthouse in places like Yau Ma Tei, Mong Kok, or Chungking Mansion to save money on lodging. It is also worth checking to see if the guesthouse is operating legally with the Licensing Office using this tool. Remember that land prices in Hong Kong are skyrocketing, and living here may be your biggest expense.

5. If you plan to stay for a while, consider Couchsurfing

Hong Kong has an active Couchsurfing community. Attend some events and make friends. Make sure you have a complete and verified profile with positive reviews before you send inquiries to potential hosts.

6. Visit Tin Tian Buddha, but skip the cable car

Tin Tian Buddha in Ngong Ping is a famous attraction that is worth it. Most people opt for the cable car, which costs from HK$145 for a single ride to HK$210 for a round trip in a standard cabin. If you’re on a tight budget, use public transportation instead. The No. 23 bus from downtown Tung Chung or No. 11 from the Tai O ferry pier will get you there.

Going to Hong Kong on your own: how to plan a trip

7. Experience the outdoors in Hong Kong

From the famous Dragon’s Back and Tai Mo Shan to the lesser-known Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark, Hong Kong offers some of the best outdoor adventures for practically free. If you’re looking for something less hectic but still beautiful, consider To Fu Shan Lookout in Tai O.

8. Try not to eat Western food and instead eat at Dai Pai Dongs

Dai Pai Dongs is Hong Kong’s street food that serves some of the most delicious food you will ever eat. Also, check out the Michelin Star restaurants – some of them can be surprisingly budget-friendly!

9. Store at the Yau Ma Tei (Temple Street) and Mong Kok night markets

These night markets carry a wide variety of items, from suitcases and portable chargers to cute socks and fashionable scarves. Take a stroll, haggle and immerse yourself in the crazy atmosphere of Mong Kok. Be sure to visit Fa Yuen Street Market, Goldfish Market, Yuen Po Bird Garden and Mong Kok Women’s Market.

10. Experience Hong Kong’s bustling nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong.

But don’t forget to buy drinks from the nearest 7-Eleven!

11. Get your heart racing at the Happy Valley racetrack every Wednesday night.

Gambling is in Hong Kong’s DNA, and Happy Valley is the perfect place to witness it. For an entry fee of HK$10, you can watch horses race in a lush green field against a backdrop of skyscrapers and thousands of people screaming their hearts out!

12. Visit at least one of the many temples for free

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, Chi Lin Women’s Monastery, Po Lin Monastery, Tin Hau Temple, Wong Tai Sin Temple, and the list goes on.

13. Visit remote islands on a weekday or Saturday

From Chung Chau, Peng Chau to Lamma Island and Stanley Island, Hong Kong’s outlying islands are a nature lover’s paradise. They can be reached by ferry from the central ferry pier. Prices are highest on Sundays and any holiday. Here are ferry prices and schedules.

14. Skip the Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428 and choose the Peak Circle Walk trail instead

The Peak Tram and Sky Terrace together cost about HK$90. Peak Circle Walk offers almost equally stunning views of the skyline for free! You can walk all the way or take bus 15 from Central Pier (HK$9, 80) to get to Peak Circle Gallery. In addition to the mall, find a narrow path and walk along it to find a bargain point. If you really want to take the Peak Tram, be sure to set aside a few hours in line for tickets, especially on weekends and holidays.

Where to stay in Hong Kong: 9 options from 35$

15. Make your visit coincide with the Chinese New Year

You can be part of the massive celebrations and joyous atmosphere that encompasses the entire city. Watch the Chinese New Year parade and the spectacular fireworks display along Tsim Tsa Shui Harbor, all for free! Touch the dragon walking along the parade for good luck, and don’t forget to line up a few hours ahead by the streets for the best views. Download a map of the parade before you go.



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Features of life in Hong Kong

Today life in Hong Kong has become very attractive for foreigners who want to get certain knowledge, earn a living, and just to travel and see with their own eyes this dynamic and interesting place on the planet.

Hong Kong, China

Evening Street in Hong Kong

What you need to visit Hong Kong

You don’t need a visa to visit Hong Kong. The purpose of your trip must be specified: tourism, transit, visiting someone, or a short business trip without making a profit.

At the border control the following documents are presented:

  1. Passport with a validity of at least one month at the time of departure from Hong Kong.
  2. Proof of financial solvency for the duration of stay: cash, bank card or bank account.
  3. Availability of tickets for a return trip or to another country.
Hong Kong Airport: How to get there

To stay in Hong Kong for a longer period, you must obtain a visa. But to do this, you must determine its category. There are permits for entry: for tourism (L), for work (Z), commercial (M) and for study (X). It will be necessary to present:


  • An original foreign passport with a validity of at least six months at the time of departure. It must have blank sheets for the visa. And you must have a copy of the page with the photo;
  • Filled out in person form in accordance with the established requirements with a pasted, as in the passport, photo;
  • If you visited China before and changed your passport – copy of the old document with the pages with the pasted photo and visas;
  • For a transit permit – a ticket with the exact date of departure stamped on it;
  • Tourist visa – return ticket, hotel reservation or invitation (from an organization or a private person);
  • Commercial travel – documents from a business partner from China, including personal information, as well as the inviting party, with a copy of all documents and indication of the source of funding for the duration of the stay;
  • To be able to work – a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor of the PRC and an invitation from the employer.

Travel with children

In this case, the following conditions are stipulated:

  1. A questionnaire is filled out in the native language and a standard photo is pasted.
  2. Notarized birth certificate.
  3. When visiting the country accompanied by one parent or a third person, consent for the trip must be presented from the parent remaining in the home country, notarized, and a photocopy of the main document (passport) of the one who is accompanying.

How to fill in the form

The entire document is written in the native language, except for full name and address (in English). Do not write with mistakes and blots – this will lead to refusal of a visa.

Applicant fills in the application form himself.

For children under the age of 16, sign the parents. For a child who is not listed in the parental document, the application form must be filled out separately.

It contains a photo (3*4 cm with a light background, with uncovered head and without glasses).

visa application form

Sample application form for obtaining a visa to Hong Kong

Where to stay in Hong Kong: 9 options from 35$

How long does it take to get a visa and what is the consular fee

You will need to wait 7-10 working days for a visa. The fee is $30 (to Hong Kong), when visiting the whole country – $50.

What you can do in Hong Kong

The first problem when looking for a job in 2022 may be the lack of knowledge of the Chinese language. The next obstacle will be the great competition and certain legal requirements. There are jobs in Hong Kong for foreigners who come to earn a living but it won’t be easy to get a good job. You will have to prove your competence and prove that there are no such professionals among the local population who can be hired for the vacancy.

To find a suitable job on your own you need to learn Chinese – in this case almost everything will be available – and be an educated experienced specialist in your field.

Hong Kong map

A detailed map of Hong Kong

In this case, you can try to gain a foothold in the following structures:

  • In banking and finance. Having a lot of experience is welcome, especially working in Asian countries;
  • In the education system. There is a need for teachers of English, but must be a long experience of teaching, appropriate certification and positive feedback. But a high salary and excellent conditions are provided;
  • In the media. The first condition for admission will be an excellent command of English. If the applicant is a journalist, proofreader, photographer or editor, the vacant position will be waiting for him;
  • In the hospitality and tourism business. Lots of work in these fields. And if you are a highly qualified chef, it won’t be too hard to find a high-paying job.

Hong Kong hotel

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong.

There are a few ways to find the right job: you can check out national and international job sites, look through classified ads, apply to businesses of interest, or visit Hong Kong as a tourist and find the right place for you.

Hong Kong’s lodgings

Hong Kong is a melting pot of big businesses and firms so the population is well-to-do and pricing is based on them.

There won’t be any difficulty in renting, but prices in Hong Kong in 2022 are quite high. Everything will depend on its location in the city, the surrounding community and amenities.

The most economical option is a studio apartment. To rent such space in the center will cost from 50 to 55 thousand rubles, and in the distance from it – starting from 28,000 rubles.


Accordingly, the prices for food in Hong Kong are not insignificant. Just like with housing, it is more expensive in the center and cheaper on the periphery.

Here’s an approximate cost:

  • For a kilo of cheese, you’ll have to pay 1,000 to 1,500 rubles;
  • For the same weight of ham – 1000;
  • A kilogram of tuna costs 1,500;
  • One small chicken will cost 600 rubles;
  • Eggs, 8 pieces – 200;
  • A kilo of apples will cost 30;
  • Potatoes, 1 kg – 180.

For a dinner at a small cafe – 400 rubles, medium restaurant – 600 rubles per person, a dinner at an expensive place – fifteen hundred rubles.


It’s customary in Hong Kong to travel by cab or your own car. A 10-minute cab service costs 170 rubles. A bus costs 14 rubles, a streetcar costs 11 rubles, a subway ride for two stops costs 18 rubles, a 15-minute ride costs 37 rubles and a 45-minute ride costs 82 rubles.

transport in Hong Kong

Double-decker streetcar in Hong Kong

Peculiarities of Hong Kong taxation

The main peculiarity is territoriality of taxation. In other words, taxes in Hong Kong are levied only on those enterprises and organizations which carry out their activities directly here.

Exempt from taxation of profits from firms that do not have offices and hired labor, also there must not be any economic activity, and contractors must be located outside the territory of Hong Kong.

taxes in Hong Kong

In order to get exemption from taxation, you need to submit a confirmation to the relevant tax authorities. Internal taxes are levied on profits, wages and real estate. They are paid by resident companies receiving income in the territory of Hong Kong.

Getting higher education in Hong Kong

Hong Kong used to be a British colony and to this day the education system is English. In the oldest and most prestigious university, education is based on the British model of teaching.

In Hong Kong you can receive an education in nine public and several private higher educational institutions.

For tuition it will be necessary to pay about 7000 dollars. But getting into such an institution is not easy: a very strict selection, in which only the best are chosen. And the foreigner to enroll will have to wait 6-9 months after submitting an application.

University in Hong Kong

The building of the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong.

So, to get higher education in Hong Kong, you should take care of everything in advance.

Impressions in Hong Kong are guaranteed to be plenty. It is worth coming here not only for the earnings and education, but also for the new experiences that abound in the huge city in China.

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