How and where to celebrate New Year – 2021 in Moscow

Where and how to celebrate the New Year in Moscow

How to celebrate the New Year in Moscow

How to celebrate the New Year 2021 in Moscow? Which hotel and restaurant should I choose? What to do with children? Here are also the prices for accommodation, a festive banquet and tours in the capital.

In anticipation of the New Year, the shining lights of Moscow is transformed beyond recognition – you can feel the holiday is coming soon. Christmas fairs are organized, and the largest one is on Manezhnaya Square. In the parks ski tracks are laid, skating rinks are flooded, ice rinks are built, concerts and theatrical performances are staged. And, of course, the main decoration of the capital is the Christmas tree on Red Square. This is where thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital come to celebrate the holiday night.


How to celebrate the New Year – 2021 in Moscow?

Every holiday is celebrated with colorful fireworks, which can be seen not only on Red Square, but also in many parks of the capital. There are folk festivals at Poklonnaya Hill, Gorky Park, VDNKh and other places. On New Year’s Eve transport runs until 3 am, then there is a short break, and most people leave by 5 am.

The most crowded celebrations are held on Red Square. Thousands of Muscovites and tourists come to meet the most beloved public holiday near the main Christmas tree of the country. The program for the New Year – 2021 in Moscow is traditional: under the chime and fireworks people make wishes, congratulate each other and enjoy a laser show. Working fair and the ice rink.

If the weather does not allow celebrating the holiday on the street, you can book a table in one of the restaurants or nightclubs in Moscow. The most popular are the panoramic restaurants, which offer magnificent views of the night city, rocking retro parties and disco non-stop. The most romantic natures can go on a small night cruise on the Moscow River and meet the new year 2021 on board a motor ship.

Popular excursions in Moscow

In the daytime you can go to the park, visit one of the many festive events or go on an excursion. In the parks you can skate, ski, snowmobile and even take a dip in the ice hole. After January 1, you can visit the capital’s museums and historic estates, some of which will be open free to visitors. New Year’s vacations can be devoted to the most interesting places in Moscow.

All the vacations are plays, ice and music shows. Theatrical performances for children are held on Pushkin Square and Tversky Boulevard: kids are competing in curling and ice hockey, learning to draw on icicles, participating in contests and prize drawings. How else to celebrate the new year 2021 in Moscow with children? You can go to a Christmas tree or a show.

welcome to the new year in moscow

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Weather in Moscow for New Year – 2021

At the end of December, Moscow usually has a classic Russian winter with snow and mild frost: -3. During the day -5°C, at night it may reach -10°C. And if you have an occasional thaw then it may drizzle with light rain instead of snow, but you should wear something warmer for a walk.

Prices on New Year’s Eve

Meeting New Year’s Eve 2021 in Moscow will be expensive if you don’t take care to book a hotel and a table in a restaurant in advance. A night in an inexpensive hotel in Moscow on New Year’s Eve costs from 3 thousand to 15 thousand rubles for two people, in a hostel – 400-600 rubles for one. A celebration night in a restaurant costs from 3 thousand rubles and more, on board the ship from 13 thousand. You can eat inexpensive in Moscow in fast-food establishments, cafes and canteens, the average check is 500 rubles.

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Tickets for the ice rink from 300 rubles, for ice shows – 400-600 rubles, for a nightclub – from 2 to 10 thousand rubles. Skates rental costs 150-300 rubles.

How to celebrate the New Year in Moscow

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In what Moscow hotels is it better to celebrate the New Year – 2021?

The majority of Moscow’s guests prefer to celebrate the New Year in a good hotel. The range of hotels is wide: from low-budget hostels to five-star hotels located in the center of the capital. Hotels usually offer special New Year’s Eve rates and most of them will not limit their New Year’s Eve celebrations to an ordinary banquet.

For example, in the famous Metropol Hotel there is a traditional New Year’s grand ball with professional dancers and musicians. New Year in the National hotel is held in the halls with a view of the Kremlin and Tverskaya, there is live music, performers, and after midnight there is a disco. Staying at a hotel of the similar level will cost from 15 thousand rubles per night for two people, and tickets for the party start at 25 thousand.

The hotel complex “Izmailovo” offering comfortable accommodation for only 3 thousand rubles per night for two has received good reviews. So, the hotel in this complex “Gamma-Delta” for the new year 2021 offers a buffet dinner and a holiday program with fun contests and raffles. Banquet costs from 7 thousand rubles.

For tourists who would like to celebrate New Year – 2021 in the main square of Moscow, the hotel “Kitay-gorod” will be an excellent choice. During the holidays here you can rent a room for two from 4.5 thousand rubles per night, get a delicious breakfast and discount on spa services. You can walk to the Red Square in 10-15 minutes.

Before the holiday the best offers end quickly, so we advise you not to delay with booking. You’ll find lots of budget hotels on Take a look at where to stay in Moscow for cheap.

Prices for tours in Moscow in New Year 2021

The price is for two people and is current at the time of publication.

If you don’t want to spend time and effort organizing your vacation in Moscow in the New Year, we recommend buying a tour. New Year’s Eve stays in Moscow from St. Petersburg start at 15 thousand rubles for two people staying at a 3* hotel (5 nights, no meals). The prices for tours to a 4* hotel start at 22 thousand, 5* – from 45 thousand rubles.

Tours from the regions are, of course, more expensive – well, the prices for tours from Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg above in about 1.5-2 times. Before the New Year prices spike, so it is better to do the selection of tours in advance. You can buy tours online at Travelata and Level.Travel – that’s where we find the most interesting offers from tour operators. If you do not know how to use them, read our detailed instructions.

New Year in Moscow

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Meeting New Year’s Eve 2021 at a restaurant in Moscow

Note: We’ll update information about New Year’s Eve programs at restaurants when they become available.

Il Canto restaurant on Izmailovskoye Shosse offers a holiday show program with live music and show ballet, karaoke and disco. A ticket costs from 2,500 rubles. Relatively inexpensive celebration of the New Year 2021 in Moscow will cost visitors to the restaurant Tutta La Vita on Bolshaya Ordynka, which amuses visitors with costume parties. Entrance ticket – from 3,5 thousand rubles.

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Elite restaurant “Gusyatnikoff” offers to celebrate New Year 2021 in Moscow in an original way: luxurious interiors of historical manor, chef’s dinner and solemn taking out a bowl with olivie. The guests will be entertained by cabaret artists. The ticket price varies from 15 to 27 thousand rubles.

Those who are ready to splurge on expensive offers of trendy Moscow panoramic restaurants will get the most vivid impressions. These are Sky Lounge, Sixty, White Rabbit, “Clouds” and others. There are luxurious decor, excellent cuisine, breathtaking views of Moscow and a music program with the participation of stars. Pompous and very expensive: New Year’s banquet in such a place will cost from 30 to 50 thousand rubles per person.

Caterers in Moscow, where to celebrate the New Year

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Tourist reviews of Moscow New Year vacations

According to tourist reviews, the idea of meeting New Year on Red Square, for all its attractiveness, is far from looking so rosy in practice. Children should not be brought to such events, as by 9-10 pm street traffic begins to be blocked, the subway is often jammed, and the crowds of people create long lines at the entrance through the metal detectors. In this case, it is easier to order a cab than to jostle in the subway.

The alcohol that you have brought with you will most likely be taken away by the vigilant security guards, and you will have to be very clever to sneak it into the square with you. You can drink in advance to get a euphoria and to prevent colds (it’s winter on the street), but then it is important not to overdo it, blatantly intoxicated citizens are not allowed.

Some tourists in the reviews write that so did not get to Red Square – they themselves could not stand the crowds, or they were not allowed there because of the large number of people. Others have come to the conclusion that it’s better to meet the holiday in a hotel (restaurant) or on the street in your area: both quieter, and the pleasure of the holiday will be much more. Moscow offers hundreds of options to spend New Year 2021 unusually and cheerfully. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow 2021

Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow 2021


About the event

Go to a holiday concert or order a New Year’s Eve dinner at a restaurant? Or go for a walk all night in Moscow and celebrate the New Year on the Moskva River embankment, admiring the fireworks? And you can combine all this! KP Playbill tells you where to celebrate New Year in Moscow 2021 if you decide to change your home environment for something else.

The restrictions imposed in the capital do not mean that you have to cancel the New Year and cry. It just needs to be spent differently. Here’s how.


Teona Kontridze

Zaryadie Concert Hall invites you to the last concert of the year: on December 31st, 2020, the inimitable Theona Contridze – star of the cult musical Metro, jazz-punk diva, and unique as an artist, music producer, and musician – will take to the stage.

Zaryadie confessed that they have been thinking for a long time about what concert to end this difficult year and decided to hold a real “Disobedience Festival”! Temperamental and charismatic vocalist will perform her trademark numbers, give you a great mood, with which you will go to meet the New Year 2021 after the concert.

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Where: Concert Hall “Zaryadye” Varvarka ul. 6, p. 4 When: Ticket price: from 3500 to 7000 rubles.

New Year concert at the Conservatory

Moscow Conservatory invites you to listen to beautiful music on the New Year eve. On December, 31 several holiday concerts will be held there in the afternoon and in the evening. Choose which hall you will go to. The Great Hall will host a concert of the Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra conducted by conductor Azim Karimov. Soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Yevgeniya Segenyuk, soloists of MAMT Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Elena Bezgodkova and Nikolay Erokhin and other talented musicians will perform in the Small Hall within the festival “New Year in Conservatory”. The concert features works by Strauss, Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Dunayevsky, and many other composers. Rachmaninov Hall invites to the musical kapustnik, and the Yankovsky Hall will host the program “Following the heroes of the “Magic Flute”, conducted by the Honored Artist of Russia, Professor Mikhail Nikeshichev (piano).

Where: Moscow Conservatory, Bolshaya Nikitskaya ul: December 31, beginning of evening concerts at 19.00 Ticket price: from 300 to 5000 rubles.

Concert “City of Jazz” at the Automuseum

On December 31 one of the most famous Russian pop-jazz bands Jazz Dance Orchestra will perform in Automuseum “Motors of October”. Two performances are waiting for the guests. Popular music hits, bright Christmas songs, hip-hop, rock, American jazz, Russian folklore and much more will sound at the concert among the rarest cars. In the repertoire of the band hits of Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Moby, Black Eyed Peas, ABBA, Deep Purple, Modern Talking, Ace of Base, Pussycat Dolls, their orchestra plays as if they were written in the distant 1930s. As well as famous Russian folk songs in the original version. “There was a birch tree in the field”, “Oh, the foxglove blossoms”, “Valenki” and others. Unique team will appeal to any audience.

Where: Museum “October Motors,” Samokatnaya Street, 4c34 When: December 31 at 17.00 and 19.00 Prices: 2000-3000 rubles

New Year in restaurants

To change the home environment to a cozy restaurant for the New Year is also a good idea. Despite the restrictions – remember, restaurants can only work until 11 p.m. – most establishments have not canceled the holiday program, but adapted it, moving the beginning to an earlier date. On December 31st, restaurants invite guests not to 8 p.m., but, as a rule, to 6 p.m.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular chips in the night city is the “starry sky. The most spectacular thing about the city at night is the “starry sky. We tell you where to go for the best photos.

In addition to the festive menu and surprises on the New Year’s table from the chef, guests can enjoy entertainment, performances of cover bands and more. The cost of New Year’s Eve in a restaurant varies depending on the institution, the chosen menu and the program. On average you can count on a deposit of 4-6 thousand rubles per person. It usually includes the main dishes of the holiday menu and alcohol.

And although you can’t celebrate the New Year in a restaurant at midnight with a glass of champagne, you can spend time in a pleasant company at a delicious table just before the chimes, and then go for a walk in elegant Moscow and watch the fireworks.

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Where: Restaurants and bars in Moscow When: December 31 from 17-18 hours to 23.00. Prices: from 4 thousand rubles

New Year on the streets of Moscow

Many residents and guests of the capital on New Year’s Eve do not want to be limited to just a gathering around the festive table.A great option is to celebrate the New Year on the streets of Moscow. They are at this time incredibly beautiful. Although at this time on the New Year’s Eve mass festivities on the streets of Moscow are not planned, you can make a festive route around the beautiful city, stock up on thermos with hot tea or mulled wine and properly charge the phone, so there will be enough for a lot of pictures.

The most beautiful streets are in the center of Moscow. In Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya squares, Revolution Square, Chamberlain and Gazetny lanes, Novopushkinsky Park, openwork light arches made of strands of illuminated garlands once again sparkled. You can stroll under such “starry sky” and take beautiful pictures. Beautiful holiday designs appeared on Manezhnaya Square and a beautiful Christmas tree about 12 meters high. And on Poklonnaya Hill installed a giant New Year’s ball weighing 35 tons!

You can also go to the park “Zaryadye” – there will be able to walk all night on New Year’s Eve. On December 31, the pavilions will be open from 10.00 to 20.00. At VDNH also on the last day of the year will be open in cafes and restaurants (but no later than 22.00), the skating rink – until 22.00, some pavilions – until 17.00-19.00.

All guests, young and old, will be able to find entertainments to their liking on the Main exhibition of the country on December, 31 and all the days of the New Year vacations. Fantastic illuminations and music will make the holiday to the full. We tell you how VDNKh will work during the holidays.

As for Red Square, it will be open on New Year’s Eve. So, you can make wishes while standing on it to the chimes. But the skating rink on the square on December 31 will work until 18.15, and GUM will be closed at 20.00.

Where: central streets of Moscow When: on the night of December 31 to January 1 Free

The specialists of the Urban Economy Complex installed lighted structures, garlands and decorated Christmas trees all over the city. We tell you how Moscow was decorated for the holidays and which places will be the best for your photos.


The fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Moscow are as much a tradition as the dressed up Christmas tree. This is probably the brightest and most special part of the holiday, which symbolizes that the New Year has already arrived. Fireworks in Moscow every year on New Year’s Eve at several sites. They are located in different districts of the capital, so all residents can admire the festive fireworks.

This year’s New Year’s Eve Salute is also planned. According to preliminary information, the first fireworks will go off over the center of the capital exactly at midnight – near the Red Square, over the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge. It will last for five minutes. But most of the sites will be involved at 1 am on January 1, 2021. By this time, the New Year is coming all over Russia, from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. The duration of each fireworks display is about five minutes.

IMPORTANT: If you go to watch the fireworks, do not forget about safety rules. If possible, avoid crowds, keep your distance and wear a mask in public places.

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Where: at 10 sites in various districts of Moscow When: on the night of December 31 to January 1. Free

New Year at the skating rink

Rinks in Moscow on December 31, 2020 will work all day. True, some will reduce the evening sessions and finish work a little earlier. It is known that skate on the GUM-skating rink on Red Square will be possible until 18.15. On January 1, 2021 the rink will open at 11.30. At Luzhniki December 31, 2020 will be only one session – you can skate from 16.30 to 19.00. Generally, we recall that the sessions at rinks in Moscow will end at 22.00-23.00.

Actual work rinks on the holiday, December 31, 2020, is worth checking with the administration. Recall that skating in the capital can be both paid and free. Read more about the ice rinks – their work, rules of attendance, entertainment and prices in a big review of the KP Playbill.

New Year’s holidays are a great time for outdoor activities. Go to the skating rink as a family. Ice rinks are opening in various districts of Moscow. KP Playbill tells how the capital’s ice rinks work and what services they offer.

New Year on the roof of Moscow City

If you were looking for a special place for New Year’s Eve 2021, this is it! Muscovites are invited to celebrate the holiday on the highest observation deck in Europe – on the roof of Moscow City. For New Year celebrations will be allotted two levels at the very top of the tower – an open roof and the top floor, which is a terrace with glass walls. A huge monitor will be installed on the open roof for the guests to hear the President’s congratulations. Before and after midnight a cover band will perform here and there will be a dance floor. From the roof of the tower you will be able to see the whole capital in its festive attire and, of course, New Year’s fireworks. Plus – greetings from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. And on the lower level you can warm up and have a snack in a warm bar. The organizers note that the number of seats is strictly limited, so that all participants could be placed on the roof with all safety measures. That’s why pre-registration is required for the event.

Where: Moscow-City, 1-st Krasnogvardeysky proezd 21c2. Exit 2 from m. Mezhdunarodnaya (will be open all night). When: from 23:00 on December 31, 2020 till 2:00 on January 1, 2021. Prices: from 7900 rubles.

New Year on a cable car

Another option not standard New Year’s Eve celebration is a bird’s-eye view of Moscow at night from the cabin of a cable car. On New Year’s Eve it will work on December 31 from 11 am to 5 am on January 1. To make the ride on the ropeway as safe as possible, the cabin will only allow passengers of one company or family to ride. Visitors must wear masks and gloves and maintain a social distance. In addition, the cabins will be treated with special products.

From the ropeway one can enjoy amazing views of the Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow-City and “Luzhniki”. The length of its route is 720 meters.

Where: The aerial ropeway, Kosygina street, 28 When: from 11:00 on December 31, 2020 till 5:00 on January 1, 2021. Prices: from 300 rubles.

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