How much does a trip to the Crimea cost – 2022. Tour prices with flight

How much does it cost to go to the Crimea?

I have made for you a simple and clear analysis of the prices for stays in the Crimea. Let’s find out how much tours will cost in 2022! I tell you how the cost is affected by the resort, the number of stars, all-inclusive, season and other factors. The review will help you buy a trip at the best price.

Prices for cities in Russia

The cost of a trip to the Crimea primarily depends on the city of departure. The cheapest tours, as usual, for tourists from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Firstly, it’s not far to fly. Secondly, tour operators in both capitals have the highest competition, which puts a lot of pressure on prices.

Let’s see how much a trip with a flight to the Crimea costs in 2022 for different cities in Russia. For clarity and purity of comparison, I will give prices for the cheapest tours with the same conditions (summer, 7 nights, for two people).

From Moscow 20 000 ₽
From St. Petersburg 17 000 ₽
From Yekaterinburg 30 000 ₽
From Nizhny Novgorod 26 000 ₽
From Ufa 32 000 ₽
From Perm 37 000 ₽
From Kazan 25 000 ₽
From Novosibirsk 26 000 ₽

Embankment in Yalta

Embankment in Yalta.

Number of stars at the hotel

The cost of a trip to the Crimea strongly depends on the stardom of the hotel. For example, almost every hotel in Turkey has at least a couple of stars, but in the Crimea the picture is different. Simple guest houses, boarding houses and accommodation in the private sector here numerically prevail, star hotels is less, and good hotels that match their rating, very few. Therefore between hotels with 1-2 stars (or even without them) and five strong hotels in the Crimea a real chasm in terms of service and value. Here is how the price for a tour from Moscow for 7 nights in the summer of 2022 changes according to the number of stars in the hotel:

  • No stars – 20,000 ₽
  • 1-2 stars – 23,000 ₽
  • 3 stars – 31,000 ₽
  • 4 stars – 42,000 ₽
  • 5 stars – 73,000 ₽
Kerch as a test: a storm at the crossing

There are only a few five-star hotels in the Crimea. You can find a relatively inexpensive five-star hotel in Sevastopol – Aquamarine Resort & SPA. And the most luxurious hotels of the Crimea are in Yalta: “Crimean Breeze” and Mriya Resort & Spa – I have not seen there less than 200 thousand per week for two people.

Don’t just chase the stars, and carefully read the reviews about the hotel, look at its location, room size, freshness of repair, quality of services and entertainment. You’re more likely to get better service and more comfort at a great 3 than at a poor 4. Also take a look at the list of new hotels in the Crimea.

Choose a good hotel by description and reviews is very handy on Travelate and Level.Travel – that’s why we love them. When searching for a tour put a check in the filters “Excellent” in the “Evaluation by Reviews” to screen out all the bad hotels, as in the picture below.

Length of stay

If possible try to buy a tour to the Crimea for a longer period, because in terms of the cost per day of rest is more profitable. If the tour for two people for a week costs 10 thousand rubles, then a similar tour for two weeks will not cost twice as much, but about 13-15 thousand.

“All inclusive”.

There are not so many hotels by the all inclusive system here, but nevertheless they are.

The cheapest tours “all inclusive” in the Crimea you can buy in medium-level boarding houses and hotels 2-3 stars. Such tours from Moscow in the summer of 2022 cost from 40 thousand rubles for 7 nights for two: for example, in the hotel “Atelika Horizon”.

There are hotels a little bit more expensive, but with very good reviews: for example, a holiday home “Fedor Chaliapin” in Evpatoria with an assessment of 4.8 points from 5. A trip AI to this hotel costs from 56 thousand rubles for two. A good option for inexpensive but comfortable rest.

Holidays in the Crimea in July 2022. Weather and prices

All-inclusive” tours to 4-5* hotels cost from 90 thousand rubles for two. Among the good ones is Alexandria 4* in Yalta.

You’ll have a wider choice of hotels if instead of “all inclusive” you look for options with just full board.

All inclusive tours in the Crimea

Photo: Hotel Palmira Palace 4 *. It works on a “full board” system. Tours for two people for 7 nights cost from 150 thousand rubles.

Expensive and cheap resorts

Yalta is the most expensive Crimean resort. There are almost all the five-star hotels of the Crimea, and guest houses and hotels are more expensive than similar accommodation in other resorts. The other resorts of the southern coast of Crimea (Alushta, Gurzuf, Alupka, Mishore and others) are slightly more affordable, but still quite expensive. However, there are often cheap tours to Alushta, because there are a lot of budget guest houses, though at a distance from the beach.

The most inexpensive tours to the Crimea are sold in the Western Crimean resorts: Evpatoria, Nikolaevka, Saki, Olenevka, Mezhvodnoe and others. Also you can often buy cheap tours to Koktebel and Feodosia. A little bit more expensive are tours to Sudak.

All resorts in the Crimea are very different not only in price level, but also in beaches, nature, climate, infrastructure, convenience for recreation with children and so on. Read our complete guide to the resorts and see their comparison.


The most expensive time to vacation in the Crimea is July and August. During these two months the locals do their best to earn money for the year ahead. The season in the Crimea is short, and this affects the prices.

If you want to rest in the Crimea in half or two times cheaper, come in May, June or September. In spring and early summer there is wonderful weather, no heat, the Crimea is green and all in bloom. It is a beautiful and pleasant time! And it’s also the perfect time to travel and sightsee without the crowds of tourists.

The truth about Mezhvodnoe. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

Cheap by Car to the Crimea

This amazing beach in the Crimea is in Olenevka, where you can buy an inexpensive trip.

Holidays in Crimea all inclusive – official prices in 2022



Top Seller

  • Indoor Pool: Included. With sea-heated water, equipped with a circular tunnel for swimming. Open from 08:00 to 20:00 (daily) except Sundays and Sundays.

Distance to the beach: From buildings number 1, number 2 – 150 meters from the administrative building – 200 meters from the housing number 3 – 600 meters (down from buildings on the stairs, more than 100 steps).

Distance to the beach: From buildings number 1, number 2 – 150 meters from the administrative building – 200 meters from the housing number 3 – 600 meters (down from buildings on the stairs, more than 100 steps).

  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. Duration of one session – 45 minutes. Works in the off season. The size of the pool is 12*12m, depth 0.9 – 1.80m, water temperature o


Top Seller

  • Indoor pool: Included in the price for the stay with treatment. For an additional charge on a holiday without treatment. Two pools with thermal mineral water. Size of each b

Choose a suitable hotel according to hundreds of parameters. Current availability, instant confirmation and online payment.

  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. With heated sea water, 25*12 meters, depth – from 1.5 to 3 meters, water temperature 25-28 ° C. Works in the winter period.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With sea water, 40*18 meters. The pool is divided into three areas: an adult pool (depth 170cm), aqua-aerobics area (depth 120cm) and the pool for children.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. With heated fresh water, length 25m, depth 1.5m, temperature up to 25°C.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With heated fresh water, length – 25m, depth – 1.5m, temperature up to 25°C. During the low season the pool is covered by a dome.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With fresh heated water, children’s swimming area with fresh heated water. Open seasonally from May to September. In the morning.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included in the price. Outdoor unheated pool, size 20*10 meters, with sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a children’s area – depth 0.8 meters.
  • Indoor pool: Included in price. 2 therapeutic pools (by doctor’s appointment) for children and adults with chloride sodium mineral water. Working in the off-season.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price for the tariff “With treatment”. Heated seawater pool, size 25 * 8.5 meters, a depth of 1.5 meters at one side, the opposite side of the pool is 2 meters.
  • Indoor pool: Included in price. With seawater heated, 11.8 meters in diameter and 1.25 meters deep. It is open seasonally. Open daily from 8:30 to 19:00.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With heated sea water, 11.6 meters in diameter and 3 meters deep. It is open seasonally. Open daily from 8:30 to 19:00.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. Swimming pool adjacent Pushkino sanatorium, with fresh heated water, size 25 * 12 meters, a depth of 1.6 meters with a smooth transition
  • Indoor pool: Included in price. With heated, sea water, size 24 * 10 meters. Works in the off-season.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With fresh water, an area of 180 square meters. m, the volume of 255 cubic meters. m. It is unheated and equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh water (28*18 meters, volume 450 cubic meters, depth 86-160 cm). There is a children’s section: (depth 55 cm). Works seasonally.
  • Indoor pool: Included. A 50-meter heated seawater pool with 3 lanes, with hydromassage sections and a fountain. The pool has a view.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Three unheated pools (size 15*7; 28*5; 25*5 meters), with fresh water. In the pools there are classes and sports activities.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price, 30 min./day – for the stay without treatment. With heated sea water 25*15 m. In the absence of medical contraindications (except for d
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. Size 17*7 meters, maximum depth of 2.2 meters. With heated fresh water. There is a children’s section. Operates year-round.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Two outdoor pools (20 meters long (560 cubic meters) and 15 meters long (460 cubic meters)). With heated seawater, water and a pool.
Vorontsov Palace & Park

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