How much does a vacation in Egypt cost – 2022. The cost of travel.

Prices in Egypt – 2022. How much money to take?

How much money to take to Egypt? We tell you about the prices in 2022 for tours, airfare, tours, souvenirs, food in restaurants. We summarize how much it costs to vacation in Egypt – 2022.

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In Egypt, there are two major resorts – Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. These are the destinations most often visited by our tourists, less often – Dahab and Taba. In Egypt, almost all hotels work all year round.

In Egypt it is the season of winds from the second half of January to February. In summer it is a hellish heat. The high season is in the spring and autumn. The best time to come to vacation in Egypt at this time: the weather will be hot, but not higher +30 +33 ° C, without icy winds and other “surprises. But also the prices for tours in the spring and fall will be the highest.

In Egypt you can take any currency – euros, dollars. In the institutions accept bank cards MasterCard and Visa issued outside the Russian Federation. Russian cards are disabled. The local currency is Egyptian pounds, designation EGP. It is more profitable to pay in pounds than in dollars or euros, because in restaurants and hotels though accept foreign money, the rate has its own (not in favor of tourists).

  • The visa is on arrival, it is not necessary to make out anything in advance. It is possible to get a free Sinai visa stamp in Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Covid restrictions are removed!
  • You need coronavirus insurance.
  • The full rules for entering Egypt are here .
  • The country is now quarantined and cafes, restaurants, and museums are open, including Luxor and Aswan.
  • Direct flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada have been launched since last August, and tours with charters from Biblioglobus, TUI, Coral Travel, and ICS are on sale. Ticket prices start from 25,000 ₽ from Moscow.
  • You can also buy package tours to Egypt on Travelate and Travel.Travel – you don’t need to buy your own insurance and transfers.


Airfare prices to Egypt

Until 2015, Egypt was absolutely a “package” destination, where most people came on tours. After there was a long 6-year break, when direct flights to the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh were banned. Now in 2022, air travel has been restored again, but because of the “air sanctions” there are not many flights, and ticket prices are 2 times higher.

Tickets to Cairo with direct flights from Turkish Airlines and Egipt Air will cost ₽35,000-55,000. From here to the beach resorts you have to take a transfer, which would take 5-7 hours . For the same price of 35,000-55,000 ₽ you can buy Egipt Air tickets with a direct flight to Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada .

Since late last year, the Russian low-cost airline Pobeda has been flying to Egypt’s 2 main resorts. Tickets at the minimum fare and without baggage were from ₽12,000. Now Pobeda no longer flies, and one can only dream of such prices.

When arriving in Sharm el Sheikh, you get a free Egyptian visa, for which in Cairo or Hurghada you have to pay 25$ (and through “helpers” at the airport 27$). Find all the airfare to Egypt on Aviasales .

Hotel in Egypt

How much do tours to Egypt cost – 2022

Most hotels in Egypt are all inclusive . We recommend stopping at this food concept, in an extreme case – on “breakfasts and dinners”. The fact is that not all hotels are located on tourist streets, and it is difficult to find a cafe-restaurants nearby. In total, the rest on an “all-inclusive” turns out more profitable than every day to pay the bill for food in a cafe.

Holidays in Hurghada 2022: reviews, tips and prices

What are the prices for tours in Egypt – 2022? A tour for two people for a week to 5* hotels with all-inclusive meals and a good rating will cost from 85.000 rub. For example, a tour to Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa 5* costs from 98.361 Rubles, Pyramids Park Resort Cairo 5* from 90.626 Rubles, Tia Heights Makadi Bay 5* from 104.781 Rubles. You don’t have to pay anything extra for a hotel like this. Budget hotels 3*, 4* usually have free shuttle buses to the beach (but sometimes there is a charge) and drinks, sun beds and umbrellas are always extra.

At an all inclusive hotel there is usually no charge, except for a gratuity of $1, hookah $3, massage from $20, spa from $30. Hotels may also charge for cocktails, imported alcohol, New Year gala dinner. For example, in premium hotel Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5 * on New Year vacations every day stars perform, and extra charge for New Year Gala Dinner amounts to $ 300.

Not all hotels in Egypt offer free wi-fi . Either it may be only in the lobby, or with a very slow speed. So if you need internet for work, for example, it is better to buy an internet card. It is sold at the airport.

Also in Egypt there is an “ultra all inclusive” system. However, it is different from the Turkish. In Egypt even in “ultra all inclusive” there will be no imported alcohol . “Ultra” means that there are a la carte restaurants on the property. So if you are a fan of imported alcohol, you have to buy it at duty free.

Last minute tours can be found on the sites Travelate, Level Travel, OnlineTours . Popular hotels: Pickalbatros Albatros Palace Resort 5* , FUN&SUN FAMILY Rixos Premium Seagate 5* , Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5* , Steigenberger Ras Soma 5* , Steigenberger Coraya Beach 5*.


(Photo © Pixabay License)

Prices for hotels in Egypt

What are the prices for accommodation in Egypt? Budget options can be found in Hurghada, prices start from $30 per night. Luxury hotels in Sharm el Sheikh cost from $ 80-100. Immediately find out what services are included in the price and what are not.

You can book hotels in Egypt on Hotellok . Here is a comparison of prices on different sites.

Concorde El Salam Sharm El Shiekh Hotel 5* 51 $
Sentido Reef Oasis Senses Aqua Park Resort 5* 73 $
Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort 5* 67 $
Iberotel Palace Resort 5* 80 $
Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort & Spa 5* 62 $
Solymar Ivory Suites 3* 24 $
BellaVista 3* 28 $
Magic Beach Hotel 4* 27 $
Zak Apartment 3* 20 $
Rivoli Suites 4* 27 $
New Memnon Hotel 3* 21 $
Nile Compound 3* 29 $
Iberotel Luxor 4* 34 $
Sofitel Winter Palace 5* 59 $
Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel 4* 35 $


Excursions in Egypt

In Sharm el-Sheikh popular excursions are Mount Moses, the Monastery of St. Catherine, in Hurghada – Luxor. Also tourists often book maritime excursions: yachts, boat trips, pirate ships, snorkeling. The most popular trip to the desert is on quad bikes. From Sharm el-Sheikh you can visit the beautiful reserve of Ras Mohammed, which tourists get to on their own.

How much do excursions in Egypt cost? The minimum cost is $15. For such a price you can see one of the nearest attractions. A group tour to Cairo to the pyramids will cost from $ 55, with overnight stay $100, to Israel – $ 110. The Pyramids and Israel are the most tedious excursions, so we advise to visit them if you go to Egypt for at least 10-14 days. To visit Cairo, you have to pay for a visa, which costs $25 (if you have a free Sinai stamp in your passport).

You can also book tours in Egypt with Russian guides online on Tripster and Sputnik . Payment with all Russian cards. For example, individual trip to Cairo for 1-3 people will cost 150 €, snorkeling at Tiran island – 28 €, from Hurghada to Cairo to meet the Big Sphinx – 55 €, from Hurghada to the ancient Luxor – 45 €.

Holidays in Safaga: reviews, tips and prices

Diving is very popular in Egypt. The variety of underwater world of the Red Sea is amazing. One dive costs from 35 €, rent of equipment 30 € per day. A day with two dives and equipment rental costs 90 €. From 250 € (Scuba Diver, 2 days) up to 800 € (Dive Master, 14 days) it costs to get a diving certificate.

Underwater World in Egypt

The underwater world in Egypt

(Photo © Pixabay License)

The cost of insurance in Egypt

Tourists often miss this point, hoping for the standard insurance in the tour. But it doesn’t cover the risks of trip cancellation, and in times of “covid” and “air sanctions” this is very important.

If you test positive before departure, the insurance will refund the cost of the tour or airfare if you travel on your own. Also, the standard insurance does not include the risks of outdoor activities (such as diving or snorkeling), risks for pregnant women under 31 weeks, return flight for hospital treatment from covid.

It’s cool if none of these things happen to you, but it’s better to pay 500 rubles and be safe. You can find good insurance at Cherehapa and Tripinshurans . They accept any card from the Russian Federation.

You can be insured by Alfa Insurance, and pregnant women up to 31 weeks – by Arsenal, Ingosstrakh, and Russian Standard. Tripinsurance covers flight delays from 4 hours ($62.5 per hour), trip cancellation ($500), loss of luggage ($750), emergency dentistry. All of these insurances include Covid-19 risks.

Prices in Restaurants in Egypt

If you’re vacationing in an all-inclusive hotel in Egypt, you’re unlikely to want to go to restaurants, but still consider the prices. Fast food on the street will cost from $3, grilled vegetables $1, shrimp from $3. Lunch at a cafe for locals is $6-$9.

In hotels in Egypt, you can not always get a taste of seafood, although the resorts are located on the beach. Therefore tourists go to fish restaurants in the city, where the choice of dishes on the menu. There you can try fish, shrimp, lobster, squid, octopus, crabs. Dinner per person will cost from $10-20.

Please note, if the waiter brought water, lemon, ice, pastries, etc., and you did not order it, it will be included in the bill (from $ 1 for each item). Often tourists think that these are free compliments of the restaurant, but this is not true.

Prices at the popular Fares Seafood restaurant in Sharm El Sheikh: Flounder 220 EGP, sea bream 225 EGP, perch 240 EGP, mullet 135 EGP, shrimp 400 EGP, lobster 560 EGP. You can also order the signature Fares soup there for EGP 60, lobster soup for EGP 70, squid fillet for EGP 70, grilled shrimp for EGP 80, assorted Fares for EGP 400, grilled seafood for EGP 155, chip and chips for EGP 75.

Plus, tax of 14% is included in the bill . You can also try seafood in the Old City, where a kilo of shrimp will cost EGP 150.

There are also classier places to eat in Egypt. At our favorite beach, Terrazzina, cocktails cost $8. This is the most party beach of Sharm el-Sheikh, where they hold foam parties and Full Moon Party. Recommended for young people.

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Restaurant in Egypt

Restaurant in Egypt

Prices for transport in Egypt

In the resorts of Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh you can travel by local minibuses. Fare in them costs $0.3-0.5 $. This is the most budget transport, but Egyptian minibuses go only on the main streets.

Tourists often take a cab. The cost of travel ranges from $2 to $10, depending on the distance. Class of a car in Egypt depends on color: the most comfortable white cab – with counters and air conditioners; yellow cab – from local private companies; black and white cab – the cheapest, but they have no air conditioning. There’s no point in hailing a cab in advance: as soon as you step outside, dozens of cab drivers start honking at you.

Holidays in Marsa Alam: reviews, tips and prices

You can order in advance a cab from the airport, the fare from Sharm el Sheikh to the hotel – $ 20, a little cheaper will be from Hurghada to the hotel – from $ 18. You can book by following the link in Russian. You can pay by Russian card.


(Photo © Pixabay License)

How much are the souvenirs

Tourists often bring souvenirs from their holidays in Egypt. It is also advantageous to buy vitamins, medicines . The prices are lower than in Russia, and the quality is better. Medicines should be purchased only in pharmacies. Small souvenirs you can buy in the markets, in Hurghada – on Sheraton Road or El Mamsha, in Sharm El Sheikh – in Old Market.

What are the prices in Egypt for various souvenirs? Magnets sell for $ 1, arafatki for $ 0.5, essential oils from $ 5, spices from $ 2-3, good quality cotton products from $ 5. In Egypt, buy a mango, the cost 2-3 $. It can be brought home to Russia. Just tell the seller, and he will pack the fruit so that it can be checked in the luggage.

Souvenirs Egypt

Souvenirs in Egypt

(Photo © Pixabay License)

You can also buy fur coats, leather jackets, gold, and jewelry in Egypt . Prices from $ 200 for leather goods, from $ 800 for fur goods. In the markets in Egypt, you have to haggle.

How much is vacation in Egypt in 2022

Let’s summarize how much money to take with you to Egypt . Tourists spend their holidays in Egypt in different ways.

Someone spends their time exclusively in the hotel – here really spend $0 in Sharm el Sheikh, or + $25 for a visa in Hurghada. Other tourists go on excursions, visit restaurants and buy leather, furs, souvenirs. Here you need a completely different budget for a vacation.

This is the main difference in how much money tourists take to Egypt – 2022. No matter how much currency you take with you, you can always find something to spend it on.

  • If you want an all-inclusive vacation at an all-inclusive hotel. You can spend $0 if you are ready to always answer NO to all offers of local merchants (they will find you even on the beach!).
  • If you have an all-inclusive hotel. For souvenirs and excursions you will need $ 100-500 for 7 days. For this cost you can actively spend time, buy gifts home, go once to a fish restaurant.
  • If you have a hotel in Egypt without meals, then expect to add on food $ 10-50 dollars a day.

In total, good rest in Egypt and nothing to deny ourselves can be for $ 500 a week or $ 1000 for 2 weeks, not including the cost of the tour. Budget holiday can be carried out, taking with itself $ 100, provided that the hotel, food and flight you have already paid.


We’ve looked at how much money you need for a vacation in Egypt in 2022. Read also: Excursion to Cairo from Sharm el-Sheikh – prices and reviews.

How much does a vacation in Egypt cost

What prices in Egypt

Find out how much money to take on vacation to Egypt! We give actual prices for tours, tickets, meals, excursions. We calculate the budget for an economical and beautiful vacation.

Prices updated after the launch of charters from Russia to Egypt.


How much do tours to Egypt cost

For many years we buy tours only online, not in travel agencies – it saves a lot of time and money. We advise reliable services Travelata and Level.Travel. There you will find a suitable tour at the lowest price in a few minutes. Learn why you should not buy tours in travel agencies.

Economical vacation. Even in the high season the cost of a trip to Egypt can be budget. Here’s what the cost of a trip for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow is now:

  • 57,000 ₽ – the cheapest tours to Egypt to 3-4* hotels with breakfasts and dinners.
  • 61,000 ₽ – all-inclusive tours to 3-4* hotels.
  • 75,000 ₽ – all-inclusive tours to simple 5* hotels.
How to go to Egypt by yourself in 2022

The cheapest tours with accommodation in 5* hotels have some pitfalls: tourists sometimes pay extra for transfers to the beach or sun loungers.

Thanks to the warm climate Egyptian resorts welcome holidaymakers all year round. Explicit seasonal differences in the cost of travel no, although the New Year prices are traditionally spiking.

Beautiful vacation . And now let’s see how much a trip to Egypt in 2022 to high-level hotels costs. Tours from Moscow for 7 nights for two adults now cost from 90 thousand rubles. For this money you will rest in a 5* hotel with excellent reviews on the “all-inclusive” system.

If you want to have a rest without any inconveniences, buy tours in Egypt for 120-140 thousand rubles and more. You will be settled in a 5 * hotel on the first line. In addition to good swimming pools and private beach, these hotels often have its own diving center and a convenient infrastructure for recreation with children. Staff in expensive hotels will be friendly and courteous, and food will please even the most fussy tourists.

Tip . If the hotel in Egypt is far from the main streets of the resort, restaurants and cafes, it is better to take a trip with food “all inclusive”.

What prices in Egypt

Makadi Bay. Photo: RVC5Pogod /

How much will tickets to Egypt cost in 2022

Since 2015, direct flights from Russia to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada were canceled, so tourists were flying to vacation with connections. But now you can finally fly to Egypt unhindered! There are both charters to the resorts and inexpensive tours. Look for tickets on Aviasales.

Here are the current ticket prices:

How to have an inexpensive vacation in Egypt

Diving is one reason to go on vacation to Egypt. Clown fish off the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh. (Photo: / Nariman Mesharrafa)

How much does it cost to stay in Egypt?

Economical vacation. If you want to rest on a budget, book accommodation in Hurghada. At the popular resort apartments for two rent for $ 10-15 per night. Practically at the price of a hostel!

Beautiful vacation. How much does it cost to stay in a luxury hotel in Egypt in 2022? A standard double room at a 5* resort hotel with private beach, spa and all-inclusive meals will cost $80 a night. A comfortable deluxe costs $112 and a luxury superlux costs $224.

Prices for a double room in hotels in Egypt in the summer season:

Price Example
Hotel 2-3* 25 $ Oonas Dive Club
4* hotel 30 $ Xperience Golden Sandy Beach
Resort 5* AI 60 $ Safir Sharm Waterfalls Resort

Advice . Find out in advance what services are included in the hotel price, and then what you will have to pay extra for separately.

This is interesting:

Rest in Egypt

Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh. Photo: Amr Taha™ /

How much does it cost to eat in Egypt?

Economical vacation. In the resorts of Egypt, food prices are democratic. The average check for two at a cheap cafe is $6-$10, and at a budget restaurant it’s $12-$25. Two Big Mac sets at McDonald’s cost $10.2. A portion of shrimp on the grill costs $3, stewed vegetables $1, seafood soup $1.8, a fish dish $3.50-$5, and a cup of coffee $1.7.

Beautiful recreation. For dinner for two at an expensive restaurant you will pay $40-50 and up. The choice of gourmet establishments in Egyptian resorts is large. They offer dishes of Egyptian, Italian, French and European cuisine.

What are the prices for tours and vacations in Egypt?

Kebda – Egyptian fried liver. Photo: kareemelqaffass /

How much does transport cost in Egypt

There is a developed public transport system only in Cairo and Alexandria.

Economical vacation . In Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and other resorts tourists use shuttle buses. The fare is inexpensive – $0.18, but the minibuses go only on the central streets of the resorts.

Beautiful vacation . If you want to rest comfortably, catch a cab. There are three types of cabs in Egypt: black and white, yellow and white. The most economical option is black and white cars, but they do not have air conditioning. Yellow cabs belong to private companies. They are easy to call from the hotel. White cabs are equipped with air conditioning and meters.

What to see in Egypt

Cabs cost $1 to $1.8 during the day and $1.3 to $2.5 at night. The price for boarding in Cairo and Alexandria is $0.2 to $0.4. At the airport and seaside resorts you will pay twice as much. A kilometer ride costs up to $0.2. The night fare is 50% more expensive than the day fare.

Be sure to negotiate the cost with the driver before you get in the car. For $30-$50 you can get a cab for the whole day.

Examples of cab fares:

  • from Cairo to Giza – $2-3
  • from Cairo airport to the city center – $4-5
  • from Hurghada airport to the end of the resort – $3
  • From Hurghada airport to Soma Bay – $11
  • From Dahab to Sharm el Sheikh – $22.

Many tourists on a trip to Egypt rent cars. Car rental will cost $ 40-50 dollars a day.

What prices in Egypt

Transport in Cairo. Photo: / @dascal.

How much do excursions in Egypt cost

We prefer not to buy excursions from tour operators because they are usually of poor quality and overpriced. Instead, we book excursions on the online service Tripster. There are not only classic group tours, but also original individual programs. However, for Egypt, the choice of excursions on this site is still small, but a few interesting options are still there.

Economical vacation . One of the cheapest excursions in Hurghada is a trip on quad bikes or jeeps to the Bedouin village, which is located 25 km from the resort. Depending on the number of participants, such an excursion costs from $25 to $35. The average price of day trips to the pyramids, Luxor and the monastery of St. Catherine – $ 40-45. Trips to the dolphinarium and crocodile show cost $35-40, diving from $40, and buggy safaris from $35.

Beautiful vacation . How much do exclusive excursions in Egypt cost? A boat trip on an individual yacht is $350, a trip to Cairo by plane is $190, a swim with dolphins is $110, a trip to Israel in one day is $140, and a trip to Petra by ferry is $310.

Prices for vacations in Egypt

Coral reefs in Safaga. Photo: alniks /

How much is vacation in Egypt in 2022

Economical vacation

Swim in the warm sea, sunbathe on the beach, see the ancient pyramids and taste the dishes of traditional Egyptian cuisine can be for relatively little money. Let’s calculate how much it costs for an inexpensive independent vacation for one for 10 days in Egypt:

  • visa – $25
  • air tickets – $250
  • Room in a 3* hotel – $150
  • Inexpensive food – $150
  • 2 excursions – $ 70
  • Transportation – $15.

Total: $ 660 (48,000 ₽) per person. Beneficial would be to take an “all inclusive” tour for 60-70 thousand rubles for two people, then have to spend extra money only on tours and transportation. In the past, an independent vacation in Egypt was a little cheaper than a tour, but after the launch of charters, the prices for packages have dropped dramatically.

How much money to take with you to Egypt. Take an extra $100 per person. For an average tourist this amount is enough for souvenirs, snacks and beach wear. You will solve your immediate problems, but you do not have to luxuriate.

A beautiful vacation

If you want to spend your vacation in anything without denying yourself, the local tourism industry is happy to satisfy all your needs. Here’s how much it costs 10 days of a beautiful vacation in Egypt:

  • visa – $25
  • direct air tickets to Sharm el Sheikh – $ 600
  • Room in 5* hotel “all inclusive” – $ 400
  • 3 excursions – $350
  • Paid restaurants and bars at the hotels – $ 200.

Total: $ 1575 (115 000 ₽) per person. It is more advantageous to take a tour to a good hotel with an “all inclusive” for 120-150 thousand for two people, then you will have to spend extra money only on tours and cabs.

How much money to bring to Egypt. Take $800 extra per person. This amount can be spent on shopping, cab rides, tips, individual photo shoots, daily entertainment and beautiful souvenirs. With that kind of money, you’ll have a royal vacation.

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