How much does it cost to go on vacation in Bulgaria – 2022. The cost of travel

Holidays in Bulgaria – 2022: all-inclusive prices.

Analyzed the prices of all-inclusive holidays in Bulgaria in 2022. We will tell you how much are tours in Bulgaria in the summer of 2022, how the cost of all-inclusive tours change over the months, and which resorts in the country to vacation cheaper.

All prices are current at the time of publication (January 2022) and may change in the future.

The price includes a flight, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, meals, and travel insurance. For example, here are the rates for trips to Bulgaria for two people with a flight from Moscow. Holidays with a flight from the regions may cost 20-50% more.

How to find a cheap trip to Bulgaria? It’s easy to do through sites like Level.Travel and Travellata – they compare prices on tours to Bulgaria from all tour operators, allowing you to find bargain options.

What you need to know about a vacation in Bulgaria – 2022

  • The most comfortable months in terms of beach holidays, and accordingly the most popular, are July and August.
  • In June, tourists are already beginning to arrive in the country. However, this month, especially its first half, is not yet characterized by high air and water temperatures, as well as weather stability, prolonged rainfall is possible. But the prices can be very attractive.
  • In May Bulgaria is not yet dispose to a beach holiday. But in the first half of September is possible to catch a comfortable weather without the exhausting heat and not to pay too much for the trip.

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The minimum cost for a trip to Bulgaria in 2022 (per person):

5 stars

3-6 nights

The minimum prices for short tours “all inclusive” in Bulgaria in 2022 start at 46000 rubles (in the second half of June). In July and August similar trips cheaper than 59000 rubles can’t be found.

The range of five-star hotels in Bulgaria is small. Good reviews gets, for example, Royal Palace Helena Park (rating 9.5/10) – the rest for three nights at the end of July costs from 70000 rubles. In June such tours are cheaper – from 55000 rubles.

7-10 nights.

Prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Bulgaria – 2022 with a flight for 10 days starts from 73000 rubles (in June). This is the price for a tour to a popular hotel with a lot of reviews – Planeta Hotel & Aquapark in Sunny Beach.

If you want to go to Bulgaria by the sea at the height of the beach season (July-August), then prepare not less than 83000 rubles.

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11-14 nights

June tours to Bulgaria for 14 days cost from 122000 rubles in June, while in July and August – from 137000 rubles.

For example, the cost of a vacation for 14 days in the popular hotel Sol Nessebar Palace with high tourist ratings starts from 226000 rubles (in July).

Holidays in Bulgaria prices are all inclusive

Photo: Hotel Sol Nessebar Palace in Nessebar, Bulgaria /

4 stars

3-6 nights

Holidays in Bulgaria in the summer of 2022 costs from 43,000 rubles for 3 nights – this is only slightly cheaper than the same tour hotel 5 stars. From mid-July to the end of August prices are even higher – from 48000 rubles.

For example, a trip good according to tourist reviews hotel COOEE Mimosa Sunshine Hotel will cost from 60,000 rubles.

7-10 nights.

Prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Bulgaria in 2022 for 10 days start from 54000 rubles (in the second half of June). However, keep in mind that popular hotels with a lot of positive reviews can cost much more.

For example, a tour for 7 nights at the end of June in the hotel Sol Nessebar Mare in the resort of Nessebar costs from 98000 rubles.

11-14 nights

The price for a two-week vacation in Bulgaria in the summer of 2022 starts from 85000 rubles.

Thus, a 13-night stay at the MPM Hotel Kalina Garden with a rating of 9/10 will cost at least 127000 rubles at the end of June and a minimum of 146000 rubles at the end of July.

Price with flight to Bulgaria

Photo: MPM Hotel Kalina Garden in Sunny Beach /

3 stars

3-6 nights

The cheapest tour to Bulgaria for 3 nights in June 2022 costs at least 33000 rubles. In July and August the prices are almost the same – from 32000 rubles.

The rest in the best hotels in Bulgaria (hotels with a high rating of tourists) will cost 1.5-2 times more. For example, a tour to Interhotel Pomorie hotel in late July costs from 55000 rubles.

7-10 nights.

An all inclusive tour to Bulgaria for 7 nights in 2022 costs at least 44000 rubles. The minimum prices for a 9-10 nights tour do not differ much from the weekly prices and start at 47000 rubles.

Positive impressions remain with many tourists from the rest at Kini Park Hotel in Golden Sands (rating according to tourist reviews – 9/10). The cost of the trip for 10 nights at the end of June starts from 80,000 rubles.

11-14 nights

Prices for an all inclusive long vacation in Bulgaria start from 59000 rubles. This is the minimum cost for stays of 13-14 nights in the second half of June.

The tours to the best hotels with a lot of positive reviews cost 30000-40000 rubles more. For example, such hotels include Orhidea (rating 8.4/10), 14 days holiday in which will cost 112000 rubles.

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Prices by resorts

Golden Sands

One of the popular and famous resorts in Bulgaria is Golden Sands. The city has many different hotels – every tourist will be able to choose a suitable for themselves both in terms of level of service and price.

Families with children in Golden Sands like the spacious sandy beaches with clear water and shallow entrance to the sea. Young people appreciate the many bars and nightclubs. And lovers of active recreation will not get bored with various kinds of water activities: surfing, scuba diving center, water park, water skis and parachutes.

The cost of holidays in Bulgaria (Golden Sands, all inclusive) in 2022:

  • 5 stars – from 65 thousand rubles for a week; from 110 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 4 stars – from 47 thousand rubles for a week; from 71 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 3 stars – from 40 thousand rubles per week; from 63 thousand rubles for 10 days

Prices of package tours in Bulgaria all inclusive

Photo: COOEE Mimosa Sunshine Hotel in Golden Sands, Bulgaria /

Sunny Beach

Another very popular vacation spot for Russians in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. Those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday will prefer the northern or southern part of the resort, while those who like noisy outdoor activities will prefer the central part.

The beaches in Sunny Beach are long, wide, equipped with everything you need. Perfectly developed infrastructure. Entertainment, as well as hotels, there is something for every taste and purse.

Prices for all-inclusive holidays in 2022:

  • 5 stars – from 67 thousand rubles for a week; from 71 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 4 stars – from 59 thousand rubles per week; from 59 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 3 stars – from RUB 59 thousand per week; from RUB 59 thousand for 10 days

Saint Konstantin and Elena

It is not so crowded and popular resort in Bulgaria. Although it has all the necessary tourist infrastructure: hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, pharmacies, sports entertainment.

In addition to luxurious golden sand beaches and clear sea, the resort is famous for its balneological centers, lots of medical springs.

Please note: there are practically no 5-star hotels at the resort, so it is not so easy to find a tour there.

Minimum tour prices for the summer of 2022:

  • 4 stars – from 54 thousand rubles for a week; from 65 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 3 stars – from 51 thousand rubles for a week; from 58 thousand rubles for 10 days


Bulgarian resort of Obzor is attractive for those who like calm and measured rest. There are good spacious beaches with clear water, a wonderful climate, children’s attractions, playgrounds.

You can find bars and nightclubs, the prices of which are lower than in more popular resorts in Bulgaria.

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The only thing that there is no 5-star hotels in Obzor.

Prices for trips to Bulgaria in 2022 (Obzor, all inclusive):

  • 4 stars – from 47 thousand rubles for a week; from 64 thousand rubles for 10 days
  • 3 stars – from 47 thousand rubles per week; from 58 thousand rubles for 10 days

Please note! If you are going on vacation with a child, choose the beach carefully. Most beaches have a fairly steep descent into the water, but there are also places with a gentle coast.


A great place for a family vacation in Bulgaria. All noisy entertainment and music subsides by midnight.

There are all conditions for a holiday with children: a clean shallow sea, a pedestrian promenade, Luna Park, playgrounds, large areas of hotels (many of which work on the principle of “all inclusive”).

Most hotels in Albena are 3 and 4 stars, but five-star hotels are almost absent.

How much does it cost to relax in Bulgaria

How much does a holiday in Bulgaria cost

Let’s calculate how much a holiday in Bulgaria will cost in 2022. How much should you pay for tours, tickets, hotel, food, transportation and excursions? Find out how much it will cost for an economical and beautiful vacation in Bulgarian resorts.


How much does a trip to Bulgaria cost in 2022

Search for last minute tours on the services of Level.Travel and Travelata – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules of buying tours online.

The cheapest tours to Bulgaria are sold in the off-season – in April, October and November, and the most expensive – in July and August. But you can’t save money on spa resorts – they are open all year round, so the prices in Sandanski, Bankya, Velingrad, Devin almost do not change.

Economical vacation. The prices for tours in Bulgaria in the low season are from 45 thousand rubles (for two people for 10-11 nights from Moscow), and in the high season – from 55 thousand. These are the minimum prices for tours. For this amount you will live far from the sea in a 2-3 * hotel or apartments without meals or breakfasts.

How much does a holiday in Bulgaria cost

Beach in Albena, Bulgaria (Photo: Balcon del Mundo / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Beautiful vacation. How much is a trip to Bulgaria in 2022 to 4-5* all-inclusive hotels? For tours for two people for 10 nights with a flight from Moscow in high season you have to pay from 90 thousand rubles.

If you want to rest beautifully, buy tours to Bulgaria from 100 thousand rubles. Such tours include accommodation in 5* hotels on the first line to the sea with ultra all inclusive board. You will be welcomed in a luxury hotel with five meals and foreign alcoholic beverages, as well as additional services, such as a bar in the room.

Best Beaches in Bulgaria: descriptions, hotels, reviews

Hotels with good beaches in Bulgaria

The beach at St. Constantine and Helena. Photo: /

How much are the tickets to Bulgaria in 2022

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

Economical vacation. Take a cheap flight to Sofia. Tickets to Bulgaria from Moscow cost from 7500 rubles in low season and from 10000 – in high season.

Advice: look for cheap charters! Sometimes you can fly to the resort for 900 rubles, but more often from 3500 one way.

Beautiful vacation. In summer, plane tickets without change from Moscow to the seaside resorts of Bulgaria – Varna and Burgas – cost from 13000 rubles.

How much hotels in Bulgaria cost

Look for discounted hotels on Rumguru. Here are the main rules of the hotel search.

Economical vacation. Compared with the countries of Western and Central Europe, the prices for accommodation in Bulgaria are very democratic. At all seaside resorts it is easy to find double rooms in hotels for 13-20 €.

Beautiful vacation. How much is a vacation in a luxury hotel in Bulgaria in 2022? A double room with a sea view in a 5* resort hotel with private beach, spa and all-inclusive meals will cost from €70 per night.

Prices for double room in Bulgaria in high season:

Price Example
Hotel 1-2* 20€ Apart Complex Aquamarine – Half Board, Review
3* Hotel 20€ Hotel Zaara, Sunny Beach
4 € Hotel 40€ Marina Cape Vacation Complex, Ravda
5* Hotel 60€ Galeon Residence & SPA, Sunny Beach

How much does it cost to eat in Bulgaria?

Cheap holiday. Food in Bulgaria is not expensive. Breakfast for two in a cafe for locals – from 2,4 to 5,7 €. Average bill for lunch for two is 4,5-9 €. Lunch for two without alcohol at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant – mechane – costs 11,5-14 €. If you decide to eat at a cheap tourist restaurant, you’ll pay 9-17 € for two.

To reduce the cost of a trip to Bulgaria, rent an apartment and cook yourself. Groceries in stores and markets are inexpensive. Fresh fruit in season on the market – 0,3 to 1,2 € per 1 kg.

A nice holiday. Dinner for two in a high-class restaurant will cost 40€ or more. Meat dishes are inexpensive, but seafood is overpriced.

Prices in Bulgaria

Supermarket in Sofia. Photo: julia_lazarova /

How much transport costs in Bulgaria

Economical vacation. To save money, walk or use public transport. A city bus ride around Sofia costs 0.8€, and a bus ride from St. Vlas to Nessebar costs 1.2€.

Beautiful vacation . The fare for a cab is 1,12€ per kilometer. Calling a cab from the airport will cost 20% more than from the city.

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Rent a car – it’s the best way to travel! is a reliable and convenient car rental service in Bulgaria. Choose a car for your taste and budget – the choice is wide. The cost of renting a car from 8 euros a day. Do you have any questions? Russian speaking support service will help you with everything.

How much are the excursions in Bulgaria

Economical vacation. For those who want to go to Bulgaria on a budget, the good news is that the country has a lot of free entertainment. Tourists are not charged for visits to ancient monasteries and temples. You can see the Old Town in Plovdiv, Sozopol and Nessebar for free. Visit the Sea Garden in Varna and Tsar Simeon Park in Plovdiv. There are also many inexpensive excursions in the range of 50-80€:

Beautiful vacations. Take some cool excursions around Bulgaria. Visit the mysterious Strandzha Nature Reserve (130€), sail to a pirate island (300€), or explore the ancient and natural heritage around Varna (170€).

Look for excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

How much is a holiday in Bulgaria in 2022

Economical vacation. A trip to Bulgaria is a good opportunity to see Eastern Europe. To sunbathe, to swim in the warm Black Sea, to get acquainted with the historical and natural sights of the country can be for small money.

How much is an inexpensive holiday for one person for 10 days in Bulgaria in high season?

  • Visa (35€ + 19€ service fee) – 54€
  • airfare – 140€
  • budget hotel – 70 €
  • cheap food – 120€
  • 1 or 2 excursions – 70€
  • transport – 10€.

Total: 464 € (32 700 rubles) per person. If you’ve got the multi-schengen and manage to buy cheap charter tickets you’ll save 100 €.

How much extra money to bring with you to Bulgaria: 100€ (7100 RUR) per person. This amount is enough for souvenirs and shopping. Not a bad holiday, but not too posh!

Cheap Holidays in Bulgaria

Plovdiv (Photo: mgoraciaz0 /

Beautiful vacation. Dreaming of a trip to Bulgaria so you don’t have to save money? You can be sure – the Bulgarian resorts will satisfy all your needs.

Let’s calculate how much 10 days of a beautiful vacation in Bulgaria in high season costs for one person:

  • visa – 54€
  • direct flight – 200 €
  • 5* all inclusive hotel room – €350
  • 3 tours – 500€
  • cab and transfer – 50 €.

Total : 1154 € (81 400 roubles) per person.

How much extra money should you bring with you to Bulgaria : 500€ (35,300 roubles) per person. Spend it on basic shopping, entertainment and souvenir shopping. With that amount of money a vacation in Bulgaria will be really beautiful.

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