How much does it cost to go to Japan in 2022. Calculate the cost

How to organize a trip to Japan. Step by step instructions

How much does it cost to go to Japan? We present the prices for tickets, hotel, food, transportation, visa and attractions. Calculate the cost of a trip to Japan in 2022 in rubles.

Japan does not yet accept tourists from Russia, visas have been suspended. Look at the list of open countries. For convenience, we give pre-declared prices for flights. Information about visas and flights may not be current, so please check with the official resources.

Exchange rate: 100 JPY ≈ 72 RUB.

How much does it cost to fly to Japan

Usually it is more profitable to fly from Moscow. However, with Japan is different: the cheapest tickets are from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok (from 11,000 rubles), and Khabarovsk and Vladivostok (from 13,000 rubles). Relatively inexpensive to fly to Japan is possible from Irkutsk – from 17000 rubles, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (from 18000 rubles) and Novosibirsk (24000 rubles).

Direct flights from Moscow to Tokyo cost from 36000 rubles, with a connecting flight from 30000 rubles. The prices for tickets from Saint-Petersburg start at 33000 rubles.

Search for cheap tickets on the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

Accommodation Search

Staying in hotels in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is quite expensive. Budget three-star hotel costs about 6,000 rubles per night. Average hotel in the city center will cost about 9 thousand rubles, and a hotel of the highest level – from 20 thousand rubles. There are almost no all-inclusive hotels in Japan. Usually tourists can choose breakfast for an extra fee. It is because of such high prices travelers prefer to stay in apartments, the cost of which starts from 2 thousand for one night. The advantage of renting an apartment, of course, is the ability to cook for yourself.

There is also the option of staying in youth hostels, which cost about the same as booking an apartment.

The cost of visas to Japan

To travel to Japan from Russia you need a visa. The good news: the rules have been simplified, and Russians no longer need a guarantor to get it! But the citizens of the CIS, alas, need to look for a guarantor.

The visa is free, if you apply for it yourself at a consulate or embassy. The only locations are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and cities in the Far East. Residents of other cities will have to pay visa centers for sending documents.

How much does it cost to get a visa to Japan

Japanese visa (Photo: Max Braun /

Use discount coupons

Discount coupons Whether they arrive in your mailbox, through a special app like Mcdonald’s, in an official Line account, or on an Internet site, coupons can be found everywhere.

Now you don’t have to resort to the coupon clipping method. Many of them are available in electronic format, which allows you to use your mobile friend’s screen to get a discount.

If you happen to speak Japanese, you can also find great deals on cooperative shopping sites such as Groupon, Ponpare, or HotPepper Beauty for a variety of products, services, restaurants, attractions, and even hair salons.

Hotel prices in Japan in 2022

Looking for accommodations in Japan, from cheap capsule hotels to luxury ryokan, we advise on Roomguru – it compares prices of different services.

  • Capsule hotels in Tokyo cost from $16 per person.
  • A double room in a hostel in Tokyo costs from $27 per night.
  • At a 2* hotel, from $45 per night (for example, at Hotel Meigetsu).
  • At a 3* hotel – from $55 (Hotel Mystays Asakusa-bashi).
  • At a 5* hotel – from $100 (Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo).

The cost of a trip to Japan will be higher if you decide to stay in a ryokan, a hotel in the traditional Japanese style. In ryokans the floor is paved with tatami, instead of beds – futons, and guests are given national slippers and bathrobes. Sometimes there is an onsen, a hot spring. The cheapest ones in Tokyo cost $70-80 for two, usually with a shared bathroom. From $100 are ryokans with private baths. From $150 to $300 are spacious ryokans with onsen in other Japanese cities.

Tip: In large cities you don’t have to live in the center. The main thing – close to the subway.

How much does it cost to go to Japan?

A ryokan is a hotel in the traditional Japanese style. (Photo: Espen Faugstad / / CC BY 2.0 license)

How much money to take to Japan - 2022

Excursion programs

Local agencies offer many programs, so if you’ve done your own searching, here are the most popular:

  1. Tokyo in One Day. The price starts from 20 000 rub. Of course you won’t see all the sights of the metropolis in a day but you will see the business cards of the city.
  2. You will see the sights of the city. You will enjoy panoramic view on the city, skyscrapers and nightlife.
  3. Mount Fuji. From $350 (also about 20,000 rubles).
  4. Tours from city to city. For example, Tokyo – Kyoto, Nara – Osaka, Kamakura – Yokohama and others. (the price depends on the number of people in the group).
  5. Other places to visit: national parks (Nikko, Hakone, etc.), temples, amusement parks, show programs.

Food prices in Japan in 2022

Food in Japan is delicious, fresh and relatively inexpensive! The dishes are made from natural, minimally processed ingredients. Rice, noodles, seafood, and meat are the mainstay of the diet. As in China, there is no language problem when ordering meals: the cafes have realistic food layouts and the menus have photos.

To properly calculate the cost of a trip to Japan, you need to know the approximate cost of food. On average, a breakfast costs about 400-500 ¥ per person – about that much, for example, udon noodles with tofu, ramen, rice with curry. Tea or water is free. Some places serve combo breakfasts for about 300-400 ¥.

For a hearty lunch or dinner at a cafe, it’s 1000-1500 ¥ per person. And if you are used to eating a little, even for two! In general, in inexpensive places the average meal costs 500-800 ¥, in a restaurant – from 1000 ¥.

You can have an unusual and delicious meal at a conveyor belt restaurant (kaitenzushi). You are sitting at a table, and the prepared dishes pass by on a conveyor belt. A plate with two rolls or sushi costs from 105¥. You can tell the price of the dish by the color of the dishes. At the end, they count by the empty plates. Tea and ginger are free and unlimited. Examples of restaurant chains: Sushizanmai, Kappa-sushi, Hamazushi, Sushiro.

Читайте подробнее: Цены на еду в Японии >>

Prices in Tokyo cafes and restaurants

A street cafe in Tokyo (Photo: / @gluzman)

How to save money on food in Japan:

  • Supermarkets offer 20-50% off at 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. on prepared food or food whose expiration date is up. Examples: Seiyu, Ito-Yokado, OK-mart.
  • Buy a bento – a lunch box, lunch in a box. Inexpensive, convenient and very popular in Japan. Costs from 300 to 1000 ¥ depending on the filling.
  • Inexpensive to eat at restaurants of Indian, Chinese, Korean and other cuisines, which are focused on locals.
  • Tasty and cheap are family restaurants.
  • As a last resort, you can buy ready-made, inexpensive food at convenience stores (combined) Lawson, 7 Eleven, Family Mart. However, it is more expensive there than in regular supermarkets.

A Japanese woman tries Russian sushi. What rolls don’t exist in Japan

If you want to reduce the cost of an independent trip to Japan, cook for yourself. For example, breakfasts and dinners, and dine in cafes. Vegetables and fruits in Japan are expensive and are usually sold by the piece. Meat is also not cheap.

Here are the prices of food in Japanese stores in 2022:

  • bread – 70-130¥;
  • sandwiches – 180-350¥;
  • milk (1 liter) – 180¥;
  • eggs (10 pcs.) – 230-250 ¥;
  • shrimps (1 kg)- 1000-¥
  • scallops (1 kg) – 1000 ¥
  • potatoes (1 kg) – 390 ¥
  • tomatoes (1 kg) – 730 ¥
  • apples (1 kg) – ¥200-660
  • oranges (1 kg) – 580 ¥
  • beer – 80-200 ¥;
  • ready-made salads – from 400 ¥
  • bento – 300-1000 ¥;
  • sets of sushi or rolls – 300-1500 ¥;
  • desserts and pastries – 100-400 ¥.

Food Prices in Tokyo

Ramen (Photo: / @migmal)


Japan has plenty of sights, architectural monuments, and tech museums. But one of them clearly stands apart. The JAL SKY Museum is the Japan Airlines museum, located at the Haneda Airport Aircraft Maintenance Center.

The JAL SKY Museum is open every day and can only be visited as part of a group. The group tour consists of three parts: a lecture or an aviation class (30 min), during which participants share interesting facts about Haneda Airport and the aircraft operated by the airline. In the next half hour, tourists tour the demonstration halls, which feature life-size aircraft cockpits. Here you can try to control an airliner, try on a JAL flight crew uniform and take pictures in it, see the planes flown by members of the imperial family and the Japanese government.

Shinjuku in Tokyo

The final part of the tour with a lecture (40 minutes) includes a visit to the flight hangars where aircraft undergoing maintenance are kept. Here you can also take pictures with the aircraft taking off or landing. At the local store, you can buy flight models and other souvenirs as a memento.

Admission to the JAL SKY Museum is free, but the visit must be reserved online and in advance: better half a year. However, if the group of tourists is small, you can send a request for any desired date. There is a chance that the visit will be confirmed.

What must be considered when visiting the JAL SKY Museum – all fascinating tour will be in Japanese. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a local guide or chaperone with the group of tourists.

Prices for attractions in Japan

Look for interesting excursions on Tripster website. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

In Japan, every prefecture, every city has its riches! We will focus on the sights of Tokyo. Here are the prices for some interesting places:

  • Shinjuku Goen Imperial Park – 200¥;
  • Ueno Zoo – ¥600 for adults, free for children;
  • Tokyo National Museum – ¥620;
  • Nezu Museum – 1000¥;
  • Tokyo Television Tower – ¥1600.
  • Hot springs (onsen) – 1500-2000 ¥.

In addition, there are many things you can visit for free in Tokyo. Among them are the Imperial Palace (sign up in advance), the Kaminarimon Gate “Gate of Thunder,” and some parks and temples.

Medicine in Japan is expensive. It is advisable to pack a tourist first aid kit.

How much does it cost to go to Japan for a week

Imperial Palace in Tokyo (Photo: @alexlanting /


Of course, there is never enough money, so part-time work will not be superfluous. This can be a temporary (seasonal) or permanent job. It is important to remember the immigration law: the maximum number of working hours per week is 28. Also students are forbidden to work in entertainment places – casinos, night clubs, otherwise later the Immigration Service may refuse to issue a work visa.

Cost of transport in Japan

Subway and trains. Without the train in Japan is difficult. The main railway company is Japan Railways (JR). Especially for tourists it created the JR Pass. It is valid only for visitors and is issued before your trip to Japan on the JR Pass website. The document will come by e-mail. Then find the company’s counter at the subway station in Japan and exchange it for the pass.

JR Pass is valid for all company transportation: shinkansen, some subway lines and many commuter trains. This is a personal document, it can not be transferred to others. Most importantly, it can not be lost, because the card will not be re-issued. It costs $264 for 7 days, $422 for 14 days, and $542 for 21 days.

The cost of travel in the Japanese subway depends on the zones into which the subway lines in major cities of the country are divided. Trains run every 5 minutes, from 5:00 to 23:30, sometimes until midnight. The color of the coach corresponds to the line it follows. The fare depends on the distance and the city. For example, in Tokyo it ranges from 120-320¥ per trip. A 1-day pass costs 1000¥.

Buses are inconvenient for the tourist because the route numbers and names are almost always written in hieroglyphics. On average, buses run from 7:00 to 21:00, but in some areas the departure is earlier (from 5:30), and ends later (until 23:30). The cost per trip by bus and streetcar is 220-420 ¥.

Cabs in Japan are not cheap:

  • boarding – 580-720¥;
  • for every 280 meters – 80 ¥;
  • 90 ¥ for every 135 seconds of idle time.

You’re better off taking the subway! Moreover, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. cab drivers charge the night fare with a 30% surcharge.

If you want to take a cab from the airport to your place of residence, and the hotel does not provide a shuttle service, it is advisable to book a car in advance on Kiwi Taxi.

Odaiba Island in Tokyo

Tokyo Transport Prices

Tokyo subway car (Photo: / @liamburnettblue)

To choose an overnight bus when traveling

To save on both lodging and travel at the same time, consider using night bus trips. If you belong to the category of people who are able to sleep in padded bus seats, there is no doubt that this is the best solution for you.

This kind of bus travels short distances.

Instead of booking a hotel for the night and losing half of the next day on the road, just buy yourself a ticket for a night bus trip. You won’t have to pay for an overnight stay and plus you get a whole new day in a new place that you would have spent on the road. All you have to do is buy a ticket, sit in the designated seat, and go to sleep to wake up in the morning at your destination.

These are just a few simple tips on how to make your trip in Japan more budget-friendly and economical. Take advantage of at least one tip and your trip to the mysterious “Land of the Rising Sun” will be just that.

Prices in Japan: How much money to take on a trip

Japan is the land of the “Rising Sun. It is a striking combination of Eastern traditions and advanced technology. It borders closely on the Far East, but this does not mean that flying from Vladivostok is much cheaper than flying from Moscow. By the way, this is the only thing that makes the country a little less attractive to our compatriots than, for example, the countries of South-East Asia.

How much does it cost to go to Japan

Airplane Japan Airport

© cegoh / / CC BY 2.0

To give you an example, the price of airfare Moscow – Japan. Moscow – Tokyo (round trip) from 27,000 rubles. From St. Petersburg a little more expensive – from 30,500 rubles. Compare prices from Vladivostok: from 22 500 rubles. Translated directly into rubles, but let’s make it clear that Japanese money is yen. After searching through dozens of sources, I conclude that direct flights are much more profitable. The cost of a trip to Japan from Russia may increase in spring during the cherry blossom season. At this time, there are a lot of tourists. A unique natural phenomenon, with which the Japanese associate a lot of legends, and which they are waiting all year long, is worth it! Be sure to go during the cherry blossom season, take a walk through the fragrant gardens. Spring comes much earlier in these parts.

See the actual prices of air tickets to Japan on the widget below. You can customize it to your request and know the exact price down to the day.

Getting a visa is a super important item when planning a trip abroad. And here I’ll make you happy: you won’t spend a penny! You and I, Russians, have a simplified visa regime for entering Japan. You can get a visa through a travel agent or the Embassy. Residents of the Far East, St. Petersburg and the capital can do this directly. You can apply remotely, for example through relatives or close friends, if you do not live in any of these cities.

Look for cheap airline tickets on the Aviasales and Skyscanner search engines. These services compare prices of all carriers. Learn the secrets of finding the cheapest flights.

Japan tours

And here you can’t do without the largest online store tours I also do not refuse to talk to managers of travel agencies, but I really do not like it when I “vtyuhivayut” expensive tour packages with unnecessary excursions and living conditions. “Onlinetours” scans the options of more than a hundred well-known operators. I waited for some time until there was a more or less suitable option, simply by subscribing to the newsletter. The results are as follows: the best price starts at 150,000 rubles (including fuel surcharge and an extensive excursion program “Classic Japan”), tour for two (7-10 days), the departure point – Moscow.

Search for last minute trips on the search engines Onlinetours and Travelata. With the help of these sites you can compare offers from more than 120 tour operators at a time. Read the secrets of how to find the best bargains on tours.

Asakusa district in Tokyo

Prices for accommodation

accommodation hotel apartment room

© danoliverm / / CC BY 2.0

There are a million hotels and hostels in densely populated Tokyo. Most tourists dream of staying in a capsule hotel, for the sake of trying it out. But even such a “box” is not cheap (from 3000 rubles per night). For this price you can find a good room in a three-star hotel. Another interesting option is a traditional style hotel (in Japanese “Rekan”). In brief, it is a bed on a wooden floor, enclosed by wooden planks and sliding doors, a low table for tea drinking. In Kyoto a rekan in our money would cost at least 10,000 rubles per day.

Save money on lodging by renting an apartment from a local Airbnb. Get 2,100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.

I think it’s clear by now that staying in Japan is one of the most expensive items. Book hotels in advance, too.

In Japan they are very considerate of space, therefore hotel rooms are often small (large rooms with huge beds are found only in five-star luxury hotels).

Look for good hotels on Hotellook – it compares prices from many booking systems (Booking, too) and finds the best one. Read our guide on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.

Food prices

Japan food prices food cafe

© maureen_aee / / CC BY 2.0

We have such lines at Japanese restaurants back home that once you’re within walking distance of fresh seafood, you want to try everything. In any neighborhood of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, etc., decent establishments and small street food stalls abound. Here again, I’ll make you happy! Food in Japan is inexpensive. By the way, the Japanese are very careful about the quality of food, so you can try even the most exotic seafood.

A hearty dinner in a normal restaurant costs about 1000-2000 rubles for two! For two! Let me make it clear right away that I am not taking into account top level restaurants. For the entire vacation you can sit there at most 1-2 times. In the city markets and in the shopping centers you can eat quite reasonably. The portions are large, you can walk all day and not think about food until late evening. Anticipate the question: how much are the rolls? Rolls are probably the least expensive dish in Japan starting at 62 rubles (for 2 pieces).

If you think that by shopping in supermarkets you save money, it’s not true! Calculate that a basket of groceries will cost you the same as in your hometown:

Average grocery prices in Japan

© match / / CC BY 2.0

You will not be bored! Children will have a lot of fun here, they are loved and entertained everywhere. You can visit one of the McDonald’s restaurants, not far from the capital there is a very worthy Disneyland. Many families go to the country specifically to spend a few days among the themed attractions. In Tokyo, there is a huge zoo and oceanarium.

Ghibli Studio Museum in Tokyo

At Disneyland the ticket costs differently depending on how old you are. An adult ticket costs 12,500 rubles, a children’s ticket is almost half that. Rides in the park are divided into sections: “Wild West”, “Jungle”, “Fantastic Creatures”, “Fantasy Land”, “Cartoon City”, “Future” and others.

Best articles on Japan sights – what to see Japan’s most interesting cities The weather in Japan: when to go

Excursion programs

Local agencies offer many programs, so if you’ve done your own searching, here are the most popular:

  1. Tokyo in One Day. The price starts from 20 000 rub. Of course you won’t see all the sights of the metropolis in a day but you will see the business cards of the city.
  2. You will see the sights of the city. You will enjoy panoramic view on the city, skyscrapers and nightlife.
  3. Mount Fuji. From $350 (also about 20,000 rubles).
  4. Tours from city to city. For example, Tokyo – Kyoto, Nara – Osaka, Kamakura – Yokohama and others. (the price depends on the number of people in the group).
  5. Other places to visit: national parks (Nikko, Hakone, etc.), temples, amusement parks, show programs.

Shopping in Japan

katana samurai sword

© janetmck / / CC BY 2.0

Tokyo is one of the recognized centers of fashion. And although the clothing style of modern Japanese women is not always clear to us, you will find many brand-name stores in the malls, as well as not too expensive, designed for the mass audience and the middle class, boutiques. I should note that the most expensive jeans will cost from 10,000 – 12,000 rubles. Dresses of favorite Zara brand will cost from 5 000 – 7 000 rubles. Athletic shoes are not cheap, but they are everywhere (Japanese like comfortable “ragtag” style).

Separately I want to tell about souvenirs, which must be brought. Japanese swords. Surprised? You think they won’t let you on the plane? It’s a very cool trophy, but it’s going to be a little tricky at customs. It’s supposed to be a dull, toy sword, in a word. How much is a real katana worth? A real samurai sword made of hardened steel, with jamon (a Japanese motif pattern) applied. It simply can’t be cheap. A quite harmless sword can be brought for 15 000 – 16 000 rubles.

How much money to take to Japan

By tradition I’m making a table with budgets for you based on the spending of many travelers and locals who have spent money in Japan.

Medium Luxury
1 person per day ¥5 155 3047 ¥12 918 7,635 RUB ¥31 928 18 870 RUB
1 person per week ¥36 082 21 622 RUB ¥90 429 53,444 RUB ¥223 498 132,089 RUB
1 person. 2 weeks ¥72 164 43,170 RUB ¥180 858 106,888 RUB ¥446 996 264,178 RUB
1 man 1 month ¥154 638 92,529 RUB ¥387 552 229,046 RUB ¥957 849 566,096 RUB
2 persons per week ¥72 164 43,170 RUB ¥180 858 106,888 RUB ¥446 996 264,178 RUB
2 pers. 2 weeks ¥144 329 86,341 RUB ¥361 716 213,777 RUB ¥1 158 528,356 RUB
2 persons. 1 month ¥309 276 185,058 RUB ¥775 105 458,093 RUB ¥2 482 1 132 191 RUB

Let’s summarize

How much money to take with you, decide on the level of comfort to which you are accustomed. Prices in Japan are not much different from the previous year. In a country where people love to eat good food, you don’t have to spend a fortune on food: even the street stalls sell fresh seafood. Hotel accommodation and a ticket are the most expensive things to deal with. For shopping, a budget vacation in Japan is not suitable – it’s better to plan a separate trip for it, for a weekend or a holiday (there will be lots of discounts!). If you don’t think about money, Japan is a country of very reserved and hardworking people who honor traditions, a country of the future, after all! Believe me, your world will no longer be the same after the singing, self-opening toilets and “hentai” themes at every turn.

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