How much does it cost to go to the Crimea – 2022. Let’s do the math!

How much money to take in the Crimea for tickets, accommodation and entertainment. How much money to take to the Crimea to rest

How much money do I need in the Crimea in 2022? Today, recreation here is incredibly popular. And after the coronavirus situation, even those who didn’t plan to rest in Russia began to look at the Crimea.

First of all, due to the fact that the infrastructure of the Crimea is less developed than in Sochi, which means that the prices for recreation are lower. But not in 2022, when the prices for everything skyrocketed by 20-80%. Now there is a lot of money being invested in the peninsula, and the growth is rapid (including the prices).

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Prices in Partenit

To calculate how much money to take in the Crimea in 2022, you need to decide on a holiday destination, hotel and cultural program. In the calculation plays a significant role transportation costs, what you move and where you start your journey. Let’s start counting.

How much money do you need for tickets to the Crimea?

The first question tourists ask is how much money to take to the Crimea for tickets or a trip in a private car ? You can get to the Crimean peninsula by plane, train, bus or car.

Airline tickets cost in the range of 5,000-15,000 rubles one way if you travel from the average strip of Russia. The earlier you book and buy your tickets the cheaper they will be. Sometimes you can see advertising when they sell tickets to the Crimea for 3500-4000 rubles, but it’s more like an exception to the rule.

The prices for air tickets increase significantly if you’re flying from the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Here it is possible to pay for flight 40000 rubles (for this money you can buy trip, for example, to Thailand). If you take a charter or scheduled flight from the southern regions of the country the price will be from 5000 rubles.

Sometimes it happens that it’s cheaper to come to the Crimea with a package tour than to buy everything separately (airfare, accommodations, transfers). Compare prices on Level.Travel and Travelate before you buy.

Simferopol Airport

If you decide to go by train, the average cost of tickets to Simferopol from the average strip of Russia starts at 3000 rubles for the reserved seats and varies depending on the class and the distance from the peninsula. Now there is a direct train “Tavria” to the Crimea through the new bridge. To see rail ticket prices click here .

How much money do I need for train tickets to the Crimea? From Moscow to Yevpatoria the plane ticket costs from 2900 rubles, the coupe from 4800 rubles, travel time 1 day 13 hours). Residents of Ural can come to rest from 6003 rubles (from Yekaterinburg to Evpatoria there are more than 3 days of travel!), and residents of central Siberia from 7500-8500 rubles. Tickets are better to take in advance as they are snapped up very quickly, especially the cheapest, remain “coupe” and “suite”.

By car

Car is a very popular means of transport to get to the Crimean peninsula. It is convenient, cheap and will save money on excursions. Moreover, the road bridge to the Crimea is open, there is no need for any crossing, just sat down and drove. The main thing is to find a second driver, or make a stop for the night.

You can save on travel by using the service Bla Bla Car. Here they place ads by drivers and fellow travelers.
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If you do not take into account the price depreciation of the car, the cost of travel includes only the price of gasoline, food and overnight stays in a hotel on the road. If you divide this amount by several people, the cost of travel is lower than plane or train tickets. If there will be two drivers in the car, the costs can be reduced by not stopping for an overnight stay. How much money do I need for gasoline in the Crimea? Depending on the engine of your car, the average cost of fuel to cover the distance from Moscow to Simferopol (1500 km) will be 4000-7000 rubles.

Please note that in the Crimea, gasoline prices are 2-6 rubles higher than the Russian average.

Gasoline in the Crimea

How much money to take to the Crimea for accommodation

Let’s calculate how much money you need in the Crimea for accommodation . The most budgetary way of accommodation is to stay in a campsite. Often, you will not need to pay anything, or 100-500 rubles per place. The most popular campsites on the peninsula are: Autocamping “Kapsel” in Sudak, autocamping in Privetnoye, on Donuzlave in the village of Mirny, Sosnovy Bor in Sandchany, camping in the village of Rybachie near Alushta, tent camping in Koktebel, camping in Olenevka, Big Castel and Kipchak Bay in Chernomorskoye, “Koronelli” in Beregovoye and camping “Vesyoloye” in Morskoye.

On the largest site of short-term rent daily you can find apartments, rooms, boathouses, cottages, guest houses from owners in Crimea . Checked in person.

Camping in the Crimea

How much money does it cost to rent a room in the Crimea?

The cost of renting a room varies depending on the place where you want to stay. Traditionally the highest prices are on the South Coast, the lowest in the West of the Crimea. For example, the cost of renting a room in settlements with poor infrastructure starts at 600 rubles per day. In small resorts with developed infrastructure you can count on 700-1000 rubles. In the settlements near the popular resorts of Evpatoria, Yalta, Gurzuf and Alushta, it’s possible to rent a room from 900 rubles. Resorts and big cities Feodosia, Kerch, Sevastopol – from 800 rubles.

If you’re booking for a long time, the owners may offer you a discount. The most expensive places in the Crimea are settlements to the west of Yalta, from Livadia to Koreiza. The cost of living in them is considerably higher than in other places. During the peak season the cheapest accommodation is 2500 rubles. You can check all prices on

Crimean Riviera Alushta

How much money do you need for hotels in the Crimea?

The Crimea infrastructure is developing all the time. There are luxurious hotels with excellent service but you still have to pay for it. There are hotels more simple, 1-2-3*, the prices start from 1200 rubles.

Average cost of stay in hotels with service level 4-5* starts from 3000-5000 rubles and the upper limit is unlimited. There are villas for 200000 rubles per day.

I really liked the complex “Europe” in Partenit – a chic hotel on the beach with its own beach next to the park “Aivazovskoe”. It is clear that not cheap. For the sake of interest looked the cost of living. Prices in winter 6900 rubles per day for a 2-bed room, and in summer 13300 rubles per day. This is the cheapest room “standard”. The “deluxe” room costs 14400 rubles in winter and 23800 rubles per day in summer.

To say that there is no service in the Crimea is impossible. Service is, it just costs a lot of money.


Renting a place to live

The cost of renting accommodation in the Crimea starts at 1500-3000 rub on You can get a simple studio apartment or a studio without Western-style renovation for this price. You can rent an apartment in elite complexes from 2700-5000 rub, and a house or a cottage from 1500-3000 rub.

How much money do you need for sightseeing and entertainment in the Crimea?

The prices for entertainment and admission to the attractions differ slightly. For example, a 10 minute ride on a jet ski will cost 1200 rubles, a ride on a banana or a tablet will cost 400-600 rubles, a ride in the mountains in a jeep will cost 1000 rubles per hour, spending the whole day at the water park (“Banana Republic” in Pribrezhnoye) is 1400 rubles for an adult and 1000 rubles for children, and for 3 hours you can get a 30-40% discount. You can visit theaters and cinemas for 200-500 RUR, buy museum tickets for 100-300 RUR. It is possible to see architectural sights for 75-150 rubles, and some (for example, ancient Chersonese) are free. Admission for children is also often free.

Ticket prices to the Crimea - 2022. When is cheaper to fly

You can ascend Chatyr-Dag with a guide for 3,900 rubles, ascend Ai-Petri on foot for 1,200 rubles, or watch the sunset on Pahkal-Kaya mountain for 5,200 rubles or Ilyas-Kaya peak for 4,200 rubles. The price includes services of professional guide. A ticket to Nikitsky Botanical Garden costs 300 rubles, to Aivazovsky Park 600 rubles, excursion to Massandrovsky Palace 350 rubles (main exhibition), 200 rubles (artifacts of Soviet epoch), 100 rubles (architecture, sculpture). Learn more about prices in the article about sightseeing in Yalta in 2022 in the city and its surroundings.

Many historical and architectural sites can be viewed from the outside and do not pay a penny to enter. For example, the Swallow’s Nest and Massandra Palace.

How much money do you need in the Crimea for public transportation

The second important question is how much money you need in the Crimea for transportation. Prices for travel on public transport in the Crimea vary, depending on the direction and type of transport. So, the cost of travel in a minibus from Simferopol in the direction of Yalta, Sevastopol, Alushta, Gurzuf or Evpatoria from 350-500 rubles.

For example, you can get from Livadia to the center of Yalta for 20-30 rubles and from Simeiza to Yalta for 50 rubles. Trolleybus travel in Simferopol will cost you 14 rubles. From Simferopol airport you can get to the city center to the railway station and bus station #2 “Kurortnaya” by bus or trolleybuses for 20-25 rubles. Bus fare from Alushta to Partenit is 40 rubles.

bus Alushta Partenit

Trolleybus Yalta – Simferopol covers the distance of 82 kilometers and the ticket price is approximately 150 rubles. It is better to book a cab in advance and not to haggle with cab drivers at railway stations or at the airport, putting yourself in a losing position beforehand.

Trolleybus Yalta

How much money should I take to the Crimea to travel by train? The railway line extends from Kerch to Simferopol, bypassing Feodosia and Dzhankoy. Also on the railway line you can get to Sevastopol and Evpatoria, bypassing Saki and Pribrezhnoye. The cost of the ticket for the electric train Simferopol – Evpatoria is about 100 rubles for 72 km. Exactly the same rate applies to other destinations. The cost of cab fare is 25-30 rubles per kilometer and may vary depending on the company. If you have pre-booked accommodation in a guest house, private hotel or rented a room, the owners will be happy to meet you upon arrival, and can significantly outbid the official price of cab drivers.

How much money for food in the Crimea

If you rent an apartment or house with a kitchen, you can cook on your own . Then the cost of food in the Crimea will not be significantly different from what you are used to spend at home. You can have a budget meal at numerous Crimean canteens, where you can get 250-400 rubles for a dinner.

Prices in Alushta fruits in Alushtadining room in Alushta

If you choose three meals a day at sanatoriums and boarding houses, it costs 600-1200 rubles per day. You can eat in a cafe from 500 rubles, and in a good restaurant from 1000-1500 rubles.

Crimea Yalta

Fruit in the Crimea is cheaper only in season, at other times it is more expensive than in the rest of Russia.

fruits in PartenitPrices in Alushta

How much money do you need for a budget vacation in the Crimea?

Let’s say that for 4 days of budget rest it is realistic to spend 5000 rubles, and see a lot of places by yourself. If you take tours, there will be more impressions and information, but there will be more expenses.

The truth about Gurzuf. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022


Let’s summarize. How much money do I need for all this and how much to take to the Crimea on vacation? To answer this question, you can divide the vacation into several categories: budget, medium and expensive. If you do not take into account the road to the Crimea and choose the most budget accommodation and meals, cook yourself, you can get by from 1000 rubles per day per person . Moreover, you are likely to be cut back on entertainment and will ride public transport. But you can get acquainted with the historical and architectural sights, without going inside.

If you stay in an inexpensive guesthouse and eat in canteens or cafes you can get up to 2000-3000 rubles per day.

But if you choose a good hotel and don’t limit yourself in entertainment, movement and sightseeing you can spend even 5 000 – 150 000 rubles per day.

Spending money for accommodation, food and entertainment on a daily basis is strictly individual. So one day you can save money, and the next day you spend a lot. Do not forget that you will have expenses for transportation and expenses for gas and parking if you come by car. So it’s best to have money in reserve on your card “just in case”.

The Crimea was researched for you by Tanya Zlatova. Look, below are a lot of useful and interesting articles about the Crimea. I tried very hard :) .

How much does it cost to relax in the Crimea?

Find out how much it costs to go to the Crimea in 2022! Up-to-date prices and tips. We calculate the cost of a beautiful, comfortable and economical vacation for two people for 10 days.

We love the Crimea! We have been there four times – vacationing on our own, bringing friends and relatives. Several times we traveled around the peninsula, were in all cities and resorts. In this review we will help you calculate how much your vacation in the Crimea will cost and how much money to bring. Learn about prices, our expenses and ways to save money.


How much do tickets to the Crimea cost

Airplane. For many, this is the most convenient and fastest way to get there. Here’s how much a plane ticket to the Crimea in the summer of 2022 costs per person: from Moscow – from 6000₽ round trip, from St. Petersburg – from 8000₽, from Novosibirsk – from 13500₽, from Yekaterinburg – from 9000₽. Look for tickets on Aviasales – it will find the best price. Buy them in advance – a trivial but effective tip! Learn the secrets of finding inexpensive airline tickets.

Train. Now from Moscow to Simferopol every day runs a double-decker train 028Ch “Tavria”, as well as the train 092M, but a day later. On the way they spend a little more than a day. Tickets are fairly inexpensive (one-way price): from 3300₽ for the top shelf in the compartment, from 3600₽ for the parlor, from 5000₽ for the bottom shelf in the compartment. Check prices and schedules on Yandex.Travel and

Single ticket. If you take a rail ticket to Krasnodar or Anapa, you can supplement it with a single bus ticket to the Crimean resorts. For example, a train ticket from Moscow to Anapa costs about 3500 ₽ + bus ticket to Yalta – 700₽. Read more about the single ticket.

Tip: Choose a modern car with a bio-toilet, air conditioning and a shower. We once rode south in an old carriage and cursed the hell out of it. Remember, the sooner you buy tickets, the cheaper!

Trip to the Crimea

In a poppy field near Bakhchisarai.

Beautiful vacation in the Crimea.

Tours. Summer tours “all inclusive” in hotels 4-5 * cost from 84000 ₽ for two people with a flight from Moscow for a week. With full board – from 70,000₽. Explore a selection of the best all-inclusive hotels in Crimea. Search tour →

Rest in the private sector of Yalta. Prices for accommodation - 2022

Accommodation. There are luxurious expensive hotels in the Crimea – with pools, panoramic rooms, spa centers and other amenities. Staying in such hotels costs from 5000-7000 to infinity. For example, Villa Elena and MORE SPA & Resort are good.

Food. In fine seafood restaurants in Yalta, you can eat for 3000-4000₽ for two without alcohol. For example, in the restaurant “Geneva” rapans with Blue Cheese sauce cost 755₽, duck legs with chocolate-orange ganache – 1600₽, and rack of lamb – 1300₽.

Excursions. A romantic yacht ride for two costs 30,000₽ for 5 hours, a sailing yacht rental from 5,000₽ per hour. A balloon flight costs from 22,000₽ per hour, and a Yak-52 flight costs 6,500₽ per person.

How much is a comfortable rest in the Crimea for 10 days?

  • accommodation – 50000₽
  • food – 70,000₽
  • Excursions – 60000₽

Total: 180,000 rubles for two people.

How much money does it take to fly to the Crimea

Photo: Hotel Palmira Palace.

Comfortable rest in the Crimea

In order to have a comfortable rest in the Crimea, especially with children, will have to shell out a pretty penny – it’s cheaper to go to Turkey on a tour.

Tours. Stays in 3 * hotels cost from 35000 ₽, and in the 4 * – from 50,000 ₽. This is the price for a week of vacation for two people from Moscow. Search tour →.

Accommodation. A lot of new beautiful hotels appeared in the Crimea in recent years! If you want to relax in them, it usually costs from 3000₽ per day, for example in the Aquatorium. Search for hotels on Hotelluk, and apartments and houses on

Food. A meal in a cafe or inexpensive restaurant costs from 1000₽ for two without alcohol. Wine we buy in stores – on average from 500₽ per bottle. Try the fortified wine “Black Doctor” with a nice caramel and berry aftertaste. It costs 900-1400₽.

Excursions. Go to Tarkhankut – there are very beautiful and photogenic places. On the peninsula we took a boat trip along the coast of Tarkhankut (Atlesh) and Dzhangul – each cost 3000-4000₽.

Take a round-trip cable car ride to Ai-Petri for 800₽ and walk across the extreme suspension bridge on Ai-Petri for 500₽. Take a tour of the Vorontsov Palace – a single ticket costs from 600 to 830₽. With children, I suggest visiting the lion park “Taigan” – 1000₽ for adults, children from 3 to 10 years old – 500₽. Our nephews loved it there! The excursion to “Taigan” from Feodosia costs 6500₽. I advise to look for excursions in the Crimea on our favorite service Tripster.

How much is a comfortable rest in the Crimea for 10 days?

  • accommodation – 30000₽
  • food – 25,000₽
  • Excursions – 13000₽

Total: 68000 ₽ for two people.

Prices of vacations in Crimea

To walk over the precipice of the suspension bridge on Ai-Petri costs 500 rubles. Weakly nervous do not recommend it! Although we were not afraid at all :)

Cost-effective holiday in the Crimea

Many tourists think that the Crimea is impossible to rest on a budget. This is not true. For example, we always get a trip to the Crimea on a budget, even in high season.

Tours. Even in the summer there are tours for two people for a week for 20000-25000 ₽ from Moscow. The price includes the flight, accommodation and transfers. Meals are not included in such cheap tours, and the lodging is usually very modest. Search tour →

Accommodation. Usually in season, the starting price for guesthouses at major resorts is 1500₽ for a double standard per night. It’s a little cheaper in small villages like Rybachie. Inexpensive accommodations are not by the sea, and the rooms are simple, but there is a common kitchen. Examples: “Eden” in Sudak and Kristall by the sea in Feodosia. Look for hotels through Hotelluk.

In the Crimea to live in the private sector can be from 400 ₽ / person. But be careful about landlords. Read about private sector in the Crimea: where to look, how to book safely, and what you need to know. I advise to book apartments and houses at or at

The truth about Sevastopol. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

To calculate how much will your vacation in the Crimea cost in 2022, you should know what food prices will be. It is real to eat economically in the Crimea – we spend 300-500₽ for two in canteens, and 400-600₽ for two in cafes with national cuisine. To save time and money, we made our own breakfasts and brewed our own coffee. We bought our groceries in the “PUD” supermarket, the prices there were normal. The prices in small stores were overpriced.

Excursions. If you want to go to the Crimea inexpensive, take on vacation a couple of inexpensive or one expensive excursion. We went on a boat to the dolphins in the New World – it cost 600-700₽ per person per hour. Still took a walk on a boat along the trail Golitsyn – 750₽ / hour. In general, in the Crimea, much can be seen on their own, paying only for admission tickets, or even for free. Our guide will help you with this:

How much does an economical vacation in the Crimea for 10 days:

  • accommodation – 15000₽
  • food – 13000₽
  • Excursions – 3000₽

Total: 31,000 rubles for two people. Do not hesitate to use this minimum amount when counting the costs of your trip to the Crimea – you will definitely spend more. If you want to save money, come before or after the high season.

A great hotel with a pool “House with the Knight” in Sudak. A rare example of an inexpensive hotel with a nice modern interior! Nearby is a cheap canteen “Food” and the fortress. We paid 1000₽ for a room in June. Take the boat trip to the dolphins. Total thrill!

How much does it cost to go to the Crimea by car

We went to the peninsula by car – it was a fascinating and eventful trip with friends for two weeks. We managed to see almost the whole Crimea! Read more about how to go to the Crimea by car.

If you do not want to spend much time on the road, rent a car. is a reliable and convenient car rental service in the Crimea. The cost of renting a car starts from 1000 ₽ per day. Read our tips for safe car rentals in the Crimea.

Our budget: how much does it cost to go to the Crimea for two weeks? By personal example we show you how much it costs to vacation in the Crimea for two (in rubles). Tickets do not count, because we came by car. But gasoline costs as tickets!

Gasoline 12 000
Guest houses 10 500
Cafes and canteens 14 500
Groceries 2 500
Wine 400
Parking 600
Sightseeing and boat trips 5 000
Cell phone and internet 1 000
Total 46 500 ₽

The comment about expenses: we spent nights in guesthouses only (we didn’t take out a tent), ate in canteens and inexpensive cafes, cooked only simple breakfasts. For gasoline and accommodation on the way from Perm to the Crimea it took additional 21000 ₽ each way.

Trip to the Crimea

Went to poppy fields somewhere near Yevpatoria.

How to save money on vacation in the Crimea.

On tickets. Monitor the prices and buy in advance. Read our mega-article, how to find cheap tickets.

At hotels. Book on Hotelluk and in advance.

On tours. Catch last minute tours! Read how to find a cheap last minute tour.

On excursions. Rent a car and see everything on your own – save a lot of money. Or choose cheap tours on Tripster.

On food. Eat in canteens and inexpensive cafes. Buy seasonal fruit at the market, and groceries in supermarkets. Choose accommodations with a shared kitchen – simple breakfasts are cheaper to make on your own. Sometimes guest house hosts will cook for money.

Take a cab from the airport. Find out how to get from Simferopol airport by bus.

Seasons . Most importantly, come to the Crimea before or after the peak season (July-August). Prices in May, June and September are 2-3 times lower, and there is no heat and tourists are much less.

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