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Calendar of low ticket prices to Krasnodar by day and month.

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List of flights with the cheapest tickets to Krasnodar (one way).

Moscow &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar

Samara &#8594 Krasnodar

Nizhny Novgorod &#8594 Krasnodar

Astrakhan &#8594 Krasnodar

Yerevan &#8594 Krasnodar

Kazan &#8594 Krasnodar

Bishkek &#8594 Krasnodar

Ufa &#8594 Krasnodar

Omsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Murmansk &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar

Voronezh &#8594 Krasnodar

Perm &#8594 Krasnodar

Ekaterinburg &#8594 Krasnodar

Simferopol &#8594 Krasnodar

Belgorod &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Kaliningrad &#8594 Krasnodar

Chelyabinsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Krasnoyarsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Novosibirsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Makhachkala &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar &#8594 Novy Urengoy

Kemerovo &#8594 Krasnodar

Irkutsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Tomsk &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar &#8594 Adler

&#8594 Krasnodar

Abakan &#8594 Krasnodar

Almaty &#8594 Krasnodar

Surgut &#8594 Krasnodar

Dushanbe &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar &#8594 Ulan-Ude

&#8594 Krasnodar &#8594 Copenhagen

&#8594 Krasnodar &#8594 Bologna

Chita &#8594 Krasnodar

Yakutsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Milan &#8594 Krasnodar

Belgrade &#8594 Krasnodar

Barcelona &#8594 Krasnodar

&#8594 Krasnodar

Norilsk &#8594 Krasnodar

Cheap Flights to Krasnodar and back

List of flights with the cheapest tickets to and from Krasnodar.

Krasnodar &#8596 St. Petersburg

Moscow &#8596 Krasnodar

Samara &#8596 Krasnodar

Krasnoyarsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Nizhny Novgorod &#8596 Krasnodar

Kaliningrad &#8596 Krasnodar

Kazan &#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

Omsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Ufa &#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

Volgograd &#8596 Krasnodar

Perm &#8596 Krasnodar

Murmansk &#8596 Krasnodar

Simferopol &#8596 Krasnodar

Voronezh &#8596 Krasnodar

Minsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Belgorod &#8596 Krasnodar

Chelyabinsk &#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

Novosibirsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Tomsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Surgut &#8596 Krasnodar

Irkutsk &#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

Kemerovo &#8596 Krasnodar

Novokuznetsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Abakan &#8596 Krasnodar

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Tyumen &#8596 Krasnodar

Khabarovsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Bratsk &#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

Yakutsk &#8596 Krasnodar

Chita &#8596 Krasnodar

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky &#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

&#8596 Krasnodar

Belgrade &#8596 Krasnodar

Paris &#8596 Krasnodar

Frankfurt am Main &#8596 Krasnodar

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Flights to Krasnodar

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Airlines flying to Krasnodar.


Krasnodar Pashkovsky International Airport is located 12 km from the city center. It is one of the largest southern air harbors of Russia and serves the Krasnodar region and neighboring territories, including the Republic of Adygea. It is among the ten busiest airports in Russia – annually 3 million people use the services of the airport.

About Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a large city in the south of Russia, located on the banks of the Kuban River. It is considered the capital of the Kuban and Krasnodar region. The southern architecture of the city is popular with tourists and travelers: the post office building, the building of the Art Museum, the St. Catherine Cathedral, the water tower and monuments, as well as parks and fountains, embankments and bridges. Krasnodar is home to 774,000 people.

Ask questions in the comments about tickets to Krasnodar. I will help you find tickets at the lowest prices.

Moscow-Krasnodar in April and May

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Cheap Flights to Krasnodar

Aviasales compares airfare to Krasnodar from 2500 cities across 728 airlines and hundreds of global travel sites. We find the cheapest tickets to Krasnodar with no surcharge and no fees.

Tickets to Krasnodar are most popular in September, October and December. Low season for tickets is April, May and June.

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Krasnodar is served by airports: Pashkovsky. Direct flights to Krasnodar are operated by 18 airlines. Most of the flights are operated by Azimut. Direct flights to Krasnodar from Russia are performed by the airlines: Pobeda, Aeroflot, North Wind (Nordwind Airlines), Utair, Ural Airlines, and Smartavia from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don.

Popular directions to Krasnodar from Russia: Moscow – Krasnodar from 4 582 RUB St. Petersburg – Krasnodar from 4 817 RUB Yekaterinburg – Krasnodar from 4 500 RUB

Popular directions to Krasnodar from other countries: Yerevan – Krasnodar from 5 495 rubles Istanbul – Krasnodar from 9 036 rubles Antalya – Krasnodar from 8 230 rubles

Flights with a connection are usually cheaper. The cheapest option is to fly with Pobeda, Aeroflot, Nordwind Airlines, Utair, Ural Airlines, and Smartavia from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Nizhny Novgorod.

Depending on the number of days remaining until departure, the price of a flight from Krasnodar can change by more than 22%.

Aviaseils advises to buy tickets to Krasnodar in advance, so you can choose your flight conditions based on your wishes and financial capabilities.

Krasnodar is located in Russia. The IATA (Individual Operator Identification Number) code for Krasnodar is KRR. The population of Krasnodar is approximately 1 100,000 people.

The time zone of Krasnodar is +3 GMT, the same as in Moscow. Please note: airline tickets indicate the local time of departure, so be sure to check the clock before your flight.

Krasnodar is a city located in southern Russia. The population of the city is about 710.7 thousand people. Krasnodar has a well-developed industry, especially mechanical engineering and instrumentation. Also rapidly developing construction, chemical industry, light industry, etc. Come to this wonderful city by purchasing cheap air tickets to Krasnodar. If you are interested in the prices of air tickets to Krasnodar, just look at our website. From the cultural side Krasnodar can boast a large number of museums. These are such museums as: Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve named after Felitsyn, Museum of history of Krasnodar Railway, House-Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky etc. For connoisseurs of high art there is a great choice of theaters – Krasnodar State Academic Drama Theater, Children’s Ballet Theater “Mimlet”, Krasnodar Musical Theater and many others. For all tourists from Moscow there are always available air tickets Moscow Krasnodar.

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Direct flights to Krasnodar

Direct flights from:

Direct flights from:

Cheap flights to Krasnodar from other cities

Ticket prices to Krasnodar depend on the season, destination city, airline, and availability of sales.

Below is the list of the cheapest tickets to Krasnodar found by our users in the past 48 hours:

  • From Nizhny Novgorod from 2,619 ₽
  • From Ekaterinburg from 4 500 ₽
  • from Moscow from 4 582 ₽
  • From St. Petersburg from 4 817 ₽
  • From Yerevan from 5 495 ₽
  • From Lipetsk from 5 5 52 ₽.
  • From Minsk from 5,656 ₽
  • From Vilnius – 5 678 ₽.
  • From Samara – 5 868 ₽
  • From Arkhangelsk from 6,000 ₽
  • From Ufa from 6,206 ₽
  • From Bucharest from 6 464 ₽
  • From Belgorod from 6 858 ₽.
  • From Murmansk from 7,095 ₽
  • From Voronezh from 7,233 ₽
  • From Mineralnye Vody from 7 547 ₽
  • From Volgograd from 7,606 ₽
  • From Astrakhan from 7,706 ₽
  • From Kazan from 7 772 ₽
  • from Tyumen from 7 916 ₽

* The final price of the ticket is valid at the time of search and may vary depending on the number of seats remaining for the flight at the given fare.

The cheapest airfare to Krasnodar, found by our users in the past 48 hours: a ticket in the direction of Nizhny Novgorod – Krasnodar with a flight of 01.09.2022 and cost 2 619 rubles.

Fastest airfare to Krasnodar: a ticket for Sochi – Krasnodar with a flight time of 12.09.2022 with a flight time of 50 min .

Popular flight directions to Krasnodar

  • from Moscow from 4 582 ₽
  • From St. Petersburg from 4 817 ₽
  • From Yerevan from 5 495 ₽
  • From Ekaterinburg from 4 500 ₽
  • From Kazan from 7 772 ₽
  • From Ufa from 6,206 ₽
  • From Novosibirsk from 9,310 ₽.
  • from Tyumen from 7 916 ₽
  • From Istanbul from 9 336 ₽.
  • From Krasnoyarsk from 10 743 ₽.

Airlines flying to Krasnodar

All airlines flying direct to Krasnodar:

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Krasnodar airports

Krasnodar serves 1 airport: Pashkovsky

Nearest cities and airports in Krasnodar

There are the following large cities and airports near Krasnodar, from which, if necessary, you can get to your destination:

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