How much it costs to holiday in Abkhazia – 2022. We calculate!

How much to rest in Abkhazia in 2022?

Vacation in Abkhazia has become more expensive compared to previous years. This can be easily explained. Due to the difficult situation in the world and restrictions on entry to overseas countries, the price of travel has doubled. You do not need a visa to travel to Abkhazia. You can cross the border with a Russian passport, and then enjoy the beauty of the scenery and the hospitality of the locals.

If you want and competent distribution of finances, you can organize a budget holiday in Abkhazia, which will remain in your memory for a long time. Focus on buying tickets, renting accommodation, food prices, sightseeing tickets to see the local sights and entertainment. To summarize and conclude how much a holiday in Abkhazia costs, how much will have to spend on this fascinating journey.

Prices for holidays in Abkhazia

In search of an answer, how much it costs to go to Abkhazia, there are difficulties. The total amount depends on the choice of means of transportation, the conditions of the rented accommodation, food preferences and method of recreation. Some people only need to walk along the picturesque promenade of the resort town, while others plan to travel all over Abkhazia.

It also matters the choice of resort town. In Sukhum and Gagra to rest more expensive, while vacation spent in Pitsunda, Gudauta or New Athos, will be no less spectacular and memorable, but cheaper.

An important point about what money to take. The national currency of Abkhazia is apsar. However, this does not mean that you have to change Russian rubles before the trip. In resort towns it is the Russian ruble that is in circulation. You can pay by bank card or cash.

Airfare to Abkhazia

To get to your destination by plane is easier. You can buy a ticket to Abkhazia by plane online, you can even stay at home. It’s best to compare ticket prices through Aviasales (read a separate article from our project about how to find the cheapest tickets), the service provides great tools to save the budget. One difficulty – there are no airports, so you have to travel with a connection in Sochi (Adler). It is possible to get to this sunny city by plane (to the Abkhazian border – 4-5 km), and after crossing the border by unearthly transport. A few hours and the goal is achieved.

It only remains to find out how long it takes to fly to Abkhazia, as well as to compare prices for Moscow-Abkhazia tickets. If you start at the airport of the capital, the rates start at 3,500 – 7,000 rubles round trip. During the summer period tickets get more expensive, but in the fall, especially from November to January, you can save on a flight to Adler. If you are lucky, you may get a special offer or a “last minute” offer.

If you start your journey to Adler from the northern capital, the cost of recreation in Abkhazia increases slightly. Prices from St. Petersburg are higher, starting at 8,000 – 15,000 rubles round trip, again depending on the season, choice of airline, existing promotions and bargains. So if you want to save money, it’s better to fly on vacation with a connection in the capital. From October to March ticket prices are much lower, but by summer the prices tend to increase.

Flight prices by month:

  • There are several ways to fly to Abkhazia from other cities. For example, from airports in Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, etc. without changing flights, direct flights.

Train prices

One of the most popular ways to get to Abkhazia from Moscow is by high-speed train. It will take more than one day, but the romance and the sound of the wheels are guaranteed. There are two routes to Abkhazia:

  • A direct high-speed train;
  • Train to Adler, after changing to public transport.

Railway station is located in the city of Sukhum. Here come high-speed trains from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belgorod and Samara, make stops in New Athos, Gantiadi, Gagra and Gudauta. Railway tickets to Abkhazia can be bought online, the characteristics of the popular routes:

  • From Moscow . There are two trains to Sukhum – 547M, 306M. The first departs from the Kursk station, from June to September “goes” every other day. The price for the cabin ticket to Abkhazia starts from 3 800 rubles. The second one departs from Kazansky station, in summer it runs daily, in winter – 1-2 times a week. The ticket price for the train Moscow-Abkhazia in this case starts from 2,800 rubles for 1 person.
  • From St. Petersburg. From May to September here runs the route 479A. It makes stops in such resort cities as Krasnodar, Sochi, runs through the capital. Travel time is 56 hours. The cost of a plane ticket – from 4 300 rubles per person.
  • From Samara. In the Abkhazian direction the train runs only in the tourist season – from May to September. On the way – 51 hours. The ticket will cost the traveler from 3,500 rubles for a reserved seat.
  • From Belgorod . Another tourist route that runs in the summer. On the way the tourist is 43 hours, pays from 3,200 rubles for a trip in a second-class car.
Cheap All Inclusive Holidays in Abkhazia - 2022

The tourist has a better chance to get to the railway station in Adler. In addition to the above departure points here come trains from Izhevsk, Vorkuta, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, etc. Arriving by train to Adler you can continue your trip by sea transport (catamaran, motor ship) or book a group/individual transfer.

Train schedule Moscow – Sukhum

It takes 38 hours to travel by train from Moscow to Abkhazia (to Sukhum). Then change by public transport and get to the coveted resort town of this picturesque country from the bus station. We advise to buy a single ticket to Abkhazia, it is very advantageous for an independent trip.

Trip to Lake Ritsa

The cost of accommodation in the private sector and hotels

Tourists who regularly spend their vacations on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea, in 2022, noted that prices for holidays in Abkhazia have increased significantly. The cost of rented accommodation, whether it is a luxury apartment on the Black Sea coast or a room in the private sector on the third line from the sea, was no exception. Optimal options:

  • The cost of rented housing depends on the time and resort town to rest, the availability of amenities, the proximity of the coastline. It’s cheaper to pitch a tent by the sea, live “wildly,” enjoy the sunsets and sunrises and the azure waters of the Black Sea. A place for a tent will cost 500 rubles per day.
  • As budget rest is considered rent of a bed place in private sector. The prices are different and start at 250 rubles per person. If it is the tourist season, it is likely that the facilities are outside and the living conditions are spartan.
  • Private hotels, guest houses, and euro apartments have become very popular. You can stay in such places for 1,000 rubles per day. This is the initial price, the upper limit is difficult to predict.
  • If you want to have a family vacation you can rent an apartment. It is advantageous if you stay with 4 or more people. The daily rate starts at 1000 rubles and depends on the living conditions and the area.
  • Modern cottages are a bit more expensive, which attracts Western-style renovation, an open veranda and air conditioning in the room. The availability of conveniences is also a factor. The price to rent a cottage starts at 2,000 rubles and more.
  • The most expensive option is a boarding house with meals. The prices start at 2,500 rubles per tourist, meals three times a day, the living conditions are comfortable and pleasant. The cost of tours in Abkhazia for two people depends on the number of days to be spent in this beautiful country.

If you want to relax on the Black Sea housing is better to book in advance. During the tourist season it is difficult to rent even “sovdepov” room in the private sector, away from the sea coast. Good variants in the private sector or by the sea can be found on or, both services have a huge database of accommodations.

Abkhazian wine

How much are the tours to Abkhazia?

Having decided on the route and possibilities to fly to Abkhazia from Moscow, it remains only to choose a suitable tour and timely take a vacation at work. For example, rest in a three-star hotel “Sun Palace Gagra” in Gagra for 7 days and 8 nights for two will cost from 37,000 rubles. But the prices at “Tikh Don 2*” on the same terms start from 23,000 rubles, in Sukhumi “Samson” – from 30,000 rubles.

Such prices apply to non-tourist season, starting from January 12. In summer the prices are twice as much.

The cost of food

It’s not enough to buy tickets to Abkhazia and wait for the departure. It is important to find out the local rates in advance, so that the last days of the vacation is not to save. It does not hurt to find out the cost of food in the tourist season, where it is better to buy up.

Definitely, it is cheaper to shop at local markets or supermarkets away from the coastline. If desired, you can eat at a cafe on the beach. The cost of dinner per person is 350-650 rubles, depending on the order. It is cheaper to eat in city canteens. The average check amount is 300 rubles.

In Abkhazia it is expensive to buy meat, cigarettes and alcohol, but fruits and vegetables are available to everyone. You can consume natural vitamins for a year ahead. If you eat in restaurants, the average check from one visitor is 1,200 rubles with alcohol.

Private Sector in Gagra: accommodation without intermediaries. Prices 2022

Prices for food in stores:

Pork, kg. 290-330
Pork shashlik (marinade), kg 310-420
Smoked pork, kg 440
Beef, kg 390-430
Lamb, kg 420
Chickens, kg 195-230
Chicken fillet, kg 280-320
Chicken thigh, kg 190
Chicken shank, kg 210
Smoked trout, pcs. 170
Smoked salmon, pcs. 80-110
Local cheese (suluguni, smoked), kg 430-530
Smoked cheese, p. 75
Egg, 10 units 58-75
Honey, l 450-1200
Spices, big spoon/stack 45-60
Ajika, kg 180
Bay leaf, bunch 50-70
Tomatoes, kg 65
Pepper, kg 65
Cucumber, kg 70
Eggplant, kg 60
Potatoes, kg 25-35
Corn, pcs. 30
Pickled olives, kg 310-370
Cilantro, bundle 35
Watermelon, kg 15-20
Melon, kg 40-60
Grapes, kg 110
Raisins, kg 130
Pear, kg 90-110
Apple, kg 60-110
Peach, kg 150-180
Plum, kg 90
Banana, kg 77-90
Figs, kg 320
Persimmon, kg 90
Lime, kg 70-90
Lemon, kg 90-350
Pastila, pcs. 45
Churchela, pcs. 35-47
Walnuts peeled, kg 750
Pureed hazelnuts, kg 500-650
Hazelnuts in shells, kg 190-220
Chestnut in the shells, kg 140
Tea, kg 340-700
Pasta, kg 45-80
Lemonade, bottle. 30-67
Water 1,5l 23-40
Sukhumi Beer, bottle. 55-69
Tuborg Beer, bottle. 54-75
Wine, bott. From 280 to …
Cognac, bott. 350-2400
Chacha, bottle. 220

How much money to take on tours and entertainment

There are enough attractions and activities that are sure to suit the tastes of tourists of all ages. Calculating how much it costs to rest in Abkhazia, it is important to include in the “rider” entertainment events, cultural recreation, excursions.

Here are the rates of popular attractions:

  • Visit Stalin’s dacha in Musser for 250 rubles, in New Athos for 100 rubles per 1 person.
  • The botanical garden of Sukhum – for 250 p.p. per adult.
  • To visit monkey nursery – for 250 p.p. per adult.
  • Entrance to Abrskil and Otap’s Head caves – for 500 p.p. for both entrances.
  • To study exposition of Sukhumi Museum – for 100 p.p.
  • To see Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s dacha on the lake Ritsa for 150 p.p.
  • To have fun in the Ritza Reserve for 350 p.p. for an adult and 250 p.p. for a child.

There are enough free sights in this picturesque country. White rocks, Bzypsky temple-fortress, Beslet bridge, Kamansky temples, Mokva cathedral, Bedia temple, etc. are among them.

In addition to the tour program in the country there is a lot of entertainment for all ages. For example, on the beach you can ride a banana or “tubing”, jet skis (about 1,000 rubles for 10 minutes of speed), buy tickets for children’s attractions. Spend the evening in a seafront cafe or nightclub. For a family vacation, the local water park is ideal (1,000 p. – adult ticket, 700 p. – children’s ticket). Not unnoticed is the flight on a paraglider for 4 000 rubles. per person and extreme rides on off-road vehicles in the mountains.

Interesting places on the Black Sea

How much is vacation in Abkhazia for two in 2022

Before planning a romantic trip, it is important to find out in detail how much a trip to Abkhazia costs. If the season is not touristy, you can buy a profitable tour from 16,000 rubles for two people for a week. In summer, the prices “bite” – from 35,000 rubles.

You can relax without a tour, and to do this yourself to calculate how much it costs to go to Abkhazia for a week. Here’s what it turns out, the cost per traveler:

  • meals per day – 1,000 rubles;
  • accommodation – from 250 to 1,000 rubles;
  • three excursions a week – 7 000-8 000 rubles;
  • souvenir shopping – 1 000 rubles;
  • entertainments – up to 10 000 rubles;
  • beach expenses (umbrellas, sun beds) – 2 000 р;
  • Walks on local sights – to 2 000 r.

On average, for one week a tourist will need 20,000 rubles, not including the flight and transportation costs. If you want it is possible to save money, but to have a rest also comfortably and memorably for 15 000-16 000 rubles. The upper limit of costs is not provided, in this matter all depends on the needs and requests of tourists. In any case, a lot of new experiences and a change of scenery provided. Vacations in this picturesque country will be unforgettable.

How to save money on your trip? Working tiphacks!

  • We recommend searching for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU . The search engine searches among all hotel databases on the internet, even from giants like Booking, and compares prices. If you like to use your smartphone, the Lodging Search app is a must. It’s very convenient to open your options upon arrival and book immediately.
  • Advantageous to insure your health and life while traveling will help service TRIPINSURANCE, the search engine shows the results of all major insurance companies. You need to choose only the most cost-effective option, but we advise you not to save on health!
  • Airline tickets? We advise you by experience to use AVIASALES, it is still the no.1 search engine among independent travelers.
Trip to Abkhazia by car - 2022: tips and reviews

My name is Sergey and I work as a guide in different cities of Europe, Asia, Eastern part of Russia, at the same time I work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

Prices in Abkhazia – 2022

Abkhazia is an unusual country. It seems to be abroad, and the currency unit is Russian ruble. It seems to be necessary to cross the border, and no passport is required. It seems to be close to Russia, but the nature resembles India and Thailand.

C 25.08-10.09 action lasts with a cashback of 20% for tours of Russia. You need to register your MIR card and book a tour at Level.Travel (promotional code for 1500 ₽ when buying from 70,000 ₽ – LT-SEPT-RU1) or Travelata (promotional code for 1000 ₽ when buying from 60,000 ₽ – AF1000travelinka). Tour is more profitable, because this way you get a cashback for everything – flight, hotel, transfer.

We will tell you about the prices in Abkhazia further on. And at the same time we will add some useful information about rest in the country Apsny.

  • To get to Abkhazia quickly, you must fly to the airport of Adler. There are flights of all famous Russian airlines: from budget “Pobeda” to status “Aeroflot”. To get to the hotel you can comfortably by individual transfer .
  • You can book a hotel without a flight by clicking here . If you need an apartment or a private cottage, you can find them on the daily .
  • You can also go to Abkhazia with a travel agent! There are plenty of tours on Travelate and Onlinetours.

Prices of transport to Abkhazia

There are several ways to get to Abkhazia from the central part of Russia. But the most popular are plane to Adler, direct auto to Abkhazia and train.

There is an airport in Abkhazia, but it does not take planes. So everyone flies to Adler. And then they go by shuttle bus or by renting a car. It is very convenient. Firstly, there are a huge number of flights to Adler: from comfortable “Aeroflot” to budget “Pobeda”. The price range is also large. You can find a special offer ticket even for 999 ₽, but without baggage and you have to hunt for it.

From Adler to the border with Abkhazia is only 10 km. Individual transfer from Adler airport to Gagra (the best resort in Abkhazia) will cost 4.300 ₽ from Kiwitaxi. The car can accommodate up to 4 people + luggage. The Imereti embankment stretches all the way to the checkpoint: you can even walk there. The border is conditional, often they even look at the passport cursorily.


Transfer for Travelinka

Another option is to come to Abkhazia by private car. It is 1700 kilometers from Moscow to Gagra. It will take 15,000 ₽ round trip for gasoline. You will need to spend the night along the way, which adds up to 2,000-3,000 ₽ per direction. Allow about 2 hours to get through the border. If you are lucky you will pass it quicker, if not – you won’t get upset. Roads in Abkhazia are old and worn, especially in mountainous areas. If you feel sorry for your car it is easier to rent a car in Adler for Localrent.

The third option – the train. It is a long ride. Very long. But there are those who like such transport. A ticket from Moscow to Sukhumi costs from 6,000 ₽ in the coach, from 8,000 ₽ in the compartment. You don’t need to go out at the border: passports are checked directly on the train.


Prices in Abkhazia for accommodation

Lodging in Abkhazia is cheaper than in Sochi. But you should not expect super service and any super amenities. Here is strongly developed private sector (and with it ascetic and unsanitary conditions), and good hotels can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

At the same time in 2022 there is a real boom in Abkhazia, and hoteliers have quickly grasped this. Do not expect to find accommodation for 200-300 ₽, such prices are not and will not be. Quite “simple” options will cost 3,000-3,500 ₽ per night. That’s the amount to be guided by, not articles from a century ago. People used to have a choice, and now Abkhazia is one of the few openly accessible countries for recreation. And they take advantage of it.

Leisure and entertainment in Abkhazia: 12 things to do on holiday

Online services in Abkhazia are poorly developed. It is better to book accommodation in advance, and not through private bulletin boards and Avito, but through reliable services. Here you can find here Hotellook and Yandex.Travel – reliable services that we use ourselves. What are the prices for accommodation in Abkhazia?

Rent a room From 1600 ₽
Rent apartment from 2,400 ₽
Guest room from 2,000 ₽
Room in a 5* hotel from 3,500 ₽

The most expensive hotel room costs about 13,800 ₽ (Superior Suite in the Grand Hotel Abkhazia). And there is no appropriate infrastructure to ask for more money. After all, in addition to the hotel, you want to go out, sunbathe on an equipped beach and eat in a decent restaurant.

Prices of tours to Abkhazia

Most of the tourists in Abkhazia are independent . They book everything themselves and sincerely believe that it is cheaper and more reliable. But you can get to Abkhazia with package tours. And very cheap. And there are a lot of offers. And almost all tour operators work with this destination. It is convenient that if you come with a tour you fly to Adler, you are met by transfer and taken to the hotel, medical insurance and fuel surcharge are included. At a minimum, you can save on an individual transfer with the tour. Find deals in real time on Travelate and Level.Travel. Where to stay.

    – A new glamping in Abkhazia. Suitable for lovers of privacy and nature. Living conditions are excellent: the Russian bath, outdoor pool, font. Suitable for those wishing to reset, do meditation (there is a separate area), near a clean river. Free shuttle service to the beach with deck chairs and umbrellas. Vacation prices from 21,876 ₽/person for 7 nights. – Located in the historic center. Suitable for active tourists. Rooms with new renovation and modern appliances. Breakfast in the restaurant with a panoramic view. Outdoor heated pool (the only one in the city center). The beach is 200 meters away. Prices for holidays without flight from 21.675 ₽/person for a week.

There are offers “all inclusive”. There are lovers of this type of holiday. It is really very convenient with small children. For example, a tour to the hotel Bagripsh on the “all inclusive” in Abkhazia will cost from 35,712 ₽/per person for 7 nights.

Prices for communication

When you come to Abkhazia, you find yourself in international roaming. Internet on the phone is better to turn off. You can get Wi-fi in cafes and guest houses, and you can only hope for faster internet in good hotels.

If you need a connection for the Internet, you can buy a local SIM-card. You will need only a passport for connection. But the connection will be stable only in cities. If you go to the mountains, you can not count on a good connection. There are two operators – Akvafon and A-Mobile. A SIM card with unlimited Internet costs ₽1100-1300.

Prices for public transport

The main transport for tourists in Abkhazia is private. Almost all public transport is minibuses. They go to the resorts and between towns. There are many tourist places that are difficult to get to by minibuses. It is already difficult to get somewhere after 18 o’clock, so plan all movements for the light time of the day. What are the prices for transport in Abkhazia?

Buses, trolleybuses inside the resort 25 ₽
Bus shuttles between resorts 150-350 ₽
Cab from Gagra to Sukhum 7100 ₽
Cab from Gagra to Adler airport 4100 ₽

Attractions and excursions

Nature is the best thing that people come to Abkhazia for. It is so magic and picturesque here that it makes your jaw drop with the variety of colors and shapes.

They do not come here to lie on the beach, but to travel actively. The beauty of Abkhaz nature overshadows all the disadvantages: lack of service, lack of sanitation, rotavirus and so on. Therefore it is necessary to travel everywhere with eyes wide open.

Tourists often visit Novoafonska cave (the largest in Europe, goes several kilometers deep) and Lake Ritsa (there are also Blue Lake, Gegsky waterfall, Yupshar canyon). These are “must see” places in Abkhazia. But this is not the end of the attractions, so that the “material” for the review is enough for more than one trip.

    – The most popular resort of Abkhazia with the best infrastructure. Here is a restaurant Gagripsh – a symbol of resort life. In Gagra is also worth seeing the Abaata fortress, Prince of Oldenburg castle, colonnade, seaside park.
  • In Gagra and Gadauta districts there are White cliffs, Tsandripsh temple, Khashupse canyonions, Stalin’s dacha.
  • For those who like gourmet foods – gastronomic tour of Abkhazia. You must try Abkhazian tea, wine and chacha, cheeses and meat, Abkhazian honey.
  • In winter we recommend to visit Kyndyga thermal springs – it is so cool to bathe in them. In summer, it is better not to go because it is too hot there.
  • The way from Adler airport to Abkhazia is 10 km, and from Imereti embankment – 1 km, so people go here even for 1 day (and there are 79 variants of trips). Of course you will not see the whole Abkhazia in one day but it is possible to form an impression about the country.
How to get to Abkhazia

Prices on beaches of Abkhazia

All beaches of Abkhazia are public and free of charge. But you have to pay for sunbeds, umbrellas and other conveniences. However, this does not prevent budget tourists to settle on their towel.

The beaches of Abkhazia are not as crowded as in Sochi. There is enough space in the sun for everyone. Sun lounger and umbrella on the beach costs 150-200 ₽, for the same amount you can sit under a canopy.

Abkhazia in May

Prices for food in cafes, restaurants, canteens

The average bill in a dining room in Abkhazia is 300 ₽, in a cafe – up to 1000 ₽. But it all depends on the level of the institution. There are no special gastronomic delights, and the cuisine is for the lovers.

Prices in local apatas are lower, and the dishes are mostly traditional – beans with spices, mamaliga with cheese, achapa, khachapuri canoes, Abkhaz-style solyanka, eggplants with nuts.

The portions are huge, often you should not take more than one dish. Service leaves much to be desired. Tips are often added to the bill at once: + 10%. From December to April most of the cafes-restaurants do not work at all.

Prices in markets and stores

The stereotype that everything is cheap in Abkhazia is a thing of the past. If you come to rest in the season, it is inexpensive to buy only local fruit. Watermelons cost from 25 ₽ per kg, tomatoes from 40 ₽, cucumbers from 35 ₽, apples from 50 ₽, strawberries from 250 ₽.

Most of the products are imported, so the prices are not much different from those in Russia. The grocery basket in the store costs about the same as in Russia. Bread costs 30 ₽, milk 50 ₽, sour cream 35 ₽, beef 400 ₽. There’s no point in listing each product: be guided by the amount you spend at home on groceries.

For fruits and vegetables, it is best to go to the market, not buy in private shops. At markets there are no prices anywhere, so you have to ask and can haggle a little. In tourist places the prices can be even higher.

The wine of Abkhazia is also controversial. There are not so many vineyards in the country that sell local wine. Prices per bottle are usually 200-400 ₽. Chacha costs ₽300-500 for 0.5 liter. And the raw materials for local alcohol are more likely to be Moldovan than local. If you are offered to taste wine, you must agree. But do not pour or leave unfinished in a glass – it is regarded as disrespect.

Prices of souvenirs in Abkhazia

What people buy most often in Abkhazia and what are the prices? Tourists take wine and chacha – from 200 ₽, ajika – from 150 ₽, churchechella – from 50 ₽, spices – from 50 ₽, Abkhaz tea – from 100 ₽, dried persimmons – from 500 ₽, fig jam – from 250 ₽.

How much money to take to Abkhazia – 2022

Let’s summarize how much money to take to Abkhazia in 2022. Everyone rests differently, so the budget of the trip will be different.

  • Road to Abkhazia 15,000 ₽ for two people.
  • Accommodation 3000 ₽ per night, for 7 nights 21.000 ₽.
  • Café meals 1500 ₽ per day, for a week 10,500 ₽.
  • Excursions and sightseeing trips 5000 ₽ for two

Total we get 51,500 ₽ for two people, or 25,750 ₽ per person. This is a minimum calculation, we didn’t include buying souvenirs, alcohol, car rental, etc. With ease, you can safely add an extra 10,000-20,000 ₽ to the expense. Bring cash, because you can not pay by bank card everywhere in Abkhazia. Only Russian MIR cards are accepted, and not everywhere. Everyone around likes cash.

But be that as it may, for 2022 Abkhazia is the most affordable abroad in terms of “air sanctions” and “covid” (it still hasn’t gone anywhere). For comparison, at least look at the prices of tours to Turkey. We looked at prices in Abkhazia – 2022, how much money to take on vacation in 2022.

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