How much money to take in the UAE – 2022

How much money to take in Dubai.

How much money to take to Dubai for 7, 10 or 14 days? You must have asked yourself this question before your trip to the UAE. And most likely you’ve already “heard somewhere” from your friends and acquaintances or read on the Internet that everything in Dubai is insanely expensive.

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In part, this is true, but there are nuances, because everyone finds what they are looking for. So we tell you about one of the most expensive cities in the world.

All payments in Dubai are made in the local currency – dirhams (AED designation), except for some services, like tours, or buying gold and furs. They can also be paid in dollars or euros. Read more in our big review of prices in Dubai 2022.

The exchange rate of dirham for 2022: 1 AED = 20.7 rubles (last year it was 17-18 rubles.) In fact, the dirham is a very stable currency which is always constant to the dollar or euro. And the exchange rate for Russians changes because of ruble fluctuations.

The UAE is open for tourists in “covid” times. Russians are allowed to visit Dubai! No visa required! It is necessary to take a PCR test no earlier than 72 hours before arrival. You can find tours to Dubai online at Travelata or

Prices for holidays in Dubai

How much money do you need to go to Dubai

How much money do you need for Dubai tours

The first thing you need to spend money on when traveling to Dubai is a tour, or a flight with accommodation . Now all Russian tour operators offer trips to Dubai, it is the most visited city in the UAE, and the flight program is designed all year round.

Although we still recommend to come to rest in Dubai from March to May and from October to December, because in the summer it is terribly hot, and in winter the sea is cold.

So, tours in Dubai vary in cost, as well as life in the city as a whole. The most budget options are in the old areas of Dubai, like Deira or Bur Dubai. Here are the budget hotels 2-3*, not posh at all, not like pictures from brochures. Service is minimal, but the prices are low and there is always a demand for such accommodation.

You can buy a tour for two persons with a flight from Moscow and breakfast from 41.000 rubles. These tours are suitable for independent travelers, choose hotels near subway stations. Find the best prices online on Travelata or

If you can, take with meals “breakfasts and dinners”, because the food in the cafe will definitely come out more expensive. Of course, if you want to stay in a good hotel, and even closer to the sea, the prices will be higher.

What to see in Dubai: 22 Best Places to See

Also in Dubai they sell tours “all inclusive”, but keep in mind that almost nowhere is alcohol included, except for a few expensive “five” (in the UAE “dry law”). For example in Sharjah you will not find a hotel with all alcoholic drinks included, and it is only 20 km from Dubai. The average cost of a tour to Dubai, according to statistics for last year, about 75,000 rubles.

If we consider the area of Dubai Marina or Jumeirah, here the prices can easily be 10 times higher. A tour to a good all-inclusive 5* hotel in Dubai will cost from 250,000 rubles for two people.

The most budget 5* hotel is Amwaj Rotana – Jumeirah Beach Residence 5*. It is not a hotel with closed area, animation, ten bars and restaurants, like in Turkey or Egypt. The beach is public, and you still need to walk to it (5 minutes on foot). Other good hotels in Dubai are Dubai Marina Beach 5* , JA Beach Hotel 5* , Sofitel Jumeirah 5* .

Also in hotels in Dubai you have to pay a tourist tax of $2-6. Also you may be asked for a deposit, which in some hotels reaches $100 for each day (as in the same Amwaj Rotana – Jumeirah Beach Residence 5*). Also take into account when deciding how much money you need for a vacation in Dubai, because for 2 weeks of vacation you will need to give a deposit of $1400. You will of course get it back when you check out, but most importantly, that you have it with you.

As for the visa to the UAE, it was abolished a few years ago, thereby increasing the flow of tourists from Russia. Before that you had to pay about $100 extra. If you are going alone, do not forget about insurance in Dubai. It costs from $1 a day (like Mondial-Allianz on Cherehap’s site), but you’d better get a good one at a higher price (ERV at or better yet Tripinsurance on Tripinsurance’s official site), because medicine in the UAE is very expensive.

How much to spend on food in Dubai

You can spend a lot of money on food in Dubai. For example, dinner at a restaurant in Burj Khalifa costs about $ 100 for two and the minimum amount for a table at the Burj Al Arab is $ 150. Lunch at a fast food restaurant in Dubai Marina will cost $40.

But you don’t have to go to expensive restaurants every day. There are a huge number of Hindus, Iranians and Pakistanis living in Dubai who open their own cafes. And let such restaurants are not located on the first line, but in areas like Deira, you can eat here for $10 for two. The food is Indian: curried rice, dal, chapati, etc. Everything is hot and spicy, in the best Indian tradition. Fans of Goa will definitely like it, the rest – hardly.

There are all sorts of donerhas in Dubai and prices start from 10 AED. You can buy ready-made food in supermarkets like “Lu lu”, a big budget store whose owner is a Hindu.

UAE in May 2022. Where to rest, weather and reviews

Starting July 1, 2022, a fee for plastic bags will be introduced in Dubai. For starters it will be 25 fils (9 rubles), but after 2 years the emirate wants to do away with plastic altogether. Bring reusable bags.

Breakfast in Dubai hotels is usually included, for lunch and dinner at inexpensive cafes you will pay $40-60 per day.

Interesting fact. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. According to statistics, every fifth construction crane in the world is in Dubai.

Stores in Sharjah

How much money to take in Dubai.

How much money do you need in Dubai for excursions

Dubai is mostly sightseeing and entertainment holidays, so there are really a lot of programs for recreation. The most accessible – group sightseeing tours in Dubai, cost from $ 25. There are also individual excursions, the cost from $ 100.

If you travel in a company, then take a personal tour even more profitable, because the cost is divided for everyone. The result is better service and less people for the same money.

Classic Dubai sightseeing tour 48 $
All Dubai in one day 35 $
Excursion to Burj Khalifa 90 $
Dubai sightseeing with a personal guide 250 $

When bored with Dubai itself (although this is almost impossible), there are many outbound excursions – to Sharjah, Dubai, Musandam, etc. Prices from $ 60 for a group tour for the whole day. Tourists usually take 2-3 excursions for a week trip, which is $150-250.

Mleiha Desert Safari in Sharjah 150 $
Round trip to 6 emirates. 79 $
Excursion from Dubai to Abu Dhabi 85 $

Prices for holidays in Dubai

How much money do you need to go to Dubai


If you visit the sights of Dubai, the entrance to the observation deck Burj Khalifa The Lounge costs from 618 AED, to the observation deck At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY from 378 AED. Prices depend on the time of visit, the most expensive are before sunset. Daytime prices are lower, but the city is often covered by a haze, so the views from the Burj Khalifa can be disappointing.

Admission to the viewing gallery in the Dubai Viewpoint costs 70 AED, 45 AED for children, entrance to the oceanarium at the Dubai Mall 120 AED.

In addition to paid places to visit, there are several free places in Dubai. For example, the fountain show near Dubai Mall – takes place every half an hour in the evening, anyone can visit. From there you can admire from the side of the Burj Khalifa and watch the beautiful illumination with musical accompaniment.

Prices for holidays in Dubai

Free entrance to Madinat Jumeirah and La Mer Beach. If you do not use there paid services (rent a boat from 50 AED, sun loungers from 60 AED). Even if you visit the free attractions in Dubai, you still have to pay for something, which is $30-50 per day.

How much to take with you in Dubai for transport

The most popular mode of transportation in Dubai is the cab . Cars operate strictly on a meter, there is a fee for boarding (5-5.5 AED in the city, 20 AED at the airport) and a fixed cost per kilometer (1.7-2 AED).

Self-Drive to Dubai - 2022

Also in Dubai there are toll roads (like the Sheikh Zayed Highway) and bridge crossings (like Al Maktoum), it also affects the cost of travel, and you have to pay the so-called saliq for the ride. Total of 12-40 AED for a trip around the city. 12 AED is the minimum, even if you have to drive 100 meters.

It is not customary here to stop the car “with his hands” and for a trip with a “private” can get a huge fine. So order a cab in advance and on official sites. For example, you can order the official taxi from the airport at Kiwitaxi, the cost is about 4000 rubles to the center of Dubai, 3200 rubles to Dubai Marina.

Departure beyond the emirate is automatically 2 times more expensive (from 32 AED) only because you need to pay for crossing the border of the emirates (20 AED). The fact is that in the UAE, each cab driver can only work in his emirate.

This is done in order to control the number of cars, so it did not happen that all the cab drivers will work, for example, in Dubai, and there will be no one in Ajman or Ras Al-Khaimah. So a cab driver from Dubai has no right to take passengers from Sharjah, for example, and will have to drive back to Dubai empty. Cab drivers are Hindus, Pakistanis and other UAE visitors who value their jobs and will not break the law in any way.

Independent tourists use public transport in Dubai – buses, subway, streetcars and boats. If you decide how much money to take in Dubai for transport, consider a minimum of $10 a day. Prices here are higher than even in Europe. Carriages are of different classes, and the cost of travel in them is different.

For example, the minimum fare on the subway is 3 AED and the maximum is 15 AED (in the gold class). The price depends on the number of zones crossed, and is read off the card automatically (must be attached to the turnstiles at the entrance and exit).

Перед этим нужно купить транспортную карту Nol Red , она не так давно подорожала. Стоит 25 AED (в которые включено 6 AED за сам пластик, и 19 AED на балансе). Одна поездка на трамвае в Дубае стоит 3 AED. Более подробно мы рассказывали в статьях про транспорт в Дубае>>> и метро в Дубае>>>.

Полезные статьи про отдых в ОАЭ: Все про отдых в Дубае>>> Что стоит увидеть в Дубае>>>

Metro maps of Dubai

How much to take with you in Dubai for transport

To summarize, how much money to take in Dubai for 7, 10 or 14 days? If the ticket, flight, accommodation, insurance are paid, then you’ll need $50-100 dollars a day (with meals, transportation, and excursions). This is without extravagances, expensive restaurants, gold yachts, helicopters and other things. But with a good entertainment and good food at local cafes.

The amount can easily be increased to $ 200 a day, just once a day to go to dinner at the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa or any restaurant in Dubai Marina. If you want to go shopping, buy a mink coat, jacket, branded watches, then it is worth to take an additional 1000 $. If you’ll save $ 20 (a couple of fast food snacks and walking on foot), but it will not be a recreation at your pleasure, but a struggle for survival.

How to have a cheap vacation in Dubai in 2022 - 10 secrets

How much money to take in Dubai and other emirates

How much money do I need to go to the Emirates?

Find out how much money you should take to vacation in the UAE in 2022. Up-to-date prices for food, entertainment and tours. How much to plan for shopping and souvenirs? At the end of the article, consider the costs for a week-long trip for one person.



Exchange rate: 1 UAE dirham (AED) ≈ 15 RUB.

Tourists mostly go to rest in Dubai and other emirates on a package tour with meals, so the food almost does not spend.

If you took a tour without food or traveling alone and want to save money, then here is a tip – inexpensive food in Dubai you can eat at local establishments, restaurants of Thai, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese cuisine. Salads and soups are inexpensive at Arabian cafes and restaurants for tourists. Big Macs, fries and coke at McDonald’s go for 25 AED and shawarma on the street is 4-10 AED.

Here are the prices for meals in cafes and restaurants in the UAE in 2022:

  • soups – 7-16 AED
  • rice with chicken – 20-35 AED
  • bagel – 55-65 AED
  • seafood plate – 80-110 AED
  • fried fish and side dish – 50-70 AED.

Lunches and dinners in hotel restaurants are expensive – from 45-50 AED, for a modest menu service charge from 65 AED. How much money do I need for food in Dubai? To not deny yourself anything, plan from 300 AED per day.

Shubinan: “How much did we spend in a week in Dubai per family? We mostly had to eat at fast food restaurants, namely McDonald’s. They had the cheapest deals – lattes for 5 dirhams and lunches for 10 dirhams. We spent 32,160 rubles on food at the restaurants and 5,303 rubles on shopping.”

How much money should I bring to Dubai?

McDonald’s at Dubai airport. Photo: teamtime /

Excursions and entertainment

If you want to experience Arab culture and monuments, buy guided tours or travel on your own. Look for tours in the UAE on Tripster or Sputnik8. Prices for tours in the Arab Emirates:

  • Dubai sightseeing tour – 88 AED
  • “Indian Ocean + 4 Emirates” – 191 AED
  • Abu Dhabi tour – 200 AED
  • sightseeing tour on the Burj Khalifa tower – 140 AED
  • Jeep safari in the desert with dinner – 185 AED
  • Atlantis, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah Island and the Burj Al Arab Hotel boat tour – 165 AED

Another way to get to know Dubai are the Hop On Hop Off double-decker sightseeing buses. They run every 20-30 minutes on several routes past the main attractions of the resort city. Tickets for the bus cost from 200 AED.

Entrance fees to the amusement parks in Dubai are expensive. To spend a day at Wild Wadi water park, you have to pay 283 AED, and at Aquaventure water park – 355 AED. Diving lessons in Fujairah – one dive in the pool + two in the sea – cost AED 850.

UAE in July 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

Jeep Safari. Photo: tesKing (Italy) / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license. Sheikh Zayd Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Photo: @david__r /

Shopping and souvenirs

Shopping lovers are in for a treat in the Arab Emirates. You can buy all kinds of clothes and shoes here. Cheap souvenirs, like magnets and mugs, are brought to the UAE from China, so they are not very appreciated by tourists.

If you want to bring authentic gifts, we advise to pay attention to the fine metal coffee pots dallas, which cost from 20 AED. Many people take souvenir daggers khanjar which cost from 40 AED, aromatic Arabic spices, perfume of oud oil and incense bahur. Tourists gladly buy sweet dates at 30 AED per kilogram.

How much money should I bring to Dubai?

The famous Dubai Mall and the equally famous Aquarium in the Mall.


The cheapest transport in Dubai is the metro. The prices for a single trip start from 4 AED and a day pass costs from 20 AED. To save money, buy a transport card NOL Silver Card. In other emirates tourists use only buses and cabs.

How much money do I need for a cab in the UAE? Passengers are served by cars with meters. If you catch a taxi on the street, boarding will cost 5 AED, and the minimum fare is 12 AED. A ride from the Burj Al Arab Hotel to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper will cost AED 40 and from Dubai airport to Dubai Marina will cost AED 80.

How much money should I bring to Dubai?

In the Dubai Metro car. The pink cars are only for women and children, the rest are mixed.

Conclusion: how much money to take in the UAE for a week.

The Emirates is not a cheap country. No matter where you vacation – in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi – you can not save much money.

For a budget holiday for a week in the UAE in 2022, take a minimum of $ 200 per person: meals – $ 120-150, tours and entertainment – $ 40, shopping and souvenirs – $ 20, every day 2 trips to the subway – $ 15.

To rest comfortably in the Emirates, take at least $ 500: meals – $ 200, 2 tours + desert safari – $ 120, shopping and souvenirs – $ 150, daily subway + 3 cab rides – $ 50.

How much money do you need in the UAE to feel like an oriental fairy tale? For a royal vacation at Arabian resorts, take $1,500: meals – $800, 3 excursions + diving lessons or spa visits – $370, shopping and souvenirs – $260, daily cab rides – $70.

Fresh Wind: “The order of prices: cab from the airport to the hotel – 900 rubles, fare from the hotel to the beach about 400-450 rubles one way, snacks at eateries like KFC – about 400 rubles per person (a burger, something else and a drink). Cafe-restaurants are much more expensive.

Igor and Tatiana: “Dubai is an expensive city. If you want to feel comfortable, count on 80 USD per day per person. That’s only food and transportation. For excursions and entrance tickets have a separate budget.

How much money should I bring to Dubai?

Viewpoint at the Burj Khalifa, 124th floor of the skyscraper.

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