How to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself

Booking hotels in Turkey by yourself

There are a lot of hotels and all kinds of other accommodation in Turkey, and you can book it all online or on the spot. It depends a lot on where and how much you are going.

In hotels “All Inclusive” (All Inclusive) in the resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea is often more profitable to go in tours, rather than booking separately. This is due to lower costs for tour operators by buying blocks of hotel rooms and everything else in bulk. In this case, you also do not need to look for airline tickets, pick up insurance and take care of the transfer. You can find tours on the Travelata and LevelTravel sites for departures from Russia.

In other cases it is almost always better to book a hotel in Turkey on your own. For short trips it is better to find everything online. Of course, you can find an accommodation on the spot, but on short trips to spend time on this is not a good idea, especially if you are picky or looking for something specific.

There are plenty of sites to search and book accommodation in Turkey now, but we recommend starting with the repeatedly proven, which has the largest selection. Also below in the article you can find a list of alternative specialized services that we personally tested. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages and often the determining factor in their choice is the price.

If you are traveling for a month or more, it makes sense to contact the local real estate agencies, which are engaged in monthly rentals.

Hotels on the map

How to book a hotel in Turkey in advance

If you are traveling for a short vacation (1-2 weeks), it is recommended to book a hotel in Turkey for the whole period in advance. Search for an accommodation on the spot, especially during the high season, is a tedious enough occupation. It will take you at least 1-3 days. And most decent hotels are often cheaper to book online than on the spot. Discounts are usually available only in low season, low occupancy or long term rentals.

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1. Proven Reservation Systems.

    – The most popular hotel booking service worldwide. Get a coupon for a 15 euro discount (booking amount of 120 euros and more. The promotion is only valid once per user, even if you have an account). Keep in mind that the site is blocked from Turkey. About how to bypass it, read this article. – an old tried-and-true service, where you can often find lower prices for Turkey than on Bookings. It is available from within Turkey. – A partner of Bookings, sometimes the prices are lower. Not blocked in Turkey. – Hostels, hostels and the cheapest accommodation in Turkey.

2. Comparison of prices by hotel.

These services allow you to compare prices of hotels in Turkey at once on all major booking systems, which allows you to find the best deal.

3. Buying package tours online.

Sometimes buying a ready-made tour from a tour operator can save a lot of money, especially if you go to popular tourist destinations, such as Belek, Kemer, etc. The most popular online travel agencies are:

    . Promo code 300 rub – AF300turktrip (tours from 20000 rub), promo code 500 rub – AF500turktrip (tours from 40000 rub), .

Hotel booking tips

1) In the high season, popular 5-star hotels in Turkey at sea are booked 1-3 months before arrival. We recommend taking tours there by early booking, and the prices can be seriously different.

2) If you want an inexpensive vacation at sea in Turkey, it is better to live in cities (Alanya, Antalya, Marmaris), to book an apartment or apartment with a kitchen. Recommended time for travel – June, September and October. Prices at this time are lower, and there is no intense heat.

3) On you can not find local hotels in Turkey (you can open with a VPN, for example, built-in browser Opera), but the mobile app works. At the same time, hotel reservations are accepted without any problems. Read more in the article about blocking Buking in Turkey.

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4) Hotels in Istanbul (and not only) can get very expensive because of high demand for holidays (New Year, religious and local holidays). You should study the calendar and book your hotel in advance.

5) If you are traveling with a group of single men, check to see if the hotel produces accommodations.

A little trick: how to book a hotel in Turkey on your own on an all-inclusive basis and save money

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To book a hotel in Turkey on your own, you need two things: the Internet and a bank card. But if you want to do it and save money, then you need something else. Namely – ten minutes of your free time and our brief instruction on how to book a hotel in Turkey on your own all-inclusive at the best price.

The instruction is really short!

There are two ways to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself.

The first way is quick, but expensive.

Most tourists know: you can book a hotel in Turkey by yourself on Bookings. I think the procedure requires no explanation: you open the site , find the right city, choose a good hotel and book. Everything is easy and fast. But often it is expensive.

Why? Because is just one of several booking systems. The same room in the same Turkish hotel in different booking systems may cost differently. So if you want to book a hotel in Turkey on your own for the best price, you should first compare prices in several booking systems. And book where the price is lowest. After all, if there is no difference, why pay more.

How to book a hotel in Turkey on your own all inclusive.

If you want to book a hotel in Turkey on your own, it does not matter which reservation system you use to rent a room. It is important to be able to find the best price. Well, for reasonable savings!

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How to book a hotel in Turkey on your own. The second way – a little longer, but cheaper

This method of booking hotels in Turkey will take a little longer. But it may allow you to save significantly.

As already mentioned, there are many reservation systems – Bucking, Agoda, Ostrovok, OZON.Travel,… Do you need to study each of them to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself for the best price? No, you do not!

Everything is already done for you. We use the hotel search engine to book hotels in Turkey and all other countries. It’s like Yandex, but for hotels. It automatically compares hotel prices in all booking systems and shows you the best options. Once you decide, Hotellook will take you to the site of the booking system (,,, etc.), where you can make a reservation.

So let’s look at an example: how to book an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey on your own for the best price? For starters, open the website , in the search box select the hotel or city you want. You can open a direct link to a popular city in Turkey on Hotellook. For example:

I will not bore you with the explanation of other simple things. Use filters to choose the dates you want, the starliness, the number of guests, sort by price or popularity, etc. In the menu item “More” (or “Advanced”) do not forget to put a check mark on “All Inclusive”. It will look something like this:

How to book a hotel in Turkey all inclusive by yourself

How to book a hotel in Turkey on your own all inclusive . In the screenshot: Open Hotellook, set the options you want.

Do you see how much the same room rates for different reservation systems vary? Pay attention to Side Temple Hotel: “Ostrovok” offers us to book this hotel in Turkey on a self-service all inclusive basis for $ 313, and “Bucking” – a hundred dollars more expensive! So why, as they say, pay more?

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Next, there are two options.

1. Click on the orange “Book” button and go to the hotel description on the selected booking system.

2. Click on “More information about the hotel” for more detailed information about the rooms and prices. Once you make sure you are satisfied, go to the selected system for booking a room.

Important: In the same manner you can check prices for any accommodation you wish to book in Turkey. Open the site , enter the name of the desired hotel or city and it displays prices from all booking systems.

Now you can book. But before you do carefully read all the terms and conditions, and make sure you selected an all-inclusive system on the reservation site. Our experience shows that often negative reviews of tourists are due to the fact that during the booking they did not pay attention to an important point.

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