How to buy a barbados hotel in Barbados for $3 for two?

Barbados, an island for two

I will tell you about my trip to the lost island of Barbados. I flew through the U.S., that is, flew to New York (Aeroflot 16000r (round trip) to promotions), spent the night in a hostel (21дол), and flew to Bridgetown (the capital of Barbados) a / k JetBlue for 10000r (round trip). Budget 740USD.

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Originally planned to live on the island in a tent (+, -7 days), and then rent an apartment, so on the plane, when we filled out the immigration card at the guessing of the hotel “Hilton” (but the address was not specified – is did not like). At Customs in Barbados, just at the entrance asked where I will live, and how long I came. I said that for 25 days, then the customs officer asked where I work, and I told him that I was a driller, and drills oil and gas wells. Then he asked for my return tickets and I told him that they were in my backpack, and my backpack was in my luggage, and besides they were electronic. Then the customs officer suggested that I go to the information desk and make a reservation at the hotel/guesthouse (he kept my passport). Well, I went to this counter, said that I needed somewhere to sleep, a nice woman opened the magazine and called the first hotel, they answered that with pleasure they would take me for 40USD per night. So I told her, like, I agree. She gave me the address of the hotel, and the phone number. Then I took this piece of paper to the customs officer and showed it to him, he asked me to write the address on the Im.card with my hand. And he gave me a stamp with a 30 day stay on the island. He said “Welcome” with a white smile.


I arrived there from 24.11.09-14.12.09 The weather was excellent +32gr during the day, +30gr at night, water temperature +28gr. Rains, short (up to 15min), but intensive, all I such rains, approximately, have counted pieces 8. On island cool, no exhausting heat, blows a light breeze.

Residents .

Naturally black, very friendly all the time greeted, if there are any questions willingly prompt and tell you. The only thing, strained the constant offer by the natives to smoke, of course not cigarettes. (Unfortunately, did not try, so the prices do not know). The girls are nice enough, a lot of tall and slender ladies. Willing to make contact with foreigners, of course not on a selfless basis. Hodh in cafe, or buy some kind of dress (about 50USD), there are also those who take cash.


The island

Size is not large, took a bike for rent (50USD for 4dn) went around for 2 days. There is a specificity, namely the island is divided into two parts from north to south. East (Atlantic window) mostly rocky view from the cliff to the ocean is fascinating, there are areas where there are beaches with waves around 2-3m I do not dare to swim there. The western part, washed by the Caribbean Sea, is characterized by white sands and turquoise sea. In general, the Bounty is just there. The whitest sands are in the Oysteen, or Maxwell, areas. Elsewhere, the sands are also white and the ocean is turquoise. The coastline is long enough, so there are plenty of places to get away.

The national cuisine does not shine with originality and sophistication. Mostly rice, beans, and fried chicken/fish. For example, I often took a lunch/dinner of pilaf+greens+chicken 300gr+greens=4USD. But it is not everywhere, of course where there are a lot of tourists such prices do not exist, but I ate in places where there were only natives. That’s how you walk down the road, you see a bar and there are only locals, that’s where you go. Basically, I bought food in supermarkets where there is a big range of food and alcohol and the prices are lower. On the average, if you buy in small stores the markup is +10%. Prices that I remember bread 1.5 USD, milk 2 l 2.5 USD, stew and pasta up to 1 USD. And most importantly Rum, small flasks (0.5 liters) from 4USD + Coke 2 liters 2USD. Beer local BANK’S 1.5USD


Shopping is sparse. Large assortment of Swiss watches and jewelery. No clothes to buy. I only bought souvenirs on the island. I bought souvenirs, because New York with its famous Madison Avenue was ahead of me.


There was nothing to see on the island especially at the museum (Washington Museum in Bridgetown), a few lighthouses on the extreme points of the island, a grotto in the rock on the north of the island. That’s all. By passing that you can amuse yourself driving a car (from 70USD per day), or biking. Also on the beaches are bars, where the local sailors hang out, from which you can rent a small boat and sail away with a visit to a very private, truly paradise. I rented a day boat with a captain for 50USD. This was the price I was knocking down since he was originally asking 80USD. In the malls, there are small shops that offer sightseeing tours, namely safari jeep (to your liking), snorkeling, and most importantly a visit to the rum factory (worth a visit!!! fun and the price includes tasting rum in any quantity), also offer customized tours.


It so happens that predominantly nightlife is developed in Bridgetown and Oysteen, I have not seen any nightclubs. Basically all the dancing takes place in bars, on the beaches. The music plays something like reggae, with groovy commentary by the MCs. People are drinking and having fun. Everything is safe and no problems.


The cost of hotels in the main starts at 40USD. But that’s not my option, I was looking for private accommodations, I ended up finding one in Speightown for 21 days I paid (WARNING. ) 225USD. It was a room in a house, with separate shower and toilet, with its own kitchen. BUT in a black-black neighborhood where I was one European, but then the locals got used to it and everything was OK. I walked to the beach in 3min. How did I find a place to stay? In the same bars where the locals sit asking if anyone of the bottom or their friends rented accommodation. That’s how I found the man who took me to my aunt, who gave me a room. I paid him 5 USD for his help. There are a number of real-estate agencies which rent out houses, villas, and apartments.


At absolutely any point on the island, you can get by bus. On the island of their two types-blue-municipal (and as a consequence os.much loaded), and YELLOW-private (with plenty of speakers and subwoofers), any of these buses costs 0.6 USD (1.25BDS).

General impression

The island is quite safe and quiet. And I wouldn’t say it’s expensive. You just need to know the place, away from the tourist trails and you can have a good and fun time. Quite interesting nature, especially in the northern part there are a lot of monkeys jumping on the trees and running along the road. Hummingbirds are flying around. A major plus for me is the solitude. Really a lot of places where you can quietly spend an evening together, and even if someone does show up, they will delicately keep their distance. There is the option to fly to neighboring islands.

A little trick on the off.otl.otnosite Barbados, there is an opportunity to order a brochure about the island, as well as a map of the island. In the brochure sent, on the last page there are almost all the hotels on the island, with phone numbers, website, and prices. Good luck and have a nice rest.


Barbados – tourist reviews

Is it worth going to Barbados and what is it famous for? Is it safe to travel in the country alone? Is it suitable for a family vacation? Barbados – reviews of the country, its cities and attractions, pros, cons and personal impressions, as well as advice on getting a visa and other tips and tips from experienced travelers.

My husband and I got married late last year. We didn’t have much hesitation about how to spend our honeymoon. I have long wanted to fly to some island, to bask in the sun and relax. So it turned out that we chose Barbados.

The trip we bought from a travel agency at a bargain price, so we were able to save a little money. But it still turned out to be very expensive. The thing is that at the resort itself, everything cost mere pennies: accommodation, food, travel, but the flight was very expensive. We took a direct plane to Bridgetown (one of Barbados resorts).

Caught a good flight, though on the way took just under two days, very tired. On arrival at the airport we had to apply for visas. The cost was in the area of USD 25 per person, and the time did not take more than half an hour.

We got to the hotel by bus (special thanks to the driver, who understood our broken English). By the way, as for transportation on the island, the fare here is very low. And if you take a cab, then, after you tell where you need to get – you will know the exact fare (no mileage counter there).

Once we got to the hotel, we immediately threw all the stuff and ran to the beach. Ah…what a beauty it was! The sand is clean, fine, warm and pleasant water. Did not want to leave at all. And what nature in Barbados! Everywhere jungle, waterfalls, a variety of vegetation (it was the first time I saw bamboo “live”).

In general, Barbados has forever remained in my memory as a vacation paradise. Frankly, I would have stayed there to live!

What to see in Barbados

As an avid tourist, I love to explore new horizons and fill my mind with unusual countries. Many people associate Barbados with beautiful beaches and good restaurants. But I know for myself that you can lie on the beach for three days and it’s a little boring, I want something unusual, some kind of entertainment. So now I’ll share with you what is interesting in Barbados.


First, I went to the reserve, where wildlife reigns, the animals are not sitting in cages, and live in their normal environment. You can come from 10am to 5pm and the entrance costs $10. There are a lot of green monkeys in the reserve, they are always asking for goodies:)

The next thing I had in mind was the sugar museum. Of course, you won’t see anything unusual there, but they will tell you the history of sugar itself and how it is made, which was interesting to me personally. Not far from the museum is the Morgan Lewis Mill, which was just used for sugar, in December you can even see how it is made.

Although I don’t like liquor, I did go to the Malibu factory, if you like this liquor, you can get a couple of bottles at an attractive price after the tour.

What really impressed me was Harrison’s Cave. It’s like a big underground world:

You have to take warm clothes on a tour like this, or it’s cold. Admission is $30, but the tour is more than worth it.

Beach Barbados

For the first time I went to Barbados the year before last, I liked the island so much that I flew here exclusively for the sea. To continue the marine theme, I want to say right away that the water on either side of the island is perfectly clear. As for the beaches, the cleanliness I have not seen anywhere, mostly sand, but sometimes you can even find a small pebble on the beach. If you do not want to waste time looking for an interesting place, then any hotel should have a special service that allows you to visit the best lagoons of Barbados.

It’s hard to get used to the tropical climate, and the air is very clean. Around you will be solid jungle, but to walk in them only with a guide, because the island is a lot of wild animals. It’s better to walk in the bamboo forest, there you will find a bay where you can spend a good time.


You can move around the island by bus, but it is more convenient to take a cab, especially since cars do not have meters, just say the direction, and the fee is fixed.

You can pay for your purchases by card and it’s almost in any major store. But it’s better to go to the market for fruits and vegetables, the cost of all this good stuff is very low, so I only ate fruit.

I had seven days, and I’m proud to report that I was able to walk around the entire island in that time, it’s much more interesting than taking buses.

Barbados is an amazing country! Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of going to that paradise place with white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water and tall palm trees. I think many people, seeing such a landscape in movies or photos, mentally imagined themselves there. So did I, until my dream came true and my thoughts became reality.

A trip to the Caribbean was one of my first, and as a lover of enjoying the marine environment, the first thing I did was go on a boat trip. Ships and yachts set sail every morning from the central pier in Bridgetown. The main routes are to sea turtles and shipwrecks. It took me a long time to come away from the unforgettable experience of this boat trip.

Also in Barbados, you can spend a good shopping. A suitable place for this is “Braud Street” in the capital. There are the usual stores and expensive boutiques with new collections. There are also a large number of stores with jewelry. In general, you can buy pretty good, but the quality of goods is not always good. So be careful. And of course the best part of the day should be the end of it, so I wanted to go in the evening to an unusual place. By chance my choice fell on “Oystins”. It’s a small neighborhood that when the sun goes down from an ordinary beach turns into a nightclub. In addition to fun and dancing, you can try some very tasty and unusual fish dishes there.

  • Beautiful scenery.
  • Delicious food and drinks.
  • Good places to hang out.
  • Clean ocean.
  • High prices.
  • Not very good quality goods.

I want to say that I have not regretted that I chose Barbados. After all, what could be better for the tourist than the joy delivered by the trip.

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