How to fly to Thailand in 2022 easily and cheaply

All ways to travel cheaply to Thailand in 2022

In the middle and second half of the millenniums Thailand was the cheapest foreign resort for the Russians, not only in Southeast Asia, but probably in the whole world.

The exchange rate of ruble to baht was 1/1, so in Thailand you could arrange an interesting and rich vacation for only $ 500 per person. With a 1000 $ you could live the high life and do not deny yourself anything.

Because of this low price, thousands of Russian “winterers” were organized at the most popular local resorts. These people would come to the country for 4-7 months to wait out the winter and off-season in the paradise. However, this practice came to an end in 2014, when Russia was hit by the financial crisis and the fall of the national currency.

As of 2022, the ruble to baht exchange rate is about 1/2, which seemed to bury the idea of a cheap vacation. However, Russian tourists are still going to Thailand, and not out of nostalgic motives, but because this country is still available for a budget holiday. How to organize such a vacation, this article tells.

How to fly cheaply to Thailand?

In order to get a cheap flight to Thailand you should buy tickets using special services that automatically search the best deals from airlines and display them as a convenient list on one page. These sites have filters for the basic criteria. For example, buy cheap airline tickets can be at the largest search engine in Russia

Work such services are very simple. For example, an airline company plans a charter flight from Moscow to Bangkok, and then a few days or weeks later it flies back with the same passengers. But a few days before departure, a couple of seats on the plane remain unsold. The airline sells them out at extremely low prices, and the aggregator finds such offers.

You do not necessarily need to search for an aggregator and go to one in order to make a purchase. Many of these services make their own widgets, which are then inserted into a variety of thematic websites. You can find, order and pay for your ticket directly from those sites, using a special form in the widget.

Tip! Buy tickets in both directions. It’s cheaper, because the cost of a one-way ticket is 70-80% of the price of a round trip ticket.


Which city is better to fly from?

The cost of an air ticket depends on several factors:

  • distance;
  • the size of the airport.

The smaller the distance between flights the less will be airline fuel and pilot time costs. This in turn has a positive effect on prices. So a flight to Thailand from Irkutsk or Novosibirsk will cost cheaper than from Moscow or St. Petersburg.

In air ticket pricing, the size of the airport plays an even greater role than the distance to the final destination. So a departure from a major transport hub, where dozens of airlines are constantly present and hundreds of flights connect, may be cheaper than a departure from an out-of-town airport in a provincial city.

There are several reasons for this:

  • dozens of airlines present at a major airport compete fiercely for the passenger’s wallet, forcing them to keep prices low;
  • the work of large airports is better optimized, which reduces airline costs and lowers the ticket price
  • large airports have connections with flights operated by foreign airlines
  • large airports have at least one low-cost airline.

For these reasons, Moscow airport can compete with airports in the eastern part of Russia, which are closer to Thailand.

Prices for direct flight

The prices are for round trip tickets.

From Moscow

There is a direct flight between Russian capital and Thailand, which is served by several airlines: “Aeroflot” and “Thai Airways”. The cost of the flight starts from 30 000 rubles. Flight time is 9-11 hours.

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From St. Petersburg

Residents of the northern capital are not lucky. A direct flight from St. Petersburg to Bangkok will cost a gigantic amount – from 65,000 rubles or more . And the travel time is almost 13 hours. It is recommended to fly from here with connections or by charter, if you manage to buy a cheap ticket.

From Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk offers good prices – from 27,000 rubles for a direct flight from the airline “S7”.

From Irkutsk

The cheapest tickets to Thailand are sold in Irkutsk. Here they can be purchased at a price of 21,000 rubles. The most favorable offers from the company “S7”.

From Vladivostok

Prices in Vladivostok are almost the same as in the Russian capital – from 28,000 rubles. The cheapest airline is the above-mentioned “S7”.

Prices for flights with transfers

You can fly even cheaper from Russian cities if you take a ticket for a connecting flight to Thailand . The greater the number and the longer the connections at the airports of other countries, the lower the ticket price. The duration of such flights ranges from 12 to 80 hours.

Connecting flights from Russia connect in the following countries:

  • UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi);
  • Qatar (Doha);
  • Turkey (Istanbul);
  • China (Guangzhou, Hong Kong);
  • Kazakhstan (Astana Almaty).

Some flights have 3 or 4 connections, which allows you to visit several countries at once in one flight. It is especially pleasant if you are allowed to leave the transit zone of the airport without a visa or you can get the visa on arrival.

The prices are given for round trip tickets.

From Moscow

The cost of a connecting flight from Moscow is about 25 000 rubles. If you are coming to the airport on a weekend or during a promotional period, the prices may drop even more. If you don’t know how many passengers itineraries it may take to get to Moscow.

From St. Petersburg

If you pay from 27 000 rubles for a flight with one connection, it’s much cheaper than buying a direct flight, which costs 70 000 rubles. If you’ll make two or more connections, the ticket price will drop to 22,000-25,000 rubles. The cheapest flights with a daytime connection are in Finland.

From Ekaterinburg

A connecting flight is the only way to get to Thailand from Ekaterinburg. Therefore, it will cost more – from 29,000 rubles.

From Irkutsk

In contrast with other Russian cities, the paradoxical situation is that in Irkutsk connecting flight costs more than direct one. It costs about 23,000 rubles.

From Novosibirsk

Local connecting flights cost 1000-2000 rubles less than direct flights through Irkutsk.

From Khabarovsk

A flight with a connection to Irkutsk. Price from 30 000 rub.

From Vladivostok

Two options: take a flight through China for 23,000 rubles. A flight via Irkutsk for 30 000 rubles.

Which city should I choose as my destination?

Your choice of destination depends on two factors:

  • Which resort you want to go to;
  • How much money are you willing to shell out for it;
  • How much time you are willing to spend.

If your budget for the flight is not limited, it would be logical to choose an airport closer to the resort where you plan to stay. True direct flights go only to Bangkok and Phuket (they fly to the island during the season), and on Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi will have to get with connections through other countries.

Those who have a limited budget, it is recommended to fly through Bangkok. In the capital of Thailand you can take a bus or train, which in a few hours will take you to every corner of the country.

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Tickets for trains, buses, ferries, charters

12Go.Asia provides online reservations for all modes of transportation on one platform, in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The cheapest bus trip to Krabi, which is 870 km from Bangkok, will cost just 400 baht (about 800 rubles) and take up to 8 hours.

It makes sense to land in Bangkok if you want to transfer to a domestic flight . There are several flights from the country’s capital to different parts of the country every day. Their cost varies from 1000 to 2000 rubles. So you can get even to the most remote resort in 1,5-2 hours, right on the day of arrival in the country.

Another flight to Bangkok is necessary for those who want to rest on the island of Samui. The fact is that you can get to this island only with connections through neighboring countries, or by domestic flight from the capital. And from Bangkok to Samui flies a single monopolist airline for 6000 rubles.

Tours and trips instead of tickets – does it work?

Incredible but true: sometimes you can buy a last minute tour to Thailand for the price of round-trip airfare. For about $ 300 sometimes even less.

Large tour operators prefer to act in a big way. They book several hundred beds in Thai hotels and an entire plane for the simultaneous delivery of a tour group.

With such volume of orders, at least a few stays unsold, and when it is up to 7-10 days before departure, the tour organizer decides to sell the remaining stays for -50% or even 70% of the original cost. Because of the limited validity period such tours are called “burning tours”.

There is no fraud in last minute trips, which in professional circles are called “special offers”.

The motives of the tour operator are simple and clear:

  • To get back at least part of the money spent, since hotels, and the plane are paid in advance and out of the tour operator’s pocket;
  • To attract new customers and sell them additional services;
  • To increase the loyalty of the old customers.

Where can I buy a hot tour?

You can see the prices on the website of the Travelata tour hypermarket and buy the tour online. The cost of the tour includes: airfare, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation and meals at the hotel and medical insurance.

Buying a last minute tour is done on special services such as those which sell cheap airline tickets. Tour operators put their “special offers” in the public domain, and aggregators mark them and add them to their databases.

Even in search of a hot tour you can contact the office of the nearest tour operator. Even if he does not find such a trip, he will contact colleagues or look for it on the site of the aggregator, and then sell it to you with a small commission for services. You can also order tours through special widgets and apps for smartphones .

Valuable smartphones – how to get to the country as inexpensively as possible?

Look for deals and ticket sales

On the eve of major holidays and important dates, some airlines serving the Thai destination: Thai Airlines, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Turkish Airlines are organizing ticket sales. Their prices are 10-20% lower than the standard rates.

Choose a complicated itinerary with many transfers

Complex route with lots of connections is cheaper than a direct flight.


If you have the opportunity to “sit in suitcases” and go on a trip at any minute, it is worth paying attention to charter flights. Look for them on the aforementioned sites for the closest dates.

Such a ticket can cost anywhere from 7,000 to 15,000 rubles.

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! If a tourist arrived in Thailand with a charter flight, he can leave the country only with a charter flight of the same airline, or a regular flight of any airline. If a tourist arrived in Thailand by a scheduled flight, he may leave the country only by a scheduled flight of any airline.

Last minute tours

The average cost of last minute tours to Thailand, is about 60,000 rubles for 7-14 days. The price includes round-trip flight, transfers and sometimes meals and excursions. Sometimes tours are even cheaper – 27 000-30 000 rubles, which is equal to or lower than the cost of a direct flight from Moscow to Bangkok.

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How to fly to Thailand now

The country of smiles, mangoes and carrots is open for tourists. I’m telling you how you can now easily and inexpensively fly to Bangkok. There are options!

As of May 1, 2022, Thailand is fully open to vaccinated tourists (“Sputnik V” is recognized). From now on, only the unvaccinated need to have a PCR test before departure. In addition, all tourists must buy insurance and obtain ThailandPass. Tour from Moscow now costs from 120,000 ₽ for two people for 7 nights. Here are the optional prices for stays and flights. Information on flights and other aspects of holidays in Thailand may not be up to date now, check with official resources. Check the list of open countries.

Before all these dashing years with the pandemic and other nastiness, we used to fly to Thailand almost every winter. Ah, those were the days! However, the covid story is gradually fading, but there is a problem with direct flights. There are none and it is not clear when they appear. But that’s no reason to turn down a trip to Thailand. I myself am planning to finally get there this fall or winter. It’s not that hard to get to Thailand with a connecting flight and it’s not too expensive. Let’s see what routes are available and how to save money.

This review will tell you how to fly to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. From there you can easily get to Pattaya or inexpensive flights to other resorts. Want to fly directly to Phuket? Then read the special material:


Tips .

These actions will help you buy cheap tickets to Thailand:

From a neighboring city is often cheaper, and from Moscow – almost always.

It’s cheaper that way than buying tickets each way separately. One-way airfare is usually 60-80% of the cost of round-trip tickets. And flying from Thailand to Russia is usually even more expensive than flying there.

On Yandex.Travel you can book a hotel in Thailand and pay by any Russian card.

Direct flights

We don’t have them yet, but we really hope they will in the fall.

Previously, we could get a cheap direct flight to Thailand from Moscow, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok. Such tickets cost 20-30 thousand rubles round trip.

Cheap Tickets to Thailand from Moscow

Follow up on direct flights to Thailand with the same Aviasales mobile app or follow the news. Photo: Alexis Gravel /

Flights with transfers

Cheap flights to Thailand are now available with connections in Arab countries. The cheapest tickets from Moscow to Bangkok in 2022 cost ₽32,000. That’s for a round trip flight and luggage. If you buy the plane at least two or three months before you take off, you will save. You can buy tickets for the next month and a half or two times more expensive. You can get the best offer from Qatar Airways with connections in Doha. There are also flight options via Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Before the pandemic, such tickets cost about ₽25,000.

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You can find flights with a short connection or, conversely, buy tickets to Thailand with a stopover (long connection). That’s what we did a few years ago: we took a stopover for four days and saw Dubai without spending a single extra ruble on it. Etihad even offered us a free shuttle from Abu Dhabi airport. Beautiful!

Be warned! During the pandemic, not all countries may allow you to transit. However, this issue is helped out by Aviasales, which marks such tickets with a warning “This ticket is not suitable for tourists”. There you can turn on the filter “No covid restrictions” and generally hide such options.

Bangkok ticket promotions and sales

Inexpensive tickets to Thailand can be bought during airline promotions.

  • There are sales for both connecting and direct flights.
  • Most of the deals are for departures from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are also for the regions: Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Omsk, Kazan and other cities.
  • Sales are often organized by Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways, UIA, Vietnam Airlines, and Thai Airways.
  • The prices of promotional tickets are usually 10-20% lower than usual.

Such promotions are either not held recently, or are no longer relevant to Russians.

A difficult route

Sometimes a chance to get to Bangkok cheaply comes up with one trick. From time to time you can save on airfare by taking a complicated route (take off from point A, fly to point B, and fly back to point C instead of A). Look at an example. A few years ago there were regular situations like this, and you could buy tickets to Thailand for 14000 rubles. Now about this scheme, perhaps, can be forgotten.

Phi Phi, how to get to bangkok

Lampshaded photo of Phi Phi. Too bad Thailand is not like that now! Photo: FriskoDude /

Last minute tours to Thailand.

Sometimes a package tour, which includes tickets, accommodation, transfers, insurance and sometimes meals, is cheaper than airfare alone for that destination. The situation arises when tour operators were not able to fill all the seats they bought on board the charter and begin selling tours at a discount shortly before departure. If your goal is an inexpensive vacation in Thailand, then the trip on a last minute tour will allow you to save money.

Search and buy tours at Level.Travel and Travellata – they look for all tour operators. I’ve been using them for more than five years, and I buy tours only there. Find out how to buy tours cheaper.

How much are tours to Thailand in 2022. We can forget about burning tours until there are no charters. In general, tours to Phuket, Samui, Pattaya and other resorts are already on sale, but they include regular flights with a connection in Qatar or the UAE. Prices are quite high: in the next few months – from 200 thousand for two people, three or four months ahead – from 100 thousand for two people. Interestingly, the cost of the trip now has little dependence on the number of days off, because most of it is the price of the flight.

Previously, tours for two from Moscow were from 60,000 ₽, and hot deals come at 35,000 ₽ and even less. Considering that it was almost impossible to find tickets to Thailand for 18,000 ₽, a vacation on a tour was a better solution than buying the plane tickets yourself. So we are waiting for the launch of charters and lower prices!

How to fly to Bangkok on charters

As of June 2022, charters to Thailand have not launched.

An option for the risky! Occasionally, cheap tickets to Thailand on charter flights go on sale. You can find them on the Aviasales search engine. Such offers are available only for the next flight dates. Are you ready to wait until the last minute in the hope of getting cheap tickets? Think carefully – bargain tickets don’t come along very often.

Phuket Airport: How to get to the beaches

Flying to Thailand via a third country

Another way to get to Thailand inexpensively is to fly your route through a third country. See if there are cheap flights from your city to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City or another Southeast Asian city. From these cities, you can fly to Bangkok on local low-cost airlines (such as Air Asia). Tickets can cost $10-$50.

This way to get to Thailand is good not only because it helps save money. By visiting one more new country you will make your vacation brighter.

This scheme is still irrelevant, because today there are cheap tickets only to India and Sri Lanka, but they are only a little cheaper than a flight to Thailand, and even on the visa will have to spend money.

The availability of a return ticket

On arrival in Thailand you may be required to present a return ticket or a ticket to a third country with a departure date no later than 30 days from the date of arrival. Not always, but it does happen – I was once asked to show a ticket.

If you have a round trip ticket, there’s nothing to worry about. If you fly one way, you have a few options:

  1. You can give up on everything and take your chances;
  2. Make a reservation before departure, which you can later cancel;
  3. fake an electronic ticket, having drawn the necessary dates, name and itinerary in Photoshop;
  4. Buy a cheap ticket from a low-cost airline Air Asia (for $10-20) to Malaysia, Vietnam, or another country.

Personally, I fly to Thailand with airline tickets to a third country, or make a nonrefundable reservation in advance with a cancellation option.

Learn about the seasons in Thailand: spring, summer, winter, fall.

How to

Ko Chang. Photo: tarotastic /

Tickets to Thailand for the New Year

Flying to Thailand during the New Year period is 50-100% more expensive. But there are ways to bring the price of airfare down a bit. Here are two important rules:

  1. Prepare your sledges in the summer. Book tickets and hotels for New Year in advance, otherwise you’ll overpay. Better – a year or at least six months in advance.
  2. Check different departure/arrival dates on the Aviasales search engine – in the days before the New Year the price difference can be crazy.

Over several years of my annual search for low-cost New Year’s Eve tickets, I have discovered an interesting pattern. Buy tickets to Thailand at the best price is possible with a flight on December 20-23 and return on January 1-3 (the cheapest would be to return on December 31, but that option is unlikely to satisfy anyone).

Save even more if you can fly out as early as possible and come back as late as possible. Holiday markup on airline tickets appears for flights after December 20. Tickets become cheaper after January 10. So fly to Thailand about ten days before the New Year and have a great vacation there.

It’s free to fly to Thailand!

Even that is possible! I once bought tickets to Thailand not for money, but for miles. The Tinkoff Bank All Airlines credit card gives you the opportunity to earn miles from all airlines at once and spend them on any airfare (it comes with a free year of service). I have been using it for over five years and I am very satisfied. Active travelers card provides great bonuses like free insurance and high cashback (10% for hotels, 7% for tickets). I can recommend it. Read more about the benefits of the card.

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